King Of Gods Chapter 321

Chapter 321 - Shocking the Thousand Water (1)
Chapter 321 - Shocking the Thousand Water (1)

Thousand Water area Yun side family.

The Yun side family and the Iron Blood Religion chapter were separated by a one hundred yard wide river.

The two forces were on opposite sides and the Iron Blood Religion chapter had more numbers and higher morale. They obviously held an advantage.

Zhao Feng was holding the fort at the back with Die Ye next to him.

Yun Sha was the leading attacker and he led several True Human Rank experts with him to unleash the first round of offense.

The Yun side family also sent out several True Human Rank experts to fight back.

“Why hasn’t the reinforcements from the Bi family arrived yet?”

The expression of the Head of the Yun side family changed slightly.

“Reporting to the Head of the Family, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter is also attacking the Bi side family at the same time… ”

“The Iron Blood Religion Chapter dares to attack the Bi and Yun family both at the same time?”

The upper echelons of the Yun side family were surprised and angered.

From the surface, it did seem that the Iron Blood Religion Chapter was being a bit arrogant but they had the advantage.

Instead of defending against the Bi side family’s reinforcements, it was better to attack first and use a smaller force to stall the Bi side family.

As long as the victory on this current battlefield was decided, then the Bi side family would have no resistance.

“Zhao Feng, brat of the Iron Blood Religion. You crippled my grandson and now want to rule the Thousand Water River.”

The Yun family head exclaimed and his True Mystic Rank aura connected with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, suppressing any True human Rank cultivator present.

That powerful aura caused Zhao Feng’s heart to droop.

He had no confidence in beating the Head of the Yun side family.

In the past, no one from the Iron Blood Religion Chapter could beat the Head of the Yun side family in a one v one.

Only Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen combined could block the Head of the Yun side family.

If it wasn’t because of the fact that the latter was getting old and his battle prowess wasn’t at its peak, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter couldn’t have ruled the Thousand Water area.

“You go help Yun Sha.”

Zhao Feng knew that Yun Sha wasn’t far off himself in strength, but it still wasn’t enough against the Head of the Yun side family.

With Die Ye’s methods, she and Yun Sha together could fend off the Head of the Yun side family for a while.

Above the river, the True Spirit Realm experts from both sides fought fiercely.

Zhao Feng slowly rose and his God’s Spiritual Eye scanned the area.

At a certain moment, his left eye started to give off a sharp blue coldness.


A blade flashed through the river and its power was almost comparable to the True Mystic Rank of the Head of the Yun side family.

“Tian Yunzhi!”

Both forces looked at this battle robed youth.

Tian Yunzhi, the number one genius of the main Tian family and ranked top three within the country’s top ten stars.


A red robed girl came up from within the river. She was exhausted and fear was written all over her face.

“Cousin, are you okay?” Tian Yunzhi said in surprise as he helped up the red robed girl who seemed to have been tortured endlessly.

On the other side, Zhao Feng floated in the air with arcs of lightning in his eyes. A playful smile appeared on his lips.

“How is this possible? We were hiding under the water… One glance from him… ” The red robed girl said in a pale expression.

Tian Yunzhi and his cousin had hid under the river, preparing to sneak attack those from the Iron Blood Religion.

The red robed girl had a treasure that specialised in invisibility, especially when under the water. Most True Spirit Realm experts couldn’t even sense them.

However, a faint blue eye seemed to pierce through the river and appeared in their hearts.

The red robed girl was only at the half step True Spirit Realm and she was obviously hit.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye created a mental energy prison that was used to torture the enemy. Those whose cultivation were lower than his were instantly defeated.

Tian Yunzhi sent out a blade intent at the crucial moment and escaped just in time.

Zhao Feng didn’t mind this. Those that had comprehended the sword or blade intent couldn’t be measured with normal standards.

His left eye then glanced towards a True Human Rank elder of the Yun side family.

That True Human Rank elder’s heart jumped and was attracted by a ice blue eye.

In his sight, the ice blue pond became deeper and deeper until it enveloped his consciousness.


He appeared in a weird ice blue dimension.

This was the mental energy environment that Zhao Feng had created. Arcs of azure lightning chained the True Human Rank, but in reality it was his mental energy consciousness that was being changed.


In reality, only a breath had passed but this True Human Rank cultivator was drenched in cold sweat and he half kneeled on the ground in exhaustion.

In just one glance, Zhao Feng had made a True Human Rank lose his battle power.

“So this is his eye bloodline power… ”

Tian Yunzhi’s expression dimmed.

This youth’s left eye was emotionless and cold as if it had no emotion.

He had seen a similar expression from another powerful opponent.

“This Iron Blood Religion Chapter Leader’s damage towards normal True Human Rank experts is far too strong.”

The Head of the Yun side family felt helpless when he saw this.

Even he didn’t have the ability to defeat a True Human Rank in one glance when he was at his peak.

Only those at the True Lord Rank could defeat a True Human Rank in a move or two.

Zhao Feng didn’t have the cultivation of the True Lord Rank, but he was able to easily defeat the enemy within a move or two.

