King Of Gods Chapter 306

Chapter 306 – Empress Qin
Chapter 306 - Empress Qin

The appearance of the Origin Core Sovereign had shocked everyone and none of the True Lord Ranks could even see his actions.

There was only one person who could catch traces of the Mystic Sword Sovereign and that was Zhao Feng but he didn’t dare do so because if he used his God’s Spiritual Eye to lock onto experts at the True Mystic Rank or higher, they would feel something.

No one present had probably actually really witnessed how terrifying the strength of the Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm was.

Only several hundred years ago, when the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had swept across the continent did the few Origin Core Realm experts appear.

“This is indeed worthy of being one of the top auctions across the continent. Even experts at the Origin Core Realm were attracted.”

Heiyun Master admired.

Zhao Feng restrained himself from opening his God’s Spiritual Eye, which had gone with him step by step in this journey.

Back in the country side areas like the Thirteen Countries there wasn’t even a True Lord Rank expert, even the strongest cultivator in the Broken Moon Clan was only at the True Human Rank.

In this continent, Great countries were the most powerful and back in Flooding Lake City, Zhao Feng had read some records which had said that Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm didn’t exactly live in a same world as humans.

Said simply, they were of two worlds.

After the Seven Sword Incomplete Manual was bought, the Rising Dragon Auction only had the last item remaining - pieces of an Earth grade item.

Mortal, Spiritual, Earth, Sky.

This wasn’t just used to distribute skills and talent, it was also used to define weapons.

The laws of the world were extremely profound and when anything such as talent, skill or weapons reached the ‘Earth’ tier, it was enough to shock the world. In Zhao Feng’s mind, only Zhao Yufei seemed to have a unique bloodline which was also a changeable body whose talent was comparable to the Earth grade body.

“Piece of an Earth grade item.”

The plain robed elder calmed his emotions down and signalled for the True Human Rank beauty next to him to reveal an item.

It was a metal piece the size of a palm and its colour would change from black to purple to grey when viewed from different directions.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye quickly scanned over it, but was pushed back by an invisible power that shook his mental energy and almost made him cough out blood.

“Items of the Earth grade have surpassed our knowledge.”

Zhao Feng felt that his actions just then were a bit rash.

Earth grade items were the same as Origin Core Sovereigns - they were not to be spied upon and in reality, most of the Spiritual Sense of those at the True Spirit Realm weren’t hit by the Earth grade item.

Only those at the True Lord Rank felt their heart shake and acted as if they had been struck by lightning.

“Everyone knows that a divine weapon appeared tens of thousands of years ago and the Daguang Lord Country, which was also a Dynasty, was destroyed. Ever since then, Dynasties became legends and forbidden. No other country since dared to call themselves a Dynasty.” The plain robed elder said.

He obviously had to add some detail into the last item.

Zhao Feng didn’t even hear anything about the Dynasties in the Thirteen Countries as it was too far away.

In this continent, it was forbidden for any country to call themselves a Dynasty. Therefore, the only tiers were Small Country, Strong Country and Great country with Great Countries being the biggest force.

“This metal piece has passed through the inspection of several Treasure Inspection masters and the material it’s made of had indeed surpassed the Spiritual grade and confirmed that it is a broken piece of an Earth grade item. This piece might be one fiftieth or a hundredth of the complete item, but even then those at the True Lord Rank would find it hard to control it. More importantly, this piece of Earth grade item comes from somewhere else and contains the intent of at least Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm or even a legendary figure… ” The plain robed elder smiled and said.

Zhao Feng didn’t pay much attention to what was said later on. Those at the True Lord Rank would definitely be eyeing the piece of broken Earth grade weapon, which had the intent from experts at the Origin Core Realm.

“The starting price of the piece of Earth grade item is fifty million, every raise must be at least one million.”

As soon as his words finished, the eight major factions all started to bid.

The material of the piece itself was extraordinary and it might contain intents of those at the Origin Core Realm. If they were lucky, this could give birth to an Origin Core Realm expert.

The Canopy Great Country didn’t seem as if they had any Origin Core Realm experts right now or else the situation wouldn’t be so complex.

“Sixty million.”

“Eight million.”

“Eighty-five million!”

Shout after shout continued.

Without a doubt, this broken piece of Earth grade weapon could surpass a hundred million.

A certain esteemed guest stand.

“Sigh, this piece of Earth grade item doesn’t actually contain the intent of an Emperor at the ‘Void God Realm’ and the intent inside is also very faint.” An old lady sighed lightly.


Her figure flashed and disappeared from her esteemed guest stand with barely anyone realising anything.

The first esteemed guest stand and the second esteemed guest stand were now both empty.

When the old lady disappeared, both Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had a weird feeling and looked in that direction.

The 4th Esteemed Guest Stand.

“Very good, that person’s left now. We can bid for it safely now.”

Deputy Patriarch Tiemo revealed a faint smile.

“One hundred million.”

