King Of Gods Chapter 285

Chapter 285 – Drunken God Perfume
Chapter 285 - Drunken God Perfume

Although he was facing the questioning and raging expressions of the group, Zhao Feng didn’t feel much pressure. The only thought going through his mind was that the strength of the stone sign wasn’t something he could break.

Then how did the stone sign crack and a light imprint of his palm get imprinted into it?

Zhao Feng’s God's Spiritual Eye was sure that the moment he reached out his hand, the imprint of his palm had already existed. It would be really hard to realise this if one didn’t look closely.

Following this, the azure robed person and Bi Qiaoyu both put their palms on the stone sign and a weird feeling arose. However, there wasn’t any shaking like before.

“This stone sign should be one of the opening points of the treasury and can cause unforeseeable danger.”

The azure robed daoist said as he coldly glared at Zhao Feng.

This daoist specialised in all sorts of tricks which even made the pirates fear and wary of him.

After this slight interruption, the azure robed person and Bi Qiaoyu both led their parties respectively to open the path.

Bi Qiaoyu was indeed a genius in arrays and mechanisms - breaking through many well-made traps on the way.

However, due to her lack of experience, she couldn’t make decisions.

At these times, she would look towards Zhao Feng for help instead of asking the elders from the Transverse Water Stronghold.

Zhao Feng had done some work in arrays and adding on the fact that his God’s Spiritual Eye had extreme perception, he could discuss a few things with Bi Qiaoyu.

Although the elders from the stronghold that knew about arrays were somewhat unsatisfied, they didn’t dare express their feelings because they had seen Zhao Feng’s prowess in breaking past the whirlpools.

When they reached a certain point of the hill, the azure robed daoist’s footsteps stopped and his eyes twinkled as he sent a message to the pirates.

Bi Qiaoyu also communicated with the people from the stronghold. “Everyone watch out, there are traps ahead.”

Some of the traps in the secret cave could be disabled, but others couldn’t and had to be forcibly broken through.

The group walked warily forwards.

Just as they reached the to, the two stones walls from both sides started cracking and cold metallic circular items appeared.

These items had countless holes on its body which spun rapidly and shot out silver needles the thickness of a hair on a cow.

Qiu-- Qiu- Qiu--

These silver needles were extremely sharp and could pierce through the True Force shield of normal cultivators at the Ascended Realm. There was also a pale green glow to them - they were also poisonous.


The pirates all used the entirety of their True Force to shield themselves as they escaped.

The Transverse Water Stronghold group all shouted and formed a defensive barrier to pass through this dangerous zone.

Ding Ding Ding!

Everyone used different methods to block these arrows and those at the half-step True Spirit Realm could cause the wind to blow away these poisonous needles.

Those with quick movement could evade most of these needles and paid a small price to block the remaining few.

Arcs of lightning surrounded Zhao Feng which perfectly electrocuted every needle that came close to him, turning them into broken black fragments of needles.

Although these needles were extremely condensed and limited to a ten yard zone, most of the people succeeded to breaking through it.

Looking back at the position they were originally, there was several bodies with thousands of miniscule holes in them which had black purple liquid running through them, chilling the hearts of those that saw them.

After passing through the top of the hill, another floor of black and white tiles appeared.

The mechanisms here were even more skilled, hence, the azure robed daoist as well as Bi Qiaoyu weren’t able to solve it in a short amount of time.


The ground under one of the experts from the stronghold suddenly broke without warning.

Not good!

The expert from the stronghold was just about to circulate his True Force but a golden metallic claw reached up from the pitch black ground and pulled him down.


A scream echoed from the hole, but as the black and white tiles once again appeared on that spot, the shouting stopped.

In this area, the floor would break randomly and metallic claws would pull the people into complete darkness.

These metal claws were extremely mysterious and could automatically grab onto the closest living being.

One of the pirates pretended to be clever and floated in midair so that his feet wouldn’t touch the ground but one of the metallic claws still reached up and ripped off one of his legs.

The space inside the secret cave was limited so one couldn’t fly too high. Therefore the reach of the metallic claw wasn’t limited by height.

The black and white tiles were very dangerous.

The speed and precision of the metallic claws was extremely good and even a cultivator at half-step True Spirit Realm was almost pulled into the ground, but was saved by Master Bi.

Zhao Feng also walked carefully because his God’s Spiritual Eye could only barely look through the black and white floor and see the mechanisms below.

When setting up the trap,the Spiritual Sense from those at the True Spirit Realm had already taken into consideration therefore the floor was very sense-proof.

“Watch out!”

Zhao Feng suddenly reached out and pulled Bi Qiaoyu to the side.


The black and white tiles under Bi Qiaoyu suddenly collapsed as a metallic claw reached out but twisted towards Zhao Feng after it missed.

Shua! Ding~~

Zhao Feng’s figure flickered and dodged the claw by a centimetre as sparks flew on the spot where he had just been.

