King Of Gods Chapter 295

Chapter 295 – Against the horde (1)
Chapter 295 - Against the horde (1)

The third floor of the Purple Bronze Coffin.

A azure haired youth sat on a three coloured petal shaped lotus and wore the Heaven Luo Mystic Amor. He seemed extremely handsome and the faint blue in his left eye made him seem slightly cold.

At this moment.

A faint aura of half step True Spirit Realm began to emanate from Zhao Feng.

The only difference between 7th Sky and half step True Spirit Realm the fact that the latter had the Qi of half step True Spirit.

Even if only a wisp of True Force was converted to Qi of half step True Spirit, it still meant that they had reached another stage.

Having the Three Flower Treasured Lotus meant that Zhao Feng’s efficiency of utilising the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid had reached the maximum.

Heiyun Master’s eyes were filled with complexity and admiration.

Using this chance, Zhao Feng had stepped out a step that many couldn’t do in dozens of year and this wasn’t just based on luck.

From the jaws of three True Spirit Realm experts, Zhao Feng had stolen Heiyun Master and taken all the treasures from the third floor. It could be said to be stealing food from a tiger.

“The Three Flower Treasured Lotus is indeed a great item. My mental energy level was originally high and with this, I was able to comprehend even further.”

Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes.

The Qi of half step True Spirit continued converting within his body.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was comparable to True Spirit Realm and could absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. With the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, it was like adding wings on a tiger.

Heiyun Master watched Zhao Feng’s cultivation increase. What made him most surprised was that Zhao Feng’s control of his Qi of half step True Spirit was smooth and there was no instabilities.

The occasional gleam in Zhao Feng’s eyes created more pressure than any other half step True Spirit Realm cultivator Heiyun Master had seen.

He could see that Zhao Feng was doing his best to conceal his aura.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng’s Qi of half step True Spirit had reached 10%. Such terrifying speed caused Heiyun Master to be astounded.

“If you have a bloodline power but not a strong enough spiritual sense, it’s not possible to refine the Three Flower Treasured Lotus. Even if you had the Three Flower Treasured Lotus as well as the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid, the conversion rate of Qi of half step True Spirit couldn't be so fast. Could it be that you possess the legendary Heaven Spiritual Body?”

Heiyun Master took a deep breath and brought forth his suspicions.

The Heaven Spiritual Body was the most talented body type and only such a body would be able to cultivate so quickly.

“If I have a Heaven Spiritual Body, I probably wouldn’t be at the Ascended Realm anymore.”

Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled.

Putting aside the Heaven Spiritual Body, even a High tier Earth Spiritual Body had a chance to reach the True Spirit Realm before the age of twenty.

He didn’t explain and his mental energy level rose abruptly, causing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to become more active.

Heiyun Master’s mental energy suddenly felt suppressed, “Your… your mental energy level is comparable to those at True Human Rank!”

“No wonder you could successfully refine the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and convert your Qi of half step True Spirit so quickly.”

Heiyun Master finally understood.

If someone’s mental energy level exceeded their cultivation, then their cultivation speed couldn’t be measured by normal means.

This was like making a True Spirit Realm expert restart cultivation from the beginning. They would cultivate at a pace of a thousand miles.

“It’s already been five to six days. The other three parties haven't arrived yet?”

Zhao Feng changed the topic as he shifted his gaze towards the other three doors.

According to Heiyun master’s calculations, these people needed five to ten days to reach here.

This was a good thing for Zhao Feng as it gave him more time to prepare and cultivate.


The little thieving cat rolled down from Zhao Feng’s shoulder in its sleep. Its tiny stomach protruded out cutely.

“This cat ate way too much.”

Zhao Feng sighed and put the little thieving cat back into his Spiritual Pet Bag.

Heiyun Master stared at the little thieving cat with a thumping heart. It had eaten far too much. The number of spiritual pills it consumed could make several cultivators at True Spirit Realm explode but all the little thieving cat did was fall asleep.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could see the spiritual pills in the little thieving cat’s body convert at a rapid pace but the unusual fact was that the little thieving cat never grew in size.

Zhao Feng also didn’t know the little thieving cat’s exact strength but there shouldn’t be any problem for it to play with a few half step True Spirit Realm experts.

It seemed the little thieving cat wouldn't awaken for a period of time.

Its body was in deep sleep and was undergoing some changes similar to how Zhao Feng had in the river.

“Oh yeah! Little brother, what request did the Water Moon Pirate have?”

Heiyun Master couldn’t suppress his curiosity.

After all, the Water Moon Pirate was a legendary figure in Canopy Great Country.

What request would he ask?

This request was contained within the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, and after refining the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, Zhao Feng knew the answer.

“This request is related to Empress Qin…”

Zhao Feng paused, as if he didn’t want to speak any further.