The blood hair coloured man instantly raised the price to a hundred million.

The auction fell silent an instant before the price started to increase again.

When the price reached one hundred and twenty million, only the Iron Blood Religion and the Imperials were still competing.

The third esteemed guest stand.

“Ai, the Demon Slaughterer Blade and other items before cost us a lot of wealth.”

The people from the Imperials were slightly regretful because the Iron Blood Religion hadn’t spent much on anything before.

This was especially so for Tiemo, who had the Wheel of Light and Darkness that could attack and defend. Normal High tier Spiritual grade treasures could be ignored.

Finally, the piece of the Earth grade item was bought by the Iron Blood Religion with a price of one hundred and sixty million.

Of course, because the Imperials had bought the Demon Slaughterer Blade and other treasures before, they wouldn’t be too far off as in terms in usefulness, the Demon Slaughterer Blade was actually better than the piece of Earth grade item.

With the sale of the Earth grade item, the auction soon ended.

Zhao Feng had got quite a lot of stuff from this auction and the treasures that he had given to the auction had sold for a total of twenty million primal crystal stones.

Although this wasn’t much compared to the super factions, it was still a lot.

“The most important thing is that I’ve found Empress Qin.”

Zhao Feng was satisfied.

Nothing was more important that that.

After leaving the esteemed guest stand, Zhao Feng greeted Tiemo.

“Greetings Deputy Patriarch.”

Heiyun Master was jumping up and down because he didn’t know that Zhao Feng actually knew the Deputy Patriarch.

After saying goodbye to the Iron Blood Religion, Zhao Feng quickly went towards the palace.

“Master, we part ways here.”

Zhao Feng put his hands towards and smiled towards Heiyun Master.

Sending him away with his eyes, Heiyun Master had a complex expression and murmured: “I didn’t think that he would be the mysterious person helping the Deputy Patriarch complete the Wheel of Light and Darkness.”


Zhao Feng’s figure became faint as lightning flashed around him. His God’s Spiritual Eye soon locked onto a flying carriage that had a carving of a Golden Green Phoenix on it.

This flying carriage belonged to Empress Qin and the reason that Zhao Feng locked onto it was because his God’s Spiritual Eye was to attracted to Empress Qin.

“Empress, I think we’re being followed.”

A maid inside the carriage laughed.

In the Canopy Great Country, not many people dared to make any moves on Empress Qin. Wasn’t the Water Moon pirate from a hundred years ago an example?

This maid was also a beauty and her cultivation had reached the True Lord Rank. She obviously wasn’t as simple as a normal maid.

Zhao Feng floated mid air and three Foreseeing bronze coins flipped in his palm.

Soon, the green dressed maid came over and smiled: “Empress invites you to the Water Mist Pavilion to speak.”


Zhao Feng nodded his head and instantly headed towards the direction of the Water Mist Pavilion.

He had been in the Capital for a few days and had copied the map of the Capital into his mind.

Although Zhao Feng used all his speed, he was still slightly slower than Empress Qin’s flying carriage.

A calm, misty area soon appeared not far from the Rising Dragon Auction.

The Water Mist Pavilion was a high class cafe that supplied food and tea.

“Please follow, young master.”

The green dressed maid was waiting outside a room.

Zhao Feng entered the lounge and could faintly see the figure of a peerless beauty behind a bead curtain.

Empress Qin wore a noble dress that draped to the ground and seemed extremely elegant. She had a peerless appearance that seemed to be imprint itself into anyone’s mind.

Her every action, every smile had a mysterious power that moved the heart.

With Zhao Feng’s eyesight, the bead curtain couldn’t stop him - even a wall wouldn’t be able to.

If he was willing, the clothes on Empress Qin could also turn transparent.

However, Zhao Feng had to admit that this woman was too charming. The more he looked, the better he felt. It was as if he wanted to give all the best things he had to her.

“Have you looked enough?”

A sweet voice sounded which made Zhao Feng had the feeling he was being blessed by a goddess.

Behind the bead curtains, Empress Qin’s beautiful face had a hint of solemness in its calmness.

Even those at the True Lord Rank wouldn’t be able to resist her charm, but this youth’s eyes was still mechanically cold and emotionless. It was as if in his eyes, she was only a pile of blood and bones.

“Nope.” Zhao Feng replied honestly.

All he did just then was inspect her and didn’t dare delve too deeply since he didn’t know what level she was at.


Empress Qin laughed and stood up. It was hard to see such honesty in the palace.

What Zhao Feng said was true, the more he looked at Empress Qin who had the power of charm, the better he felt.

In this world, who didn’t want perfection?

Empress Qin’s charm was this kind of perfection. From this perspective, the true Dao of Charm wasn’t actually as despicable as people thought.


The bead curtains opened and Empress Qin’s appearance came fully into view as a wisp of perfume also arrived.

“You escaped the marriage in the Flooding Lake City and came all the way here just to see me?”