King Of Gods Chapter 266

Chapter 266 – Continuation
Chapter 266 - Continuation

The bow in Yun Haiyang’s hand was made of unique materials and its aura surpassed normal peak grade Mortal weapons; its grade was immensely close to Spiritual Tier grade.


Zhao Feng didn’t decline. His Luohou Bow had just been upgraded and had reached a brand new level. He hadn’t had the chance to test it out yet.

At the same time, Liu Qinxin and the City Lord exchanged glances with smiles, they had no intentions of rejecting this request.

When the City Lord had called Zhao Feng over, Liu Qinxin had understood her father’s intention.

Yun Haiyang was unsatisfied with Liu Qinxin’s marriage and now that he had seen Zhao Feng how would he be respectful?

However, when Yun Haiyang showed disdain and disgust towards Zhao Feng, the City Lord didn’t do anything.

“Could it be there’s a hidden reason as of why Qinxin is marrying this brat? Looks like I still have a chance.”

Yun Haiyang saw the City Lord’s attitude and was overjoyed as he suppressed the excitement in his heart.

He didn’t know that the City Lord wasn’t giving him a chance. The City Lord was just testing Zhao Feng.

“Feng’er, you’re not against this, are you?”

The City Lord looked expectantly towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng suspected that the City Lord was testing him from the start but since he wanted to test out the Luohou Bow’s power, he didn’t decline.


Zhao Feng and Yun Haiyang entered an open archery field.

There were originally many archers here but they were soon cleared out.

“What are they doing?”

“The son-in-law of the City Lord is testing archery skills with a relative?”

Around the archery field was a small crowd.

Zhao Feng and Yun Haiyang stood at the two sides respectively.

According to the norm archers compared archery skills and precision.

A few archers even took out some targets.

“Archery skills are boring. True archers need to experience blood and fire.”

A smile curled on Yun Haiyang’s lips.

The crowd broke out into discussion. Was Yun Haiyang and Zhao Feng entering a life and death battle?

As they expected, Yun Haiyang suggested a fight between archers to the City Lord.

This wasn’t testing archery skills anymore; it was a battle.

“Feng’er, you don’t have any disagreements right?”

The City Lord asked in a consulting tone.

At this moment, it wasn’t hard for everyone to see that Yun Haiyang was here to cause trouble.

Since it was a battle, there would be injuries.

Yun Haiyang’s heart was filled with coldness, “This brat comes from outside Canopy Great Country and hasn’t become Qinxin’s husband yet. Even if I kill him here, no one will stand up for a dead genius.”

In terms of identity, he came from one of the Four Families, the Yun family. Thus, even if he killed Zhao Feng, the Flooding Lake City Lord couldn’t do anything to him.

“I have no disagreements.”

Zhao Feng slowly took out the Luohou Bow.

Following this, the entire archery field was enforced by an array so that the battle inside wouldn’t harm the spectators.

At this moment, Liu Qinxin couldn’t help but be slightly sympathetic towards Zhao Feng as she could feel Yun Haiyang didn’t have any good intentions.

“Don’t worry,. With me here, there won’t be any deaths.”

The City Lord said confidently as he patted her and smiled.

Liu Qinxin slightly relaxed and was slightly guilty since her father was using Yun Haiyang to test out Zhao Feng, causing the latter to be in danger.

Inside the archery field.

Yun Haiyang and Zhao Feng faced off against each other.

Because it was an exchange of archery skills, there were rules stating that they were only allowed to use their bows and nothing else.

Yun Haiyang’s cultivation had reached half-step True Spirit Realm and his true strength was close to the Liu Qinxin’s.

However, since it was only an exchange of bows and arrows, Zhao Feng didn’t fear him at all.

“It has started….”

Yun Haiyang pulled back the green scarlet bow in his hand and a red flaming light appeared from the bow that merged with his scarlet red True Force.

On top of that, a green layer of sharp wind appeared around Yun Haiyang’s body; it was like a barrier.

“Flame element bow with the addition of wind. Eighty percent chance of explosion effect….”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye inspected the opponent and his heart jumped.

Yun Haiyang’s cultivation had reached half-step True Spirit Realm and had stronger true force. The bow in his hand had the attribute of fire and with the addition of wind; its damage could instantly slay normal cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng decided to end this battle quickly.

His actions were smooth, and the instant the Luohou Bow was taken out, three Luohou Arrows had returned to the bow and a layer of ice had enveloped Zhao Feng’s body.

Zhao Feng’s body was surrounded by ice and arcs of lightning that crackled incessantly.

On the tip of the three Luohou Arrows, wisps of sharp lightning appeared while the tail of the arrows were balls of wind.

“This kid’s bow and arrow contains the three elements of ice, lightning and wind. They are also mother and son weapons.”

Yun Haiyang exclaimed and couldn’t help be slightly jealous.

He liked bows, but this was the first time he had seen such a masterful product.

It was almost certain that such an item came from a Master-level blacksmith.

End this quickly.

Yun Haiyang released the string in his hand with a thunderous explosion.


A dark arrow raging with flames darted towards Zhao Feng like a dragon of fire and wind.

He had succeeded in attacking first, allowing him to gain the advantage.

