King Of Gods Chapter 262

Chapter 262 – Legend of the Eye
Chapter 262 - Legend of the Eye

After the date of the marriage was settled, Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin walked out of the hall together.

On the way, Zhao Feng didn’t speak and followed behind Liu Qinxin as though they were a couple.

Just as they were about to enter the daughter of the City Lord’s place.

Liu Qinxin’s figure stopped and her eyebrows rose, “What are you following me for?”

Her expression was cold and her impression of Zhao Feng had dropped even more.

They had just settled the marriage date but Zhao Feng was already so ‘impatient’. From the fact that he followed her, it seemed as though he had bad intentions.

“Let’s chat.”

Zhao Feng’s expression was calm. He realised that after entering the City Lord’s Palace, he hadn’t even properly talked to her before.


Liu Qinxin had misunderstood Zhao Feng’s intentions: Don’t think that you can do whatever you please just because we have a marriage between us.

“You’re just my fiance. Please take care of yourself.”

Liu Qinxin coldly hid her face behind her veil.

Zhao Feng was somewhat baffled and added, “We’re only going to talk.”

Liu Qinxin’s face behind the veil reddened.

Zhao Feng’s face was expression and had no impurities in his eyes.

It really seemed like that the opposing party only wanted to talk.


Liu Qinxin emotionlessly led Zhao Feng into the pavilion but had no intentions of inviting her future husband into the bedroom.

In Canopy Great Country, it wasn’t uncommon for couples to enter the houses of their partners.

ZHao Feng didn’t mind and sat directly opposite Liu Qinxin while servants brought food and tea.

Liu Qinxin’s eyes were clear and held a high stance, waiting for ZHao Feng to speak.

“You go to the side.”

Zhao Feng waved his hand and signalled for the two servants to leave with the stance of a son-in-law of the City Lord.

Instead of getting angry, Liu Qinxin laughed. She wanted to see what Zhao Feng was going to talk to her about?

She thought of Zhao Feng as a brat who wanted to climb onto a high tree. At this moment, he was definitely thinking of how to impress her.

The sad thing was that was she going to marry this person?

However Zhao Feng’s actions caused her thoughts to all go empty.

“Last time when I saw you on stage, you used a jade hairbrush. I also have one that’s similar.”

Zhao Feng spoke and took out half of a jade hairbrush which he placed on the table.

Liu Qinxin was slightly intrigued and took over the jade hairbrush and inspected it closely. She then put a sizzle of her True Force in and the word “Liu” lit up suddenly.

“That’s right, this is an inheritance item of the Liu family. How could you have such a thing?”

Liu Qinxin put down the half of a hairbrush.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng revealed an expression of joy, “This is an item that my Master gave me. Can you tell me who this hairbrush belongs to?”

Liu Qinxin paused slightly. This was the first time she had seen joy and expectation of Zhao Feng’s face.

Compared to when they were arranging the marriage, Zhao Feng didn’t have any emotional changes.

Liu Qinxin began to realise that she couldn’t see through this youth. It was as if her fiance didn’t even care about his future wife.

“This type of item only belongs to Main and the seven Branches of the Liu family. As for who, this would be a secret of the Liu family and would need to be confirmed in the records.”

Liu Qinxin’s eyes spun as she gave an answer.

“This means that this jade hairbrush doesn’t come from your Flooding Lake Liu family?”

Zhao Feng asked.

“That’s right.” Liu Qinxin sipped her tea.


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. It looks like the Liu Qinxin in front of her wasn’t part of the same branch as the one he was seeking, but he could eliminate more people with this information.

The owner would be from the main family or the seven branch families and the Flooding Lake Liu family was the first to be eliminated.

Knowing this, the list in Zhao Feng’s head surfaced, and only two people were left: Empress Qinxin and Goddess Qinxin.

Empress QInxin was one of the wives of the current Emperor and Goddess Qinxin was one of the Elders of the Sect Qin Sword Palace.

Both Empress Qinxin and Goddess Qinxin were major figures who aren't usually seen.

“Thank you. If you can confirm which branch this hairbrush came from, I’ll be extremely grateful.”

Zhao Feng got up and left.

Liu Qinxin sat on the chair with a slightly stiff figure.

She could feel Zhao Feng’s disappointment and how he had no interest in her.

“Could it be… he came to me just for this?”

Liu Qinxin was extremely shocked and disappointed.

At the beginning, she had thought that Zhao Feng was playing mysterious, but after a while Zhao Feng still didn’t get in contact with her.

Zhao Feng didn’t have the time to play games because he still needed to make careful preparations of escaping.

The first step was to fix the “Yin Shadow Cloak” and the second was to improve his cultivation as well as his strength.

Zhao Feng had almost fully gathered the resources needed to fix the cloak and was just short of a few items.

“If I can fix the Yin Shadow Cloak, it would greatly increase my chances of escaping.”

