King Of Gods Chapter 272

Chapter 272 – Chaos
Chapter 272 - Chaos

The entire Flooding Lake City was filled with a joyous atmosphere due to the wedding.

There was only three days left until the marriage of the City Lord’s daughter and red silk was put on trees within the City Lord’s Palace.

At this time, not only was Zhao Feng’s plan due, but the wedding arrangement had also finished.

“It’s about time. The more people there is, the easier it’ll be.”

Zhao Feng walked out of his room.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on his shoulder and surveyed the surroundings with its obsidian eyes as it conversed with a few beasts nearby.

The second Zhao Feng left, Liu Yuan and the four others at half-step True Spirit Realm tailed him, never leaving a hundred yard radius of him.

Under normal circumstances, with four cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm watching over him, it was almost impossible for Zhao Feng to escape. Furthermore, there was also Liu Yuan at True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng walked to a location with many people and nodded his head: His plan was about to start.

Once the plan began, the City Lord Palace would fall into chaos.

Right at this moment.

“Young master, mistress is trying out her dress. The City Lord summons you.”

The housekeeper of the City Lord Palace walked over with a red face.

Zhao Feng’s body stiffened as he forcefully stopped his actions.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat on his shoulder seemed somewhat unsatisfied.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and thought, “Oh well, I should give my future wife an explanation, or at least a letter.”

The housekeeper led Zhao Feng into a bright room and several servants came to brush his hair.

Zhao Feng was soon put in a suit which made the eyes of the maids nearby light up.

Zhao Feng’s figure was tall and his azure hair was like pure jade, even better than silk.

His two eyes were like stars.

Especially his left eye, it was azure like a treasure but at the same time, it was as deep as an abyss.

Zhao Feng was enveloped in a weird mysterious aura and after wearing the suit, he was filled with some warmth.

Walking out of the room, Zhao Feng also saw the dressed Liu Qinxin.

Liu Qinxin’s eyebrows were like a drawing, her eyes like water. At this time, her veil had been taken off, revealing her peerless beauty and a calm aura revealed her elegance.

Due to the makeup, Liu Qinxin’s cheeks were slightly red, showing off the charm of a young girl.

“Not bad, not bad! Charming husband, beautiful wife!”

The City Lord laughed in satisfaction.

Liu Qinxin was perfect. Zhao Feng would find it hard to see beauties of this level.

Because Zhao Feng’s eyepatch was taken off, his eye bloodline showed off his mysterious nobleness.

In Canopy Great Country, bloodlines weren’t a legend. The Imperial and the Four families all had bloodlines; it was a sign of nobleness.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had a rare eye bloodline.

Therefore, the Zhao Feng at this moment was cold, noble, and mysterious. He had reached the dream partner of countless girls.

His God’s Spiritual Eye had an ancient aura and would bring pressure wherever his eyes went.

The small number of people with bloodlines who were present felt their bloodlines feel uneasy and tremble.

This included Liu Qinxin and the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“This kid’s bloodline is stronger than I expected. It’s definitely comparable to the Imperial bloodline, if not stronger. Additionally, it’s a unique eye bloodline.”

The more the City Lord looked at Zhao Feng, the more he felt satisfied and proud of his ‘plan’.

Thinking about how his son-in-law had a noble bloodline that had the possibility of surpassing the Imperial family, he was extremely proud.

In Canopy Great Country, families with a bloodline would choose partners who also had bloodlines.

The eye bloodline Zhao Feng currently possessed had no flaws that the upper echelon of the Liu family could find.

Plus, this youth was also a rare beast tamer.

Liu Qinxin was dressed in red and seemed like the most perfect wife. Her charming eyes spun as she inspected this future husband of hers.

She had to admit that this youth had reached her standards for her ideal husband in every aspect.

The key point was that he was the ‘destined’ one in her life.

Her Master had told her that no matter how ugly and useless the destined person was, she had to accept them.

But fortunately, this person was mysterious and held an elegant bloodline.

Of course, if he was a bit more caring, that would be perfect.

“I would like to speak with Qin’er in private.”

Zhao Feng’s unusual soft voice sounded, causing Qinxin’s heart who was in a daydream to shake.

She couldn’t help but think of her Master who specialised in the Dao of Life. Her Master had made her change her name and steal the future, giving her such a excellent husband.

Thinking up to here, her eyes became softer and more caring.

“Hahaha, you two can talk. I’ll leave.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord smiled and disappeared, leaving the two some ‘personal space’.

Zhao Feng wanted the City Lord to leave because this was more beneficial for his plan.

However, at this moment, the charming beauty whose eyes were slightly watery made her escape plan shake for the first time.

Yet, Zhao Feng’s resolve and calmness made him unsuitable for the wedding. His Master’s order hadn’t been completed yet.

