King Of Gods Chapter 288

Chapter 288 – Water Moon Four Treasures
Chapter 288 - Water Moon Four Treasures

First floor of the Purple Bronze Coffin.

Zhao Feng didn’t strive for pace and walked by the mechanisms step by step.

Every room had rewards and traps within but because some mechanisms were so precise, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could only estimate what it could do.

After passing by the fourth room, Zhao Feng had reached the beginner level of the understanding of mechanisms and had comprehended most of the book he had received in the second room.

This wasn’t because he could learn fast, it was because he had the basic foundations in arrays.

“According to the map, one would need to pass through nine rooms to reach the centre of the first floor.”

Zhao Feng thought.

The difficulty increased after passing each door and by using the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng would scan throughout every room.

His aim was to reap all the rewards from every room. However, by doing this, his speed would be affected.

When he had reached the fifth room, there were at least six mechanisms in the room.

Using his God’s Spiritual Eye Zhao Feng could exclude four of the mechanisms.

One of the remaining mechanisms was in the corner while the other was in the centre of the floor.

Zhao Feng let the little thieving cat go test it as it had a great sense for danger.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and its eyeballs spun as it focused on the corner.


It swung its paws and a faint silver blur hit the corner.


Black smoke rose from the corner and immediately following that, countless arcs of purple electricity enveloped the room.

The purple arcs of lightning blocked off the room, forming a prison.

“The lightning here could probably blast normal cultivators at the 7th Sky into ashes.”

Zhao Feng thought.

If it were another cultivator at the 7th Sky at this place, they would most likely die. Even the chances of someone at half step True Spirit Realm surviving was less than 30%.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t panic because if this was the trap, the remaining mechanism was the reward.

The little thieving cat shrugged its shoulders. It had its calculations, but they weren’t perfect.

Luck was too mystical.

This time, Zhao Feng personally walked over towards the centre of the room and gently knocked on the ground.

The floor soon automatically opened, revealing a perfect Silver Jade that gave off a cold glint.

Zhao Feng’s guesses this time were correct. There was indeed rewards in every room and once this reward mechanism was opened, the door to the next room would open. However one would have to solve through half the traps to enter the next room.

As expected, the door to the sixth room opened.

The lightning encompassing the room didn't disappear, hence Zhao Feng turned into an azure streak of lightning and passed through the purple lightning.

These powerful currents merged into his azure glow.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook as a numbing sensation eroded his body, thus, he quickly directed this power towards his dantian.

After successfully absorbing the lightning, Zhao Feng’s True Force became slightly stronger.

Like this Zhao Feng passed through room after room.

Because of his God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng could eliminate most of the traps and use the little thieving cat to increase his chances of success.

Therefore, Zhao Feng passed through the dangers without any trouble.

When Zhao Feng reached the eighth room, the rewards were plentiful.

One of these rewards was a Spiritual Pill named the Hundred Changing Pill which could cure most poisons and could only be created by the Water Moon Pirate.

“The Water Moon Pirate excelled in geography, medicine, arrays… and had countless treasures. No wonder he could do as he wished in Canopy Great Country.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but admire the Water Moon Pirate’s skills.

The mechanisms within the eighth room had reached ten and after some hard work, Zhao Feng received a weird grey stone.

The Water Moon Pirate had collected far too many weird treasures which even Zhao Feng didn’t know of.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat ran over, stole the grey stone, and bit it with its teeth, however, no dent appeared. From this, one could see the stone’s hardness.

Zhao Feng then continued into the ninth room which was also the final room.

The number of mechanisms in this room had reached 11.

Through his God’s Spiritual Eye Zhao Feng, disregarded six of these mechanisms and another two through his knowledge of arrays.

This meant that a total of three mechanisms was left that needed to be tested.

Although the God’s Spiritual Eye was able to quickly find the location of the mechanisms, this had still managed to stall Zhao Feng for a period of time.

He didn’t want to give up on the rewards in this room.

While Zhao Feng was testing out the mechanisms, the other two groups also pressed forwards.

The azure robed daoist from the pirates knew quite a bit about grave robbing.

The important thing was that they had many people and someone of True Spirit Realm holding the fort and although it was still very dangerous, they managed to pass this.

From the Transverse Water Stronghold, Bi Qiaoyu was the most talented due to the fact that she had learnt from a teacher.

