King Of Gods Chapter 277

Chapter 277 – New True Lord Rank
Chapter 277 - New True Lord Rank

In the air, Zhao Feng stood on top of the Azure Sharp Swallow. The colour azure abyss in his left eye had dimmed.

Creating the mental illusion prisons with his God’s Spiritual Eye had taxed him greatly and the mental energy expended was several times than when he used it against those at the half step True Spirit Realm.

Although Zhao Feng had a large source of mental energy, he still felt tired.

The key point was that he had tortured Liu Yuan in the mental energy dimension for a whole two hours and didn’t even weaken the enemy to their limit.

The aura of the True Spirit Realm flowed in the air, but it wasn’t as strong as before.

The Qi of True Spirit surrounding Liu Yuan had fallen. In the breath just then, his body had fallen down, creating a bigger gap between them.

Liu Yuan’s mental energy consciousness was weakened and he was exhausted. Right now, he only had 70% of his full strength remaining.

Adding on the distance between them had become greater and that he had almost burned his Qi of True Spirit, he didn’t have much energy left.

Liu Yuan and Zhao Feng looked at each other as the distance between them widened.

In a long battle, the difference in having a steed was extremely obvious.

Only those at the True Lord Rank could fight in the air for a long time.

“Shameless brat… ”

Liu Yuan grinded his teeth and had a poisonous look but in his eyes, there was helplessness.

Ever since the day at the City Lord Palace Zhao Feng had calculated him for today.

At this moment, he could only stare at Zhao Feng who eventually turned into a black dot that disappeared.

Liu Yuan was weak and helpless. His chest burned with anger. A cultivator at the True Spirit Realm had chased after a junior at the 7th Sky and had failed.

If Liu Yuan hadn’t caught up, it wouldn’t matter so much. However, he had caught up to Zhao Feng and had exchanged moved but the person who was at a disadvantage was him.

Zhao Feng sat on the Azure Sharp Swallow and widened the gap to a hundred miles before scanning his surroundings with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Sure that no one was following him, Zhao Feng put away the Azure Sharp Swallow then used his Yin Shadow CLoak to disappear into the woods.

As long as those at the True Spirit Realm didn’t know his exact position, it would be hard to find him.

Zhao Feng could use the power of the Yin Shadow Cloak to truly conceal himself.

It was because of this reason that Zhao Feng had chose to fight Liu Yuan and not use the Yin Shadow Cloak to hide first.

Because he didn’t have a steed and had flown a long way, Liu Yuan had expended a lot of energy and he slowly landed on the ground.

In half the time it takes for tea to be made.


An aura of the True Spirit Realm appeared from behind. The newcomer was a person armoured in black whose aura was at the True Human Rank and even stronger than Liu Yuan’s.

The latter knew this person. He was the defense leader of the Flooding Lake City.

At this moment when Liu Yuan faced someone of the same generation and cultivation, he had guilt and defeat written on his face. He didn’t even know how to start.

The black armoured leader scanned Liu Yuan below with a somewhat stunned expression.

The latter looked extremely weak and had tattered clothes. There were even burn marks on his face.

“Brother Liu, where did that brat run to? Did you meet other experts at the True Spirit Realm?”

The black armoured leader had a solemn expression.

Under this situation, only another cultivator at the True Spirit Realm could cause this.

He understood Liu Yuan’s strength - he had cultivated in the Qin Sword Palace and specialised in movement. He could even deal with two normal True Human Rank’s in a short amount of time.

This question caused Liu Yuan’s face to go red and he spoke with bitterness and guilt: “There’s no other True Spirit Realm cultivators here. That brat ran away.”

How was this possible?

The black armoured leaders eyes were wide open, as if he didn’t believe this result.

Sou-- Sou-- Sou--

RIght at this moment, several sounds of flying appeared. Some of the faster flying steeds had arrived.

The first group that came were almost all at the half step True Spirit Realm and the 7th Sky. There was also another person at the True Spirit Realm.

They were extremely surprised when they saw Liu Yuan’s souless and ruffled figure.

“Zhao Feng went in that direction, but it’s hard to say which direction he’ll go in.”

Liu Yuan didn’t seem to want to talk about the specifics and only pointed out which way Zhao Feng ran.

In reality, Liu Yuan didn’t have much hope to catch Zhao Feng anymore. The Canopy Great Country was massive. Just the Flooding Lake area was the size of the Cloud Country.

No matter how dumb Zhao Feng was, he wouldn’t run on a straight course and never change directions.

Flooding Lake City, City Lord Palace.

News regarding Zhao Feng traveled to the City Lord.

“Those at the half step True Spirit Realm and 7th Sky pursuing Zhao Feng number over a hundred, and others at different cultivation levels number over a thousand.. A total of five at the True Spirit Realm are also chasing him… ” A City guard leader said.

“I don’t care what methods you use, I just want the results.”

The City Lord’s voice was cold and commanding.

The anger that he had pent up today surpassed the past decade and destroyed his scholarly image.

The almost guaranteed son-in-law had caused chaos in the Flooding lake City and countless experts were sent out, but they still weren’t be able to catch the target.

