King Of Gods Chapter 316

Chapter 316 - Slaying True Spirit Realm
Chapter 316 - Slaying True Spirit Realm

Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

The Yun side family and Fan Flying Bandits’ forces stood around the area, blocking off the exits.

The righteous and wicked force had teamed up and forced the Thousand Water Chapter into a desperate situation.

If there wasn’t any outside help, the Thousand Water Chapter might disappear today.

Yun Sha was full of hatred as all of this was brought by the new Chapter Leader.

Lieutenant Chen Mengzhen had humiliation and sadness written all over her face. There were a few people from the Hundred Flower Chapter nearby that looked at her with wicked expressions and smiles.

As long as the Fan Flying Bandit gave the order, her destiny would become unimaginable.

The sad thing was that the new Chapter leader only cared about his cultivation and hid like a turtle.

The two of them had originally wanted to use the enemies to fight Zhao Feng. But unexpectedly, Zhao Feng was a calamity that had caused this much trouble and he had only arrived at the Thousand Water Chapter a few days ago.

“This Zhao Feng has already reached the True Spirit Realm, so why isn’t he coming? If he and Die Ye came then we’d have the help of two more True Spirit Realm cultivators and at least then there would be hope.”

The more Yun Sha thought about it, the more unbelievable and angry he got.

He had sent people several times to ask for the Chapter leader and Die Ye but the response was the same: “Fuck off”.

Right at this time, a loud clap of thunder resounded across the sky.

“The Chapter Leader is coming.”

After the clap of thunder, an arc of lightning flashed through the sky, creating a beautiful sight.

All of the experts across the Thousand Water Chapter were attracted by that new Qi of True Spirit.

Everyone could see that arc of light within a ten miles radius.

The True Spirit Realm cultivators from all three forces all spread their Spiritual Senses.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve finally come.”

Yun Sha still felt angry, but the Fan Flying Bandit and Head of the Yun side family’s reactions were far more fierce than his.

“Zhao Feng----!”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s voice trembled as he gritted his teeth with a deadly look in his eyes. It was a look that only one of them could survive.

“You’re that Zhao Feng that destroyed my grandson’s future and the hope of the Thousand Water Yun family.”

The Head of the Yun side family’s face was filled with rage and killing intent.

The two experts’ reaction frightened Yun Sha.

Especially the Fan Flying Bandit. It was as if he wanted to eat Zhao Feng’s blood and bones.


The figure that flashed in the air was incredibly fast and it descended with a destructive aura.

The expressions of all the True Spirit Realm cultivators present changed. This aura wasn’t of someone who had just broken through to the True Spirit Realm could have.

“Greetings Chapter Leader.”

All the members from the Chapter bowed down to Zhao Feng.

Yun Sha gritted his teeth secretly, but hr still had to act respectful on the outside: “Chapter Leader, the Yun side family and Hundred Flower Chapter are attacking us and the situation isn’t good. We hope that Chapter Leader can lead us to destroy the enemy.”

He was extremely cunning and immediately gave Zhao Feng the big task.

If the Thousand Water Chapter was destroyed, it would be Zhao Feng’s fault as he was the leader and Yun Sha himself wouldn’t have too much responsibility.

The Yun side family and Fan Flying Bandit’s heart twitched as they felt Zhao Feng’s aura.

In the past, Zhao Feng was just a brat at the Ascended Realm who had powerful methods. However, now that he had broken through to the True Spirit Realm, there would be some difficulty.

“Everyone listen.”

Zhao Feng’s voice entered the minds of the upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

The voice went straight into their mental energy dimensions and it was far better than a normal transmission.

What powerful mental energy!

The upper echelons of the Thousand Water Chapter thought and listened.

“Lieutenant Yun Sha, after the battle starts, you need to lead Elder Gao and stall him for half the time it takes tea to be made. If you can’t, then you’ll face the responsibility.”

Zhao Feng’s voice seemed to contain thunder.

“These subordinates understand.”

Yun Sha snickered coldly in his heart. From his point of view, such an order was courting death.

After Chen mengzhen had been captured, Yun Sha and Elder Gao were the two strongest people and they could stall normal True mystic Rank cultivators for a while when they teamed up. Furthermore, the Head of the Yun side family was old and his battle prowess wasn’t as great as before.

However, apart from the Yun side family, there was another threat.

That was the Fan Flying Bandit.

From a certain point of view, the Fan Flying Bandit’s threat was greater.

This bandit was half a step into the True mystic Rank and he had obtained the Water Moon God Peach Fan, making his attacks comparable to normal True Mystic Ranks.

Furthermore, the Fan Flying Bandit was a leader of the Hundred Flower Chapter and he had various methods that couldn’t be guarded against. Chen Mengzhen had been captured by him.

“This subordinates understands. I will team up with Lieutenant Yun Sha and can manage to finish the task. But the Fan Flying Bandit… ” Elder Gao asked.

“You just need to do your duty. I can handle the Fan Flying Bandit myself.” Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

In just a breath or two, he had completed his setup.

His God’s Spiritual Eye spread across the area and had a clear interpretation of the situation.

“Haha, is this brat so arrogant that he thinks that the Fan Flying Bandit is easy to deal with?”

Yun Sha was overjoyed.

If it was in the past, his chance of victory against the Fan Flying Bandit was between 40 - 60%, meaning that the Fan Flying Bandit wasn’t his match.

However, after getting the Water Moon God Peach Fan and other items from the Water Moon Treasury, his strength had greatly increased.