In the depths of his heart, Zhao Feng had another wish: to change the situation of the Thirteen Countries and reach the pinnacle of the Continent.

Zhao Feng and Liu QInxin walked into the room side by side. They were the only two present.

Zhao Feng’s caringness made Liu Qinxin feel satisfied and grateful towards her Master who had passed away.

“Feng’er, I have a secret to tell you.”

Liu QInxin smiled mysteriously.


Zhao Feng looked at her and Liu Qinxin took out an old tattered bronze coin: “This was an item of my Master’s. She told me to give this to my future husband.”

Zhao Feng took over the coin.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat had appeared and looked at the coin greedily.

“My name was originally Liu Qinxin(琴歆) but to change my destiny, Master changed my name to Qinxin(琴心) and told me to change my name back to the original one when I found my husband.”

Liu Qinxin said sweetly.

“Liu Qinxin(柳琴歆)..... Liu Qinxin(柳琴心)....”

Zhao Feng spoke these two words aloud and almost began swearing.

歆 and 心 were all pronounced the same.

He had originally wanted to find Liu Qinxin (柳琴心) but somehow, Liu Qinxin’s master forced her to change her name to change her destiny.


Zhao Feng had the urge to explode but suddenly, his God’s Spiritual Eye gave off a feeling.

Liu QInxin’s Master had told her disciple to change her name, hence she had met him and became his wife. How much of a coincidence was this?

It was the little thieving cat whose eyes twirled in thought and Zhao Feng couldn’t help but look towards it.

The little thieving cat waved its paws towards Zhao Feng.

“What? I was included in her calculations?”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but click his tongue.

The little thieving cat shook its head then nodded and waved its paws again. However, perhaps it was because the content of what it was trying to say was too complex or insightful as Zhao Feng couldn’t understand it.

But one of the little thieving cat’s point was expressed.

It signalled Zhao Feng to take the coin. Only this would redeem the loss they had over the past few days.

“What’s wrong?”

Liu Qinxin noticed that Zhao Feng’s face was slightly unusual.


Zhao Feng silently took the coin pulled Liu Qinxin into his chest. What he needed to do first was stabilize her.

Liu QInxin’s face was as red as a cherry but she didn’t resist.


Seeing Zhao Feng take the coin, the little thieving cat started to dance excitedly.

Liu Qinxin felt somewhat embarrassed and gently pushed Zhao Feng away. The feeling the little thieving cat gave her was that it was even smarter than a fox. With an outsider present, how could she act intimate with her husband?

“Qinxin, I still haven’t finished my duties in Canopy Great Country. Thus, I apologize for the inconveniences I brought to you in the past or in the future.”

Zhao Feng said deeply before leaving.

Liu Qinxin thought Zhao Feng was apologising for his previous coldness, and didn’t think of it differently.

After saying farewell to Qinxin, Zhao Feng took off his suit and walked out of his room.


He arrived at the entrance of the City Lord Palace.

This place was filled with people.

“It has begun.”

Zhao Feng gave a signal to the little thieving cat.


In the depths of the God’s Spiritual Eye, an azure abyss began to twist.

A faint wisp of mental energy merged into the air.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and because there was a multitude of people nearby, Liu Yuan and the four at half-step True Spirit Realm didn’t notice anything wrong..

Right at this moment.

Screech after screech, roar after roar sounded from the City Lord palace.

The pets of the City Lord Palace had all lost control.

This was especially so for the City Lord’s Palace’s Spiritual Precious Garden. Powerful flying beasts teamed up and broke through the gates.

At this moment, flames, winds, lightning swept across the air.

The houses nearby crumpled and smoke enveloped everything.

These flying beasts all had terrifying strength and were usually all very obedient.

However, at this moment, most of them had lost control.

In just this short span of time, several flying beasts had flown out of the City Lord Palace’s radius and brought the chaos into the Flooding Lake City.

In the City Lord Palace, the servants with lower cultivation were all dazed and began to scream in horror.

The City Lord Palace was at the centre of the Flooding Lake City and was always peaceful. The sudden chaos brought horror to many people.

The damage from these beasts was great and once all of them exited the City Lord Palace, it was hard to imagine what kind of chaos there would be.

“Quickly gather all the beast tamers to control these bastards.”

The upper echelons of the City Lord Palace soon sent an order.

In this situation, there was only the option of killing the beasts or taming them.

The loss from the former was too large and although experts at True Spirit Realm could forcefully tame them ,the risk was too big.

“Allow me!”

Zhao Feng shouted and confidently chased after a flying beast that had flown out of the City Lord Palace.

The nearby crowd knew that he was a beast tamer, hence they purposely opened a path for him.