King Of Gods Chapter 268

Chapter 268 – Take Care of Her for a Moment
Chapter 268 - Take Care of Her for a Moment

Tiegan Master explained, “Yin Shadow Doppelgangers aren’t simply just blurred afterimages. They can also distract the enemy whilst also attacking. It has countless uses.”

An image appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind. When he attacked, several shadows of himself with the same actions as him would appear and attack the enemy.

Of course, this power needed one to reach a certain cultivation but no matter what, Zhao Feng’s goal had already been accomplished.

After fixing the Yin Shadow Cloak, the invisibility power had increased dramatically, especially when he was motionless.

Within darkness, this power would be twice as potent.

When Zhao Feng activated the invisibility effect, even those at True Spirit Realm wouldn’t be able to perceive him in darkness without intently searching.

For the next couple days.

The people of the City Lord realised that the frequency of Zhao Feng visiting the Tiegan Mountain had been increasing.

There were times that Zhao Feng wouldn’t even return for a few days.

Rumours began to spread to the public that Tiegan Master had taken Zhao Feng as a personal disciples, but no matter what the truth was, the relationship between the two was not simple

This was good news for the Liu family.

Because of the City Lord, Tiegan Master and the Liu family held a bad relationship between each other.

Tiegan Master had a high status and was ranked in the top ten blacksmiths; it was possible he was even in the top 5.

What was more important was that this Master had a rumoured connection with the Iron Blood Religion.

The Liu family had always wanted to build a good relationship with Tiegan Master but there hadn’t been much progress.

However, now that the City Lord’s son-in-law was loved by Tiegan Master. This was a good sign.

The Flooding Lake City even called Zhao Feng over.

“Feng’er if you’re able to become Tiegan Master’s core disciple this will be great help for the Flooding Lake Liu family.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord spoke as though he was Zhao Feng’s father.

Zhao Feng bluntly rejected.

Tiegan Master would love to take him as a disciple but Zhao Feng wasn’t obliged to spending too much time in forging.

He had never forgotten his orders.

As time passed, Zhao Feng gradually became more occupied.

He would stay at the Tiegan Mountain and listen to Tiegan Master’s preaching.

Zhao Feng would also help Tiegan Master craft some weapons, one of them even reaching the Spiritual grade.

The process of crafting was smooth and Zhao Feng’s understanding of forging improved at a thousand miles a day.

Tiegan Master was extremely pleased - Zhao Feng’s progression was greater than his expectations.

All of this was because of the weapon task that was entrusted to them.

Meanwhile, there was only two months left before the date of the marriage between Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin.

Liu Qinxin, this in-name future wife had been ignored.

After all, Zhao Feng was using the idea of building a good relationship with Tiegan Master to leave and this was something that even the City Lord supported.

Initially, Liu Qinxin was able to hold it in, but as the date of their marriage came closer, she couldn’t suppress it anymore.

Marriage was an extremely important thing for women, but Zhao Feng never went to find Liu Qinxin.

“What does Zhao Feng even think of me?”

Liu Qinxin was slightly stressed and her eyes bore unsatisfaction every time she saw Zhao Feng.

After the day the date for their marriage was set, Zhao Feng’s image in Liu Qinxin’s heart had started to change.

Initially, Zhao Feng was a young beast tamer whose appearance was one hundred and eight thousand folds different from Lin Qinxin’s ideal husband.

But afterwards, this youth became shrouded in mist and every test would unveil new strength and potential.

A mysterious eye bloodline, extreme archery skills, beast taming, talent that made even blacksmith masters even sigh.

The performance from this youth was completed with confidence and tranquility every time.

Lights of every kind shone upon him.

Which person of his age in the Flooding Lake area could rival him?

Liu Qinxin had to admit that this was a youth with unbound potential, and he started to close in on the image of her ideal husband.

The most important thing was that he was the one destined in her life.

At this moment, Liu Qinxin could manage to accept this future husband, but the only problem was that Zhao Feng was always occupied and had virtually ignored her.

Finally, upon this day.

Zhao Feng finally came to find Liu Qinxin.

The latter let out a breath. No matter how wooden a youth may be, they would still understand reality. She didn’t believe that the opposing party could ignore her charm.

“Qinxin, I’m going to help Tiegan Master craft a Spiritual grade item and perhaps stay at the Tiegan Mountain for a month. Because the City Lord is absent, could you please go tell him?”

Zhao Feng immediately told her the reason he had visited and after that, left immediately.

A month?

Liu Qinxin was dazed. She felt as if she had fallen from the clouds and into the abyss.

The coldness and ignorance of this youth had exceeded her imagination.

Of course, this was her. If it were some other girl they would have broken down by now.


A crisp voice stopped Zhao Feng’s footsteps.

Zhao Feng paused, looking perplexed at Liu Qinxin.

At the point in time Liu Qinxin’s eyes turned cold and Zhao Feng finally realised the problem.

