King Of Gods Chapter 318

Chapter 318 - Chopping off Another Arm
Chapter 318 - Chopping off Another Arm

Zhao Feng expressionlessly opened the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus’ defense, which made three petals envelop him.

Now that he had reached the True Spirit Realm, all of the effects of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus increased.

“Beams of Lightning”

Arcs of lightning an arm thick condensed on Zhao Feng’s palm and smashed towards the Fan Flying Bandit.

Although the beams of lightning weren’t as sharp as the Blade of Lightning, they contained a lot of damage and were more suitable for head on attacks.

However, he was destined to have a hard battle facing the Fan Flying Bandit.

The Fan Flying Bandit knew Zhao Feng’s tricks and had a plan.


The Water Moon God Peach Fan in his hand turned into an umbrella that spun and deflected Zhao Feng’s lightning.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan could turn into an umbrella shaped defensive state, but the only weakness was that it could only block attacks from one direction and not as well as the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

Last time in the Transverse Water Stronghold, the Fan Flying Bandit didn’t even think about defense. At that point, he only wanted to beat everyone but had underestimated the opponent and was tricked by Zhao Feng.

Furthermore, the hypnosis towards the Fan Flying Bandit by the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus was less effective than the Fan Flying Bandit of before.

During the last battle, Zhao Feng had made the Fan Flying Bandit more tired with the hypnosis smell and finally found a flaw with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Therefore, after the Fan Flying Bandit returned to his faction, he created an antidote that could resist 60-70% of the smells from the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

“Hmph! Not only did I create an antidote, I also prepared a rare soul item which can increase my resistance to mental energy.”

The Fan Flying Bandit had a smugness in his eyes.

Zhao Feng’s Three Flowered Treasured Lotus would be countered with his antidote and Zhao Feng’s mental energy would be countered with his soul item.

“Fan Flying Bandit can use all of the Water Moon God Peach Fan’s power and doesn’t need to fear normal True Human Rank cultivators with its offense and defense. Furthermore, he came prepared this time.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes glinted.

This meant that his and the Fan Flying Bandit’s offense, defense and speed were all perfect.

The Fan Flying Bandit had the Water Moon God Peach Fan, which made his attacks slightly more powerful. But Zhao Feng had the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, making his defense better.

In terms of speed and movement, the two were both about equal.

As time passed, Zhao Feng and the Fan Flying Bandit’s battle became fiercer and arcs of lightning flashed everyone, making the hearts of those watching twitch.

At a certain instant, Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and used a mental energy technique.


A Buddhist bead on the Fan Flying Bandit’s chest gave off a mysterious light and he seemed to hear the sound of buddhas next to his eye.

The Fan Flying Bandit’s figure shook and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Zhao Feng used mental energy on his flaws and even though the Fan Flying Bandit had a soul protecting item, he had also fallen for it.

Soul items were extremely rare and there were differences in strength. The Fan Flying Bandit’s soul item was only at the peak mortal grade.

“Damn it… ”

The Fan Flying Bandit felt troubled.

His God’s Peach Fan was extremely powerful and he had many methods that even some peak True Human Rank experts would lose to.

But Zhao Feng had the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and the God’s Spiritual Eye which perfectly countered him.

In reality, the Water Moon God Peach Fan could also send a mental energy illusion as it was an item of the Wicked Path to increase the effects of different poisons.

However, the Fan Flying Bandit had tried this on other people and it worked, but it had no effect on Zhao Feng.

Right at this moment in time, Chen Mengzhen had recovered and entered the battle.

She felt gratitude towards Zhao Feng and wanted to come help Zhao Feng deal with the Fan Flying Bandit.

“You go help others.”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded in her head.

“Understood, Chapter Leader.”

Chen Mengzhen looked deeply and respectfully towards Zhao Feng.

When this youth had saved her, Chen Mengzhen had felt the terrifying power in his eye bloodline.

At this instant, Zhao Feng had successfully countered the Fan Flying Bandit’s attacks and if it was her or Yun Sha in his place, it wouldn’t be done so well.

With Chen Mengzhen’s entrance, the situation started to turn.

Chen Mengzhen and Die Ye were both lieutenant level experts that successfully killed or severely injured two or three True Human Rank cultivators.

After that, Chen Mengzhen entered Yun Sha’s battle and helped him suppress the Head of the Yun side family.

The Head of the Yun side family roared in anger, but he had to helplessly retreat with his people.

A smile curled on Zhao Feng’s lips. Rescuing Chen Mengzhen was indeed the critical point.

After the Yun side family was defeated, the Hundred Flower Chapter’s morale dropped and they were soon destroyed by Die Ye and company.

“Chapter Leader, I’ll help you!”

Die Ye waved her arms and entered the battle agilely.

In terms of battle prowess, Die Ye wasn’t any weaker than Yun Sha or Chen Mengzhen and not much worse off than the Fan Flying Bandit.

Zhao Feng and Die Ye suppressed the Fan Flying Bandit.

“Zhao Feng, if you have the skills, come fight me alone… ”

The Fan Flying Bandit roared as his organs almost exploded from anger.

He really didn’t want to see Zhao Feng successfully turn the situation around. How would it feel for the same thing to happen twice?

