King Of Gods Chapter 280

Chapter 280 – Sleep (2)
Chapter 280 - Sleep (2)

Zhao Feng’s consciousness turned blurry as he fell into deep sleep. After falling into the river, his body automatically turned into a half-dead state.

Zhao Feng was like a piece of wood that went with the flow no matter how the winds blew or the waves shook.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out of the Spiritual Pet Bag, sat on its owner’s body and looked around with its black eyes.

The little thieving cat denied logic by being able to enter and exit the Spiritual Pet Bag as it pleased.

It looked down and surveyed Zhao Feng before reaching out and patting its owners forehead. Zhao Feng didn’t have any reactions, but his True Force and bloodline power seemed to protect itself on instinct.

At a certain moment, a Yao beast eyed Zhao Feng and tried to approach him but a sizzle of lightning and icy blue aura appeared from Zhao Feng’s bloodline.

The bloodline power froze the beast that was approaching and made it tremble.

The little thieving cat seemed to think about something and took out the two Coins of Destiny before throwing them into the air.

The little thieving cat seemed somewhat helpless after they landed and yawned before disappearing back into the Spiritual Pet Bag.

Days passed by and Zhao Feng entered a coma-like state, but his aura of life still remained.

The little thieving cat would occasionally come out and check on its owner or catch some fish from the river.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed by.

Zhao Feng’s body went with the flow and help of the little thieving cat, it pulled away from the Flooding Lake area.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat looked in towards the direction of the Flooding Lake City and nodded its head.

It was almost certain that Zhao Feng was now safe.

The Flooding Lake Liu family was already one of the three strongest forces around the Flooding Lake area and with the Flooding Lake City Lord ‘Liu Jiutian’ reaching the True Lord Rank, it obviously dominated.

After Zhao Feng ran away the City Lord, Liu Jiutian ordered everyone around the Flooding lake area to search for Zhao Feng. But the size of the Canopy Great Country was too big and even the City Lord could only affect the areas around the Flooding Lake Area.

Apart from the Flooding Lake area, there were also forces that had connections with the Imperials, Three Sects and Four Families.

Even the Liu family had strong competition and inner battles.

All in all, not one person could truly order everyone around. Not even the Imperials.

This was why the further that Zhao Feng went, the more safe he would be.

The little thieving cat and Zhao Feng had a blood pact and although the cat seemed lazy most days, it wouldn’t stand aside at the critical moments.

After a month of deep sleep, Zhao Feng’s hair had turned all faint blue and his left eye had turned into a dream-like ice blue color.

Looking from afar, Zhao Feng seemed like a Prince of Dreams.

However, in the time that Zhao Feng was asleep, he would occasionally murmur things and his left eye would open for short amount of times. His left eye was like a water crystal - full of perfection.

“The Ancient is broken, and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion dust… ”

The cold sighing voice sounded in pitch black. It was as if this sound had passed from another dimension in time.

In the depths of the his left eye, the azure abyss had turned into a small blue pond and the centre of the pond was frozen.

Zhao Feng’s face seemed even colder and when his left eye was open, an invisible coldness would spread across the radius of a hundred yards and make the animals nearby hiccup.

The coldness was so intense that even those at the True Spirit Realm would be moved.

The little thieving cat’s eyes was full of expectation and respect.

Sometimes, it would just sit on Zhao Feng and cultivate. That’s right, the little thieving cat was cultivating and the number of primal crystal stones and spiritual pills consumed by it could have created a mountain.

Time flowed by.

Apart from the fact that Zhao Feng would occasionally open his eyes, he remained in a deep sleep and instead of his cultivation dropping, it actually increased steadily forwards.

On this day, Zhao Feng’s body finally entered a bay. This bay was full of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and the paths were complex.

At the beginning, there was the occasional figure that passed by and gradually, the sound of flying appeared.

Zhao Feng’s body was starting to recover as his face and breathing rate became more obvious.

In his mind, Zhao Feng was having a weird dream.

In the dream, he witnessed a battlefield that was bigger than what could be imagined.

In the scenery, giant figures shattered the earth and made the sun and moon lose their light.

Zhao Feng could even feel the earth move and the clashes shake his soul.

In the dream, the skies seemed to be torn apart and entire continents were shaking. Just a slight sizzle of battle could flatten the Flooding Lake City.

“This… this is mythical… ”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. Although the pictures were blurry, just one wisp of their aura made his soul tremble and froze his thoughts.

