King Of Gods Chapter 300

Chapter 300 – Mysterious Empress Qin
Chapter 300 - Mysterious Empress Qin

The deadly and sly Fan Flying Bandit paid the price of one arm and was severely injured when he escaped.

The Water Moon Pirate’s words seemed to resound in his ears, “Remember never to become his enemy. If you’re willing, you can become his servant. This is my will and advice.”

At this point in time, the flower dressed girl was full of regret.

Although the Water Moon Pirate was dead, he was a legendary figure from a hundred years ago and his foresight and final words were not to be underestimated.

“Master, when you were alive, I always listened to your words. However, now that you’ve died for a hundred years, I’ll make my decisions myself. Become his slave? Hahaha….. What a joke!”

Although the Fan Flying Bandit failed, he didn’t regret his decisions.

Instead, his competitive nature had been stirred. His face was cold and vicious as he said, “After I’ve refined the Water Moon God Peach Fan and break through to the True Mystic Rank, I’ll reorganise the Hundred Flower Chapter and retrieve all that I’ve lost.”

The flower dressed girl tried to persuade him, “Brother Jin, we’ve just obtained the Water Moon God Peach Fan and a lot of resources. Why don’t we listen to Master and refrain from becoming his enemy?”

“Hmph! Only when the Water Moon God Peach Fan and Three Flowered Treasured Lotus are together will they be perfect. The amount of resources that this brat obtained was several times ours and he had also severed of my arms. This hatred will last for eternity. If I can’t take revenge, it’ll become my heart demon.”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s eyes were cold and filled with hatred.

He had planned out everything perfectly and was the predator in waiting, however, everything had been destroyed by that youth.

The Hundred Flower Sack he was so close to obtaining was destroyed by Zhao Feng.

His biggest advantage, the Mechanisms Master, was also taken by him.

The most valuable treasure, the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, was taken by him.

Even the final treasure, the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, was also destroyed by him.

This had created hatred so deep that a heart demon had been born within the Fan Flying Bandit


If this wasn’t taken care of, his state of heart won’t be the same.

The flower dressed girl sighed in her heart and didn’t retort.

According to the Fan Flying Bandit’s plan, they did indeed hold the biggest advantage and he also had a chance of reaching True Mystic Rank.

However, her instincts told her that although Brother Jin’s chance of success seemed high, he would probably fail once again.

After all, the Fan Flying Bandit had the advantage in the Water Moon Cave but still lost to Zhao Feng in the end.

Near the shore.

Zhao Feng sent the Fan Flying Bandit away with his eyes and felt somewhat fatigued.

The battle that had just occured was extremely dangerous. If he didn’t possess the Source of True Spirit, he wouldn’t have been able to take away one of the Fan Flying Bandit’s arm, even with the help of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

However, that battle was also Zhao Feng’s most glorious battle.

To be able to severely injure an expert at True Spirit Realm and sever one of their arms while at the Ascended Realm was rare even in Canopy Great Country.

One had to know that the Fan Flying Bandit was stronger than First Elder from the Broken Moon Clan.

The three Heavens of True Spirit Realm were True Human Rank, True Mystic Rank and True Lord Rank.

The Fan Flying Bandit had definitely reached the peak of the True Human Rank.

The three Heavens all had sub-realms within them.

For example, those who had just reached True Human Rank were at the Beginning stages of True Human Rank and those who had consolidate their cultivation were at the Early stages of the True Human Rank, which was roughly Haiyun Master’s level.

If one’s cultivation went a step further, it would be the late stages, then peak stage.

First Elder was probably in between the late and peak stages of True Human Rank.

Zhao Feng found the Fan Flying Bandit to be a tough match, but if it were someone like Haiyun Master, he could defeat them with just a single glance of his God’s Spiritual Eye.

“If Haiyun master hasn’t made any improvements, I can defeat him with just a single glance.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel excited.

He was now able to defeat those in True Spirit Realm.

Of course.

Zhao Feng’s strength was nowhere near enough to turn the situation of the Broken Moon Clan around.

Up until now, he hadn’t even completed First Elder’s mission.

“I’ll be leaving now.”

Zhao Feng didn’t stay for long and said farewell to Master Bi, Bi Qiaoyu, the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and company.

Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle were full of admiration.

The combined efforts of the duo couldn’t even beat the Fan Flying Bandit but this youth had defeated the latter.

“Brother Zhao, we wish you have a good trip. Everything that had occurred can be forgotten. If you have time, come to the Transverse Water Stronghold.”

“If you need anything, come find the Severed Blood Pirates.”

Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle said promptly.

Bi Qiaoyu also waved excitedly as the azure haired youth disappeared. It was only then that her expression was replaced by disappointment.

Zhao Feng also brought Heiyun Master along as he wanted to send him to a safe location.

“You’re going to the Capital? Then we can go together. I have a True Spirit Realm friend there who can help us.”

Heiyun Master smiled and said.

Zhao Feng put away the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and summoned the Azure Sharp Swallow which flew through the air.