Such power was able to change the final outcome.

“Zhao Feng, your opponent is me!”

Tian Yunzhi’s dominant voice filled the air as his eyes seemed to be filled with invisible blades. There seemed to be a large invisible blade chopping at Zhao Feng.

Was that invisible blade real?

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye gave him the answer. It was real. He could catch the invisible blade intent and its attacking path.

However, things such as sword and blade intent had surpassed physical attacks and were like mental energy attacks that couldn’t be evaded.

Even if Zhao Feng’s mental energy consciousness could see it, he definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

Sky Cloud Blade Drawing Technique!

Tian Yunzhi’s invisible blade intent was the first to arrive. It greatly increased his blade attacks and weakened his opponent’s mental energy.

“Hehe, his blade intent is even stronger than Cang Yuyue’s from back then.”

Zhao Feng’s left eye gave off a cold blue light that seemed like a limitless pond.

The blade intent charged into Zhao Feng’s body but it seemed to freeze.

“What terrifying thought. It can even freeze and weaken my blade intent… ”

Tian Yunzhi was stunned. He felt as if his blade intent had fallen into a limitless pond.

Ever since he had comprehended the blade intent, he hadn’t met such a situation before.

Zhao Feng wasn’t that youth from back then anymore.

Compared to the Thirteen Clans Alliance meeting then. his cultivation had risen drastically. His mental energy technique’s were much more profound than before.

Furthermore, his God’s Spiritual Eye had undergone another change after escaping the Flooding Lake City marriage.

The first time his eye had turned azure and the second time his eye had turned faint ice blue.

Therefore Tian Yunzhi didn’t counter Zhao Feng’s mental energy technique with just his blade intent. Of course, those with blade intent had powerful will’s and could slash through the void.

Waves of Lightning!

Zhao Feng waved his hands and rings of chaotic azure lightning rippled towards Tian Yunzhi.

Every blade that Tian Yunzhi slashed out would face resistance and the lightning in the air would numb his body and decrease his speed dramatically.

If one looked close enough, they would see that a faint Lightning symbol appeared on Zhao Feng’s forehead.

“How is the Chapter Leader’s strength increasing so fast?”

The upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter were surprised and they became even more respectful.

Yun Sha’s heart dropped even more and his expression was filled with wariness and solemnness.

Last time, Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit wasn’t fully consolidated, so he couldn’t use all his strength and his bloodline power wasn’t fully activated.

This time, his Source of True Spirit had been consolidated and his Lightning Inheritance had reached the second floor.

Now that Zhao Feng could use all his strength, he unleashed wave after wave of lightning towards Tian Yunzhi.

Tian Yunzhi couldn’t even get close to Zhao Feng’s body. Those rings of lightning made him feel tired.

His blade intent was strong, but the opponents lightning was also powerful.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng still acted as if he wasn’t trying his all.


Tian Yunzhi took a deep breath as a blue and white blood tattoo appeared on his left and right arm. This caused his aura to rise rapidly.

“The bloodline inheritance of both the Tian and Yun family!” The people from both sides exclaimed.

The two bloodlines made Tian Yunzhi’s offense, defense and body stronger.


Zhao Feng’s wave of lightning was slashed apart by Tian Yunzhi’s blade.

“His offense has risen by 40%, defense has risen by 20% and his body strength has risen by 20%. His explosiveness… ”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye locked onto Tian Yunzhi and he felt the opponent’s rise in battle power.

Tian Yunzhi’s bloodline power allowed him to break through many restrictions that were created by cultivation.


Zhao Feng turned into a flash of lightning that disappeared.

Sky Cloud River Slash!

A flaming white and blue light instantly landed where Zhao Feng originally was standing at.


The shore and river were cut into two halfs and the current was stopped.

Everyone turned silent.

What a terrifying blade!

Even Yun Sha and co’s hearts trembled.

“Sky Cloud River Slash can break the flow of the current. Although Yunzhi used this devastating skill, it was regrettably evaded by that brat… ”

The Head of the Yun family had a regretful expression.

“How could he have dodged the blade strike?”

Tian Yunzhi’s blood was boiling and his face was slightly white. The blade just then could almost instantly kill any True Human Rank and even severely injure those at the True Mystic Rank.

More importantly, the blade’s speed was extremely fast and in theory, even those at the peak True Human Rank shouldn’t be able to dodge it.

However, Zhao Feng seemed to know that it was coming and perfectly dodged it.


Zhao Feng’s figure appeared and his cold blue eye seemed as if it could see what it’s opponent was thinking.

“Hmph, how could your bloodline power and flow of Qi of True Spirit escape my eyes?”

Zhao Feng thought coldly in his heart.

Mystic Flower Lightning Charming Step.

A buzz of lightning radiated from his body which turned his figure into illusions that flew everywhere.

In that instant, Zhao Feng’s Lightning Inheritance became more agile and illusional than before.

In the air, the blur of afterimages and lightning made the eyes of those watching blur.

Tian Yunzhi’s eyes couldn’t lock onto Zhao Feng and a coldness seeped into his heart, making him feel uneasy.