King Of Gods Chapter 281

Chapter 281 – Water Moon Treasury
Chapter 281 - Water Moon Treasury

When Zhao Feng opened his eyes, the eight experts keeping an eye on him felt a coldness that went straight to their souls.

At that moment, even their thoughts seemed to be frozen and they all hiccupped at the same time.

Zhao Feng wanted to get up but he found that his body was very weak.

After all, Zhao Feng hadn’t eaten for over a month and he had entered a habitual state.

“My mental energy level has surpassed my cultivation level by far - it’s comparable to the True Spirit Realm.”

When Zhao Feng touched his mental energy source, he was shocked by what he saw. Inside the dimension of his left eye, there was a small frozen pond that gave off a cold blue light.

At this point in time. Zhao Feng’s mental energy source was incredibly powerful and contained a terrifying coldness.

This coldness could even touch one’s soul.

Now, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had undergone the second change and succeeded.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and Zhao Feng soon understood that he had slept for a month and twelve days.

“That person woke up.”

The experts outside surrounded the room as if facing a terrifying enemy.

Zhao Feng lay still and concealed his God’s Spiritual Eye’s aura before putting on the eyepatch that Tiegan Master gave him.

The faint silver eyepatch was as thin as a sharp knife and elegant.

The instant that the eyepatch was put on, Zhao Feng’s bloodline power was greatly concealed.


At this moment, the door to the room was kicked open.

Two experts of the 7th Sky from the Bi family, who had sharp eyes walked in.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had just put on his eyepatch and his appearance made their expressions change.

“This brat is a pirate!”

“In the Transverse Water Bay, there dozens of pirates with eye patches and none of them are good guys - most of them are the leaders.”

The experts from the Bi family were full of wary as they acted like they were facing a great threat.


This scene puzzled Zhao Feng. When did he become a pirate?

He had just woken up and didn’t know where he was.

In the Transverse Water Bay, the number of pirates wearing eyepatches wasn’t low.

Furthermore, some pirates would wear eyepatches even if their eye wasn’t blind to increase their ferocity.


Zhao Feng lay on the ground helplessly.

Over the past month, his cultivation was indeed increasing steadily. But because his body had not taken in food for a long time, so he felt weak.

If these people were to fight him right now, it wouldn’t be good.

“Let’s go eat some food, I’m hungry.”

Zhao Feng pulled himself up from the ground, ignoring the experts from the Bi family and walked outside.

The weird thing was, the seven to eight experts from the Bi family kept on circling the room as if they hadn’t seen Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

After the God’s Spiritual Eye had evolved, Zhao Feng’s mental energy techniques could be used without almost any preparation.

The seven to eight experts of the Bi family had fallen into a maze and were moving around at the same place.

A while later in the canteen of the Bi family.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat took a few wonderful looking fried fish and started to gulp them down, whereas Zhao Feng sat down and ate his food while inspecting his surroundings.

At the beginning, he used a mental energy skill to cover up a bit. But later on, more and more people arrived so he started to eat without regard.

“Come quickly!”

“Pirates are entering in our canteen!”

The canteen of the Bi family fell into chaos while the human and cat ate.

The little thieving cat even started to drink alcohol and started to get blurry eyes.

More and more people started to crowd around.

Soon, the seven to eight experts of the Bi family heard of this and rushed over. But when they tried to approach Zhao Feng, they would walk around and lose connection with the outside world.

Anyone who had enmities that approached closer would fall into the illusions made by Zhao Feng.

As more people started to arrive, the Head of the Bi family was soon notified.

“Which pirate dares to make a ruckus in my Bi family?”

An invisible aura descended like a raging flame, making the people near the canteen unable to breath.

The newcomer was a purple shirted middle aged man whose Qi of half step True Spirit made the entire canteen fall into dead silence.

Zhao Feng glanced over : It looks like this is a small family about the size of the Overlooking Mist Province Liu family.

Now that his God’s Spiritual Eye had reached an entirely new level, he wouldn’t be scared even if normal True Spirit Realm cultivators arrived.

“Everyone please calm down. This one thanks you for your hospitality, food and help.”

Zhao Feng had finished his meal and thanked them. No matter what was said, the Bi family had pulled him from the water and he had eaten here. If he was to just leave without doing anything, it wouldn’t feel right.

“You’re finally awake.”

The pig tailed girl walked out from the crowd and started to play with the little thieving cat.

The Head of the Bi family was still wary and suspicious.

The youth was extremely weird - the experts of the Bi family who had tried to attack him were all walking in circles.

Even he couldn’t see through this youth.

“Go ask for Master Bi.” The Head of the family ordered.

The most important thing right now for him is to stabilize the youth in front of him.

“Currently, the Severed Blood Water Pirates have been poking around the stronghold and harming a lot of innocents. These idiots thought that little brother here was a pirate. I hope you can forgive them.” The purple shirt middle aged man said with smiles as he greeted Zhao Feng.

Through this discussion, Zhao Feng understood the situation here.