In the Spiritual Pet Bag, the little thieving cat was still asleep. Maybe it was because it had eaten too much in the Water Moon Secret Cave and couldn’t digest it all at once.

Zhao Feng found that the little thieving cat was undergoing a certain change.

He wore the Heaven Luo Mystic armor and sat cross legged.

Zhao Feng had the Source of True Spirit within him so his cultivation increased rapidly.

Reaching the True Spirit Realm was only a matter of time. It could range from a month or two to half a year.

While cultivating, Zhao Feng also inspected the rewards obtained from the Water Moon Treasury.

“Mystic Flower Saint Liquid, Life Extension Pill, Mystic Snake Blood Whip…. Three Flwoered Treasured Lotus…. Heaven Luo Mystic Armor…. Five Elemental Piercing Crystal…..”

These resources and treasures increased Zhao Feng’s potential greatly.

The highest value item was the Three Flowered Treasure Lotus and its uses didn’t need to be explained.

Apart from that, there was also the Mystic Snake Blood Whip, Heaven Luo Treasured Cloak, Mystic Flower Saint Liquid, and a few other items.

The Mystic Snake Blood Whip was a unique weapon which could increase its power from sucking the blood of experts.

The Heaven Luo Treasured Cloak was resilient towards Water and Fire and was almost indestructible. The wearer may be able to block some energy attacks even without using True Force.

The Mystic Flower Saint Liquid could increase the chances of reaching True Mystic Rank.

The Five Elemental Piercing Crystal could raise the power of a Low tier Spiritual grade item by half a grade, and if used with other materials, could upgrade it to the Middle tier.

Apart from that, there was also the Life Extension Pill and the Hundred Uses Pill which were extremely rare.

“The items you don’t need can be auctioned off and I believe it’ll go for a good price. However, you shouldn’t sell some of the items the Water Moon Pirate once owned because some of them were stolen from the Imperial family.”

Heiyun Master suggested.

The reason he could escape unharmed this time was because of Zhao Feng and the latter didn’t mistreat him, giving him several precious items that he didn’t need.

“I’ve heard that the Capital of the Canopy Great Country is extremely advanced and I’ll be going to check it out.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were full of expectation.

The Capital of Canopy Great Country was the territory of the Imperials and the forces there was extremely complex.

Heiyun Master guessed that the reason Zhao Feng was heading towards the Capital without hesitation was because of Empress Qin.

In the Water Moon Cave, Zhao Feng had mentioned that the will of the Water Moon Pirate had something to do with Empress Qin.

What was the will of the Water Moon Pirate?

Even Heiyun Master was curious.

He didn’t know that the reason Zhao Feng was going to see Empress Qin wasn’t only because of the will of the Water Moon Pirate, but also because of his Master.

When his target came closer and closer, Zhao Feng realised that Empress Qin had too many mysteries. It was as if she was shrouded in mist.

There was once an expert that took in three female disciples. The first disciple cultivated the Dao of Life, the second cultivated the Dao of Charm, and the third the Dao of Entertainment.

Liu Qinxin’s Master was the first disciple who chose the Dao of Life and her mother had inherited the Dao of Entertainment.


Of the three female disciples, only the inheritor of the Dao of Charm was left.

The mysterious and noble Empress Qin was the one that had sent off the Water Moon Pirate and the will had something to do with her.

“Mechanisms Master, how much do you know about Empress Qin?”

Zhao Feng asked while inspecting the Mystic Snake Blood Whip.

“Aye, Empress Qin is very mysterious. Some say that her beauty is enough to create war and is extremely poisonous; some say she’s extremely intelligent and helped stabilise the Great Country.”

Heiyun Master shook his head.

Zhao Feng listened silently.

Empress Qin was someone viewed with different opinions just like other figures in history.

For example, the Scarlet Moon Patriarch. Some admired the fact he almost united the continent while others hated him for bringing war.

Time passed quickly.

For the next month, Zhao Feng sat on the Azure Sharp Swallow and familiarised himself with uses of the Mystic Snake Blood Whip.

He wore the Heaven Luo Treasured Cloak and wore a dark silver’Belt’; it was hard to see that this was a Spiritual grade item.

With Zhao Feng’s current cultivation and the sealed Source of True Spirit, he could use the Mystic Snake Blood Whip as he wanted and disguise it.

The power of Spiritual grade items were terrifying. With one whip, Zhao Feng could cut off an entire hill.

Across the Thirteen Clans, Spiritual grade weapons such as this were used to hold the fort and many experts at True Spirit Realm such as Haiyun Master couldn’t even obtain a Spiritual grade weapon.

However, Zhao Feng had more than a dozen Spiritual grade items and most of them were high quality.

Zhao Feng felt smug whenever he thought about it.

“We’re here…..”

The flying steeds nearby became a bit more populated.

Zhao Feng sat on the Azure Sharp Swallow and gazed in shock at the Capital which was ten times the size of the Flooding Lake City.

Heiyun Master was slightly surprised. The Capital was still a thousand miles away from here.