King Of Gods Chapter 320

Chapter 320 - Strength Consolidation
Chapter 320 - Strength Consolidation

On the way back, Zhao Feng reached out and touched the elegant Water Moon God Peach Fan while the little thieving cat sat on his shoulder, showing off its usefulness.

“Chapter Leader, now that you have both the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and Water Moon God Peach Fan, you’ll truly be unrivaled amongst those at the same cultivation level. You might even be able to fight those normal True Mystic Rank cultivators.”

Die Ye smiled and congratulated him.

Of the Water Moon Four Treasures, the Water Moon God Peach Fan was specialised for offense and the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus for defense.

The attack and defense abilities were the best combination.

No one also knew that Zhao Feng had inherited the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible as well.

“This Water Moon God Peach Fan is extremely precise and it contains seven slots which can store seven small deadly weapons.”

Zhao Feng had received the inheritance of the Water Moon Pirate and understood the Water Moon Four Treasures better than any Hundred Flower Chapter member.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan could also turn into a defensive umbrella shape.

The thing that made Zhao Feng most overjoyed was that the Water Moon God Peach Fan could also send out mental energy illusions and increase the effect of one’s mental energy techniques.

All in all, after getting the Water Moon God Peach Fan, Zhao Feng no longer had any weaknesses.

On the way back, Zhao Feng sat on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and started to refine the Water Moon God Peach Fan.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan was an Inheritance item which needed a special skill or bloodline to refine.

Having the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, Zhao Feng obviously knew how to refine it.

An hour later, Zhao Feng and Die Ye returned to the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

At this point, Zhao Feng had refined 60-70% of the Water Moon God Peach Fan.

Normal weapons didn’t need to be refined. They could be used without anything. Only Inheritance items and other unique items needed special requirements.

“Reporting to the Chapter Leader, the Hundred Flower Chapter and Yun side family have retreated with devastating losses.”

“Reporting to the Chapter Leader, we’ve captured two True Spirit Realm and nine half step True Spirit Realms from the Hundred Flower Chapter and Yun side family… ”

“This time, the Hundred Flower Chapter will be removed from the Thousand Water Area and the Yun side family won’t be able to fight against the Chapter anymore.”

Zhao Feng sat at the head of the hall and listened to the news.

Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen sat next to Zhao Feng with complexity in their eyes.

Chen Mengzhen was grateful towards Zhao Feng and followed him loyally. Although Yun Sha was unwilling, there was more wariness in his eyes.

Everyone knew that the new Chapter Leader had dissolved the danger and defeated both the Yun side family and Hundred Flower Chapter at the same time.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned across the hall and instantly the hall quieted down. Everyone felt a pressure from the Chapter Leader’s cold left eye.

“Yun Sha, you’re responsible for leading a group of people and killing the spawn of the Hundred Flower Chapter. At least chase them away from the Thousand Water area.”

“Chen Mengzhen, you’re responsible for keeping an eye on the Yun side family and other forces. If there’s anything unusual, report it to me.”

Zhao Feng emotionlessly split the tasks.

Now that the outcome was decided, he strived for stability and absolute.

“I just broke through to the True Spirit Realm not long ago and am the new Chapter Leader. I need to increase my strength to settle down the situation.”

Zhao Feng had his own plan.

Zhao Feng didn’t use all of his strength today. For example, not all of his bloodline power was used and his Source of True Spirit wasn’t furiously circulated.

Firstly, he needed to consolidate his cultivation and he also needed to put some hidden cards down.

As long as Zhao Feng had enough time to refine the Water Moon God Peach Fan, consolidate his Source of True Spirit and gather the essence of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible as well as the Lightning Inheritance, his strength would reach another level.

On the same day, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter put more energy into killing those from the Hundred Flower Chapter.

Within half a month, the Hundred Flower Chapter was almost fully destroyed and only a small number of people escaped from the Thousand Water area.

This was because Zhao Feng was giving the Water Moon Pirate face and didn’t decide to kill them all.

During this time, the other forces of the Thousand Water area all behaved carefully.

Chen Mengzhen was responsible for the actions of the other forces.

After half a month’s time, Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit was fully consolidated and its level wasn’t any weaker than the early stages of the True Human Rank.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan had been successfully refined and controlled by Zhao Feng.

With the Water Moon God Peach Fan, Zhao Feng didn’t need any other weapons, so he gave the Mystic Snake Blood Whip to the little thieving cat.

In terms of value, the Mystic Snake Blood Whip was close to the Water Moon God Peach Fan but it specialised in support. It could upgrade itself by sucking the blood essence of enemies.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was extremely excited as it twirled the Mystic Snake Blood Whip agilely in its hand. It had used it last time to kidnap Empress Qin.


Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

He was now officially exiting seclusion.

Everything had stabilised, the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and Lightning Inheritance helped one another and it was a long process.

The Lightning Inheritance was a complete inheritance and was based more towards theory and power, but its weakness was agility and practical use. The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, however, had gathered the essence of the Hundred Flower Chapter and other Wicked path inheritances. There was several different movement and speed techniques as well as other tricks that were extremely unusual and could be used in different conditions.

