King Of Gods Chapter 308

Chapter 308 - Grand Elder
Chapter 308 - Grand Elder

Facing the counterattack of the green dressed girl, Zhao Feng didn’t panic and opened his bloodline power which made his power of lightning surge, creating wave after wave of even stronger lightning that scorched the earth.

The energy in Lightning Wave of Destruction could even slow down experts at the True Human Rank.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit within him, so he didn’t need to worry about the expense of True Force.

“Shameless bastard!”

The green dressed girl blocked Zhao Feng’s attack, but the important thing was that the energy from the Lightning Wave of Destruction still rippled towards Empress Qin behind her.

“Empress Qin, this petal was given to me in the will of the Water Moon Pirate and not my own intentions. Why are you so intent on killing me?” Zhao Feng asked.

According to what First Elder said, the receiver of the letter had a connection with him.

Even if it was just because of this, Empress Qin’s killing intent shouldn’t be this strong.

“Kill him!”

Empress Qin’s face was icy cold and she didn’t even both explaining. If she wasn’t affected by the lotus and the petal in Zhao Feng’s hand, she would have already charged up and ripped Zhao Feng into shreds.

Zhao Feng’s mind quickly spun. There was two situations right now.

One, Empress Qin didn’t care about her past relationship and was bent on killing Zhao Feng for certain reasons.

Two, Empress Qin wasn’t actually the person he was finding.

It didn’t matter which one it was, both were bad for him.

This action here sooned attracted other people within the Water Mist Pavilion.

“I must escape from this place.”

Zhao Feng’s Yin Shadow Cloak flapped and his figure became faint as he charged towards the trees near the bank.

“Bi’er, we must kill him. Send down the order to say that Zhao Feng wanted to rape me and put out a warrant for him across the entire country.” Empress Qin shouted.

“Understood, Empress.”

The green dressed girl turned into a green figure that followed after Zhao Feng, but she didn’t expect the latter’s senses to be so powerful as to hear Empress Qin’s last order. His expression dimmed and turned around: “Empress Qin, I respect that you’re my elder but even if you were calculated by the Water Moon pirate, you shouldn't treat me like so.”

In reality, it was already incredible for Zhao Feng to reach this step.

“Brat, to try and mistreat the Empress. Just die!”

The green dressed female followed Empress Qin’s order to kill instead of capture him.


Zhao Feng’s figure paused and his blue hair blew in the wind.

A faint blue eye as cold as ice turned around and faced the green dressed girl.

A chilling coldness from mental energy filled the air.

“Bi’er, don’t look at his eye.”

Empress Qin was knowledgeable and instantly warned her.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy technique was based on the source of mental energy and the God’s Spiritual Eye’s source of mental energy was terrifying.

This was why no one in the same realm could withstand an eye from Zhao Feng.

If his opponent dodged Zhao Feng’s left eye, his power would decrease by 40% or more.

However, Empress Qin’s warning was already slightly late.

The green dressed girl’s body trembled as she looked into Zhao Feng’s eye for one breath.


Her entire body was soaked with cold sweat, and she lay on the ground unmoving like Empress Qin.

This scene shocked Empress Qin.

At the same time, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye seemed to sense something from several directions.

“One True Mystic Rank, Two True Human Rank and many more experts are coming over… ”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

He knew that he had no way of retreat now.

If there was only one or two True Human Rank experts, he didn’t need to fear them but experts at the True Mystic Rank had exceeded his limit in terms of speed and strength.


Since he was already on the bad side, he lept towards Empress Qin.

“You… ”

Empress Qin’s figure was numb and she couldn’t control herself.

At this point in time, the green dressed girl’s mental energy was depleted and she couldn’t support her own body and could only see Zhao Feng approach Empress Qin.

Empress Qin secretly circulated her Qi of True Spirit. Although she had been calculated by the Water Moon pirate, she was still at the True lord Rank and a wisp of her Qi of True Spirit could kill Zhao Feng if he approached.

A wisp of Qi of True Spirit from a True lord Rank could suppress those at the True Human Rank and Zhao Feng hadn’t even reached the True Spirit Realm yet.

However, all her actions had been controlled by Zhao Feng.


A dark silver ‘belt’ around Zhao Feng’s waist turned into a whip that wrapped around Empress Qin.

In the Water Moon Treasury, the Mystic Snake Blood Whip’s value was closest to the Water Moon Four Treasures as it could increase its power from sucking the blood of living beings.


Empress Qin was wrapped by the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and her blood essence was slowly being drained.

If it was a cultivator the Ascended Realm, their blood essence would be sucked out in just a breath of two.

Hence, her condensation of the whisp of Qi of True Spirit was broken.

