King Of Gods Chapter 289

Chapter 289 – Battle of Hundred Flowers
Chapter 289 - Battle of Hundred Flowers

Although the items of the first floor weren’t the best, it still contained one of the Water Moon Four Treasures.

The Fan Flying Bandit wouldn’t pass by on this Hundred Flower Sack.

However, none of the three made any rash moves.

The grave of the Water Moon Pirate was filled with danger and they couldn’t let their guard down at this critical moment.

The short elder inspected the crystal coffin and his expression became slightly solemn as he spoke, “The mechanisms here are far more profound and dangerous.”

The mechanisms in the previous rooms could be considered child's play in comparison to the mechanisms here.

“Master, take your time.”

The youth in the bromage smiled faintly and stared at the crystal coffin while spreading his Spiritual Sense to help the short elder.

Being the most talented disciple of the Water Moon Pirate, he had obviously learnt a bit about mechanisms.

Time passed on slowly.

Being a Mechanisms Master, the short elder’s skills exceeded the Water Moon pirate’s and was able to solve more than fifty percent in half the time it took for tea to be made.

A crack the size of a palm appeared on the crystal coffin.

At this moment, the trio could already manage to take a few items from the outer edges of the coffin and were extremely excited.

Just the first floor alone had rewards that were worth more than normal experts at the True Mystic Rank. In addition to the Hundred Flower Sack, the worth of the first floor could be compared to a normal True Lord Rank.


A door suddenly opened in the room and a cold youth with azure hair slowly walked out.

The sudden sound made the trio pause.

After realising that the newcomer was only a youth at the 7th Sky, they couldn’t help but smile.

The smile contained extreme viciousness within them.

“Hahaha…. This youth is from the winning East side?”

The youth in bromage looked playfully towards the short elder and Zhao Feng.

According to the short elder, the luck of the person that entered the East entrance would be better.

The East was equivalent to the winner.

The short elder was silent and then sighed with some sympathy and pity as he glanced towards Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng’s entrance was the luckiest, he was too weak.

It wouldn’t cost the Fan Flying Bandit any energy to kill this youth; all he needed to do was flick his fingers.

Zhao Feng walked into the room and instantly found the three solving the mechanisms.

The youth holding a fan gave him a strong sense of danger but Zhao Feng still calmly scanned his surroundings without any signs of panic.

The room had four door connected to it. These doors represented the North, East, South, and West.

The East side that Zhao Feng was at had the same palm imprint on it as his palm.

This meant that as long as Zhao Feng touched the imprint, he could enter the second floor.

“Little bluehead, do you dare gamble to see if you can escape from me before you touch the door?”

The youth in bromage opened the fan in his hand and smiled.

At his level, it was child's play to kill a brat at the 7th Sky. Right now, he was only toying with this junior.

Zhao Feng remained expressionless. Indeed, he felt a strong sense of danger from the youth in front of him even though he was confident he had the ability to escape.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t really want to give up on the crystal coffin’s items so easily, hence he didn’t make any rash moves.


A few figures stepped out from the North door.

It was the Severed Blood Bald Eagle, the azure robed daoist, and two other pirates.

These people were all dirty and scuffled but their cruel aura, especially the aura that emanated from the Severed Blood Bald Eagle raised the attention of the youth wearing the bromage.

Coincidentally, this moment was the point where the arrays near the crystal coffin had reached the critical moment.

The appearance of the pirates made the youth wearing the bromage direct his attention towards the pirates and ignore Zhao Feng who was only at the measly 7th Sky.

“It’s you… the Fan Flying Pirate!”

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle couldn’t help but take a cold breath when he saw the youth holding the fan.

Both of them were at the True Spirit Realm, but the Fan Flying Pirate’s fame surpassed him.

The Fan Flying Pirate harrumphed coldly. Although he didn’t put the Severed Blood Bald Eagle in his eyes, he didn’t underestimate him.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and company warily closed in on the crystal coffin.

The fan which was held by the Fan Flying Pirate started to beat rhythmically as coldness appeared in his eyes.

The atmosphere became more tense - none of the them would give up on the rewards of the first floor so easily.


Several figures walked out from the South door.

The leader was Master Bi whose face was black and extremely ruffled. Behind him was Bi Qiaoyu, the Head of the Bi family, and another expert at half step True Spirit Realm.

Another party that could affect those at the True Spirit Realm appeared.

The Fan Flying Pirate sighed lightly and closed the fan in his hands.

Although he was confident to face the two, it was far too hard to kill the both of them.

At this point in time.

The three parties formed a balance and it was Zhao Feng at the 7th Sky who was ignored by all.

“Heiyun Master.”

Master Bi and Bi Qiaoyu both looked at the short elder in surprise.

The short elder who was Heiyun Master was solving the mechanisms right now and a bitter smile appeared, “Master Bi, Qiaoyu. The current situation doesn’t allow us to stand on the same side.”

Zhao Feng understood when he heard this.

Master Bi had mentioned that Bi Qiaoyu had learnt from a Mechanisms Master although she was only an in-name disciple.

And now, Bi Qiaoyu’s Master had appeared in front of them.

