King Of Gods Chapter 270

Chapter 270 – Wheel of Light and Darkness
Chapter 270 - Wheel of Light and Darkness

Tiegan Mountain.

The sword and blade symbol on the blood dragon sedan made of gold metal sat there.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed and no matter how hard it rained or how much lightning poured down, the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan didn’t move and the living beings nearby were dead silent.

At this moment, there were just experts at True Spirit Realm that came over but all left when they saw the sedan.

Even the City Lord came over, but when he saw the sedan, he returned with a solemn expression.

Tiegan Master was extremely famous in the Flooding Lake area and quite a few people knew that he had some mysterious relationship with the Iron Blood Religion.

The Iron Blood Religion was extremely powerful in Canopy Great Country and used cold methods to kill their enemies.

Facing such a powerful faction, even the main Liu family would be wary.

As of today, everyone knew the war between the Iron Blood Religion and Imperial family. The other 6 great powers participated or were watching. It was a complex situation.

In the secret underground hall.

Zhao Feng sat and quietly cultivated.

He wasn’t much of a use for the last forging part. It all depended on the blood hair coloured man and Tiegan Master.

In reality, there wasn’t much skill involved in the last step but required a high cultivation level.

For the next while.

Zhao Feng occasionally felt a terrifying aura come from the room nearby. Just a sizzle of it made his heart tremble.

Zhao Feng was sure that Tiegan Master wasn’t this strong. Even the Flooding Lake City Lord couldn’t be compared to this.

“It looks like that Lord Tiemo is at least at the True lord Rank and should be the high echelon of the Iron Blood Religion.”

Zhao Feng thought.

Experts at the True Lord Rank could flip clouds and create rain with their hands.

Time passed by slowly.

Zhao Feng was cultivation but still felt the occasional aura.

Five to six days later.

A screeching sound appeared and the aura of a weapon manifested.

“This is the aura of a Spiritual grade weapon….”

Zhao Feng felt his Luohou Bow tremble slightly and even his Yin Shadow Cloak felt uneasy.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat emerged and glanced towards the sealed forge.

The secret forge was made of a special material which could stop one’s Spiritual Sense. Even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye wasn’t able to see through it easily.

The aura from the Spiritual grade weapon was extremely unique, cold and sharp. It had a dominant blood aura and as time passed, its aura strengthened.

Zhao Feng could feel the terrifying heat radiating from the forge - it was enough to turn a normal cultivator at the True Human Rank into dust.

At a certain point.

The aura of the Spiritual grade weapon reached an extent that even the sealed forge couldn’t hold it in.


Zhao Feng heard a weird sound and suddenly felt uneasy.


With the flash of the Yin Shadow Cloak, Zhao Feng disappeared.

At the next instant the sealed forge shook.

With a “crack” the wall that was as strong as a Spiritual grade weapon was sliced open by a dark silver wheel and sparks flew into the air.

These sparks flew everywhere and any one of them could instantly kill an expert at 7th Sky.


Zhao Feng appeared at the entrance of the secret hall.

At this moment the entire underground hall trembled slightly and Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye caught the figure of a dark grey wheel.

In the centre of the grey wheel it was pitch black and at the sides thin blade rotated.


The grey wheel suddenly shrank and disappeared from view.

The dust instantly fell and the blood hair coloured man and Tiegan Master walked out side by side.

Tiegan Master looked extremely tired and weak but seemed full of excitement.

The blood hair coloured man had a happy expression. His right arm was covered in a black flashing silver metallic item, like a robotic arm.

The surface of the black and gold metal was smooth and clean like a perfect artwork. Not a single flaw was found. Even the joints were perfectly in sync.

Apart from the fact it was made out of metal it looked the same as a normal arm, only looked more powerful.

“Hehe, this ‘wheel of light and darkness’ is more perfect than I imagined - it can easily slice through low tier Spiritual grade weapons. In the Northern Continent, apart from the ancient legendary weapons, there won’t be many that can be compared to it.”

The blood hair coloured man looked very satisfied.

Zhao Feng had participated in creating the parts of the Wheel of Light and Darkness and every small part was imprinted in his mind.

“This Wheel of Light and Darkness should have three forms. The first is an arm shape that’s suitable for close combat. The second is an attacking form. The Wheel of Light and Darkness will turn bigger and spin - it’s sharpness is unblockable. The third form should be a shield.”

Through the analysis of the parts Zhao Feng came to this conclusion.

One had to admit that this was a perfect weapon and had surpassed the limits of weapons.

The blood hair coloured man and Tiegan Master wouldn’t have imagined that Zhao Feng’s God;s Spiritual Eye would have such heaven defying copying powers and analysis skills.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t see the complete original drawings and didn’t participate in the core parts, he had ‘checked’ through all these parts.

In terms of familiarity, Zhao Feng had even exceeded Tiegan Master.

