King Of Gods Chapter 292

Chapter 292 – Turning the tables
Chapter 292 - Turning the tables

Having obtained the Water Moon God Peach Fan, the Fan Flying Bandit suppressed the two other True Spirit Realm experts and most of the items here were taken by the Fan Flying Bandit and company.

This was based on the fact that the Water Moon God Peach Fan had yet to be refined. Otherwise, the Fan Flying Bandit would have seriously injured or even killed the other two.

“Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle can’t hold on much longer.”

Zhao Feng thought. He stood near the East door and didn’t make any moves.

“Zhao Feng, come and help!”

Master Bi shouted when he saw Zhao Feng.

“Blue haired brat. If we are to die, you won’t be able to leave either.”

A cold light flashed in the Severed Blood Bald Eagle’s eyes.

Zhao Feng was definitely the strongest amongst those under the True Spirit Realm and he already suppressed three half step True Spirit Realm experts in the first floor.

If Zhao Feng were to help, he would be comparable to another True Spirit Realm and although they might not win, it would reduce their pressure.

Zhao Feng stood like a wooden stick without any signs of movement.

“Hahaha…. Blue haired brat, it doesn’t matter whether you help them or not. I will still kill you.”

The youth in brocade laughed lightly as he gazed at Zhao Feng with chilling cold eyes full of killing intent.

He had already hated Zhao Feng due to the incident in the first floor. Of it weren’t because of Zhao Feng, he could’ve obtained the Hundred Flower Sack which would’ve allowed him to kill everyone.

The Fan Flying Bandit was extremely oppressing.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed.

It didn’t matter whether Zhao Feng helped or not - the enemy wouldn’t let him go either way.

From this, one could see how confident the Fan Flying Bandit was, having the Water Moon God Peach Fan to suppress the people present.

“Hmph, these two guys can’t hold on much longer and I’ll severely injure them soon. After that, I’ll spend some time refining the fan, at that time, killing these people will be as easy as flipping my hand.”

The youth wearing the brocade saw victory in sight.

His strength had reached the top here - what was there to be afraid of?

Hearing the Fan Flying Bandit’s words Master Bi and the Bald Eagle were overjoyed.

“Zhao Feng, the Fan Flying Bandit won’t let you go either way.”

“Hurry over and help us!”

Master Bi and the Bald Eagle were in tight situations.

Even Bi Qiaoyu who was in the corner couldn’t help but plead, “Brother Zhao, please help us. If this bandit wins, he’ll bring evil to the world. You must stop him.”


Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly and waved his hand.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat held a dark silver snake whip and lept into the air.

Zhao Feng gave a understanding glance as the little thieving cat joined in the chaotic battle with its ‘Mystic Snake Blood Whip’.

The little thieving cat was extremely agile and had the power of invisibility.

With a few flickers, it entered the battle below.

“Five Elemental Piercing Crystal!”

The azure robed daoist, flower dressed beauty, and Head of the Bi family were fighting over a five coloured crystal.

The Five Elemental Piercing Crystal was a rare material that could be merged into any weapon to improve its quality.

A piece of Five Elemental Piercing Crystal could increase a Low tier Spiritual grade by half a grade and if it was used with some other materials, it could reach the Mid tier Spiritual grade.

If it was a Peak tier Mortal grade weapon such as Zhao Feng’s Luohou Bow however, it could immediately reach Spiritual grade.

This material’s value was worth even more than normal Spiritual grade weapons.


A snake figured whip suddenly shot out and grabbed the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal.

“Fucking cat! You’re courting death!!”

“Put the crystal down!”

The beauty and azure robed daoist roared but immediately, their eyes lit up.

The little thieving cat not only had the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal, it even had the Mystic Snake Blood Whip.

“As long as we can kill this cat, we can obtain both the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal.”

“The value of these two items combined is comparable to the Hundred Flower Sack.”

The three half step True Spirit Realm experts lept towards the little thieving cat.

They admitted that they weren’t Zhao Feng’s match but taking care of his pet cat should be easy.

Shua Shua!

The little thieving cat opened its mouth and laughed in a mocking manner before going invisible.

When it was invisible, even those at True Spirit Realm couldn’t find it easily.

This made the Fan Flying Bandit’s expression droop as he had nowhere to vent his anger.

The human and the cat had taken countless treasures and should be killed ten thousand times.

The youth in brocade decided to kill the thieving cat when he had the opportunity.

After all, the combined value of the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and Five Elemental Piercing Crystal was close to the Water Moon God Peach Fan in his hand and was something that would make even the eyes of those at True Spirit Realm go red.

Beng~~ Sou- Sou-

Zhao Feng shot an arrow towards the Fan Flying Bandit from afar with his Luohou Bow.

All his attacks could only stall the Fan Flying Bandit and not cause any actual harm.

Seeing this, everyone’s attention was distracted by the little thieving cat, Zhao Feng subtly glanced towards Heiyun Master who was in the corner.

