King Of Gods Chapter 291

Chapter 291 – Plan
Chapter 291 - Plan

The three arrows which created a storm of ice and snow allowed Zhao Feng to use his bloodline power and lightning inheritance to the maximum. The ice lotus symbol on the Luohou Bow seemed to glow like it had never done before.

The room that they were in began to tremble and everyone’s hearts were dazed.

The three True Spirit Realm experts were all shocked and angered.

Zhao Feng’s target was the Hundred Flower Sack.

Although it was a unique item, the materials that it was made from weren't even better than a normal Spiritual grade weapon.

Facing the three attacks which had reached the True Spirit Realm level, the ice and lightning flowed into the cracks of the Hundred Flower Sack.


Poisonous smoke rose from the hundred Flower Sack and it was soon engulfed in a black flame.

“You… how dare you… ”

The Fan Flying Bandit pointed at Zhao Feng with trembling fingers and an extremely ugly expression appeared on his face.

Zhao Feng felt slightly weird - these reactions were far too exaggerated. Wasn’t it just a sack?


The cracks on the Hundred Flower Sack expanded and released a multi-coloured smoke.

Not good!

The expressions of Master Bi and the Severed Blood Pirates all changed as they rapidly retreated.

The Hundred Flower Sack contains a hundred types of poison, of which some could even instantly kill those at the True Spirit Realm.

At this moment in time, the three True spirit Realm cultivators all retreated while holding their breaths and pulled away while using their Qi of True Spirit to seal off the air around their bodies.

Zhao Feng felt a critical aura and quickly put his hand on the door.


The door opened and a green light enveloped Zhao Feng.

“Blue haired brat, how dare you destroy the Hundred Flower Sack. I will make you your bones turn into dust!”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s handsome face was slightly ugly - it was an expression of extreme hatred.

Hundred Flower Sack? What the heck was that?

Zhao Feng hiccupped. He could feel that the Fan Flying Bandit really wanted to bite his flesh and suck his blood.

The poison released from the Hundred Flower Sack was something that even the three at the True Spirit Realm had to retreat from.

“What item was that to send out such a terrifying aura that even those at the True Spirit Realm are afraid of?”

Zhao Feng wasn’t an idiot and could roughly guess the Hundred Flower Sack’s use, but he didn’t regret his actions.

Such a terrifying item would be a nightmare if it landed in the hands of his enemies.

The Fan Flying Bandit was obviously enraged. If he had gotten the Hundred Flower Sack, he could kill the other two at the True Spirit Realm and take all the Water Moon treasury for himself.

However, no one would have guessed that a brat at the 7th Sky had destroyed his dreams.

On the other hand, Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle were slightly happy.

Amongst the three at the True Spirit Realm, the Fan Flying Bandit was the strongest and fastest, so his chances of getting the Hundred Flower Sack was higher than the other two.

If the Hundred Flower Sack fell into his hands, they might not even have the ability to escape.

With Zhao Feng interfering, the balance between the three was stabilised.

Without the Hundred Flower Sack, the Fan Flying Bandit didn’t have a 100% chance of beating the combined forces of the two other True Spirit Realm cultivators.

“Senior martial brother, this kid’s skin must be pulled over and he must be tortured for a hundred days where he’ll beg for death.”

The flower dressed beauty’s eyes were full of hatred and the azure robed daoist gritted his teeth as he stared at Zhao Feng’s leaving figure.

Zhao Feng had taken two of the most precious items just then: The Hundred Flower Saint Liquid and Mystic Snake Blood Whip.

Of all the items apart from the Hundred Flower Sack, these two were worth the most.

However, Zhao Feng had destroyed the Hundred Flower Sack.

Even now the azure robed daoist, flower dressed beauty and Head of the Bi family had numb bodies and dozens of scorch marks, yet they were all wary of Zhao Feng’s strength.

The latter had just overpowered three at the half step True Spirit Realm and released a ‘Storm of Ice and Lightning’, whose power was comparable to a True Spirit Realm.

All in all, the three forces apart from Heiyun Master and Bi Qiaoyu, had put their hatred onto Zhao Feng.

“Don’t worry, that brat will still appear on the second floor and with the Mechanisms Master here, our speed of solving will be faster than him.”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s expression calmed down a little, but his eyes became even colder.

Next, the three forces split the remaining items by how strong they were.

Of the items, there were several Spiritual grade items and precious materials. However, after dividing the pile into three, each side’s value wasn’t higher than Zhao Feng’s.

After dividing up the items, the three forces entered their respective door.

The Fan Flying Bandit and company were at the West door, opposite to Zhao Feng’s,

Master Bi and co were at the South while the pirates were at the North.

According to Heiyun master’s analysis, Zhao Feng’s door was the best while the South door was the worst.

