King Of Gods Chapter 284

Chapter 284 – Water Moon Cave
Chapter 284 - Water Moon Cave

“Bunch of retards…”

A disdainful voice instantly made the pirates to glance over in anger and almost started charging over, but the blue haired youth who spoke was not scared.

Luckily both leaders restrained their parties so they wouldn’t fight easily.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle knitted his eyebrows as a fierce light gleamed in his eyes as he started to discuss with the azure robed person next to him.

Master Bi looked weirdly towards Zhao Feng.

After all, the chain of thought to break the array was given by him and the failure just then made the Bald Eagle and company feel unsatisfied towards Zhao Feng and Bi Qiaoyu.

“Brother Zhao, what went wrong?”

Bi Qiaoyu asked.

“It’s best to send an expert at half-step True Spirit Realm and use his True Force to protect himself unlike the retard before him.”

Zhao Feng said casually.

His attitude made it seem like he wasn’t involved at all.

Hearing this, the people of the Transverse Water Stronghold understood.

“That person was an idiot.”

Everyone knew what he meant.

Flowing with the whirlpool could minimise the pressure, but it didn’t mean they were safe.

The pirates’ faces were seemed to be changing colours. The pirate was playing it way too safe.

However, more suspicions arose.

“This youth was obviously standing on the shore. How could he know the situation within the river?”

The azure robed person furrowed his eyebrows.

Of the people present, only the Spiritual Sense of the two True Spirit Realm could see the situation clearly within the river.

Master Bi had a thoughtful expression and remembered the bloodline of Zhao Feng when he had picked him up.


According to Zhao Feng’s suggestion, both sides sent a cultivator at half-step True Spirit Realm to flow with the whirlpool.

At this moment, the two experts at the True Spirit Realm used their Spiritual Sense.

Under normal circumstances, the Spiritual Sense of those at True Human Rank could usually span miles, but in this area, it was restricted greatly.

Zhao Feng’s God's Spiritual Eye easily surveyed the situation below.

This time, the two going under used their True Force to protect themselves and didn’t resist the water flow. They instantly landed within the depths of the river.

The depths of the river were extremely wide and needed to be explored.

Even the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and Master Bi’s Spiritual Sense became blurry, but Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could still see them.

He even knew where the Water Moon Treasury was.

Half the time it took to make tea had passed before two bright lights flashed once at the bottom of the river.


Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle both revealed a joyful expression when they saw the signal sent by the two people below.

Zhao Feng stared thoughtfully at the depths of the river.

Although it was extremely easy to pass through this array, how would they return?

If they wanted to return they would have to go ‘against’ the current, only those at True Spirit Realm would be able to return safely.

However, only a small number of people were able to think of this. Most of the others had been filled with greed by the rewards of the Water Moon Treasury.

Plop Plop Plop----

Both sides jumped into the whirlpools.

“Everyone charge in!”

Master Bi couldn’t contain the excitement on his face as he led the charge into the whirlpools.

Zhao Feng was about to stop them but there wasn’t enough time.

According to his analysis, although flowing with the current would decrease the pressure, it wasn’t like there was no restrictions at all.

For example if a cultivator at the Consolidate Realm was to enter, they would be instantly ripped into pieces.

Zhao Feng estimated only those at 7th Sky had a high chance of success, and the chance of success wasn’t even at 100%.

After all, the power of the whirlpools were all different and it depended on lucl.

Of course, when one reached half-step True Spirit Realm, they would definitely succeed.

Zhao Feng entered the whirlpool with Bi Qiaoyu and Master Bi ordered two experts at half-step True Spirit Realm including the Head of the Bi family to protect Bi Qiaoyu.

The Head of the Bi family thought of Zhao Feng’s mysteriousness as well as how he seemed to be very familiar with the array before deciding to go with him.

He was proved to have gambled right.

The people who followed Zhao Feng experienced suctions weaker than they imagined.

Zhao Feng’s route wasn’t straight and took an arc instead.

The result was that they felt that it was incredibly easy to pass through, even Bi Qiaoyu who was at the 5th Sky could barely pass.

On the contrary, clashing and screaming from other areas could be heard.

When they had reached the bottom and escaped the whirlpool zone, both sides had lost more than half their strength.

Most of the people of 7th Sky had failed and died in the river. There were even two at the 7th Sky who had bad luck and faced powerful whirlpools which had ripped them apart.

Only the cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm weren’t injured at all.

Such a scene made the Head of the Bi family look towards Zhao Feng in a different light because no one who had followed Zhao Feng were injured.

At the same time, near the shore of the river.

Qiu Qiu Qiu-----

Two males and one female landed on the shore.

The person in the middle was a handsome youth wearing a brocade with a charming smile while also holding a fan in his hand.

On his sides was a sexy woman and a short elder who obviously followed the youth.