There were two main forces in the Transverse Water Bay. One side was the pirates and the other was made up of families, businessmen and fishermen - the Transverse Water Stronghold.

Simply said, they were just black and white.

“The Transverse Water Stronghold is the centre of this bay and normally the pirates wouldn’t come close and would only just attack a few businessmen. However, over the past few days, the famous Severed Blood Water Pirates have been coming close with unknown motives… ” The Head of the family said as he looked at Zhao Feng’s reactions closely.

Zhao Feng’s expression was cold and there was no sign of emotion.

After the God’s Spiritual Eye had evolved, Zhao Feng had become colder but this didn’t mean that he couldn’t think.

“The Transverse Water Stronghold is the centre of the bay and has the gathering of multiple forces, easy to defend and hard to attack. No matter how strong the Severed Blood Water Pirates are, they just pirates and have limited people.” Zhao Feng analysed.

The conclusion that he came up with was that these Severed Blood Water Pirates didn’t want to attack the stronghold and had other intentions.

The Head of the family stalled Zhao Feng as he waited for Master Bi.

Master Bi had a high reputation across the Transverse Water Bay and was very respected.

Apparently, he was close to two hundred years old and without a doubt, only those at the True Spirit Realm could live for so long.

However, the Head of the family waited for half the time it took for tea to be made and nothing happened.

The little thieving cat’s eyes twinkled as his paws flipped two coins into the air.


Zhao Feng looked towards the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat nodded his head, but this omnicity wasn’t directed towards Zhao Feng but Master Bi.

“Reporting to the Head of the family, Master Bi hasn’t been seen this morning. People claim that they saw him leave the Bi family last night.” A servant reported.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed. The little thieving cat had some skill.

“Reporting to the head of the family, not good!”

“The Blood Water Pirates have led the eighteen pirates groups and blocked the three paths near around the Transverse Water Bay.”

A shocking news spread out.

The Severed Blood Water Pirates were known for their brutality and its leader the ‘Severed Blood Bald Eagle’ apparently had the cultivation of the True Spirit Realm.

Under normal circumstances, the Transverse Water Stronghold wasn’t scared of the pirates because they held an absolute advantage.

“Give the order to lock down the stronghold and don’t act rashly.” The Head of the family took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression.

In this critical moment, Master Bi who had the highest cultivation had disappeared and the remaining forces didn’t dare make any moves.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be stunned. Were the pirates really going to attack the stronghold?

Going back a step, even if these pirates were able to bloodwash the stronghold, their losses would be terrible. How many would be left?

“Although there isn’t anyone at the True Spirit Realm here, the experts in the stronghold still outnumber the pirates several times. Plus the stronghold is easy to defend and hard to attack so there’s no fear of battle.” The Head of the family said confidently and gave sent down orders.

Due to the fact that the stronghold was on lockdown, Zhao Feng could only stay temporarily in the stronghold.

Most of the natives in the stronghold panicked.

Pirates grouping together were extremely rare and it would usually only appear once every a hundred years.

Compared to them, Zhao Feng seemed much more free.

“After leaving this place and passing through three areas the size of the Flooding Lake Area, I’ll reach the Capital. Looks like I floated a long distance in the river.”

Zhao Feng inspected his map. His target wasn’t very far from him now.

As long as the pirates left, Zhao Feng could leave for the Capital.

However, nothing progressed as smoothly as Zhao Feng thought. The pirates still blocked the passages with no intention of leaving.

The air and water were all under their control.

“The pirates aren’t attacking the stronghold. What’s their aim?”

Zhao Feng didn’t understand. Just as Zhao Feng couldn’t hold back anymore and was planning to leave the stronghold by himself.

“Master Bi is back!” An exclaim came from the stronghold.

Zhao Feng looked over and saw an old man holding a dragon head shaped walking stick float into the stronghold.

Master Bi’s face was pale white and one of his legs was now disabled. The blood on him made him look terrible.

“Master Bi!” The Head of the family and Bi Qiaoyu shouted.

“I found out yesterday that the Severed Blood Water Pirates’ aim isn’t the stronghold but the legendary Water Moon Treasury.” Master Bi said hoarsely as he sat on the ground and started to recover.

Water Moon Treasury.

“How is this possible? The Water Moon Treasury was always a legend in the Transverse Water Bay.”

“Even if the Water Moon Treasury is real, we don’t even know it. How could the Severed Blood Water Pirates know the landscape well?”

The upper echelons of the stronghold were stunned.

Hearing up to here, Zhao Feng understood what had happened and the puzzle in his heart was solved.

No matter how arrogant the pirates were, they wouldn’t attack a stronghold with fortified defenses.

Their true aim was the Water Moon Treasury, but the location of the treasury was near the Transvere Water Bay. There would definitely be some movement, but they didn’t want to raise their attention.

Therefore, the Severed Blood Water Pirates blocked their passages and made it so that they couldn’t move rashly.

Only like this would the pirates be able to take all of the treasury for themselves.