Now Yun Sha didn’t have much chance against the Fan Flying Bandit.

Zhao Feng’s decision made Yun Sha overjoyed. The only worry was the main headquarters’ reaction when the chapter was destroyed.

“Zhao Feng, if you come and apologize, there still might be a chance of hope.” The Head of the Yun family said deeply.

“Hahaha… Zhao Feng, even if you kneel down, beg for forgiveness and hand all of your treasures over, I still won't forgive you.”

The Fan Flying Bandit smiled gruesomely and a cold blue ripple was unleashed from his Water Moon God Peach Fan. The power contained within it was enough to slay a normal True Human Rank.

Zhao Feng didn’t mind the Fan Flying Bandit and he led some of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter’s men towards the Yun family.

Sou! Sou!

Yun Sha and Elder Gao went according to the plan and went to stall the Head of the Yun side family.

They were certain that they were able to stall the old True Mystic Rank expert for a short amount of time.

But… why was Zhao Feng also charging towards the Yun side family? Wasn’t he going to deal with the Fan Flying Bandit?


Zhao Feng’s figure went faint and ripples of azure lightning spread in the air. An arc of lightning quickly sped towards a True Human Rank Elder of the Yun side family.

He was so fast that wherever he went, shockwaves of lightning would scorch the middle echelon of the Yun side family, leaving them on their last breath.

“Such fast speed! I’ll see how strong the new Chapter Leader is.”

The Yun side family elder’s heart jumped, but he didn’t retreat.

After all, he was a True Spirit Realm expert who had reached the early stages of the True Human Rank. How would he fear a junior that had just reached the True Spirit Realm?


The azure light that Zhao Feng had turned into suddenly increased its speed and it stunned the Yun side family elder.

He didn’t think that Zhao Feng had concealed some of his speed just then.

The power of lightning was what was comprehended from the Lightning Inheritance and contained the essence of speed.

Zhao Feng had conserved some of his speed just then and now had used a secret technique to increase his speed rapidly within a short while.

The lightning surrounding Zhao Feng instantly became more powerful and swept in a radius of twenty to thirty yards. Those below the True Spirit Realm were either instantly killed or lost their battle power.

The Yun side family elder didn’t react fast enough to Zhao Feng’s burst of speed and his body became numb.

This numbing sensation wasn’t enough for him to lose his battle power but it slowed down his reactions.

“Blade of lightning ---”

A three foot long blade of lightning condensed in Zhao Feng’s hand and it started to vibrate. It was as sharp as an electric saw and he stabbed it towards the Yun side family’s elder’s defensive True Force.

Zhao Feng’s blade of lightning was extremely sharp and it pierced quickly through the Yun side family elder’s defense.


The Yun side family elder screamed as he was stabbed in the chest by the blade of lightning. A burnt, bloody hole appeared where he had been stabbed. His body also started to tremble.

The blade of lightning broke after that one attack, but its cracking caused more damage.


A smoking corpse was left on the ground.

An elder from the Yun side family, who was at the early stage of the True Human Rank, had been killed in one move by Zhao Feng.

The hearts of everyone from the Yun side family were shaken and they all took in a cold breath.

Those that had been planning to attack Zhao Feng stopped mid step and they felt that their throats were blocked.

Half of why the Yun side family elder lost so fast was because he had underestimated Zhao Feng.

Who would have thought that a junior that had just reached the True Spirit Realm would be so strong?

“This Zhao Feng dares to ignore me?”

On the other side, the Fan Flying Bandit’s face was cold and filled with hatred.

Zhao Feng was his sole target. He needed to burn the brat into dust and take back what belonged to him in the Water Moon Treasury.

He had locked onto Zhao Feng right from the beginning, but Zhao Feng didn’t even bother with him and treated him like air. Instead, he had charged towards the Yun family.

He roared furiously and charged towards Zhao Feng. After that, he witnessed Zhao Feng making a move on the True Spirit Realm elder and laughed secretly as he planned to kill him from behind.

However, in the next instant, he witnessed Zhao Feng slaying the Yun side family elder with one blade strike.

The Fan Flying Bandit couldn’t help but be stunned. Although the Yun side family elder had underestimated the opponent, Zhao Feng was much more terrifying than he had first thought.

“Zhao Feng, come and die!”

The Fan Flying Bandit was also full of confidence as he held the Water Moon God peach Fan.

After the devastating loss in the Transverse Water Stronghold, he went back to his faction and successfully refined the Water Moon God Peach Fan. He then used some of the resources that he had gained in the Water Moon Treasury to increase his strength.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng turned around and glanced at the Fan Flying Bandit with a smile.

He obviously hadn’t ‘ignored’ the Fan Flying Bandit.

However, in Zhao Feng’s view, the Fan Flying Bandit was actually the easiest to deal with. This was because he had controlled the Fan Flying Bandit’s emotions and aim.

The Fan Flying Bandit hated Zhao Feng after the loss back then and that hatred had reached a level where it became a heart demon.

Therefore, Zhao Feng was sure that the Fan Flying Bandit would try to kill him regardless what.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t do as he wished and purposely evaded him. But he had got his attention at the same time while he charged in the Yun side family and slew an elder.

Killing a Yun side family elder wasn’t without aim - it was actually a very important step of Zhao Feng’s plan.

This was because there was several True Human Rank elders in the Yun side family and he needed to kill at least one to relieve the pressure on the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.