King Of Gods Chapter 312

Chapter 312 - True Spirit Realm (1)
Chapter 312 - True Spirit Realm (1)

“My decision is final.”

The grand voice resounded throughout the hall.

The white haired Regulations Elder and company were somewhat surprised at the Deputy Patriarch’s decision.

Most of the time, the Deputy Patriarch would think it through with the Elders and Protectors.

The upper echelons were all very respectful towards this blood hair coloured Deputy Patriarch. However, sometimes the Deputy Patriarch would go through the decisions he made alone and the result would prove he was correct - especially if it regarded people.

The blood hair coloured Deputy Patriarch had good eyes in spotting people, but this time everyone looked at each other.

“There has never been such a young Chapter Leader before in the Iron Blood Religion. Zhao Feng is only sixteen to seventeen years old and isn’t even considered an adult in some places.”

The wrinkled Protector thought.

Because he was the one that gave Zhao Feng the warning before in the Capital, he knew about this youth’s history. Even he was questioning the Deputy Patriarch’s arrangement, but since the Deputy Patriarch had made this decision, the group of people couldn’t go against it.

Like this, Zhao Feng became the youngest Chapter Leader in the history of the Iron Blood Religion.

The upper echelons sighed and were curious.

“Deputy Patriarch, which Chapter are you arranging Zhao Feng to lead?”

The white Regulations Elder didn’t disagree and instead changed the subject.

“Which Chapter’s don’t have any Leaders right now?”

Tiemo asked casually.

“The Thousand Water Chapter and Everlasting Sky Chapter, both don’t have Chapter Leaders. Amongst the two, the Thousand Water Chapter is closer and the two Lieutenants are very powerful and the Chapter Leader isn’t decided yet. The Everlasting Sky Chapter is further away and the old Chapter Leader just reached the end of his life… ”

The white haired female said.

“En, arrange Zhao Feng to lead the Thousand Water Chapter.”

Tiemo said without hesitation.

Hearing this ,the expressions of the upper echelons changed.

The Thousand Water Chapter was closer to the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion and the Deputy Patriarch was doing this to help Zhao Feng.

“However… the two lieutenants of the Thousand Water Chapter, Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen, aren’t the type to hold back. They’re very strong and have been eyeing the Chapter Leader’s position. This is especially so for Yun Sha who is now uncontrollable.”

Thinking up to here, the white haired female smiled.

The Thousand Water Chapter was slightly closer to the Capital, meaning that it was more populated and more alluring than furthermore away places.

However, this also meant that competition within the Thousand Water Chapter was big and the factions involved was complex.

Tiemo didn’t seem to think this much and had immediately promoted Zhao Feng to be the Thousand Water Chapter Leader.

“You stay in the headquarters for half a month. I’ll give you a helper to go with you then.”

Tiemo told Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng nodded his head then took his Chapter Leader Token and items as he was going to stay in the headquarters for the while.

“It’ll be hard for this brat to control the Thousand Water Chapter with his current strength and experience.”

“WIth Yun Sha and Chen Meng and their attitudes, they definitely wouldn’t obey such a young and weak Chapter Leader.”

The upper echelons within the hall sent Zhao Feng away with their eyes and a playful smile.

They had foreseen the sight that Zhao Feng definitely wouldn’t be able to last long in being the ‘Thousand Water Chapter Leader’.

“Next, we’ll discuss about the Scared True Dragon Gathering’s progress… ”

Tiemo changed the subject.

Within the Iron Blood Religion, in a peaceful hall with pearls in the ceiling and walls.

Being a Chapter Leader, Zhao Feng was technically an upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion, so his treatment was far better than the norm.

He sat cross legged and merged his consciousness into the second floor of his Lightning Inheritance.

Back at the Flooding Lake, City Zhao Feng had tried to enter the second floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

The requirement to enter the second floor was the cultivation at the True Human Rank, but because Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was high and his God’s Spiritual Eye gave him capabilities to learn quickly, he could comprehend it back then but it was just much harder.

And now. after Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had gone into deep sleep and his cultivation had reached the half step True Spirit Realm, it was much easier for him to comprehend.

Within his mind, the Lightning Inheritance display was more precise and magnified. From a grand to tiny view, he could see the origin of all things.

This was Zhao Feng’s forte. The dimension of his left eye allowed him to copy the usage of skills.

Flowers of lightning bloomed and disappeared in the dimension of his left eye.

Zhao Feng met some tricky questions while comprehending. One of them was that the power of Lightning was very weak in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi unless the weather was stormy.

Some attacks from the True Spirit Realm would become stronger instead of weaker after leaving their body.

