King Of Gods Chapter 298

Chapter 298 – Water Moon Pirate
Chapter 298 - Water Moon Pirate

The shaking started to calm down.

The third floor of the giant coffin.

Everyone was dead silent as they stared at the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible in Zhao Feng’s hand.

There was a crack on the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible that seemed like it would explode at any time.

“Brat… stop!”

The Fan Flying Bandit roared with red eyes. It was a holy item of the Wicked path and it was now going to be destroyed?

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle, azure robed daoist, flower dressed beauty and company were all tense.

Being a Wicked martial art, the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible took Yin to replenish Yang and it could increase cultivation levels quickly.

This was the foundation of the Water Moon Pirate.

“You… are you really going to destroy it… ” Heiyun Master said in disbelief.

He never would have imagined that Zhao Feng had the decisiveness to try and destroy the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible in one punch.

Bi Qiaoyu’s eyes were full of tears as she looked at the youth in front of her. She had already decided to sacrifice herself to allow the other’s success, but Zhao Feng’s actions had shocked everyone.

If the Water Moon Cave crumbled, then let it crumble.

After the evolution of the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng became colder and more dominant, doing things without caring too much about the consequences.

The blue in his left eye seemed like a ice pond.


Lightning flashed in Zhao Feng’s palm as the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was shredded into pieces.

After destroying the Hundred Flower Sack, Zhao Feng had also destroyed the country-shocking skill - the Mystic Flower treasured Bible.

Of the four Water Moon Four Treasures, two had been destroyed by Zhao Feng.

“You… ”

The Fan Flying Bandit was dazed as limitless rage and hatred exploded from him.


A streak of blood appeared from the corner of his mouth. All his plans and calculations, the Hundred Flower Sack and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible had been destroyed by this youth in front of him.

“You... you actually destroyed the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.”

Master Bi couldn’t even breathe properly.

Severed Blood Bald Eagle, the azure robed daoist and company were all dazed.

“I’ve destroyed the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. Now, will the Water Moon Cave crumble or… ”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

If he was correct, all the main mechanisms were on the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.


The Water Moon Cave and Purple Bronze Coffin started to shake once again, causing them to be put off balance.

“Hahahaha… ”

A long laugh sounded throughout the entire Water Moon Cave.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat - the voice didn’t belong to anyone here.

“Mas… Master… ”

The youth wearing the brocade shook as he looked at the crystal coffin.

The long laugh had came from the crystal coffin. The Water Moon Pirate’s corpse had once again ‘Reformed from the Past’ and gave off an aura not much different from the True lord Rank.


The Fan Flying Bandit and flower dressed beauty both kneeled on the ground with fear and shock.

“Fortuner, I admire your decisiveness.”

The Water Moon Pirate slowly rose and the aura of life from his body increased.

“Master, you’re alive!”

The Fan Flying Bandit and company were stunned.

Returned to life.

Zhao Feng found this hard to believe. Was it really possible for the Water Moon Pirate to return to life?

Heiyun Master was also stunned as he stared at the Water Moon Pirate, who seemed no different from a normal man.

The Water Moon Pirate’s eyes contained wisdom, it wasn’t just a normal Reformation of the Past.

“I set two traps, one in the light and one in the dark. The light one only requires the Blood of Yin to get my Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and to continue my legend. As for the two ‘lucky’ fellows that escaped, that was on purpose.”

Slyness flashed in the Water Moon pirate’s eyes and Master Bi and Severed Blood Bald Eagle’s expressions were slightly ugly.

So everything was made by the Water Moon pirate.

The two people that escaped, the map and the news of the Blood of Yin.

“And this would lead to another Water Moon Pirate.”

Mockery appeared on the Water Moon Pirate’s face.

Everyone paused.

The Water Moon Pirate was extremely famous and he did as he pleased.

Such an achievement made others jealous.

“However, my most glorious achievement was only to escape from those at the True Lord Rank and take Yin to replenish Yang but none of it is the Dao of Kings.”

The Water Moon Pirate took a deep breath with a different expression.

His gaze swept across his disciples, then it landed on Zhao Feng.

“My inheritance and Dao are unable to truly face the King Dao. This was why I failed when meeting Empress Qin.”

The Water Moon Pirate locked onto Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was full of wariness but no signs of fear: “Then your trap in the dark… ”

“From this, one can see that the set up for the trap in the light is small. Therefore, I set up another path for those with the decisiveness and daring to destroy the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. Rising after falling. Their future will surpass me - the Water Moon Treasury will only be a jumping platform to them.”

The Water Moon Pirate looked deeply at Zhao Feng.

One light, one dark, two setups.

One was to continue the inheritance and one to surpass the inheritance.

Of the two, the latter was more important.

