King Of Gods Chapter 263

Chapter 263 – Causing a Ruckus
Chapter 263 - Causing a Ruckus

At the border of Flooding Lake City.

There was a black mountain with barely anything nearby; there was no trees or was there grass.

This mountain was called the Tiegan Mountain and although it didn’t look very good, one would be wrong if they looked down on it.

Mountains weren’t all about high, water wasn’t all about depth.

In the Flooding Lake area, the Tiegan mountain was pretty famous and this all came from its ruler “Tiegan Master.”

Miao miao!

The cat and human walked onto the Tiegan Mountain and the little thieving cat seemed to be extremely playful.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned over the Tiegan mountain and found that it was full of rich Fire Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Ever since they had stepped onto the mountain, the temperature had risen.

“This Tiegan mountain definitely has lava within. It might even have Earthen Flames.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes gleamed


He had been a blacksmith once and knew the gap between normal blacksmiths and masters.

The little thieving cat and Zhao Feng walked step by step onto the mountain and didn’t ride on his Azure Sharp Swallow.

This was because Zhao Feng had found out that Tiegan didn’t like to be disturbed and even set restrictions on mounts that landed on the mountain.

A silver metal palace soon came into sight.

This was named Tiegan Palace, the place where the blacksmith master lived.

At this moment there were people entering and exiting with most of them disappointed.

“Aye, Tiegan master doesn’t want to see anyone. Even his three disciples recommendation spots are pushed back half a year.”

Most of these people were at the Ascended Realm.

In the Canopy Great Country strength decided everything.

If someone at the True Spirit Realm or someone with a special identity came the Tiegan Palace would send someone to greet them.

When Zhao Feng took out his “Liu family token” the people of the Tiegan Palace only looked at him before letting him in without saying anything.

Although the relationship between Tiegan Master and the City Lord wasn’t on good terms, the Liu family was still the most dominant force here and the Tiegan Palace wouldn’t offend them on purpose.

As the cat and human were entering the palace.

A hidden place near the Tiegan Palace.

“He entered the Tiegan Mountain. Go back and report this to the City Lord.”

Three men in dark clothes stood behind a pile of shattered stone and one of the figures immediately flew off.


Another dark robed man also walked over after Zhao Feng had entered a while.

The token in his hand caused the Tiegan Palace's’ guards expression to slightly change.

Ever since the fight for the fiancée, a total of four experts at the True Spirit Realm had surveyed Zhao Feng’s every action.

At the beginning, there was even an expert at the True Spirit Ream present.

On one side, the City Lord wanted to know Zhao Feng’s background and on the other, he was scared of Zhao Feng escaping.

However, Zhao Feng appeared quiet after entering the City Lord Palace and sometimes helped tame the pets there.

The City Lord gradually began to trust Zhao Feng and most of his wariness faded.

Only till half a month ago the True Spirit Realm expert was withdrawn.

After entering the Tiegan Palace Zhao Feng wasn’t noticed immediately.

Even if he told them he was the son-in-law of the City Lord, he wouldn’t be placed in a position of great importance since the relationship between the City Lord and Tiegan Master wasn’t so great.

Zhao Feng then walked into a hall within the Tiegan Palace.

The hall was full of weapons, armor, and jewelry. Some of these were made by Tiegan Master himself, while others were made by some disciples. All of these were top tier products that made others sigh.

Zhao Feng flipped over a few items and found that any single one of Tiegan Master’s disciples were even better than the ones in the Broken Moon Clan.

As for Tiegan Master’s products, they were perfection.

The spectators all sighed and exclaimed, this included blacksmiths who had come here from afar.

Many experts or blacksmiths wanted to buy a few items but the products here were either not for sale, needed the agreement of the owner, or had extremely high prices - over ten times its worth.

All in all.

It was hard to buy an item here unless your cultivation was high and had the status to talk straight to the Tiegan Palace.

These items were more for show and to display the Tiegan Palaces’ strength.

Zhao Feng picked up a scarlet gold long sword and gently touched it. The components of the sword itself had been merged to the max and the sword itself looked like a mirror.

“What kind of shitty blacksmith technique was used to create this crap sword? It’s rough and useless.”

A disdainful voice sounded.


The hall became dead silent and everyone’s eyes landed on an azure haired youth.

“Who is this brat? How dare he look down on the works of the Tiegan Palace?”

“Ehh? Isn’t he the son-in-law of the City Lord?”

The people in the hall discussed.

A small number of people recognised Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s finger tapped the sword, “The material is pretty good but the forging technique is nowhere near good enough for the value of the technique. Only the surface is good….”

He shook his head as he spoke causing people to look over.

“Little brother, what do you mean?”

A blacksmith nearby said unwillingly.