“No wonder the three of them passed through the mechanisms so quickly. They had a Mechanisms Master.”

A light gleamed in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

One could easily guess that Heiyun Master had been blackmailed to come and solve the mechanisms.

“Everyone, why don’t we decide how to split the treasury within the crystal coffin between our three parties….”

The youth in the bromage managed to squeeze out a warm smile.

This suggestion caused both master Bi and the short elder to let out a breath.

The Fan Flying Pirate was the Water Moon Bandit’s most talented disciple and had countless tricks that made it hard to face him.

Even if the two teamed up they could only aim for a draw at best.

After some discussion, the Fan Flying Pirates’ side would get 50% of the rewards because they had worked the most.

The rest of the 50% would be split between the Severed Blood Pirates and the Transverse Water Stronghold.

Because Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle didn’t disagree, it meant that they agreed.

As for Zhao Feng, the ‘fourth’ group, he had obviously been ignored by the three parties.

“Hehehe, when I get the Hundred Flower Sack, killing all of you will be as easy as flipping a palm.”

The youth wearing the bromage laughed coldly in his heart.

The beauty next to him also had a smile as she exchanged glances with the youth wearing the bromage.

As long as they obtained the Hundred Flower Sack, they could release a powerful poison within it that could easily kill those normal cultivators at True Human Rank.

The Hundred Flower Sack didn’t stand out because it was only a sack and it’s materials weren’t worth as much as Spiritual grade weapons.

If one didn’t know the Hundred Flower Sack’s uses, it would be better to have a peak Mortal grade item instead.

Therefore, even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye passed by the Hundred Flower Sack.

“The Water Moon Bandit was from a hundred years ago and with this many items as well as the fact that these people haven’t seen Master’s Hundred Flower Sack, they probably wouldn’t understand it's worth.”

However the situation didn’t go as smoothly as the youth thought.

The azure robed daoist’s eyes changed slightly as he glanced over the Hundred Flower Sack.

“Boss Severed Blood, that multi-coloured sack is very likely to be the Hundred Flower Sack - one of the Water Moon Four Treasures.”

The azure robed daoist sent a message in secret.

The heart of the Severed Blood Bald Eagle moved as he heard this and understood the Fan Flying Pirate’s intention.

At the same time on the other side.

Master Bi’s expression also changed slightly as he saw the Hundred Flower Sack but he didn’t say anything.

The Fan Flying Pirate had obviously underestimated the two sides.

The azure robed daoist was a grave robber master while Master Bi had lived in the Transverse Water Stronghold for a long time and knew things that others didn’t.

Of the people present only Zhao Feng didn’t know the Hundred Flower Sack’s value.

His God’s Spiritual Eye instead locked on some of the other items.

“Zhe zhe, there’s even a Hundred Flower Saint Liquid. This liquid was one of the secret creations of the Hundred Flower Wicked Chapter and helps one to turn True Force into the Qi of True Spirit.”

The youth wearing the bromage said and purposely directed the attention of the others to a blue bottle.

Zhao Feng heart was slightly moved as he heard this. The Hundred Flower Saint Liquid seemed like an upgraded version of the Shedding Spiritual Pill.


The coffin fell onto the ground and twitched the hearts of everyone.

The coffin opened, and the second it did, Heiyun Master quickly exited the circle.

Almost at the same time, three auras of True Spirit Realm surged in the air as they charged towards the coffin.


The three True Spirit Realm experts exchanged blows and sent the crystal coffin flying, spilling its contents everywhere.

“Ehhh? Why are the three not fighting for the Spiritual grade items and instead going for a multi-coloured sack?”

Zhao Feng didn’t understand.

“All of you, fuck off!”

The youth wearing the bromage flapped the fan in his hand and sent images of petals everywhere.

The three were all fighting just for that multi-coloured sack.

Most of the remaining people were at half step True Spirit Realm and did their best to block the remaining energy as well as take the spilled items.


Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as his Yin Shadow Cloak flashed and turned into an arc of lightning that charged into the chaos.

Because of his Yin Shadow Cloak and Lightning Inheritance, Zhao Feng’s speed wasn’t slower than normal half step True Spirit Realms.

In just a few breaths he had taken several peak tier Mortal grade weapons that were all comparable to the Luohou Bow and some other rare materials.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was also in the chaos taking items happily.

“Hundred Flower Saint Liquid!”

The azure robed daoist exclaimed as he fought with the flower dressed beauty for the blue bottle.

These two were both at the half step True Spirit Realm and if they were to obtain this secret creation from the Hundred Flower Wicked Chapter, they had a 90% chance of reaching the True Spirit Realm.

“This Hundred Flower Saint Liquid can help me reach half step True Spirit Realm, or even True Spirit Realm!”

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as he charged towards the blue bottle.

His speed was even faster than the azure robed daoists and the beauty.

The difference between them was instantly shown.

“Bastard, let go….”

The azure robed daoist was as enraged as thunder and could only watch Zhao Feng take the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid.

The beauty in the flower dress was also filled with coldness as she circulated her Qi of True Spirit Realm and attacked Zhao Feng.