King Of Gods Chapter 303

Chapter 303 – Auction (2)
Chapter 303 - Auction (2)

“One hundred and sixty thousand!!”

“One hundred and seventy thousand!”

“Two hundred thousand!”

Shouts incessantly rang out within the auction.

The Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin was a precious item that came from the Qin Sword Palace and not only was it a sacred item for those that trained in the Dao of Entertainment, it was also valuable as a collectable.

Seeing that the price easily exceeded two hundred thousand, a smile surfaced on Zhao Feng’s face.

“Three hundred thousand!”

A cold woman’s voice sounded from a certain Esteemed Guest Stand and increased the price by a hundred thousand primal crystal stones.

The crowd fell silent and many people glanced towards that stand.

“The people in that stand should be the people from the Qin Sword palace. The Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin comes from there….”

A few of the competitors thought about it and most of them decided to give up.

The Qin Sword Palace was the same as the Iron Blood Religion - it was one of the three major sects and was extremely famous.

Most people didn’t want to offend a monster like the Qin Sword palace and their wealth also couldn’t be compared to it either.

“Three hundred and ten thousand!’

“Three hundred and twenty thousand!”

However, there still was a number of people that had cultivated in the Dao of Entertainment and their cultivation had reached the True Mystic Rank. They also had backing of a powerful force that wasn’t scared of the Qin Sword palace.

“Four hundred thousand!”

The people from the Qin Sword Palace once again added another one hundred thousand which caused the auction go silent once again.

No matter how dumb these people were, they had realised that the Qin Sword palace was bent on buying this item.

Most of the competitors began to hesitate.

Four hundred thousand low grade primal crystal stones was the same as forty million substandard primal crystal stones and was the maximum value of this Qin. If they added more, it wouldn’t be worth it.

“Four hundred and ten thousand.”

A mocking voice sounded from the 5th Esteemed Guest Stand which caused everyone look over - who would dare offend the Qin Sword Palace in public?

However, the 5th Esteemed Guest Stand was next to the Qin Sword palace’s, symbolising that its position was the same as theirs.

“It’s the people from the Wind Cloud Sect!”

“No wonder they dared to offend the Qin Sword palace. The Wind Cloud Sect is also one of the three major sects.”

Everyone understood.

The Wind Cloud Sect was one of the major three sects and apparently, their relationship wasn’t very well with the Qin Sword Palace.

The Qin Sword Palace was closer with the Imperials whereas the Wind Cloud Sect was closer with the Iron Blood Religion.

“Four hundred and fifty thousand.”

The voice from the Qin Sword palace carried a tone of irritation.

“Four hundred and sixty thousand.”

The voice from the Wind Cloud Sect carried a joyful tone.

“Five hundred and sixty thousand.”

The Qin Sword Palace added another one hundred thousand, showing off their wealth.

At the same time, in a certain Esteemed Guest Stand.

“Hmph! If the Wind Cloud Sect raises the price, what can they do with it?”

The eyes of a beauty wearing a gown flashed coldly.

“Goddess Qin is correct. The Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin is only a collectable in the hands of someone that doesn’t know about Entertainment.”

A True Mystic Rank expert nearby smiled faintly.

This time.

The Wind Cloud Sect didn’t raise the price. It was as though they only wanted to play around with the Qin Sword Palace and not go too overboard.

The Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin was sold for five hundred and sixty thousand.

Zhao Feng revealed a satisfied smile. Under normal situations, the price of the Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin was four hundred thousand. Exceeding five hundred thousand was slightly exaggerated.

“Hehe, here’s another precious item from the Water Moon pirate… the “Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown…..”

The plain robed elder smiled and raised his hand.

The True Human Rank beauty next to him presented a Crown that was made of jade and gold. It was elegant, noble and also contained an indescribable nobleness to it.

“Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown!”

“This…. Isn’t this the Phoenix Crown of the Imperials? Apparently, this is the inherited item of every queen…”

The auction went into chaos once again.

The Phoenix Crown was worn only by the queen.

This Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown was an item of the Imperials, and although its value wasn’t even worth more than a Spiritual grade item, its history was not simple.

The 3rd Esteemed Guest Stand.

“Ridiculous! Who dares to sell the inherited crown of the Imperials publicly?”

“Empress, this General here suggests to find out who is selling the crown. Maybe we can follow their trail afterwards and find the location of the Water Moon Treasury.”

There was a dozen people in the 3rd Stand and almost every one of them had reached True Spirit Realm.

The most powerful aura had even reached half a level higher than True Lord Rank.

“It’s not as simple as you think. The Rising Dragon Auction’s background is more terrifying than you imagine. Even at Canopy Great Country’s peak, they didn’t dare touch them.”

An old voice sounded.

“What Grand Elder said is true. The most important mission at hand is to buy the Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown or else it’ll tarnish the Imperials’ name.”

The 3rd Stand soon reached an agreement.

At the same time, in the 50th Stand.

“Heiyun Master, are you sure there won’t be any problems by selling the inherited items from the Imperials?”

Zhao Feng asked .