Zhao Feng’s bloodline power was 70-80% used and a faint cold yet ancient and elegant tattoo appeared on his skin.

Under his bloodline power, all of his attacks seemed to contain a chilling feeling.

At the same time, it would also attack his soul.

After fighting for so long, the Fan Flying Bandit was getting tired and although he had a soul item, Zhao Feng’s mental energy was too strong.

In terms of source of mental energy, Zhao Feng was far stronger than others at the same cultivation level. However, most of it couldn’t be used freely.

With Die Ye’s help, Zhao Feng had the time to use some mental energy skills.

His God’s Spiritual Eye scanned over the nearby experts.

Plop! Plop!

Another True Human Rank and several half step True Spirit Realm cultivators kneeled on the ground as they lost their strength and were killed or captured by the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

The battle became one sided.

Zhao Feng’s strength wasn’t the strongest, but he had the ability to change the tide.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter’s counterattack was absolute.

The Hundred Flower Chapter was defeated.

The Yun side family ran.

Zhao Feng and Die Ye were responsible for killing the Fan Flying Bandit.

The Fan Flying Bandit was enraged. The combined attacks of Zhao Feng and Die Ye had already caused him to be slightly injured.

“Fan Flying Bandit, I told you I’d chop off another arm of yours and cripple your cultivation.” Zhao Feng exclaimed coldly and fought fiercer and fiercer.

The size of the Source of True Spirit in his body was on par with those at the early stages of the True Human Rank.

He also had a bloodline power, the God’s Spiritual Eye and Lightning Inheritance.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng still had the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, which allowed him to counter the Fan Flying Bandit’s methods.

The Fan Flying Bandit gritted his teeth and the Water Moon God Peach Fan closed with a ‘pah’.

Xiu-- Xiu-- Xiu--

The Water Moon God Peach Fan shot out seven deadly weapons.

These seven weapons were either throwing knifes, poisonous needles or deadly weapons.

All of these were extremely fast and surpassed the speed of sound. Their screeching sounds made one’s ears hurt and were faster than most True Human Ranks’ reaction speed.

Under normal situations, one of these weapons alone was able to kill a normal True Human Rank.

The seven of these in theory could kill a True Mystic Rank.

Not good!

Die Ye barely managed to dodge three throwing knives and a poisonous needle that swished past her hair.

There was also a row of needles that covered everything.


An arc of lightning hummed and Zhao Feng dragged Die Ye onto the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

Ding Ding Ding…

The powerful defense of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus managed to block the chaotic attacks.

Zhao Feng was also scared. Luckily, he had reacted fast or else if he only protected himself, Die Ye would be in grave danger.


Die Ye stuck out her tongue and let out a breath.

During this time, the Fan Flying Bandit flew through the air and tried to escape with hatred and unwillingness written on his face.

He first thought that the seven types of weapons would be able to severely injure or kill Die Ye, but Zhao Feng’s reaction speed was just too fast. As the Fan Flying Bandit released these weapons, Zhao Feng had sensed something.

“Fan Flying Bandit, you can’t escape our pursuit.”

Zhao Feng’s laughter was like thunder that sounded across dozens of miles.

He had the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus which could fly extremely fast for a small amount of True Force.

Furthermore, Die Ye would also insert her True Force into the Three Flowered Treasured lotus to increase its speed.

Zhao Feng and company’s speed surpassed the Fan Flying Bandits and they chased after him.

The Fan Flying Bandit was extremely ruffled and tired. There was several places on his body that were scorched and smoking.

The most troublesome thing was that Zhao Feng would send a mental energy attack after finding a flaw, making the Fan Flying Bandit’s heart twitch. He was tired and no longer wanted to fight.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a powerful long range weapon.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful. The Luohou Bow was a Mortal grade weapon and it couldn’t threaten the Fan Flying Bandit much. It wasn’t even as good as him sending arcs of lightning.

“Chapter Leader, he won’t be able to last longer.”

Die Ye smiled faintly.

The Fan Flying Bandit had expended more energy and he was more tired than the two of them.

At a certain instant, Zhao Feng found the chance and once again used a mental energy illusion.

The exhausted Fan Flying Bandit had little resistance and the mysterious light from the buddhist bead on his chest became faint.


The Fan Flying Bandit’s consciousness shook and it was dragged away.


In the next instant, a blade of lightning appeared on Zhao Feng’s hand and he appeared right next to the Fan Flying Bandit.


Before the Fan Flying Bandit could react, his remaining arm was slashed away by Zhao Feng’s blade of lightning and blood splattered everywhere.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan also fell down with his arm.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan and the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus were perfect for each other.

Zhao Feng’s heart moved and he was about to take it.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out and in a blur, took the Water Moon God Peach Fan.

“My God Peach Fan… ”

The Fan Flying Bandit’s eyes were fully red, he burnt his Qi of True Spirit and charged towards the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat flashed and became invisible.

At this point in time, the Fan Flying Bandit’s battle power couldn’t increase even if he burnt his Source of True Spirit as he had no arms left.

Zhao Feng quickly returned to the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus to prevent the Fan Flying Bandit from suiciding.

However, he had overestimated the Fan Flying Bandit.


The Fan Flying Bandit burnt his Qi of True Spirit which doubled his speed and sped off into the air.