On the way, her knowledge increased by leaps and bounds while Master Bi who was at the True Spirit Realm protected her.

In terms of efficiency, Zhao Feng could be said to be the fastest, easily surpassing the pirates. However, he strived for perfection and wouldn’t give up on any rewards.

Furthermore, he didn’t specialise in mechanisms and only had the little thieving cat and himself, hence his speed was roughly the same as the other two groups.

As the three parties were racking their brains out trying to pass the mechanisms, three figures crossed the bug river.

The leader was a youth wore a bromage and with a flap of his fan, sent an aura that instantly liquidised all the Dead Corpse Bugs within a ten yards radius.

In terms of strength, the youth was stronger than most cultivators at the True Human Rank.

Three figures landed at the front of the Purple Bronze Coffin.

“People have entered from the North, East and South.”

The short elder only walked a short bit before confirming that their door was on the West, opposite Zhao Feng’s door.

There was the imprint of a palm on the West door exactly the same as the youth’s.

“Are we late?”

The beauty said urgently.

“We should be able to catch up. Of the four directions, the East should be the luckiest. In mechanisms, “East” represents the winner. If I’m right, the first people to touch the stone sign should be the person who entered from the East.”

A light flashed in the short elder’s eyes.

His analysis was correct - Zhao Feng had entered through the East.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re from the East or West. Today we will kill all of them!”

The youth said confidently with slight arrogance.

The short elder smiled bitterly but didn’t deny this.

The Fan Flying Bandit was the most talented disciple of the Water Moon Pirate and had countless techniques. Master Bi and the pirates were definitely not his match.

There was another important point.

The Fan Flying Pirate had ‘invited’ the short elder who specialised in mechanisms to join them, and his knowledge of mechanisms even exceeded that of the Water Moon Pirate.

This combination could indeed wipe everyone out.

The three instantly entered the West door whose direction was directly opposite Zhao Feng’s.

The short elder’s speed could only be described as a ‘miracle’.

In just a few breaths, he had passed through the first couple rooms.

“Aye, these mechanisms are a bit rough; the Water Moon Pirate obviously set these up in a rushed manner.”

The short elder seemed as though he was taking a casual stroll.

The three almost didn’t stop at all even when they arrived at the ninth room.

Just as the short elder said, the West side wasn’t good. Not only was it difficult, the rewards weren’t that good either.

The East side was the winner’s side and had an advantage.

Zhao Feng was the first to leave a palm imprint and therefore had a great advantage.

Although this was the saying, the short elder’s fingers never stopped.


The ninth room was passed by the short elder in twenty breaths while Zhao Feng, the pirates and stronghold groups all spent half the time it took for tea to be made.

This meant that the short elder had passed by nine rooms while none of the others had completed the last room.

Masters had absolute power and skill within their profession. Even if the Water Moon Pirate came back to life, he would have to admit the difference between them.

After passing the ninth room, the Fan Flying Pirate and company reached the centre of the first floor.

Before them was a room the size of a small mall.

At the centre of the room was a crystal coffin that consisted of rare materials, shining jewelry, and even weapons of the Spiritual grade.

The items made one’s eyes blurry.

Any of the items here could light up the eyes of a normal cultivator at the True Spirit Realm.

However, the coffin didn’t contain any corpse.

“According to the layout, the first floor’s rewards aren’t the best. The second and third floor’s reward will be even better. Only at the third floor will the body of the Water Moon Pirate and most important and treasured items be there.

His suggestion was to give up on the first floor and head straight to the second.

However, the Fan Flying pirate and beautiful girl both didn’t move and instead stared at the treasury within the first coffin.

“Hundred Flower Sack! There’s a Hundred Flower Sack!”

The short elder exclaimed.

The Water Moon Four Treasures were four items that helped the Water Moon Pirate immensely while he was alive.

The Hundred Flower Sack was an item that could create poison and had infinite uses. The Drunken God Perfume was only one of the examples.

“The Hundred Flower Sack contains hundreds of poisons. Some of these can even trick those at the True Spirit Realm; others can even kill those at the True Spirit Realm instantly. There are also items that could instantly increase one’s strength or give longer life.”

The beauty’s voice trembled.

The Hundred Flower Sack was the dream of countless people of the wicked path. They could use this to kill people, save people, strengthen oneself… it could do anything.

Once someone had this item, they had the chance to kill those at True Spirit Realm even if they were helpless.