Yun Haiyang’s heart was filled with joy. The battle between archers was extremely quick and a second could decide the battle.

However, right as he fired his arrow Zhao Feng’s string on the Luohou Bow shook.


A bright azure arrow gave off sparks as it flew into the air, creating a loud explosion.

Yun Haiyang only felt his eyes spin before an arc of lightning as well as chaotic winds rushed towards him.


The arrow first collided against the scarlet red arrow in midair. The cold wind and raging flames intertwined together before exploding, causing a plume of smoke to envelope half the field.

The archers outside gazed at the scene with gaping mouths.


An arrow pierced through the smoke and shot towards Yun Haiyang. Its speed was extremely fast and had surpassed the speed of sound.

Yun Haiyang’s expression changed dramatically as he furiously circulated his True Force, creating snakes of fire that merged with the wind, creating a barrier of wind and fire.

In under half a breath, Yun Haiyang had controlled the situation. When Zhao Feng’s arrow came close, only ten to twenty percent of its power was left. Only the coldness and lightning caused him a bit of trouble.

He took a deep breath and condensed his Qi of half True Spirit, preparing to send in more powerful attacks.

However, just at this point in time two flashes shot through the air and brought upon a gust of icy wind.

Yun Haiyang shot out an arrow of fire but was engulfed by the explosion of lightning and coldness.

In this instant, wind howled while the ice and lightning eroded.

Yun Haiyang’s body began to stiffen.

His third arrow had yet to be fired but the coldness and lightning on his body rose to another level.

Zhao Feng’s third arrow arrived.

On the archery field.

Yun Haiyang was swept up by the flickering bolts of lightning.

He screamed and howled but the sound of his voice faded away as a layer of ice covered his body.

In just half a breath, Yun Haiyang had been turned into a human ice sculpture.

The spectators all took a deep breath and awoke from their shocked state.

The Flooding Lake City Lord was dumbstruck and his expression changed slightly as he rushed over with the Qi of True Spirit to save Yun Haiyang.

“Tiegan Master indeed lives up to his name. My third arrow could even threaten those at the True Spirit Realm but the expense of True Force is terrifying…”

Zhao Feng exclaimed as he put the Luohou Bow away and breathed quickly.

The Luohou Bow’s power had increased after the refining but just then Zhao Feng had expended a quarter of his True Force.

Only when one had reached half-step True Spirit Realm would they be able to use the Luohou Bow as they pleased.

In the archery field.

After the City Lord’s help, Yun Haiyang’s life wasn’t in danger anymore but his injury was shocking - an arm of his had been broken.

This battle ended with disability.

The dangers between a battle of archers could be seen from this.

“Why did you injury him so severely?”

Liu Qinxin’s eyebrows rose as she spoke.

Zhao Feng’s eyes almost popped out. Now he was the victim?

The City Lord had tried to test Zhao Feng and use Yun Haiyang as a spear.

Yun Haiyang wanted to kill Zhao Feng. The latter was the true victim but had ended the fight with only three arrows.

The battle of archers was too dangerous. If the battle continued, Zhao Feng would have died.

After the Luohou Bow was upgraded, the expense of True Force was too large. Although, Yun Haiyang’s bow wasn’t much worse compared to Zhao Feng’s, due to the difference in cultivation, the former would have won if the fight continued.

At this instant.

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyebrows were furrowed. Yun Haiyang was a direct descendant of the Yun main family and had a complicated identity. Now that his arm had been lost, the trouble caused wasn’t small.

He had first estimated that the chances of winning between Yun Haiyang and Zhao Feng was 60-40% respectively.

After all, Yun Haiyang was known for his archery skills in the Yun family and had exceeded Zhao Feng in terms of cultivation.

The result had surprised the City Lord and Liu Qinxin.

Zhao Feng laughed in his heart because he had caused trouble for the City Lord.

The latter’s tests had enforced Zhao Feng’s desire to escape. If he had lost today, who would stand up for him?

Liu Qinxin sighed in her heart and knew that it wasn’t Zhao Feng’s fault. Her father had tested Zhao Feng first and her cousin had malicious intentions.


The winner wasn’t the City Lord nor Yun Haiyang.

Yun Haiyang had become disabled and the City Lord’s head would hurt trying to solve this problem.

Only Zhao Feng had nothing.

After this test, the Flooding Lake City Lord found that this youth could bring him more surprises as well as more trouble.

Furthermore, Liu Qinxin found that her future husband was becoming more and more mysterious. It was as if he was enclosed in a layer of mist.

He was the destined one in her life.

On the same night.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged on the ground and gently touched the Luohou Bow in his hand.

After refinement, the Luohou Bow’s power had increased but with Zhao Feng’s current cultivation, it was hard to use it to its full potential.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and continued comprehending the final section of the first Lightning Inheritance.

In his mind.

Scenes from the Lightning Inheritance flashed by.

Arcs after arc of lightning formed brilliant lights like fireworks.

Days passed by and at a certain moment.

A gaze of fulfilment appeared in Zhao Feng’s eyes. Lightning arcs as thin as spider web etched an unusual symbol similar to a blooming flower onto his hand.