Hearing this, the hearts of everyone skipped a beat and the Fan Flying Bandit was embarassed. His mindset was only to continue his Master’s inheritance.

Only those with true charm such as this youth would be able to activate the Water Moon Pirate’s true set up.

“Master, how come you’re alive again?” The flower dressed beauty asked carefully.

“This is a secret technique from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance which seals the life of one when they were alive to another lifeform. Even those at the Origin Core Realm might not be able to see this. After a series of unique events, they will return to life. I can only live for a moment.”

The Water Moon Pirate explained and Zhao Feng did find that the life of the Water Moon Pirate was starting to flow away, like a person before their death.

This secret technique was to take the ‘life’ before their death and move it to another ‘timeslot’, so it didn’t go against the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Knowing the truth, the three True Spirit Realms all let out a breath.

If the Water Moon Pirate had really returned to life, the three of them might not even be his match.

“The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance is worthy of being the most mysterious and ancient inheritance. It even has such secret techniques.”

Heiyun master was full of praise.


With a flash, the Water Moon Pirate disappeared and then reappeared in front of Zhao Feng at the next instant. He slowly rose his hand.

Zhao Feng didn’t feel any enmity and faced the Water Moon pirate.

The Water Moon Pirate’s life was fading and Zhao Feng wasn't scared to use secret mental energy techniques to steal his body.


The Water Moon pirate reached out and patted Zhao Feng as a wave of pure energy rushed into the latter’s body.

“What!? This is the Source of True Spirit!”

“Master conserved his Source of True Spirit?”

The expressions of the Fan Flying Bandit and company changed.

The Source of True Spirit was the foundation of the power of those at the True Spirit Realm. It was where the Qi of True Spirit stayed.

The Water Moon Pirate’s cultivation was close to the True Lord Rank and although he was sealed for a hundred years and there was some energy lost, it was still more powerful than a normal True Mystic Rank.

“Could this be the legendary Imbuing Cultivation skill?”

Zhao Feng didn’t move and he used his God’s Spiritual Eye to detect the changes in his body.

The Water Moon pirate didn’t directly merge his Source of True Spirit into Zhao Feng’s body as it would shake the latter’s foundation.

He first used his Source of True Spirit to cleanse Zhao Feng’s body and open up his meridians. Then he sealed most of the energy into the depths of Zhao Feng’s dantian. This seal was extremely mysterious and it could turn the energy into a different form.

Zhao Feng felt that his Qi of half step True Spirit had reached 50% and it wouldn’t destabilise Zhao Feng’s foundation.

Firstly, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was high enough, so it was possible for him to even control the Qi of True Spirit if the quantity wasn’t large.

Secondly, the Water Moon Pirate had opened up his meridians, dantian and body attributes.

“Your mental energy is so high! If you’re willing, I can help you break through to the True Spirit Realm.” The Water Moon pirate said joyfully.

“Not now.”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded in the Water Moon Pirate’s mind.

Only walking step by step himself with a strong foundation would he feel safe.

The Water Moon Pirate paused before raising his head to laugh: “Good, good, I underestimated you. With such a large source of mental energy and a powerful eye bloodline, even if there was no Water Moon Treasury, your future will easily surpass mine.”

Soon, the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit was sealed in Zhao Feng’s body and Zhao Feng’s Qi of half step True Spirit reached 50-60%, surpassing Heiyun Master’s.

At this moment in time, 80-90% of the life from the Water Moon pirate’s body had faded.

“There’s still one more secret. Don’t resist with your mental energy.” The Water Moon Pirate’s voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s head.

Zhao Feng controlled his mental energy and a source of information went into his mind.

This information were related to the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance and included some mechanism scripts and a map.

“Heaven’s Legacy map!” Zhao Feng was shocked and almost said aloud.

“This was stolen from the Imperials. There’s a total of 48 scripts and each script will contain some secrets of the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.” The Water Moon pirate explained.

After doing all this. the Water Moon pirates’ eyes dimmed as his lifespan reached its limit.

He returned to the crystal coffin and turned his gaze towards the youth in brocade and flower dressed girl: “Jin’er, Yue’er.”

“Master.” The Fan Flying Bandit and flower dressed girl said respectfully.

Although the Water Moon pirate had died, their Master’s dignity was not to be gone against.

“Remember never to become his enemy. If you’re willing, you can become his servants. This is my will and advice.”

After saying this, the Water Moon Pirate’s life span ended and he closed his eyes.


The entire Water Moon Cave suddenly started to shake and sink downwards.

A large shining green bronze door appeared on top of everyone.

“Don’t be his enemy?”

“Make us this brat’s servant? How is this possible?”

The youth wearing the brocade and flower dressed girl half kneeled on the ground as disdain and coldness flashed through their eyes.

They had obviously not put the Water Moon Pirate’s will and advice to heart.