However, they could do nothing about it because this had been decided the second Zhao Feng put his hand on the stone sign.

“So what if it’s good? I will beat the heavens and kill everyone else.”

The youth in brocade’s ambition was large.

The flower dressed beauty nodded her head: “Of the Water Moon Four Treasures, the Hundred Flower Sack is ranked 4th. There’s still the ‘Moon God Peach Fan’,’Three Flower Treasured Lotus’, and the holy martial art of the wicked path the ‘Mystic Flower Treasured Bible’. If Senior martial brother can get the Moon God Peach Fan, which is ranked 3rd, even the two other True Spirit Realm cuptivators won’t be your match. If you got the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, senior martial brother can fight to a standstill even if a True Mystic Rank descends.”

“The most important thing is the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. Even if we have to give up on the other three, we can’t give up on that.” The Fan Flying Bandit said decisively.

“Back when Master got the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, he was still one step away from the True Lord Rank. The important thing was that he was moved by Empress Qin. My talent isn’t any lower than his and I an more decisive than him. If I’m able to get the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, I’ll definitely be able to become a lord of the Wicked path and become the 9th most powerful force in the Canopy Great Country.”

The youth wearing the brocade took a deep breath and ambition burned in his eyes. The three of them then entered the path to the second floor.

There was also nine rooms in the path and when one passed through the nine rooms, they would be able to enter the second floor.

According to the set up, the rewards from the second floor would be better than the first.

Heiyun Master’s speed was definitely faster than the other three and in just half the time it took tea to be made, the Fan Flying Bandit and company had entered the second floor.

There was also a room on the second floor, somewhat similar to the one before.

In the middle was a crystal coffin of which the rewards were doubled.

“Water Moon God Peach Fan!”

The youth wearing the brocade and flower dressed beauty stared at the elegant fan and their hearts shook.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan was the Water Moon Pirate’s most powerful offensive weapon and it was considered an Inheritance type item.

“This fan can send mental illusions and has seven types of hidden weapons inside. It can turn into an umbrella shape and form a defensive barrier, so it's technically both offensive and defensive. Apparently, its strongest power is comparable to the high tier Spiritual grade. One has to know that in the Canopy Great Country, the number of high tier Spiritual grade weapons can be counted with one hand.”

The youth in brocade’s eyes were burning with expectation.

Compared with the Hundred Flower Sack, the Water Moon God Peach Fan was much better.

Of course, the arrays and mechanisms here were far more difficult than those on the first floor.

“The set up here’s slightly similar to some of the legendary set ups in the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.”

Heiyun Master’s expression was slightly solemn as he smoothly started to solve the mechanisms.

Time passed quickly, the time taken was far longer than the first floor and the youth in brocade couldn’t help but feel urgent. They must break through the mechanisms before Master Bi and the pirates arrived.

About half a day passed.


Finally, Heiyun master opened the crystal coffin.

“Water Moon God Peach Fan!”

The youth laughed and used his Qi of True Spirit to take this Inheritance fan.

No one knew if it was a coincidence or not, but the South and West door both opened at this moment.

“Not good! The Fan Flying Bandit got here first!”

The expressions of Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle changed.

The two parties didn’t hesitate at all and charged in to take the other remaining items.

The youth wearing the brocades’ battle power did indeed increase and pressured the other two True Spirit Realms.

“What’s going on? The Water Moon God Peach Fan isn’t as strong as I imagined.”

The beauty was feeling puzzled. According to her, as long as her senior martial brother got the Water Moon God Peach Fan, he should be able to seriously injure the other two in a short amount of time or even kill the,.

“Fuck, this Inheritance item needs to be refined for ownership to use its true strength. Right now, all I can do is use 50-60% of its power. If only I had a bit more time… ”

The youth wearing the brocade was unwilling.

Inheritance items needed to be refined to own it and required certain conditions such as bloodlines or a corresponding skill.

Being the disciple of the Water Moon Pirate., he obviously had a corresponding skill but it first needed to be refined to use all its power.

While the three parties were fighting, the door from the East opened and Zhao Feng stepped onto the second floor.

The reason he was last was obviously because he didn’t aim for speed because if he was too fast, he had a high chance of meeting the Fan Flying Bandit.

Scanning over the items which over half had been taken, Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh.

If he was to charge up right now, he would probably be blown away. None of the groups would let him go.

“If this set up goes on, the rewards on the third floor won’t be mine as well.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

Because he was alone, his speed of breaking past the mechanisms was obviously slower than a Mechanisms Master. But if Zhao Feng was to give up now, he wasn’t willing.

However, in terms of strength and number, he was still lower than the others.

If the second floor was already so, then the difference in the third floor would be even greater.

Zhao Feng’s mind spun as a plan formed.