As Zhao Feng came closer, the petal on his hand became hotter and the faint red mark on Empress Qin’s forehead became brighter.

The jade petal’s aura would also affect Zhao Feng.

“Guard her.”

Zhao Feng seemed to say to the air.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto Empress Qin’s shoulder and took control of the Mystic Snake Blood Whip.


A three coloured lotus appeared under Zhao Feng’s feet as he kidnapped Empress Qin and ran towards the outer edges of the Capital.

At the same time, the sound of people flying through the air could be heard.

One True Mystic Rank and two True Human Rank experts nearby had arrived.

“If any dares come closer, I’ll kill her.” Zhao Feng said emotionlessly as his eye turned blue.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat nodded its head and gripped the Mystic Snake Blood Whip tighter. It was extremely familiar with tricking people.

A faint mark appeared on Empress Qin’s snow white neck.


The expressions of the nearby True Spirit Realm experts all changed.

The scene in front of them stunned them.

Empress Qin’s clothes were half taken off and her servant was lying on the ground sweating and unmoving.

This led them to think about other things.

No one dared to come close to Zhao Feng and maintained their distance. Zhao Feng’s Three Flowered Treasured Lotus was even a bit faster than normal True Human Rank experts when going all out.

“Quickly, tell the Imperials.”

“Tell the Emperor that someone’s kidnapped the Empress and it seems to be the inheritor of the Water Moon pirate.”

News after news flew across the air.

In just half the time it took to make tea, the entire Capital was shocked.

Because of the Rising Dragon Auction, there were more True Spirit Realm experts than usual.

“Oh my god, am I seeing things clearly? Someone kidnapped the Empress?”

“Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, he’s probably the inheritor of the Water Moon pirate. Don’t go close and watch out for the poison.”

The True Spirit Realm experts in the air clucked their tongues.

The Water Moon Pirate’s fame from a hundred years ago still existed. His poisons could kill experts at the True Spirit Realm invisibly and he was unrivalled against all those under the True lord Rank.

Zhao Feng held Empress Qin hostage and passed through the walls of the Capital, but right at this moment a terrifying aura filled the air.

The air above seemed to crackle with lightning. This was the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi moving.

“Unknowing brat, you better surrender now.”

An ancient voice boomed through the air like a god issuing an order.

True Lord Rank.

At this moment, the experts nearby all held their breaths.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could see the movement of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

“It’s not the True Lord Rank, it’s most likely the half step Origin Core Realm.”

He took a deep breath and scanned around him but didn’t find any traces.

The more important the moment was, the more the God’s Spiritual Eye would twitch.

His left eye saw through a hundred miles and estimated that the owner of the sound was still quite far from him.

“If anyone dares to come within a fifty miles radius, I’ll immediately kill her or do some ‘unseeable’ things in public… ”

Zhao Feng’s expression went cold as he ignored the terrifying power in the air.

“Everyone retreat!”

Empress Qin finally lost her composure. She specialised in charm and if her fame was destroyed, then her foundation in the Imperials that she had built for a hundred years would be reduced to nothing.

Furthermore, there were still people in the Imperials that would love to see her die.

At this moment in time, everyone within a fifty mile radius were removed by the Imperials.

The upper echelons of the Imperials, the Emperor, Elders, Generals… . All arrived.

At this instant, the entire Capital was stunned.

“Don’t harm Qinxin.”

The Emperor was a bulky brown haired man who had immediately evacuated the people nearby after seeing Empress Qin captured.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned around the fifty miles radius and his expression fell: “In the North-East direction, there’s someone on the tree, and in the clouds there’s two. Beside the river there’s four… ”

All of his targets were all at least at the half step True Spirit Realm or higher.

As he said this, the Imperials were all shocked. Although they had cleared the people, they had obviously sent in others to form a rescue team and didn’t expect Zhao Feng’s eyes to be so bright. Putting aside a human, even an ant wouldn’t escape his eyes.

“This kid’s eye bloodline power is terrifying. Call everyone back.” The Emperor said helplessly.

The other Elders and Generals all looked at each other.

Emperor Qin’s status in the Imperials was extremely high and the Emperor was in love with her.

No one would have thought that a youth who hadn’t even reached the True Human Rank could capture Empress Qin.

One had to know that Empress Qin had reached the True Lord Rank and cultivated in the Dao of Entertainment and Charm. Although not specialised in combat, it was still enough to destroy anyone under the True lord Rank. Back then, even the Water Moon pirate was defeated by her.

What was more scary was that his eye bloodline power could see through the air and everything was useless.

Right at this moment, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi began to jump around and condense to an aura that seemed almost able to move the heavens.

This aura was like a sovereign that descended and would make all other beings kneel.

“Grand Elder.”

The Imperials, including the Emperor himself all bowed down.