King Of Gods Chapter 287

Chapter 287 – Entering
Chapter 287 - Entering

The truth was revealed at this moment.

There were four doors to the Purple Bronze Coffin, and three of them had faint palm imprints.

The thing was, these three palm imprints were the same as Zhao Feng, Bi Qiaoyu, and the azure robed daoist’s.

When entering, only these three had touched the stone sign.

“The layout of the Water Moon Secret Cave is indeed clever.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but praise.

He was the first one to realise the secret and was the first to react.


Zhao Feng turned into a blurry figure as he darted towards the door which had his palm imprint.

His actions obviously caught the attention of both sides.

“Stop him!”

“Slice off his palm!”

The eyes of the Severed Blood Pirates and the azure robed daoist glimmered as they lept towards Zhao Feng.

The door which Zhao Feng was heading towards was in the centre of both parties.

“We can’t let this key go to the pirates.”

Master Bi’s heart jumped as his aura of True Spirit exploded as he charged towards Zhao Feng.

Even if he couldn’t obtain Zhao Feng who represented a key, he wouldn’t allow the pirates to.


Zhao Feng didn’t mind the incoming attacks and put his palm on the door.


The moment the door opened, a dark green light enveloped Zhao Feng and a suction force emerged which instantly pulled Zhao Feng into the Purple Bronze Coffin.

In the next instant.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and Master Bi’s attacks clashed in the spot where Zhao Feng was originally and a chaotic power belonging to the True Spirit Realm hit the green light before disappearing.


The door shut and the green light turned dim.

The attacks of the two at True Spirit Realm had missed.

Both the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and Master Bi had slightly ugly expressions.

“We must enter before the light fades.”

The azure robed daoist said in a deep tone.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was only pulled in when he touched the green light.


The light only appeared for less than a breath, hence the number of people who could actually enter in this short span of time was limited.

“Only three of the four doors have palm imprints on them so if we send one person back…”

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and azure robed daoist exchanged glances as they discussed.

Master Bi had also realised that one of the four doors didn’t have a palm imprint on it.

If they could send one person back and imprint the stone sign, they could get an extra ‘key’.

However, the way back was also packed with danger. Even those at the True Spirit Realm had to be careful,

At this instant.


A bright light flashed flashed on the fourth door as another faint palm imprint appeared.

“Not good! It's likely that a third party has entered the Water Moon Secret Cave.”

The expressions of everyone from the stronghold and pirates changed.

The pirates had teamed up with the people from the stronghold to open this treasury, but now the situation had changed.

Apart from these two forces, a third party had interfered.

This could produce an unpredictable result.

“We need to open the treasury before the third party arrives.”

Master Bi said solemnly and ordered Bi Qiaoyu.

Bi Qiaoyu put her small hand on the door and with a boom, a green light appeared.

Bi Qiaoyu was instantly sucked in and Master Bi, the Head of the Bi family and another expert at the half step True Spirit Realm were pulled in as well.

A total of four people had entered from the Transverse Water Stronghold.

The Severed Blood Pirates also had a formidable party with one True Spirit Realm, two half step True Spirit Realm, and one peak 7th Sky expert entering.

At the same time.

The entrance of the Water Moon Cave.

Three figures stopped at the black steps.

They were the Fan Flying Bandit, the beauty, and the short elder respectively.

The youth holding the fan reached out and put his palm on the stone sign for two to three breaths until a weird feeling appeared.

“It looks like there’s an expert in the group that came inside here. The mechanisms here are extremely concealed and difficult to be found even by Spiritual Sense. One can only see it with their eyes when they’re close enough. Furthermore, the treasury opener must put their hands on the sign for at least two to three breaths to obtain a key.”

The short elder sighed.

If the azure robed daoist or Zhao Feng were here, they would be extremely surprised because in a short sentence the short elder had solved the mystery of the stone sign.

Although Zhao Feng had found the stone sign to be weird and touched it, part of it had been luck while this short elder had seen the truth with just one glance.

Following this.

The short elder led the way and walked as though he was just taking a stroll. The traps and mechanisms in the way seemed to give him the green light.

Looking at the row of bodies on the ground, the youth couldn’t help but praise, “Sir is indeed worthy of being a Mechanisms Master. My Master Water Moon Pirate had stolen a lot of techniques about mechanisms from your heritage.”

“The Water Moon Pirate was extremely talented, but unfortunately spent his efforts on the wicked path. It’s already incredible that he had learnt 20-30% of my line of heritage.”

The short elder couldn’t help but sigh.