“Reporting to the Chapter Leader, the Hundred Flower Chapter spawns have been cleared out of the Thousand Water area.” Yun Sha reported.

Zhao Feng didn’t ask anything about the Hundred Flower Chapter as it posed no threat to the Thousand Water Chapter anymore.

However, the Yun side family, Bi side family and other forces were still a threat.

After all, the Thousand Water Chapter also had casualties after this battle.

“Chapter Leader, after the Yun side family was defeated, two people from the main Tian family went to visit them. One of them is the Tian family’s top genius Tian Yunzhi. The Yun side family has also been trying to get help from the Bi side family. They’re probably worried about the Iron Blood Religion Chapter’s counterattack.” Chen Mengzhen also reported.

“This Tian Yunzhi came from the Tian family to see his relatives in the Yun side family?”

Zhao Feng found this somewhat weird.

“Chapter Leader, you forgot that Tian Yunzhi has the bloodlines of the Tian and Yun family. Tian Yunzhi’s mother, who has passed away, was an elder from the Thousand Water Yun family.” Die Ye warned.

No wonder.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. The Iron Blood Religion Chapter’s revenge would be more difficult now.

Once the Iron Blood Religion Chapter attacked the Yun side family, Tian Yunzhi wouldn’t stand by and watch.

If it was a normal True Human Rank, Zhao Feng wouldn’t put them in his eyes but Tian Yunzhi was a prodigy who had comprehended blade intent and held two powerful bloodlines. Blade intent and sword intent could slash through mental energy and held a certain resilience towards mental energy.

“Chapter Leader, I suggest attacking while we have the lead. If we beat the Yun side family, the Thousand Water area will finally have a true leader.”

Yun Sha was a fighting maniac and immediately suggested this.

Chen Mengzhen’s eyebrows furrowed: “We should wait till Tian Yunzhi has left first then plan from then. After all, he’s the Tian family’s number one genius.”

“Hmph, with Chapter Leader here, Tian Yunzhi is nothing. Furthermore, the battle between side families and chapters won’t be interfered by main families.” Yun Sha snickered coldly.

The two lieutenants started to argue.

“Die Ye, what do you think?”

Zhao Feng turned his gaze towards Die Ye.

After the battle, Zhao Feng had promoted Die Ye to the Chapter Protector who took orders from only him. Even the lieutenants weren’t able to order her around.

“If any of us can suppress Tian Yunzhi, then we have a chance of winning. We also need to watch out if the Bi side family helps the Yun side family.”

Die Ye didn’t immediately say what she thought was best, so she laid out the situation.

The critical point was who would take on Tian Yunzhi and defend against the Bi side family’s reinforcements.

In reality, the Bi side family and Yun side family in the Thousand Water area weren’t very strong.

The Yun Side family was considered average, but the Bi side family was considered a bit weaker.

“I just arrived in the Thousand Water Chapter and I need to stabilize the situation before I can calmly prepare for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes sparkled in silence.

A shocking order resounded across the hall: “We will attack both the Yun side family and the Bi side family today.”

This order instantly stunned the upper echelons of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

Even the battle maniac Yun Sha jumped up in fright as he thought in his heart: “Do you really think Tian Yunzhi is easy to deal with? Although these two side families are considered a bit weak, they’re still strong.”

“Chapter Leader, I think this is a bit too rushed.”

Die Ye didn’t feel that this was the right plan.

“My decision is final. Our biggest advantage is numbers and we have a total of ten True Spirit Realm experts, including those on the surface and those in hiding. There’s also quite a few elites.” Zhao Feng said solidly.

Immediately, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter started to assemble their forces. The spies and other forces that actually belonged to the Iron Blood Religion Chapter gathered as well.

At this instance, the Thousand Water area forces were all frightened.

Normal small forces might not even have a True Spirit Realm expert and even if they did, there was only two or three.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter began to attack the Yun side family. Blood coloured robed figures started to close in on the Yun side family’s territory.

At the same time, Zhao Feng sent Chen Mengzhen to attack the Bi side family. But in reality, she was only there to stall them.

The Bi side family was pretty weak. They only had one peak True Human Rank and two other normal True Human Rank experts.

Chen Mengzhen only needed to stall the Bi side family so that the latter couldn’t help the Yun side family.

The real battleground was at the Yun side family.

Zhao Feng led Yun Sha, Die Ye and other experts towards the Yun side family.

The Yun side family were facing a great danger and the hearts of the people there shook.

The hall of the Yun side family.

“Old Head of the Family, you don’t need to worry. As long as I kill or defeat that new Chapter Leader, we can successfully turn this around.”

Tian Yunzhi slowly rose as his voice was filled with a dominance and a coldness that made everyone present feel as if their hearts had been stabbed with a blade.

The Head of the Yun side family sighed: “Luckily, you came in time. The Iron Blood Religion’s new Chapter Leader is terrifying. He can defeat most True Spirit Realm experts in one glance.”

“Mental energy is only a small path. My blade intent can slash through the void and counter this Dao. Furthermore, I’ve been hoping to battle him.”

Battle intent surged from Tian Yunzhi.