King Of Gods Chapter 273

Chapter 273 – Twenty Breaths
Chapter 273 - Twenty Breaths

Zhao Feng’s identity as a beast tamer was perfect for the current situation and the people watching him weren’t suspicious at all.

“You guys secure young master’s safety.”

Liu Yuan had to control the situation.

No matter what, he was still part of the Liu family’s upper echelon and couldn’t have heard nothing of this.

Furthermore, at this moment, the only ones that were of use were the experts at True Spirit Realm.

Liu Yuan was sent to hold back a few crazed flying beasts while the four dark figures tailed Zhao Feng.

“The plan was more successful than I imagined….”

Glancing at the chaos within the City Lord Palace, a faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Because of this situation, he had a higher chance of escaping.

The outrage of the beasts was brought upon by him and the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had interacted them many times and using trickery as well as other tactics, they convinced them to betray their owners.

Most of the work was done by the little thieving cat.

“Bastard, stop!”

Zhao Feng lept into the air and chased after a scarlet black giant eagle. The eagle’s wingspan was dozens of yards long and when flapped it's wings, a dark red current which was hot enough to melt metal would spread.

Under such a crazed situation, even those at half-step True Spirit Realm would find it hard to control it.

The coming of the human and eagle brought chaos to others.

Zhao Feng would chase it and using his beast taming skills, he made the scarlet black giant eagle to struggle.

Doing this would lower the suspicions of the four at half-step True Spirit Realm.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng had chased the eagle out of the of the City Wall.

“Everybody move, I’m going to tame this bastard.”

Zhao Feng ordered.

Having stayed in the Flooding Lake City for almost half a year, Zhao Feng’s identity was obviously known, hence the guards all moved out of the way.

At this moment.

The giant eagle seemed to be controlled.

“Obedient, obedient…”

Zhao Feng gradually came closer.

In reality, the scarlet black giant eagle’s actions were all under Zhao Feng’s control.

Now that Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was even stronger than most half-step True Spirit Realm experts, controlling a beast at 7th Sky was extremely easy.

“Young master’s beast taming skills are indeed skillful.”

The four dark figures on the City Wall nodded their heads.

The originally crazy bird had now become extremely obedient.


Just as Zhao Feng came close to the target.

The scarlet black giant eagle suddenly revealed a fierce light and screeched as it flew off.

“Young master!”

The expressions of the four dark figures changed.

“Bastard! So tricky!”

Zhao Feng laughed and as if his competitiveness was brought out, summoned the Azure Sharp Swallow and pursued the scarlet black eagle.

With the Azure Sharp Swallow’s speed, Zhao Feng soon caught up to his target and started to fly further away.


The four dark figures all talked to each other and felt something was wrong. Zhao Feng’s skill was more than enough to tame a beast of the same cultivation.

“Young master, don’t chase it anymore.”

Young master, the City Lord said that you can’t leave the Flooding Lake City.”

The four dark figures shouted but Zhao Feng didn’t respond to their shouts and flew further away and paid no more attention to the scarlet black eagle.


The scarlet black giant eagle turned around and charged towards the four dark figures.

“Don’t let him run!”

The four figures exclaimed and exploded their Qi of half step True Spirits.

Shua shua!

Four grey figures flew towards Zhao Feng and turning around, the latter found that each of them had a pair of grey wings that extended from their backs which had the ability to support flying and hide. It was similar to his Yin Shadow Cloak.

With the help of the grey wings, the speed of the four instantly rose and could chase up to the Azure Sharp Swallow in a short amount of time.

In terms of endurance, they were definitely incomparable to the Azure Sharp Swallow. However, in terms of explosiveness, they were on the same level.

Zhao Feng controlled the scarlet black eagle but it was instantly slashed in half when it came close to the four.

Instantly slain!

If it wasn’t because of the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng wouldn’t even be able to see what the dark figure had done.

“So strong! Their Qi of half step True Spirit have probably reached 50% and are all specialised in speed and tracking.”

Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn.

In terms of strength, these four were all elites and all specialised in tracking and stealth.

Under normal situations, it would be great if Zhao Feng could take on even two of them.

But right now, there was four.

The most troublesome fact was that these four attacked simultaneously from different directions.

