King Of Gods Chapter 275

Chapter 275 – Shock
Chapter 275 - Shock

Deciding the battle in one move?

Liu Yuan snickered coldly in his heart as his Qi of half-step True Spirit poured out like lava from his body.

He didn’t dare look down on Zhao Feng. After all, he had just witnessed Zhao Feng finish off three of the “Dark Wings Four Shadows” in one move.

In terms of strength, Liu Yuan surpassed any one of the four, but would feel strained facing two, and would definitely lose against three.


Zhao Feng must be tired after such a battle.

It was because of this that Liu Yuan was confident enough to challenge Zhao Feng.

“But… defeating me in one move?”

Liu Yuan’s eyes was filled with coldness as the Qi of half-step True Spirit boiled and a scarlet red layer of flames enveloped his body.


Zhao Feng still stood on the Azure Sharp Swallow and didn’t move.

“He’s not making a move?”

Liu Yuan and the two others at half-step True Spirit Realm as well as the group behind him were somewhat confused.

Zhao Feng’s face was filled with coldness and mockery and his hands were behind his back - there was no intention of him making a move.

What did he mean?

“This Zhao Feng is way too arrogant.”

“Liu Yuan’s burning his Qi of half step True Spirit and can instantly condense all his battle power to infinitely close to True Spirit Realm. Even the Dark Wings Four Shadows don’t dare face him head on.”

Everyone stared at Zhao Feng.

The latter didn’t make any moves. He only casually used his God’s Spiritual Eye to scan Liu Yuan.


The group at the back felt as if their minds had been pulled away and that they had fallen into an abyss when they came into contact with the azure eye.

Zhao Feng’s eye had looked towards Liu Yuan. It was hard to imagine the pressure the latter was facing.


Liu Yuan’s heart shook and his consciousness was taken away by Zhao Feng.

Liu Yuan’s body stiffened in midair as he struggled.

One breath, two breath.


Liu Yuan’s body fell from the air and onto the ground, his whole body drenched in cold sweat. His face was pale white and he seems tired out.

“You… you….”

Liu Yuan knelt on the ground with fear and shock. He seemed so tired that he could faint any time.

The pursuers behind were stunned and the two head guards at half-step True Spirit Realm took a cold breath.

Just one glance from Zhao Feng had instantly defeated Liu Yuan.

Of the group, Liu Yuan was the strongest. The two head guards were slightly weaker than him.

That youth stood on top of the Azure Sharp Swallow with his hands behind his back. His azure hair blew in the wind, mysterious and queer.

“I didn’t think my mental energy would rise so much.”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

The dimension within his left eye had reached seven foot seven, it seemed as if he had reached a limit.

In the centre of the abyss a faint blue light would occasionally flicker and his aura would jump when that happened.

Ever since his comprehension at the Origin Core Ruins and the completion of the first floor from the lightning Inheritance, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level had risen and was not any weaker than normal cultivators at True Spirit Realm.

He had just used the God’s Spiritual Eye to create a ‘prison illusion’ to bind and torture Liu Yuan. This didn’t expend much of Zhao Feng’s mental energy.

Moreover, his recovery rate was much faster than before.

“If that’s the case….”

Zhao Feng stood on the Azure Sharp Swallow as he ascended upwards.

The two half-step True Spirit Realm experts and the hundred pursuers refused to give up.


Zhao Feng coldly swept across the head guards with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Plop Plop!

The two half-step True Spirit Realm fell from the air, their faces filled with shock and pain. Their bodies were drenched in cold sweat. It was as if their bones were about to fall apart.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had improvised Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eye to make a more suitable move for the God’s Spiritual Eye.

The God’s Spiritual Eye exceeded Lin Tong’s eye bloodline in terms of talent and mental energy source.

Zhao Feng could create an illusion prison with a thought and could immediately torture the enemies.

The time in the mental energy world was different from reality. The blink of an eye in reality could be an hour in the mental energy world.

Expending the enemies mental energy level to a level that they couldn’t sustain their bodies anymore.

Mental energy was the source of life.

Even if someone’s body or True Force was as strong as the heavens, they were just a bunch of bones and flesh when their mental energy consciousness was destroyed.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had glanced at Liu Yuan and two other cultivators at half- step True Spirit Realm and instantly defeated them.

“Zhao Feng….”

Liu Yuan was filled with cold sweat and pain enveloped his body.

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back as he disappeared into the sky.

The three dark robed figures and Liu Yuan and company could only watch Zhao Feng disappear.

Liu Yuan was filled with complex emotions as bitterness covered his lips.

Thinking back, he had greeted this youth into the Flooding Lake City.

But today.

He was the one to personally ‘send’ Zhao Feng off.

This meant that he had witnessed the journey this youth had in the Flooding Lake City. Everything from beginning to finish.

“I didn’t think… that he had hid so much strength…”

“Mental energy technique? He didn’t use this when he fought us before.”

The three numbed dark robed figures were filled with bitterness and dumbstruck.

Of course.