When the three descended, the youth wearing a brocade in the middle gave off powerful True Spirit aura.

“Who are you!?”

There were still some pirates on the shore and ship, these people were full of caution.

Before they had even finished speaking. the youth wearing the brocade waved his fan and dozens of streaks of fan shadows flickered through the air.

These fan shadows seemed to merge into their targets.


Those who were hit by the fan shadows instantly crumbled and turned into a puddle of blood within a few breaths.

“You.. you’re the Fan Flying Bandit!”

One of the peak 7th Sky pirates managed to resist for four to five breaths before turning into a puddle of blood.

“Fan Flying Bandit….. Apparently was a disciple of the Water Moon Pirates.”

One of the 7th Sky cultivators from the Transverse Water Stronghold revealed an expression of shock before he died.

The Water Moon Pirate had taken in several disciples in his life and the “Peach Fan Flying Bandit” was his best disciple.

However, because the Water Moon Pirate died quickly, he had no time to give his Mystic Flower Treasured Bible to his disciple.

Therefore, although this Peach Fan Flying Bandit had reached True Spirit Realm, he acted extremely cautiously and was known for his tactics.

“Senior Brother, you’re just going to let them in and steal Master’s treasury?”

The flower dressed beauty said in a charming tone.

“Ignoring the bigger danger for the small things in front of you. Master excelled in arrays and will definitely have arrays set up in there. Let them be at the front.”

The youth wearing a brocade sat on the pirate ship.

The third short elder sighed helplessly, “With the two True Spirit Realms of the Transverse Water Stronghold and Severed Blood Pirates there, it’s more than enough to sweep past the arrays in the cave. You really don’t need me….”

The elder smiled bitterly as if he wasn’t willing to participate.

At the bottom of the river.

Both parties were having a rest. When one reached 6th or 7th Sky, they obviously didn’t need to consider the problem of breathing underwater.

Seeing the number of deaths, both Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle had slightly ugly expressions.

It wasn’t that Zhao Feng didn’t want to warn them, he just didn’t have the time to warn them, and who could give up on the Water Moon Treausry?

Furthermore, the path back would be several times more dangerous than entering and only those at True Spirit Realm had the confidence to exit safely.

“Master Bi, we’ve found the location of the treasury.”

“Boss, the Water Moon Treasury is over there…..”

The two cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm who went scouting came back excitedly.

Hearing this, everyone was excited.

The two led the group and traveled a small distance underwater before arriving at a dark secret cave.

Around the cave were several types of vines growing there and only by coming close would one see the cave.

Only from several yards out would they able to see a faint light in the secret cave.

“We’re here!”

Both parties were excited.

Zhao Feng smiled - he had found the entrance back at the shore.

Of course, the owner of the Water Moon Treasury would have set traps in the secret cave. It wouldn’t be broken this easily.

At the entrance of the secret cave.

Both parties stood on each side respectively behind their True Spirit Realm leaders.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle was immediately followed by the azure robed person who specialised in mechanisms.

Master Bi ordered Bi Qiaoyu over to open the path.

The entrance to the secret cave wasn’t big, but after entering it, it was an entire different place.

At the beginning, there was some water in the cave, but after entering it, the water started to fade away until there was none left.

Up to a certain point, a line of mysterious black stone steps appeared.

The two True Spirit Realms started to inspect and move cautiously around the steps.

Zhao Feng walked up to the steps and saw a stone sign which was hidden by some weed.

On the stone sign was three words: Water Moon Cave.

Everyone was slightly surprised. This was obviously the burial grounds of the Water Moon Pirate but he had made such an elegant name for it.

“There’s no traps here.”

The azure robed person glanced at the stone sign before leading the path.

The group of pirates slowly crept onto the steps uneasily.

Bi Qiaoyu scanned around and after being certain that there was nothing wrong, looked one more at the stone sign.

Zhao Feng put his hand on the stone sign for a second before slowly letting go.


A crack suddenly appeared on the stone sign and both the azure robed person and Severed Blood Bald Eagles’ footsteps froze.


The steps suddenly shook and the entire secret cave seemed to collapse.

The group glared at Zhao Feng with enmity.

“Junior, what did you do!?”

The azure robed elder roared.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng’s hand had started up some sort of mechanism.

Zhao Feng smiled and took back his hand. No one saw a faint palm imprinted on the crack of the stone sign.

The shaking of the steps continued awhile before returning to silence.

Only Bi Qiaoyu who was next to him was slightly curious as she was so close, she was sure that this imprint of Zhao Feng’s palm wasn’t left by Zhao Feng’s strength, but under some sort of mechanism.

“This stone sign is indeed weird.”

Zhao Feng’s God's Spiritual Eye clearly saw an aura that belonged to him merge into the imprint of his palm on the stone sign.