The problems didn’t stop here.

Zhao Feng’s time was limited.

Just by stalling him a short while, large amount of experts could arrive and even if Zhao Feng grew wings he wouldn’t be able to escape.


The four dark figures formed a circle and closed in on Zhao Feng.

They didn’t dare injure Zhao Feng so could only use this tactic. If it were someone else, they’d be dead already.

“Young master, you should go back. This is the order from the City Lord.”

The leader of the dark figures said respectively.

Zhao Feng expressionlessly put away the Azure Sharp Swallow and landed on the ground.

The four dark figures stood at North, East, South, West directions and didn’t make any rash moves.


The Yin Shadow Cloak behind Zhao Feng suddenly flapped and he disappeared.


The expressions of the four changed slightly but they didn’t panic and spread their senses.

One of them even took out a furry black dog to smell the scent in the air.

They all specialised in stealth and hence knew how to solve the problem.

However, no matter what technique or skill they used, they couldn’t find Zhao Feng’s position.

“He’s definitely still surrounded by us. No matter how stealthy he is, there’ll be a flaw once he moves.”

The head dark figure said confidently.


Lightning flashed in the air as a figure flashed towards one of the figures.

The expression of the dark robed person changed as a numbing sensation was sent through his body and a large palm of lightning smashed towards his shoulder.

“Don’t even think about it!”

The leading dark robed figure didn’t retreat and sent a dark grey light from his wings that clashed together with Zhao Feng.


Under the exchange the dark robed figure grunted slightly as a mark was left on his arm.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. He thought the move just then could seriously injure one of them but had only lightly injured the opponent.

The four were all experienced in every aspect.

“Young master, don’t fight back.”

The other two also attacked Zhao Feng.

Daggers, wings, throwing knifes, flutes.

Each and every one of them used different weapons.

In reality, they specialised in these weapons and when together, they could reach incredible power.

The flute emitted screeching mental energy sound waves, creating illusions.

The dagger was used for close combat whereas the throwing knife for long range support.

“Young master, I encourage you to give up. Back then, even an expert at the True Human Rank was held back by us.”

The throwing knife figure said confidently.

“Hehe, really? I don’t believe it.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly and spat out a wave of mental energy that cause the blood of the four figures to tremble and almost made the closest person spit out blood.


At this moment, Zhao Feng wore the Yin Shadow Cloak and turned into an azure streak that flashed with lightning towards the edges.


These dark robed figures were more troublesome than he had thought. Following this, The person with the wings flashed towards Zhao Feng.

In terms of speed, this person was definitely the fastest and on par with Zhao Feng.

At the same time, the throwing knife figure attacked Zhao Feng.

The person holding the flute sent a screeching shock wave towards Zhao Feng’s ear.


Zhao Feng felt his head hurt.

These four were still going easy on him or else he’d be in a desperate situation already.

“Number four, you go back and report that the young master is trying to escape.”

The leader with the throwing knife ordered.


The figure with the flute instantly sped off towards the direction of the Flooding Lake City.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. These four were all very experienced and could tell mental energy attacks didn’t affect Zhao Feng much, hence they sent that person back.

The remaining three needed to prevent Zhao Feng from escaping.

Zhao Feng could only escape in three directions since the last one would be returning to the Flooding Lake City.

“Smart, deadly, troublesome….”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help take a deep breath.

He had finally realised that if he didn’t bring out his all, he would really be kept behind.

With the dagger wielder, throwing knife user, and winged man here, Zhao Feng could only watch the person using the flute return to the Flooding Lake City.

The remaining three formed a triangle and didn’t ask for victory. Their aim was only to hold back Zhao Feng.

“There’s only twenty breaths left for me.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye calculated.

In ten breaths time, the flute person would be able to call for the first wave of help and in the remaining ten breaths, the experts nearby would arrive.

Twenty breaths later, Liu Yuan who was at the True Spirit Realm would find that something was wrong and bring even more experts over.

Furthermore, in half the time it took tea to be made, the Flooding Lake City Lord would receive the news of Zhao Feng’s ‘escape’.


Zhao Feng would be the pursuit of the entire Flooding Lake City if he was held back.

This meant that only twenty breaths would decided Zhao Feng’s fate.