Both First Elder’s letter and the Water Moon pirate’s request needed Zhao Feng to find Empress Qin.

What type of person was Empress Qin?

Zhao Feng’s heart was filled with expectation and wary but no matter what, this was his mission.

As Zhao Feng was cultivating, the other three parties were solving the passages.

The nine rooms in the West side.

“This is the final room. Just one more step until we reach the third floor.”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s face was full of fatigue and excitement.

“Senior martial brother, just one more step and we can take back everything.”

The flower dressed beauty’s face was filled with expectation.

Their hatred towards Zhao Feng had reached a terrifying level and even if Zhao Feng was willing to hand everything over and surrender, they would still torture him to death.

At the same time.

Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagles’ parties were all in their respective ninth rooms, doing their best to solve the mechanisms.

“Even if that blue haired brat can get the treasures, he won’t be able to escape.”

The azure robed daoist said darkly as the ninth room was about to be solved.

The ninth room of the South.

“Master Bi, after we enter, can we not give Brother Feng trouble?”

Bi Qiaoyu pleaded.

“Qiaoyu, you think too simply. Even if we don’t become enemies with him, will the Fan Flying Bandit let him go? Will the greedy and notorious Severed Blood Bald Eagle let him go?”

Master Bi shook his head as he spoke.

Hearing this Bi Qiaoyu’s expression went dim as she wasn't able to retort.

That’s right, the strongest side right now was still the side of the Fan Flying Bandit.

If Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle didn’t cooperate, they would probably be dead right now.

“Unfortunately, a young prodigy like him….”

Master Bi said regretfully.

He was beginning to regret that he didn’t use Zhao Feng properly, otherwise, it could have been him controlling the situation.

But in this situation… Zhao Feng must die.

The speed of each party had reached their maximum but the fastest side was the Severed Blood Bald Eagle’s.

The azure robed daoist was a grave robber and was experienced in mechanisms. Teaming up with the Severed Blood Bald Eagle gave them a bit more speed.


The North door opened and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle, azure robed daoist and another half step True Spirit realm walked into the third floor.

“Zhao Feng!”

The three locked onto the figure in the middle.

An azure haired youth wearing the blue and white Heaven Luo Mystic Armor sat atop the Three Flower Treasured Lotus.

Apart from him was also a short elder sitting a behind Zhao Feng.

Gazing at the empty crystal coffin and the lonely corpse, the expressions of the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and company changed drastically.

“The Three Flower Treasured Lotus, Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. This brat has taken everything!”

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and the azure robed daoist all revealed expressions of greed and shock before it turned into excitement and joy.


Kill him and take the items!

The three charged towards Zhao Feng.

They knew Zhao Feng’s strength. He was stronger than normal half step True Spirit Realm experts and now that they had a True Spirit Realm and two half step True Spirit Realm’s as support, the three of them could easily kill him.

Sou-- Sou-- Sou--

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle lept towards Zhao Feng and unleashed a critical attack.

The aura of True Spirit Realm at that instant made Heiyun Master unable to breathe.

Zhao Feng sat on the Three Flower Treasured Lotus with a mocking expression.


The Three Flower Treasured Lotus extended its blue, purple, and red petals and formed a three-coloured light which protected Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master.


The chaotic attacks landed on the Three Flower Treasured lotus. However, the latter was as stable as Mt Tai.

Zhao Feng sat on the lotus and didn’t move as all. The Heaven Luo Mystic Armor he wore rippled slightly.

How was this possible??

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and company's’ eyes almost popped out.

The attacks of the three combined would injure, if not kill a True Spirit Realm expert but the youth sitting on the Three Flower Treasured Lotus was completely unharmed.

“The Three Flower Treasured Lotus is indeed worthy of being a precious item from the Wicked path. Back then, the Water Moon Pirate relied on this to escape from the pursuits of True lord Rank experts.”

Heiyun Master sighed with joy.

He had to admit, he had underestimated the Three Flower Treasured Lotus. The fact that it had to be placed on the third floor displayed it’s importance.

“How could he have refined the Three Flower Treasured Lotus??”

The azure robed daoist roared with disbelief.

The three then unleashed a storm of frenzied attacks but wasn’t able to break its defense.

If they were outside, the Three Flower Treasured Lotus would have flown off by now.

“What the heck….. I suddenly feel tired…. I really want to sleep….”

The half step True Spirit Realm pirates’s eyelids became heavy as his body swayed.

Even the azure robed daoist felt extremely tired.

“The more we attack, the more tired we feel…. This is the supporting scent from the Three Flower Treasured Lotus.”

The expressions of the three changed as they quickly retreated.

The Three Flower Treasured Lotus was a holy item from the Wicked Path which could release three scents apart from flying and defense.

This scent was something that even those at the True Spirit Realm could not fully resist.