King Of Gods Chapter 294

Chapter 294 – Reaping the Rewards
Chapter 294 - Reaping the Rewards

Time passed by in the Water Moon Secret Cave.

The nine rooms leading towards the third floor were far more dangerous and troublesome than those before.

The progress of the Fan Flying Pirate, Master Bi, and Severed Blood Bald Eagles’ group were all extremely slow whereas Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master’s speed easily surpassed normal Mechanisms Masters.

While the three parties were slowly making their way through the nine rooms, Zhao Feng was cultivating.

The first thing he consumed was the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid.

The Hundred Flower Saint Liquid was a secret item created by the Hundred Flower Chapter and helped one’s enhancing the transmutation rate of their True Force to Qi of True Spirit.

It was technically an upgraded version of the Shedding Spiritual pill.

The Hundred Flower Saint Liquid’s effect was stronger than the Shedding Spiritual pill but the best feature was the fact that the energy was released slowly. Thus, when the cultivators consumed it, it wouldn’t destabilise their foundation.

“My mental energy level is extremely powerful and not any weaker than normal True Spirit Realm’s. It doesn’t matter even if I ate Spiritual pills.”

Zhao Feng steadily circulated his True Force.

After having taken the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid, Zhao Feng felt the True Force in his body undergo a change, and this change would even occur on his flesh.

The Hundred Flower Saint Liquid was not turbulent and Zhao Feng felt his cultivation close in on the peak 7th Sky.

At this moment, Heiyun Master had also reached the last point in solving the mechanisms around the coffin.

Zhao Feng rose and took off his eyepatch as he fully utilised his God’s Spiritual Eye to inspect every detail in order to help Heiyun Master.

Heiyun Master let out a breath. The core mechanisms of the third floor were harder than he had imagined and his abilities were raised to its limits. However, with Zhao Feng’s help, half the pressure was lifted.


A rainbow-coloured light began to glow from the crystal coffin and the lid of the coffin automatically opened.

“Those with fortune and blessing. One can see your strength and wisdom in passing through the mechanisms and reaching here. If it’s possible, I hope that you, the person who will receive my inheritance, will help me do something.”

A calm voice from a man sounded and Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master’s figures froze as they stared at the crystal coffin.

Inside the crystal coffin.

The corpse of the Water Moon Pirate slowly rose with honest eyes.

“Could this be the Reformation of the Past Technique from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance?”

Heiyun Master took a deep breath as he stared at the Water Moon Pirate who seemed to come to life.

At this moment, an aura of life emerged from the Water Moon Pirate’s body and a voice sounded from his mouth.

However, every action seemed to be prepared before his death and was replayed under some certain condition.

“My will is in the Three Flower Treasured Lotus. As for the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, this is a Holy skill of the Wicked path and needs the blood of Yin to open it. If one uses force, it will cause the entire Water Moon Cave to crumble.”

After speaking, the Water Moon Pirate glanced around before lying back down as the aura of life in his body disappeared.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but exclaim and sigh. The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance even had methods to replay the past of the dead.

Everything was going according to Zhao Feng’s plan and the only thing outside expectations was that the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible needed the Blood of Yin to open it.

“What’s the blood of Yin?”

Zhao Feng asked curiously as he quickly retrieved all the items within the crystal coffin.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was full of excitement as it leapt into the coffin and jumped around the Water Moon pirate’s corpse as it collected the precious items.

“The blood of Yin is the Virginal blood from a girl with a certain type of body.”

Heiyun Master coughed as he awkwardly explained.

Zhao Feng finally understood why Master Bi wanted to bring Bi Qiaoyu along.

Furthermore, Bi Qiaoyu had also learnt about mechanisms from Heiyun Master.

A while later.

The cat and human took everything from the crystal coffin.

The most precious item was obviously the Three Flower Treasured Lotus whose worth exceeded that of the Water Moon Peach God Fan and Hundred FLower Sack combined.

Apart from the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, there was also a dozen or so items whose worth were all at least at the Spiritual grade.

Amongst these were three Low tier Spiritual grade item and one Mid tier Spiritual grade. These were all the best of the best and their value far exceeded those from the first and second floor.

“Mystic Flower Saint Liquid: Created from four different saint liquids including the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid, making a supreme saint liquid and is helpful for those at True Spirit Realm to comprehend the Heaven Earth Great Daos and form the Seed of Laws. Increases the chances of reaching True Mystic Rank by 30%.”

“Heaven Luo Mystic Cloak: Resilient to fire and water. Cold in summer and hot in winter. Created from Heaven Luo and is extremely tough. It can weaken the attacks of True Force and similar attacks. Almost impossible to take damage from those under the True Lord Rank.”

“Life Extension Pill: Increases one’s lifespan by 50 years. No effect if one dies from unnatural death.”

Each and every item in sight were all extremely rare and could have been worth an entire city.

Even the Low tier Spiritual grade items here were worth several times more than other items of the same grade.

Items such as the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid, Heaven Luo Mystic Cloak, and Life Extension Pill had immeasurable value.

The Mystic Flower Saint Liquid helped cultivators reach the Second Heaven of the True Spirit Realm, the “True Mystic Rank”.