This was because of the merging of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Under normal situations, only those at the True lord Rank could merge their Qi of True Spirit with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Those at the True Human Rank could only absorb to a limit but it wasn’t enough to truly merge them together.

“Looks like my bottleneck is because of my restricted cultivation.”

Zhao Feng understood the problem. Only when all of his Qi of half step True Spirit had been converted to Qi of True Spirit would the lightning element within his body interact with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi outside.

Said simply, there was only one problem and that was to break through to the True Spirit Realm.

As long as he reached the True Spirit Realm. Zhao Feng be able to gain insights from the second floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng focused solely on cultivation and organised the items that he had gotten from the Water Moon Treasury and Rising Dragon Auction.


Zhao Feng’s Qi of half step True Spirit started to circulate and crackles of lightning surrounded his body. Those that came close would freeze from being struck by lightning.

“After my Qi of half step True Spirit reached 60%, it’s converting even slower.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed. Anything that came closer to the limit would become more difficult.

Of course, under normal situations, those that had had converted 60% of their Qi of half step True Spirit could try to break through to the True Spirit Realm, but the chances of success wasn’t high.

Zhao Feng released his senses and his Qi of half step True Spirit would escape through his head to sense the countless Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the air.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi included every element. There was lightning, wind, fire…

Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was comparable to the True Human Rank and with his powerful source of mental energy from his God’s Spiritual Eye, he had a greater advantage than most people as he could sense the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

He soon felt a sizzle of the power of lightning.

The first step.

Zhao Feng’s Qi of half step True Spirit interacted with the lightning in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and cleansed his True Force.

Those at the Ascended Realm could do this but only barely.

The second step.

Reach a close affinity with the power of lightning within the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

This step could only be done by those at the half step True Spirit Realm.

Some skills and techniques pursued a state of mental energy and by reaching a close affinity with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, they could release powerful strength.

The higher the level of the skill, the closer affinity one could reach.

“The higher the affinity, the more one is able to absorb the Qi of True Spirit.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Through his senses, he understood more about the True Spirit Realm.

At the same time things that he didn’t understood in the Origin Core Ruins became clear.

As time passed, Zhao Feng’s affinity with the lightning in the air became higher.

Three days later, some of lightening in the air was absorbed into his body.

Because his mental energy level was high enough and he had his God’s Spirit Eye, Zhao Feng could pull more and more lighting Yuan Qi.

On the fifth day, the sound of thunder sounded from above Zhao Feng’s hall.

Those with high cultivation would find that the lightning Yuan Qi here was denser than other places.

Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was the building blocks of the universe.

Humans were an atom and when they absorbed enough Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of a high quality and quantity, they would be able to control more power.

When one’s cultivation was high enough, even an atom could become a Sovereign that ruled the living.

Under the bit of lightning gathering, Zhao Feng’s insights became deeper and this also increased his mental energy.

The tenth day, Zhao Feng could absorb the lightning Yuan Qi as he wished to cleanse his soul and True Force.

At this point in time, the True Spirit Realm had no closed doors anymore. All he needed was time.

“My Qi of half step True Spirit has reached 80-90%. The most important thing is that the quantity of True Force within my body had doubled.”

Zhao Feng smiled as he opened his eyes.Right now, he was only one step away from the last step - to form his ‘Source of True Spirit’ within his dantian.

As long as he succeeded, he would become an expert at the True Spirit Realm.

Apart from that, he was not much different from those at the True Spirit Realm.

After reaching this step, Zhao Feng felt as if he was a fish in the water when cultivating the second floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

Because of his close affinity with the lightning Yuan Qi, he could even capture the lightning Yuan Qi in the air.


Zhao Feng raised his hand and a chain of lightning whipped out and formed a lightning snake half a yard long. In a few breaths time, it didn’t dissipate but instead became stronger.

Without the support of True Force, the lightning snake was still able to wrap around him three times.

This was because when the Qi of half step True Spirit was sent out, Zhao Feng could also capture and interact with the lightning Yuan Qi outside.

Like this, Zhao Feng finally entered the doorway of the second floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

After that, he began to gain insights into the movement skills, offense, defense and some powerful secret techniques.

“Blade of Lightning.”

Zhao Feng raised his hand and with the crackle of thunder, a sharp blade made of lightning appeared. It glittered and shined realistically.

Before this, Zhao Feng could already make a blade of lightning but it was only three feet long and extremely crude. Not only that, it also wasted a lot of True Force.

Now that blade of lightning was a blade that contained a devastating sharpness.


The blade of lightning flashed and a High grade Mortal tier weapon next to Zhao Feng was sliced into two with black fumes pouring out of it.

“What terrifying offense. It can definitely slice open the defensive Qi of True Force from normal True Human Rank experts.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.