It wasn’t suitable for Zhao Feng to use this tactic against them because the teamwork of the Dark Wings Four Shadows was perfect and the illusion prison Zhao Feng created needed one to concentrate. Zhao Feng had to completely concentrate in these one to two breaths.

Although he could instantly defeat one of the them with a glance, the others had several chances to capture him.

This was why when Liu Yuan asked for a “one on one fight” and a “fair battle”, Zhao Feng’s face was filled with mockery.

On the ground.

A hundred pursuers stood on the charred ground. No one under half-step True Spirit Realm could catch up to Zhao Feng and even if they did, they couldn’t block that ‘glance’ of his.

“We did our best. Only those at the True Spirit Realm can beat him.”

Liu Yuan lay on the ground full of fatigue.

Dozens of breaths later.


From the direction of the Flooding Lake City came the shrill sound of fluttering and the powerful aura of a True Spirit Realm expert appeared.

“True Spirit Realm!”

Liu Yuan and company were overjoyed.

A few breaths later.

A scholarly dressed man holding a black writing brush landed on the ground.

“What happened? Where did Zhao Feng go?”

“Uncle Liu Yuan!”

(TLN: This Liu Yuan is the True Spirit Realm Liu Yuan who was watching over Zhao Feng previously.)

Liu Yuan’s eyes were red and tears almost came out.

This person at the True Spirit Realm was LiuYuan and because of his cultivation he had to go help out with the beasts.

However, after a while he had lost Zhao Feng’s figure and immediately went to find it and found the reporter from the Dark Wings Four Shadows midway.

“Dark Wings Four Shadows….. And you six half-step True Spirit Realm experts of the City Guards…. All lost to that one person?”

Liu Yuan’s (True Spirit Realm) face was filled with disbelief.

His gaze shifted to the charred ground which was still a smoking abyss. The damage done was terrifying.

On the charred ground were the three dark robed figures that were still numb and recovering their True Force.

Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm) didn’t find any serious injuries on them; they were just tired.

“Just him alone… how is this possible?”

Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm) was slightly dazed. He couldn’t believe this scene was left behind by a junior of the 7th Sky.

If Liu Yuan (half-step True Spirit Realm) had said that this was caused by a cultivator at the True Spirit Realm he would believe it without doubt.

In just a short twenty to thirty breaths, the Dark Wings Four Shadows, Liu Yuan, and the other pursuers had been defeated. Even cultivators at True Human Rank might not be as fast.

This was especially so for the Dark Wings Four Shadows. Their combined strength could even stall some True Human Rank cultivators for a while.

Such a strong formation had been destroyed by a youth.

“Which way did Zhao Feng escape in?”

After knowing what had happened, Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm) turned into a white ray of light and disappeared into the clouds.

Those at the True Spirit Realm could fly in the air for a short amount of time at incredible speeds.

“Whatever happens next has nothing to do with us anymore.”

“We still need to ask City Lord to punish us.”

The dark robed figures were filled with bitterness.

As time passed more and more people arrived. There were even several instances of figures of the True Spirit Realm appearing.

Without exception, everyone that arrived were shocked by the scene.

“A measly youth at the 7th Sky has such power?”

“The son-in-law of the City Lord would escape the wedding? What a joke!”

After the beasts were stabilized, another wave of discussion rose in the Flooding Lake City and had soon reached the City Lord Palace.

City Lord Palace.

The Flooding Lake City Lord stood with his hands behind his back. In front of him was a trembling dark robed figure.

“Escape the wedding? He dares to run?”

“A measly junior at the 7th Sky escaped from you?”

The originally calm face of the Flooding Lake City Lord was now icy.

His chest heaved with every breath and raging fire was burning within him.

The True Human Rank’s nearby didn’t even dare take a breath.

The Flooding Lake City Lord was a prodigy of the Liu family and was known for his gentleness.

This was the first time they had seen the City Lord reach a level where his anger was uncontrollable.

“Reporting to the City Lord, Zhao Feng defeated three of the Dark Wings Four Shadows.”

“Reporting to the City Lord, Zhao Feng defeated Liu Yuan and company whom had all reached half-step True Spirit Realm and left on his Azure Sharp Swallow. No one could stop him.”

“Reporting to the City Lord, Sir Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm) has personally gone to capture Zhao Feng.”

News after news traveled into the City Lord Palace.

Every piece of news caused the City Lord’s anger to increase.

“The combined Dark Wings Four Shadows was defeated by him head on?!”

“Liu Yuan and company couldn’t withstand a glance of his?!”

The City Lord’s roar sounded across the City Lord Palace.

At this moment the clouds above the City Lord Palace seemed to tremble, as if showing the Flooding Lake City Lord’s boundless anger.

“Send the order down to capture Zhao Feng.”

An enraged voice echoed across the heavens.

An elder of the True Mystic Rank said quietly, “The only person that can catch up to Zhao Feng is Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm).”

“That’s right, as long as Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm) can catch up, Zhao Feng won’t be able to escape.

Many put their hopes on Liu Yuan (True Spirit Realm).

Looking at the current situation, only those at the True Spirit Realm could deal with Zhao Feng.