“Relax, the background of the Rising Dragon Auction isn’t simple. Putting Canopy Great Country’s Imperials aside, even the Ten Great Factions don’t dare touch them easily.”

Heiyun Master laughed.

“The starting price of the Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown is two hundred thousand, every bid must be higher than five thousand.”

The plain robed elder announced.

“Three hundred thousand.”

The second he finished speaking, a person from the Imperials already began to bid and added a hundred thousand.

The auction was dead silent.

The Imperials were, after all, the rulers of Canopy Great Country in name and after Empress Qin became involved in politics, its force was even more powerful than normal sects.

At this point in time, no one dare to bid. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed because he had hoped that the crown would sell for a good price.

However, from the current situation, it seemed that no one dared to offend the Imperials publicly.

Could it be that the power of the Imperials had reached a level where they could order the nine sides and rule supreme?

“Three hundred and ten thousand.”

A faint voice came from the 4th Stand.

The crowd began to break out into discussion because this stand belonged to the Iron Blood Religion.

In Canopy Great Country, the battle between the Iron Blood Religion and the Imperials wasn’t a secret.

“Five hundred thousand.”

The Imperials instantly increased the bid by roughly two hundred thousand and the spectators couldn’t help but become excited.

The eight major forces of the Canopy Great Country had almost split the country into eight and ruled supreme.

Although the battle between the Iron Blood Religion and Imperials was large scale, there wer still some not as powerful forces that were neutral and willing to see this situation.

“Five hundred and ten thousand.”

An emotionless voice sounded from the Iron Blood Religion.

Zhao Feng felt as if this voice was somewhat familiar, it sounded as if it was the blood hair coloured Tiemo.

“It’s the Deputy-Patriarch from the Iron Blood Religion!”

Some of the experts at True Spirit Realm had some interactions with Deputy Patriarch Tiemo.

“Seven hundred and ten thousand.”

The Imperials were extremely wealthy and instantly added another two hundred thousand.

“Seven hundred and twenty thousand.”

Deputy Patriarch Tiemo’s voice was casual.

“Eight hundred thousand.”

“Eight hundred and ten thousand.”

No matter how much the Imperials added, the Iron Blood Religion would always add an extra ten thousand.

Eight hundred thousand had already reached the value of a good quality Low tier Spiritual grade weapon.

Once a weapon had reached Mid tier Spiritual grade, they were already extremely rare. In Canopy Great Country, there wasn’t even many High tier Spiritual grade items.

3rd Stand.

The experts from the Imperials were struggling to restrain themselves.

“Grand Elder, Empress, that Tiemo is extremely shameless and is bent on destroying us.”

“Why not make our moves now and diminish his fearsomeness?”

A True Lord Rank and several True Mystic Rank experts suppressed their rage.

“Don’t make any rash moves, Tiemo’s strength is comparable to a half step Origin Core Realm expert and after refining the Wheel of Light and Darkness, it was like adding wings to a tiger. Even normal True Lord Rank experts face the possibility of dying when facing him. Furthermore, this is the territory of the Rising Dragon Auction.”

An old voice sounded which stabilized the people.

“One million and two hundred thousand.”

“One million, two hundred and ten thousand.”

“Two million!”

The last price finally reached an astounding level and created a wave in the auction.

Two million was almost the value of a Mid tier Spiritual grade weapon and the Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown itself was only worth tens of thousand of primal crystal stones and was only valuable due to his history.

“Isn’t it just a shitty crown? I’ll give it to you.”

The Iron Blood Religion stopped bidding.

The auction had just begun and everything right now was just the entrée. If the two sides were willing, they could easily reach tens of millions of primal crystal stones.

Seeing Tiemo stop, the Imperials let out a breath.

Two million primal crystal stones was worth it.

“Haha, two million primal crystal stones….”

ZHao Feng couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

The Jade Spiral Mystic Phoenix Crown had no uses for him.

He had originally thought that the crown would sell for a couple hundred thousand but had never expected it to reach such a price.

The auction became more fiery as the next couple items reached hundreds of thousand or even millions.

“Everyone here are esteemed guests with status and knowledge. You should know that with the Azure Flower Continent’s current resources, forging, and array skills, some weapons and items are hard to create. Therefore, most of the weapons of the Mid tier Spiritual grade and higher aren’t actually produced by the Azure Flower Continent….”

The plain robed elder smiled as he explained.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Feng’s pupils contracted.

If it didn’t come from the Azure Flower Continent, where did it come from?

“The four great inheritances are actually just the entrance on this continent. The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance, Seven Sword Inheritance, as well as the others are all actually located within dimensions in outer space.”

Only a small portion of the people here were surprised.

Most of the people who were able to enter the Rising Dragon Auction were all high up in the country and were knowledgeable.

“The treasured items from the Four Great Inheritances had always made an appearance in this auction. Previously, it was the Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid form the Mystic Ice Inheritance. This time, it will be a weapon from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance which is ranked third.”

After speaking, the plain robed elder gently waved his hand and the True Human Rank beauty reveal the item.

“This is……!!?”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed drastically as he saw this item.