Even though the scenery wasn’t clear, Zhao Feng was sure that this was a generation of the ancient era.

There was the occasional clear detail in the dream. For example, when one of the Ancient Gods used their skills.

This allowed Zhao Feng to comprehend them, but he would feel extremely tired and his consciousness would turn blurry.

“Look, there’s a person in the water.”

A green boat sailed over and on the boat was a pig-tailed girl around the age of 12 to 13 who was pointing at Zhao Feng.

The figures on the boat looked at each other.

“The person floating doesn’t seem dead.”

“Eh? There’s also a cat.”

The people on the boat found this weird.

The pigtailed girl ordered: “Pull him up, aww, that cat looks so cute.”

“Lady Qiaoyu, this person’s identity is unknown. He could be a pirate.”

The people on the boat were somewhat hesitant.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on top of Zhao Feng and waved its paw in disdain.

Everyone paused and could tell that it was arguing for its owner.

“What a clever cat, his owner must be a good person.” The pigtailed girl said with joy as she told a few sailors to pull Zhao Feng up.

Zhao Feng’s hair was faint blue and this made the girl exclaim: “What pretty hair!”

The people were curious and some interested girls gently touched the hair to confirm that his hair was natural and not dyed.

After being moved onto the boat, the youth was still in deep sleep.

The little thieving cat jumped around on the boat, causing the pig-tailed girl to be overjoyed.

“Little cat, hello, my name is Bi Qiaoyu from the Tranverse Water Bay Bi family.” The pig-tailed girl introduced herself.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat patted its chest as it was if introducing itself as well and that caused the people to laugh.

At this instant, the entire boat became lively due to the little thieving cat.

“Qiaoyu, what’s the situation with this cat and youth?” An old voice sounded from a room in the boat.

“Greeting, Master Bi.”

The people on the boat bowed down respectfully. In the Tranverse Water Bay, the Bi family was one of the top forces.

Apparently, the Transverse Water Bay Bi family had a relationship with one of the Four Families - the main Bi family and could be considered as a side family.

However, because of the complexity of the landscape of the Transverse Water Bay and how it was far away, the connection between this Bi family and the main Bi family had been lost long ago.

No matter what was said, it was still a force to be reckoned with in this area.

Master Bi’s hair was all white and he held a walking stick engraved with the head of a dragon. His eyes twinkled as he inspected the little thieving cat and then turned towards the youth in deep sleep.

After understanding the situation, Master Bi ordered: “Tell the medic to wake up this youth and ask where he’s from.”

There was a medic on the boat who held Zhao Feng’s pulse with furrowed eyebrows. The medic used several methods, but Zhao Feng still remained like wood with no reaction.

After that, Master Bi personally took Zhao Feng’s pulse but no matter what happened, the blue haired youth was still in deep sleep and felt nothing of the outside world.

The people on the boat were even suspicious that the youth was disabled.

“We’ll retreat first. I heard that the Blood Water Pirates have been making suspicious moves around the Transverse Water Bay, so we need to keep an eye on him clearly.” Master Bi said.

With his knowledge and experience, it wasn’t hard for him to see that Zhao Feng had a bloodline and had reached the 7th Sky at such a young age.

The 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm could already be classified as an expert in the Transverse Water Bay.

Soon, the boat entered a crowded stronghold whose size was much larger than Sun Feather City.

This was the centre of the Transverse Water Bay - the Transverse Bay Stronghold.

The fishermen, businessmen and small families all used this stronghold as the centre and a large number of people would be checked because the famous ‘Cripple Blood Water Pirates’ were traveling around here, causing many innocent people to lose their lives.

In the Transverse Water Stronghold, the Bi family was the strongest and they held absolute authority.

Because Zhao Feng was in deep sleep, he was taken in by the Bi family and wasn’t checked. After entering the Bi family, Zhao Feng was put in a wood-cutting room where eight guards of the 6th and 7th Sky kept an eye on him.

For the next two days, the Bi family found two medics to look at Zhao Feng but had no success.

However Zhao Feng’s breathing rate, heart beat and colour was all close to normal.

The little thieving cat always stayed by his side and would occasionally yawn.

On this night,

“Little thieving cat, how long did I sleep for?” A weak voice sounded.

The little thieving cat was frightened and immediately hiccupped.

The youth with ice blue hair opened his left eye. The left eye was like a cold gem so strong that it could freeze one’s heart.