Not only that, everyone that caught up to Zhao Feng had been defeated.

“Liu Yuan’s the first True Spirit Realm person to catch up to Zhao Feng. Success will depend on him.” An elder of the True Mystic Rank next to the City Lord said. His age and position was very high.

The nearby people also nodded their heads. If Liu Yuan was the fastest True Human Rank cultivator failed to catch up to Zhao Feng, then no matter what other methods they had, it would be hard to catch Zhao Feng.

“Although Liu Yuan’s performance after returning from the Qin Sword Palace isn’t outstanding, he hasn’t disappointed me.” The City Lord faintly nodded his head.

The person with the greatest hope right now was Liu Yuan.


A ghostly figure flashed in front of the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“Reporting to the City Lord, Liu Yuan failed to capture Zhao Feng.” The figure said.


The hearts of the City Lord and company shook and an aura of the True Spirit Realm rose.

“How can Liu Yuan not catch up to Zhao Feng with his speed?”

The expression of the elder at the True Mystic Rank changed slightly.

“According to the news Liu Yuan did catch up to Zhao Feng, but… ” The figure told the tale.

Knowing what had happened, the people present were stunned.

“How is this possible… Unless there’s the interference of other True Spirit Realm cultivator.”

Everyone shook their head in disbelief, but right at this moment, a voice sounded: “Liu Yuan is here to apologise for his misdeed.”

A rumpled figure flew over.

Liu Yuan.

Everyone started asking questions when they saw him.

Liu Yuan’s face was filled with guilt and bitterness as he spoke of what had happened.

Knowing that Zhao Feng had already started making his plans from several days ago to calculate Liu Yuan’s flying steed, everyone felt a cold chill.

The youth’s planning and calculations were terrifying.

They all couldn't help but take in cold breaths when they heard of the battle.

“It looks like we still underestimated the kid’s eye bloodline power. Even normal True Human Rank’s aren’t able to fully resist his mental energy skills.”

The True Mystic Realm elder had a solemn expression.

“Zhao Feng. That Zhao Feng ran away from the eyelids of countless experts of my Flooding Lake City.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s anger had reached a limit.

The peak of the True Mystic Rank filled the air and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to boil.

The entire Flooding Lake City seemed to be enveloped in a dim cloud.

Everyone felt as if they couldn’t breathe. Even the existences at the True Spirit Realm felt their hearts shake.

Only the elder at the True Mystic Realm dared to talk: “Jiutian, don’t be angered so much. You’re the person with the most potential in the Flooding Lake Liu family and have reached the limit of the True Mystic Rank in under a hundred years. You’ve also cultivated the Mystic Flaming Heavenly Burning Manual to the peak eighth level. As long as you walk half a step further, you can push the Flooding Lake Liu family to a new era,”

“Yes, Sixth Uncle.” The Flooding Lake City Lord’s calmed down a bit.

However, just at this point in time.

“Reporting to the City Lord, young mistress has disappeared. She’s not found anymore in the City Lord Palace.”

This news made everyone’s heart shake and curse in their hearts once again.

The Flooding Lake City’s attention was solely focused on Zhao Feng right now. No one expected Liu Qinxin to disappear right now.

“Apparently, the direction of where young mistress is heading is similar to Zhao Feng’s.”

It didn’t need to be asked.

Liu Qinxin was pursuing her future husband.

“Zhao Feng… Zhao Feng… you’re destroying the name of the Flooding Lake Liu family.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s slightly calmed down anger exploded once again.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi instantly started to jump.

The clouds had even turned a faint red color and the entire City Lord Palace seemed to be enveloped in lava.

The nearby True Human Ranked cultivators as well as Liu Yuan and company couldn’t even stand steadily.


The air seemed to have turned scarlet red.

The enraged Flooding Lake City Lord’s bloodline and True Spirit Realm power reached a momentarily burning state as his eyes turned a silvery red.

The silver red eyes seemed to contain a red flame to shot into the sky.

The Qi of True Spirit of the City Lord reached another level and the other True Spirit Realm cultivators present had an urge to bow down.

At this moment, the Flooding lake City Lord seemed to stand at the top of the clouds, surveying the earth below.

“Great!! True Lord Rank!!”

“Our Flooding Lake Liu family have finally produced a True lord Rank cultivator.” The elder of the True Mystic Rank couldn’t help but cry as he felt the City Lord’s aura.

“Congratulations on the City Lord to breaking through to the True Lord Rank.”

“True Lord Ranks command a side and now the Flooding Lake Liu family will become a powerful family that even the Imperial Family, Three Sects and Four families will have to be wary of… ”

The experts inside the City Lord Palace were extremely excited.

The moment one ascended to the True Lord Rank, the True Spirit Realm cultivators in a several thousand mile radius felt something.

“Another person has broken through to the True Lord Rank in the Canopy Great Country.”

Every True Lord Rank could change the country's situation.

Three thousand miles away.

A bloody dragon, sword and blade symboled sedan was floating midair, carried by four True Human Rank’s.

“Another True Lord Rank.. the Liu family’s luck is just too good… ”

The blood hair coloured Tiemo sighed slightly and closed his eyes.