“Dammit, I forgot such an important thing.”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts swayed.

Ever since the marriage date was set he had been planning how to escape or was helping Tiegan Master, therefore ignoring his future wife.

Zhao Feng was worried that Liu Qinxin would see something was wrong.

If this detail was the reason his plan failed, it wouldn’t be worth it.

“I know you’ve been busy over the past few days but about our marriage….”

Liu Qinxin didn’t know what to say and felt somewhat humiliated in the heart. Under her veil, her face grew red. This was something Zhao Feng couldn’t see.

The latter had already realised that his ‘ignorance’ might have left a ‘flaw’ behind and was bent on thinking about how to fix it.

How should I fix it?

Zhao Feng’s thoughts flew by. The most important thing right now was to calm Liu QInxin’s heart.

“How should I stabilise her? That’s right…. Take care of her for bit.”

Zhao Feng thoughts were quick and hasteful

He didn’t know much about relationships - he hadn’t even thought about them much.

Afterall, he was still growing, and he only wanted to focus on cultivation.

Apart from that, the merging of the God’s Spiritual Eye had caused Zhao Feng’s state of mind to become calm and have an absolutely cold attitude.

All Zhao Feng needed to do was to open his God’s Spiritual Eye. This would allow him to see through flesh so no matter how ugly or pretty a girl was, they were still a combination of bones, blood and True Force.


Zhao Feng thought about how he should take care of Liu Qinxin.

“Qinxin, I know that I almost forgot our marriage over the past while. Sorry about that….”

Zhao Feng’s cold eyes suddenly became warm and a faint smile even appeared on his face.

Liu QInxin paused - when did this guy’s attitude turn?

However, she had to admit the fact that after being used to Zhao Feng’s coldness, it was rare to see Zhao Feng’s warm attitude.

“Deep within my heart, all I wished to do was to admire your looks from afar, I had no thoughts to marry you. I never expected the Heavens to be so nice. Everything’s like a dream-come-true.”

Zhao Feng kept on making up stories about ‘caring’ and his actions were full of compassion.

Looking at the youth before her, Liu Qinxin couldn’t help but be somewhat surprised. She didn’t think that this ignorant youth would have the ‘true love’ to confess to her.

While Zhao Feng was speaking he was also paying attention to Liu Qinxin’s expression but the latter didn’t seem to change much.

Could it be I’m not caring enough?

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and took a step out before reaching out a hand to wrap around her waist.


Liu Qinxin didn’t expect Zhao Feng to be so courageous to wrap his hand around her waist.

She exclaimed and instinctively opened her bloodline power.

However, the movement of her bloodline power activated Zhao Feng’s bloodline.

Maybe it was because Liu Qinxin’s bloodline power was threatening, a small wisp of faint blue light appeared in the azure depths of his left pupil.


Liu Qinxin only felt her bloodline tremble and freeze.

Zhao Feng added more power to his hand and gently pulled her into his embrace.

Because of the supressment of bloodline power Liu Qinxin couldn’t move and her heart beated rapidly.

“It actually feels pretty good to hug a woman’s body.”

Zhao Feng thought, but most of his attention was still focused on Liu Qinxin’s expression.

Her expression was mixed with embarrassment, anger, care and a bit of vulnerability.

In reality, Liu Qinxin’s bloodline power had been frozen and it was hard for her to even breath. Of course she would feel helpless.

“Looks like my caring still isn’t enough.”

Zhao Feng sighed.

He then lowered his head and gently kissed Liu Qinxin’s forehead.

“You.. how dare you…”

Liu Qinxin was fully stunned. Embarrassment, anger, emotions of every kind swirled in her head.

Seeing that Liu Qinxin’s expression wasn’t right, Zhao Feng immediately let go of the girl that could destroy countries with their looks.

Right at this moment, Liu Qinxin’s True Force poured out and the aura of the half-step True Spirit Realm appeared.

Not good.

Zhao Feng finally realised his caring had gone overboard.

“You… you shameless….”

Liu Qinxin’s voice was mixed with embarrassment and anger but she stopped before she could complete her sentence.

She wanted to call Zhao Feng a shameless bastard but he was her future husband.

The finger that was pointing towards Zhao Feng didn’t know whether to retreat or not.

“Qinxin, I have no ill intents. I just wanted to take care of you.”

Zhao Feng was speechless.

“I’m fine.”

Liu Qinxin looked deeply at him as her eyes returned to water clear.

This youth was her future husband and closer to the ideal husband in her mind.

Plus, being her future husband, his actions just then weren’t too overboard.

“En, that’s good. I’m going to the Tiegan Mountain now. Can you please tell the City Lord?”

Zhao Feng let out a breath and returned to his usual cold self and he disappeared.


Liu Qinxin stopped. This guy was just confessing to her then hugging and kissing her. Now he disappeared as if nothing had happened.

“What… does he think of me?”

Looking at the youth who disappeared into the dark night sky, Liu Qinxin didn’t know what to say.