Zhao Feng thought.

It was best for the City Lord to not know about this but the Yin Shadow Cloak needed a Blacksmith Master.

Zhao Feng scouted around and found two Blacksmith Masters who had high statuses.

One of them had a good relationship with the Liu family while the other was said to have a bad attitude and was on average terms with the Liu family. Apparently there was a rivalry between them.

“En, I’ll go find the blacksmith with the bad attitude. His skills are better and most importantly, his relationship with the Liu family isn’t so good.”

Zhao Feng confirmed his target.

This blacksmith master was called “Tiegan Master” and his skills were ranked top ten within the Canopy Great Country. Even the Flooding Lake Liu family wouldn’t easily offend him.

However, the difficulty of getting Tiegan Master to help him was several times harder and Zhao Feng needed to make some preparations.

He first needed to find Tiegan Master’s hobbies and without some confidence, Zhao Feng wouldn’t act rashly.

Two months after arranging the marriage, Zhao Feng cultivated quietly and comprehended his Lightning Inheritance as well as his mental energy techniques which included a bit of beast taming.

The Flooding Lake City Lord placed great importance of him and seeing that Zhao Feng was cultivating so hard, he gave him large quantities of Spiritual Pills and resources.

The Canopy Great Country was extremely rich and the resources the City Lord gave Zhao Feng helped him immensely.

Three months after arranging the marriage, Zhao Feng’s cultivation had reached the peak 6th Sky.

The reason it rose so quickly was because of the help the City Lord gave as well as the fact Zhao Feng had once fallen from the 7th to 6th Sky.

“There’s still three months left. There’s still a large chance of returning to the 7th Sky and the first floor of the Lightning Inheritance has mostly been completed.”

Zhao Feng was happy.

When the City Lord had spare time, he would occasionally give Zhao Feng pointers.

Of course.

Being a beast tamer Zhao Feng would occasionally go train the group of mounts.

For this, Zhao Feng specifically comprehended a “Language Technique” that could allow him to interact with the beasts and understand their ‘language’.

In reality, the Language Technique was also a use of mental energy.

As long as one learnt this skill, they could talk with most beasts.

In the City Lord Palace, there were a few flying mounts that had reached the True Spirit Realm which normal beast tamers couldn’t help.


When Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat went up together, they could successfully dissolve the matter and help them.

The little thieving cat didn’t need to learn the Language Technique. It could interact with any beast it pleased.

Using trickery, lying and all sorts of methods, the little thieving cat and Zhao Feng soon helped these frustrated beasts at the True Spirit Realm and the latter’s actions pleased the City Lord.

The most important thing was that Zhao Feng was extremely abiding and didn’t even touch his future wife’s hand once.

“Qinxin, don’t be too cold to him.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord told his daughter several times.

Liu Qinxin was speechless. She was cold to Zhao Feng but the latter had ignored her existence.

“Father, are you really going to marry me to this one-eyed brat?”

Liu QInxin wasn’t happy.

A light flashed in the City Lord’s eyes: “Do you really think he’s one-eyed? Do you think my eyes are so bad?”

“Could it be…”

Liu Qinxin felt that Zhao Feng’s left eye contained some secret because Zhao Feng didn’t seem like normal one-eyed people who had chaotic tempers. On the contrary, he was calm and cool.

“This brat’s bloodline isn’t simple. If I’m not wrong, it should be a rare Eye Bloodline. There’s ancient records that had stated that after the Great Ancient Era had ended, the eight God Eyes ruled supreme over the eight sides of the world.”

Longing appeared in the City Lord’s eyes.

“Eight great God Eyes. Do you think he had one of them?”

Liu Qinxin asked.


The Flooding Lake City Lord shook his head and smiled, “This is just a legend. The Eight great God Eyes are the ancestors of all Eye Bloodlines. All the Eye Bloodlines are somewhat related to these Eight God Eyes. Even if someone has only a tiny bit of their bloodline, it isn’t something normal bloodlines can be compared to.”

“Has the Eight great God Eyes ever appeared in history?”

“No but several tens of thousands of years ago a legend with an Eye Bloodline opened the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance. His was the renowned “Three-Eyed Heavenly Lord”. In the legends, he had reached the Void God Realm.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord smiled.

Just as the City Lord and Liu Qinxin were chatting.

“City Lord, Zhao Feng has reached the boundaries of the Flooding Lake City. Do we need to stop him?”

A shadow suddenly appeared in midair.

“Boundaries? Is he trying to leave the Flooding Lake City?”

The City Lord spoke.

“His target seems to be Tiegan Mountain.”

“Tiegan Mountain? Hehe, is he trying to find Tiegan Master?”

The City Lord revealed a playful smile.

“Tiegan Master? The horrible old man? He didn’t even give father any face before. Wouldn’t Zhao Feng be blown into dust if he goes?”

Liu Qinxin laughed.