“The main material used here is ‘Purple Metal Gold’. The conduction of true force from Purple Metal Gold is pretty good and is extremely good looking but its weakness is that its weight and sharpness is not good enough. The Purple Metal Gold takes up more than a third of the total weight and although a bit of Mystic Ice Metal and Training Mystic Iron was added to increase its hardness and sharpness, the weight is still too low and can’t cause damage. It’s hardness also hasn’t reached the highest level. Against a pure made weapon, this sword will be broken very easily.”

Zhao Feng shook his head.

In reality, the weakness of the sword wasn’t obvious. It was just slightly light and not as hard; but not to this level.

The reason why a lot of Purple Metal Gold was used was so this sword would be able to conduct True Force to a high extent as well as increase damage. The lightness in weight was because this word was focused more on speed. Moreover, this sword was for display, hence the use of more Purple Metal Gold.

However, normal people couldn’t see this. After all, the conduction rate of the Sword was high and had an increase in speed. Its sharpness was considerably good and was a great weapon overall.

As for its hardness, it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad.

However, Zhao Feng’s eyes were piercing sharp and could even pick out bones from an egg.

Hearing his explanation, the blacksmith nearby couldn’t help but nod his head, “Indeed, it isn’t that great.”

“Who dares look down on the products of the Tiegan Palace?”

The disciples and blacksmiths of the Tiegan Palace stormed in angrily.

“Hehe, so the great Tiegan Palace is this forceful? We’re only allowed to praise the items and not talk about its disadvantages?”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly and continued,

“This is only the first one. The hardness is average and is made from Mystic Ice Metal. Once it meets a fire elemental weapon, the contrast in temperature will cause its shape to change and even crack during a fight.”

“Mystic Ice Metal can increase damage, and after forging, it can make the sword as smooth as a mirror. Even blood won’t be left on it. However, this is only for looks but as for actual combat…. horrible.”

The nearby blacksmiths were dazed.

If Zhao Feng had just been making this up, they would laugh. However, Zhao Feng’s words were true and contained knowledge about forging in his explanation.

After talking about the Purple Metal sword’s disadvantage, Zhao Feng walked over to a nearby black whip.

“Look, this whip was made from black forging soft iron….”

At this point in time, the crowd’s attention was focused on Zhao Feng.

The latter kept on speaking and analysing the materials of every weapon as he exaggerated their weaknesses.

The blacksmiths of the Tiegan Palace had dead eyes.

Zhao Feng’s actions were picking bones from an egg but all of the problems he found were exaggerated greatly.

“How can he know clearly every material? Usually only Master-level people or experienced old blacksmiths would be able to see this much with only one glance….”

One of the blacksmiths couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

“Quick! Quick! Go call the Three Core disciples!”

“First senior brother is in seclusion, forging an item. Second senior brother isn’t here and third senior brother is currently seeing someone at True Spirit Realm.”

The blacksmiths of the Tiegan Palace panicked.

They were all scared by Zhao Feng and couldn’t take out anyone to retort.

What was more terrifying was that the objects in Zhao Feng’s hand were all randomly chosen.

If this continued, the Tiegan Palace’s name would be tarnished.

“This guy’s here to cause a ruckus!”

The blacksmiths took a deep breath and finally realised something.

“Should we kick him out?”

“No, he possesses the Liu family token and is also the son-in-law of the City Lord.”

“The relationship between the City Lord and Master isn’t good. Is he here by the City Lord’s wishes?”

Although the Tiegan Palace had experts at the True Spirit Realm, they didn’t know what to do.

This was the territory of Flooding Lake City and Zhao Feng’s identity was unique. Behind his back was the Flooding Lake City Lord. They didn’t dare act rashly.

What was more important was that the points Zhao Feng made were all correct and were agreed by a few blacksmiths nearby.

If the Tiegan Palace forcefully kicked Zhao Feng out, wouldn’t that mean they were scared?

“Who dares cause trouble in my Tiegan Palace!?”

A roar echoed and from the sky, descended an aura of the True Spirit Realm.

This aura was even stronger than First Elder’s and was immensely close to True Mystic Rank.


“Tiegan Master!”

The hearts of the people within the hall jumped.

As soon as his sentence finished, a tall figure in red appeared in the hall with a hammer in his hands. A surge of flames a yard high appeared around him, making him seem terrifying.

The Flooding Lake people all knew that Tiegan Master was famous for having a chaotic temper and no one dared to make a sound.

“Haha, Tiegan Master, you’re finally here.”

Zhao Feng laughed in his heart and put down the object in his hand before speaking slowly:

“Tiegan Master, I came this time to represent my teacher ‘Thousand Hand Grandmaster’.... To challenge you.”