“It is indeed worthy of being something from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance. Even though we’re able to craft it, we still don’t understand its theory. If we didn’t have Zhao Feng here we’d pay ten times the price to craft this Wheel of Light and Darkness.”

Tiegan Master said.

Zhao Feng was crucial in creating the Wheel of Light and Darkness.

However, at this moment, Zhao Feng was thinking, “This Wheel of Light and Darkness is extremely suitable for people who have lost an arm.”

This made him think of First Elder.

If he had the materials Zhao Feng could create a simplified model of the Wheel of Light and Darkness but this was hard for him currently as he wasn’t at the True Spirit Realm yet.

“Zhao Feng, you helped a lot this time. What do you need? If you want to enter the Iron Blood Religion I can even give you a position of Chief.”

The blood hair coloured man smiled and said.

Hearing this Tiegan Master’s expression changed slightly. A Chief rank in the Iron Blood Religion had the same status as a middle tier family in a Great country.

Of course, the blood hair coloured man might be acting rash right now but he was still grateful towards Zhao Feng.

“Lord Tiemo, this junior comes from the countryside and came here to the Canopy Great Country to find someone. I don’t have any thoughts of entering a faction right now.”

Zhao Feng declined respectfully.

Although the Iron Blood Religion was powerful, Zhao Feng knew nothing about it and didn’t want to enter the war inside the Canopy Great Country.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng would rather have Tiemo owe him and ask when he needed help.

“No matter what you helped me a lot this time. If you need anything you can ask the Iron Blood Religion for help.”

The blood hair coloured man took out a weird blood coloured token and gave it to Zhao Feng.

“This is the Gold Iron Blood Order. With this token you can pass through the territories of the Iron Blood Religion with ease and ask something from me.”

The blood hair coloured man explained.

Zhao Feng thanked him and put away the Gold Iron Blood Order.

The man didn’t immediately leave when the weapon was made and Tiegan Master suggested, “Although the Wheel of Light and Darkness is complete, we should let Zhao Feng inspect it for safety.”

After all, this weapon was too detailed and its drawings came from the most mysterious and ancient Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

“You actually don’t need to check it because this weapon is made up of parts and every part is connected to the next, like human bones. Moving one will move all the others.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly but didn’t reject the offer and took over the Wheel of Light and Darkness before opening his God’s Spiritual Eye and checking it out.

Through the God’s Spiritual Eye, he could copy the structure of the Wheel of Light and Darkness so that he could make one later.

The Wheel of Light and Darkness was incredibly heavy and reached several hundred kilograms but this wasn’t much for someone at the blood hair coloured man’s level.

“It’s fine, but for safety let it cool down for a couple days, just not too long. Just don’t use its full strength for half a month.”

After checking the weapon, Zhao Feng returned it to the blood hair coloured man.

Hearing Zhao Feng’s suggestion, Tiegan Master and the man exchanged glances with surprised expressions because what Zhao Feng said was the same as the drawings.

Zhao Feng hadn’t seen the drawings but could figure this out.

The blood hair coloured man looked towards Zhao Feng, “Your eye bloodline is extremely unique. If you’re willing the doors of the Iron Blood Religion will always be open to you. I humbly give you my invitation.”

Zhao Feng could feel Tiemo’s sincerity so he didn’t reject his offer and decided to make his decision after sending his Master’s letter.

After all, First Elder also had some arrangement for Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, aren’t you finding someone? Why not get Lord Tiemo to help you?”

Tiegan Master smiled.

He could see that Tiemo placed great importance on Zhao Feng and was very honest.

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as he quickly took out half the jade hairbrush and handed it over to Tiemo.

Tiemo took over the jade hairbrush and gently touched it as a light flashed in his eyes.

“Are you sure the person you’re finding is called Liu Qinxin?”

Tiemo asked.

“That’s right, but I don’t know which Liu Qinxin it is.”

Zhao Feng was extremely nervous.

Tiemo should be in the higher echelons of the Iron Blood Religion and be very knowledgeable.

“Liu Qinxin….”

Tiemo’s voice was deep and his eyebrows were slightly furrowed as his eyes moved.

Zhao Feng had a feeling that Tiemo might have some lead to the person or even have the target.

But he didn’t ask because if Tiemo wanted to say who it was, he would.

A while later.

Tiemo returned the jade hairbrush to Zhao Feng and said indifferently, “The person you’re looking for should be Empress Qin.”

Empress Qin.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook slightly. He didn’t think the receiver of the letter would have such a special identity.

Of all the people named Liu Qinxin, Empress Qin had the most distinguished background.

“Empress Qin!”

Tiegan Master took a cold breath and said, “This Empress Qin’s status and power in the Imperial family can be ranked in the top three. Apparently, even the Emperor is played around by her!

How could she be the person Zhao Feng is looking for?”