Although the Heaven Luo Mystic Cloak technically was not considered a Spiritual grade item, it was an extremely rare item that was almost indestructible and could reduce damage from the attacks of True Force and Qi of True Spirit.

The Life Extension Pill could extend one’s life; this was against the heaven’s will.

The lifespan of mortals were around a hundred years and a Life Extension Pill could increase their lives by half a century.

Zhao Feng received a total of three Life Extension Pills and its use would only be useful if it was taken only once.

Zhao Feng was only a teenager and the Life Extension Pill wasn’t as tempting for him.

It was Heiyun Master whose age had exceeded a hundred who was moved by the Life Extension Pill.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and gave Heiyun Master one pill while keeping the other two for his parents.

Heiyun Master was full of gratitude and immediately ate it.

There was also an item or two that Zhao Feng didn’t need but Heiyun Master had uses for, hence Zhao Feng gave the latter the items.

Heiyun Master’s gratitude and admiration came from the bottom of his heart.

Before this, he had been kidnapped by the Fan Flying Bandit and the latter gave him nothing. However, Zhao Feng gave him several precious items including a Life Extension Pill.

After the items within the crystal coffin had been completely scoured, Zhao Feng shifted his gaze towards the sealed Mystic Flower Treasured Bible on top of the crystal coffin.

“Is there any other way to take this Mystic Flower Treasured Bible?”

Zhao Feng asked.


Heiyun master shook his head. The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible needed a unique material to open. It didn’t matter how skilled one was in mechanisms.

“Blood of Yin… aye……”

Zhao Feng thought about it and immediately gave up.

Although the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was precious, it wasn’t as great as his Lightning Inheritance.

“However, we need to open the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible to open a path to the outside world or else we need to wait 49 days till the Water Moon Cave reaches the surface.”

Heiyun Master continued.

Hearing this Zhao Feng couldn’t help but ponder.

After they had reached the third floor, there was no more doors and the entrance they came through had automatically closed, leaving no path of retreat.

This mean that they wouldn’t be able to leave if they didn’t open a path.

“Oh well, without having decisiveness, how can one meet true fortune?”

Zhao Feng could only accept this.

This was something else that he had not expected.

The first was that the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible needed the Blood of Yin to open and the second was that they couldn’t exit from the path they came in.

“If you can refine the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and prepare, you could be able to resist those at the True Spirit Realm.”

Heiyun Master suggested worriedly.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and listened to Heiyun Master as he refined the Three Flower Treasured Lotus.

In its original form, the Three Flower Trasured Lotus was the size of a palm. However, when it was used, it could expand to half a yard.

In reality, Heiyun Master was worried as to whether Zhao Feng could actually refine the Three Flower Treasured Lotus or not.

In order to refine the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, one had to possess strong spiritual sense and had cultivated a certain skill or possess a bloodline power.

Zhao Feng had refined the Three Flower Treasured Lotus smoothly.

His mental energy level was comparable to those at True Spirit Realm and his spiritual sense wasn’t much weaker than those at the True Spirit Realm. It was just that he didn’t use it often.

The God’s Spiritual Eye increased the speed of refining the item by several folds and in terms of bloodline power, he had an ancient bloodline within him that even the Flooding Lake City Lord thought well of.

Therefore, Zhao Feng had attained the minimum requirements and could refine at a faster pace due to his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Two days later.

Zhao Feng successfully refined the Three Flower Treasured Lotus.


The Three Flower Treasured Lotus expanded to half a yard long and the three petals of blue, red, and purple enveloped Zhao Feng, protecting him.

Zhao Feng then asked Heiyun Master to attack him with all his strength.


The surrounding petals intertwined and dissolved the attack.

Zhao Feng sat in the centre, completely unharmed.

The Three Flower Treasured Lotus could even manage to fit two people within and hence, create a stronger defense with their True Force as well as last longer.

The Three Flower Treasured Lotus were also extremely fast, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be utilised at this moment.

“After refining the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, you’ll be able to fight against one True Spirit Realm, but it will be dangerous against two.”

Heiyun Master had a solemn expression.

“Hehe, I still have room for improvement.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly as he sat down on the Three Flower Trasured Lotus to cultivate.

The Three Flower Treasured Lotus released a scent that could gather Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and help with cultivation.

Zhao Feng took another small sip of the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid as he started to cultivate once again.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng’s cultivation had reached the peak of 7th Sky and his True Force circulated smoothly.

At this point in time, there was only one third of the bottle remaining.

Zhao Feng gulped it all down and consumed some other rare pills.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also started to insanely consume the precious spiritual pills.

Looking at the crazed actions of the human and cat, Heiyun Master couldn’t help but sweat coldly.

The amount of spiritual pills consumed here could make normal cultivators explode or otherwise, create instability.

However, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat couldn’t be explained with normal.

The little thieving cat itself was unexplainable.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was comparable to those at True Spirit Realm. There wasn’t too much of a problem if he reached True Spirit Realm.

Three days later.

A portion of the True Force in Zhao Feng’s body had turned into the Qi of True Spirit.