The group of three easily passed through the cave full of traps.

Only till they reached the corridor did the short elder’s eyebrows raise, “This corridor doesn’t seem to have any mechanisms nor traps, but the creator wouldn’t have put this here for nothing.”

“Ehh? There seems to be the aura of the Drunken God Perfume and Master’s 8-Sided Incense Poison here.”

The young wearing a bromage sniffed and laughed.

The combination of the three was considered extremely powerful.

The short elder was a Mechanisms Master and might have even been better than the Water Moon Bandit himself. As for the youth and beauty, they were disciples of the Water Moon Pirate.

Inside the giant Purple Bronze Coffin.

Zhao Feng appeared in a purple and bronze coloured room.

There was a table and a chair, and on the table was a scroll.

As he opened it, Zhao Feng found that it was a map which was in the shape of a coffin.

The map was split into three layers which represented the distribution of the coffin.

Zhao Feng’s location was in the first floor of the East side and inside the first room. It was just the size of a small square on the map.

“Interesting. I wonder why the creator left this behind.”

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and etched the map into his mind.

According to the scroll, every layer had a treasury within.

The treasury room of the first and second layer were at the centre.

At the centre of the third layer, there was ‘coffin’ which was seemingly the coffin of the Water Moon pirate.

“The centre of each floor should possess the most precious treasures of the Water Moon Pirate.”

Zhao Feng understood.

He put down the scroll then walked towards the second room. The room he was at originally was the starting point.

However, he didn’t enter the next room immediately and instead, scouted every part of the first room with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

His eye could see through items and was more powerful than normal Spiritual Sense. Nothing could escape Zhao Feng’s eyes.

At a certain moment.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye focused on the chair.

In this room, there was only a chair and a table.

Normally people would focus on the table. Who would pay attention to the chair?

Zhao Feng thought about it and sat down on the chair.

Chi Cha Chi Cha!

The chair sunk two inches down and skidded back three feet.

Following this.

A small hole appeared where the chair originally was.

Inside the hole was a set of teaware including cups and a tea pot.

Zhao Feng had a weird expression on his face. This planning was too casual.

He reached out and poured two cups of tea.

The tea had a slight coldness to it and Zhao Feng summoned the little thieving cat out.

The little thieving cat’s resistance towards poison was extremely high. It even dared to eat the posisonous bug in the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground and even swallow the Drunken God Perfume in the corridor.

Using the little thieving cat as a tester was a good idea.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat drank a cup with twirling eyes before nodding its head towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng then drank a cup and felt a chilling intent pass through his organs and straight into his bone, making him tremble instantly.

However, after drinking this cup of tea Zhao Feng felt that his body’s attributes had become stronger.

“Hehe, interesting.”

After drinking the tea, Zhao Feng carried the little thieving cat as he entered the second room.

At the end of the second room was another door, but it was closed.

Zhao Feng stood in the room for a while but the door didn’t open.

“It looks like we must pass through the rooms door by door.”

He didn't panic nor feel urgent.

Once again, the God’s Spiritual Eye scanned across the entire room.

Although Zhao Feng had studied arrays once before, he didn’t know much about mechanisms, which was a branch of arrays.

The thing he could rely on most was the God’s Spiritual Eye.

The God’s Spiritual Eye could see through and inspect every little detail, coming close to even seeing the atoms.


Zhao Feng found five to six ‘suspicious’ points.

Mia miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly jumped onto a lamp which was one of the mechanism points.


The lamp lit up and a book fell down from the ceiling.

Opening it up, Zhao Feng found that it was a book about the basic of mechanisms. Scanning it with his God’s Spiritual Eye, the contents were all copied into his mind.

“Interesting, what’s the point of this? What was the Water Moon pirate planning?”

Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

At the same time.

The second room of the first floor on the North.


A smelly and revolting gas spread throughout the room.

“Cough cough.”

Master Bi who was at the front had his face gassed black and no matter how hard he wiped, nothing came off.

The others also began choking.

“Master Bi, you accidentally stepped on a trap.”

Bi Qiaoyu pointed weakly towards the door.

The second room of the West.

“Zhe zhe, it looks like there’s rewards and traps in every room. Everything is dependent on strength, eyesight, and luck.”

The azure robed daoist said smugly.

With his skills, he soon reached the third room and led the way confidently.

However, the second he stepped into the third room, two metal chains appeared from the walls and wrapped around his feet as fast as arrows.


The azure robed daoist screamed as his entire body was hung from the ceiling.