Although Heiyun Master had reached half step True Spirit Realm, only 10-20% of his True Force had been converted to the Qi of True Spirit and he didn’t specialise in fighting.

Thus, he acted in the same way as Bi Qiaoyu - hiding as far as possible.

“Master, I’ve heard about your mechanism skills for a long time now and I have a script that comes from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.”

Zhao Feng’s lips didn’t move and no True Force was used but his voice sounded in Heiyun Master’s head.

After the God’s Spiritual Eye had advanced, Zhao Feng could send his voice through mental energy.

Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance?

Heiyun Master paused.

Of the four great inheritances, the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance was ranked first and was the oldest and most mysterious one.

There was a small number of scripts which came from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance and all of them had surpassed the abilities of the current civilisation.

“Fucking cat! You’re courting death!”

The Fan Flying Bandit roared as he waved the Water Moon God Peach Fan in his hands and sent ripples of coldness towards the little thieving cat.


Master Bi had been pushed back by that fan and a ripple with the aura of death swept towards the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat smiled and disappeared.

It was extremely sensitive towards harm and had already made actions to evade before the Fan Flying Bandit attacked.

“Where the heck did that fucking cat go?”

Everyone lost trace of the little thieving cat’s figure.

The Fan Flying Bandit spread his Spiritual Sense and was suspicious that the little thieving cat might have been grinded into flesh and bone by his fan.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat reappeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng had stood next to Heiyun Master next to the door on the East side.

“Heiyun Master!”

The Fan Flying Bandit suddenly realised something was off and shouted.

At this moment.

Heiyun Master wore a dazed expression as he stood next to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng reached out and put out a palm on Heiyun Master’s shoulder and smiled faintly, “This one will be going to the third floor now.”

After saying this, he pulled Heiyun Master towards the East door.

Oh my god!

The hearts of everyone shook and Master Bi and the Bald Eagle were dazed as they both took in cold breaths.

No one had realised that Zhao Feng had kidnapped Heiyun Master as their attention was all on the little thieving cat. Even the Fan Flying Bandit was thinking about the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal on the little thieving cat.

Heiyun master didn’t resist at all and allowed Zhao Feng to drag him towards the East door with a dazed expression.

“Thief, stop!”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s heart went cold as he roared.

The reason he could progress so fast was all because of Heiyun Master.

This meant that whoever had Heiyun Master could reach at the destination point the quickest.


The Fan Flying Bandit’s heart was burning as he circulated his Qi of True Spirit and pounced towards Zhao Feng but the latter was too close to the East door.


In almost an instant, Zhao Feng had reached the East door and placed his palm on it.


The door rippled and a green light enveloped Zhao Feng which also reached out to Heiyun Master.

Before going in, Zhao Feng first pushed Heiyun Master in.


The Fan Flying Bandit roared and almost exploded from anger as he watched Zhao Feng enter the entrance to the third floor.

He could only use all his strength to produce a single attack.


A terrifying ripple shot out which could rip normal Mortal weapons into pieces.

“Ball of Lightning!”

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power and a small ball of lightning consisting of countless arcs of lightning appeared in his palm.

This move was a more condensed version of Ring of Lightning.


The eye-catching ball of lightning exploded and clashed with the ripple.

In that instant, even the door shook.

Half of Zhao Feng’s body had already passed through the door, so in reality, he only faced half of the power.


The door closed and Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared.

Before the door closed, Zhao Feng even heard the Fan Flying Bandit’s scream which caused the second floor to tremble.


Zhao Feng wiped the blood from his mouth.

Next to him, Heiyun Master regained his normal expression before looking at Zhao Feng deeply, “The younger generation has surprised us.”

“Master, I hope that you won’t resist and cooperate with me.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

His blue hair was calm and the little thieving cat sat on his shoulder while nudging his face, as if saying how good it was.

Heiyun Master was stunned.

In just one glance, this youth gave him a feeling that he was unable to resist.

“This move is terrifying.”

Heiyun Master gazed at Zhao Feng praisingly but then his tone changed, “However, I’ve been poisoned by the Fan Flying Bandit and will die in half a day if I don’t have the antidote.”

“Do you think I haven’t seen that you’re poisoned?”

Zhao Feng laughed and took out a grey Spiritual pill.

“This… is the antidote, the ‘Hundred Dissolving Pill’, made by Water Moon Pirate!”

Heiyun Master exclaimed with joy.

This Hundred Dissolving Pill was something that Zhao Feng had received on the first floor.

The East side was the lucky side and only Zhao Feng had this antidote.

Heiyun Master immediately ate the Hundred Dissolving Pill and the poison within him was quickly cured.

“Thank you. I will help you with all my strength.”

Heiyun master said deeply.


Heiyun master was slightly hesitant, “I’m confident in letting you enter the third floor the fastest, but you should know the Fan Flying Bandit’s strength.”

“Relax. From this moment onwards, I control everything.”

Zhao Feng’s voice contained a power that had the ability to calm others.