“Thanks, that trap was very concealed. Even I wasn’t certain of it.”

Bi Qiaoyu stuck out her tongue while Master Bi nodded his head on the side.

Zhao Feng’s outside help was immeasurable or else with her low cultivation and experience, how would she be the azure robed daoist’s match?

The azure robed person from the pirates’ side glanced coldly towards Zhao Feng.

“This blue haired brat….”

Killing intent flashed through the Severed Blood Bald Eagle’s eyes.

If it wasn’t because of Zhao Feng, the injuries and deaths of the people from the stronghold would exceed the pirates. However, because of this youth’s existence, it made the two sides reach a draw.

Every step was harder than the last and a body or two would be left behind at every short distance.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t know much about mechanisms, his God’s Spiritual Eye could keep everything in his sight.

An hour later.

Those with cultivation under the 7th Sky, apart from Bi Qiaoyu who was heavily protected, had almost all died.

At this time.

A jade corridor appeared which seemed to have no signs of any traps inside.

“This secret cave is set up like a burial ground. When one reaches here, they can probably enter the centre.”

The azure robed daoist smiled.

`He had helped the pirates a lot by solving all sorts of mechanisms for them.

Master Bi praised Bi Qiaoyu and showed some gratitude towards Zhao Feng who was the outsider.

From the surface, it didn’t seem like the corridor had any signs of mechanisms and Zhao Feng didn’t find anything with his God’s Spiritual Eye either.

“Maybe we’ve left the danger zone.”

The Head of the Bi family revealed a happy expression.

To be sure, both Bi Qiaoyu and the azure robed person used their hands to knock on the wooden structure of the corridor.

The wood gave off a mesmerising smell that gave people countless memories.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed because he felt that something was wrong.

How would a secret cave with about a hundred years of history have such a smell?

“Not good!”

The azure robed daoist’s expression suddenly changed, “The structure of the corridor contains some form of drug!”

“We shouldn’t have knocked these structures….”

Bi Qiaoyu’s small figure was turning soft and her face became slightly red; she couldn’t even stand up properly.

Both parties only felt blood boil within themselves and were unable to control their bodies.

Zhao Feng felt a flame burn in his body as Bi Qiaoyu’s face turned into countless thoughts in his mind.

“This isn’t good. This is probably the Drunken God Perfume. This perfume will cause one to give in to their desires and has double the effect on women.”

Master Bi exclaimed.

Drunken God Perfume!

The group only felt their minds buzz and the males couldn’t restrain their lust.

Furthermore, illusions started appearing in their minds that increased their desires.

From the pirates, one of the women fell down to the ground and took off her clothes.


Several pirates rushed towards that woman and ripped off her clothes, revealing snow white skin and the sound of puffing appeared.

Other pirates stared greedily at Bi Qiaoyu who was next to Zhao Feng.

Bi Qiaoyu’s face was as red as blood and her figure trembled slightly as she leapt into Zhao Feng’s chest.



At the critical moment, two auras belonging to the True Spirit Realm was released.

However, the Drunken God Perfume could erode one’s body and mental energy so most of the people only froze for an instant before giving in to their desires.

Two middle aged men and one old aged man from the Transverse Water Stronghold roared like beasts and lept towards Bi Qiaoyu.


Bi Qiaoyu’s clothes were ripped open revealing a pair of bunnies that caused mouths to water.

The Drunken God Perfume could affect both men and women and would make women powerless.

Zhao Feng only felt Bi Qiaoyu’s not fully developed figure give off an alluring smell as her soft lips kissed his neck.

Roar! Roar!

Five to six people from both the stronghold and pirates charged towards Bi Qiaoyu.

The current situation.

Even those at half-step True Spirit Realm could barely control their bodies and were on the verge of giving in.

The Drunken God Perfume even had a strong effect on those at True Spirit Realm.

If the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and Master Bi were both women with doubled effect, even they would lie on the ground powerless,

All they could do right now was release their aura of True Spirit Realm and shout at the people or block them.


The Head of the Bi family screamed but even he was barely able to restrain himself. If he couldn’t, he would become one of those beasts as well.

Master Bi could only hold back two experts from the stronghold.

The two watched as a group of hungry wolves leapt towards Bi Qiaoyu, the sheep and closed its eyes on instinct.

At the same time, the woman of the pirate was enveloped by seven or eight men and her snow white figure was almost ripped to shreds by the pack of hungry wolves.

Just as Bi Qiaoyu was about to fall into endless nightmare.

Roar Roar!

Five or six hungry figures leapt towards Bi Qiaoyu.

Zhao Feng sighed and removed his silver eyepatch. An ice blue eye scanned over the people charging over.

A chilling mental energy instantly passed through the air and the greedy figures all froze midstep. Even the lust in their eyes seemed to be frozen.