King Of Gods Chapter 330

Chapter 330 - The Ten Strong
Chapter 330 - The Ten Strong

When Zhao Feng woke up, he realised that in just a measly years time, he had made many enemies.

The forces that he had offended included the Imperials, the Flooding Lake Liu family, the main Liu family as well as the Tian and Yun families.

Zhao Feng had kidnapped Empress Qin and tarnished their reputation. Rumours said that he had even done worse things to her.

The Emperor looked at Zhao Feng like he wanted to eat his skin and drink his blood.

Zhao Feng had ran away from the Flooding lake Liu family and forced the Flooding Lake City lord to reach the True Lord Rank.

Furthermore, both the Flooding Lake City Liu family and Empress Qin came from the main Liu family, so Zhao Feng had also offended them.

Offending the Tian and Yun family was because Zhao Feng had almost destroyed their number one genius Tian Yunzhi.

Not only that, he had almost wiped off the Yun side family of the Thousand Water area and forced them to sign an unfair blood contract.

To be famous, one needed to offend countless people and forces. The price needed to be paid could be imagined.

But what made Zhao Feng most surprised was Tian Yunzhi.

If he remembered correctly, Zhao Feng had struck him with the Water Moon God Peach Fan and crumbled his newborn blade intent.

Blade intent and mental energy attacks were void attacks.

The one stronger won and Zhao Feng’s mental energy source on top of his Water Moon God Peach Fan won.

“Tian Yunzhi, I didn’t think you’d rise after your fall and the blade intent formed is stronger and sharper than before.”

Zhao Feng’s left eye scanned over Tian Yunzhi and saw what had happened.

Tian Yunzhi felt his heart freeze as the ice blue eye scanned over. At that instant, his blade intent seemed to be frozen by ice and almost unable to move.

“This… what’s going on?”

Tian Yunzhi took a deep breath.

Compared to a month or two ago, Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline brought far more pressure upon him.

In just a glance, it had almost frozen his blade intent.

“Terrifying, what change has Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline undergone or did he hide his strength before?”

Zhao Feng looked at him once before closing his eyes and continuing to comprehend the contents of the Foundation of Ice Soul.

The Ball of Ice Soul contained more uses of mental energy and took him to the world of the Ancient Dao of the Soul.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng’s mental energy technique had reached an entire new level.

Ever since it had undergone the last change, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had evolved but he didn’t know how to use its full potential.

The original mental energy techniques were now not enough.

While Zhao Feng was continuously day and night studying the Ball of Ice Soul ,the God’s Spiritual Eye’s power was being dug out.

He even suspected that when the eye was azure, it’s original source of power hadn’t been found.

On the higher stands in the centre of the arenas.

The ten pre ordered spots represented the countries ten strongest geniuses who surveyed those below.

The fourth youth started to sleep again, paying no attention to the outside world.

“This Zhao Feng is absurdly arrogant… ”

Prince Jin’s eyes squinted as it flashed gold.

When Zhao Feng had awakened, he had greeted him but the former didn’t even bother.

Being the Prince and the number one genius with the strongest bloodline, no one had treated him like this before.

Of course.

Not all the blame could be put on Zhao Feng.

Firstly, he didn’t know Prince Jin and more than one person greeted him.

The most important thing was that Zhao Feng was still focused on the Ball of Ice Soul and was like a sponge sucking up water. He only chatted back to Tian Yunzhi for an instant before going back to comprehension.

At this instant.

The sparring in the eight arenas started.

Apart from the ten stars, there were countless prodigies participating.

Most of the competitors were at the half step True Spirit Realm with a small number of True Spirit Realm experts and 7th Sky Ascended Realm experts.

However, with Prince Jin and the other ten stars who stood at the peak, most of the battles below weren’t put in their eyes.

Zhao Feng’s sleeping action was actually extremely intelligent.

After the rounds of battle, screams could be heard from outside.

“Jiang Sanfeng is indeed worthy of being ranked the fourth star. He hasn’t even lost a battle yet.”

“That Liu Qinxin is also incredible. Not only is she pretty, she’s also strong.”

The ten with preordered spots discussed with one another.

Those that entered their eye were only a couple of people.

Amongst them, Jiang Sanfeng and Liu Qinxin both had ten wins and zero defeats.

Everyone knew Jiang Sanfeng’s battle power and skill. His Scorching Sun Blazing Fire Manual destroyed every opponent.

Most of those that met him would give up on purpose.

“With Jiang Sanfeng being so strong, I don’t understand why the Iron Blood Religion gave the preordered spot to such a brat.”

“The Iron Blood Religion has strict ranks. That Zhao Feng is a Chapter leader so Jiang Sanfeng would probably need to bow when he seems him.”

The geniuses of every faction discussed this question.

Jiang Sanfeng was stronger than expected and no opponent was his match.

Many questioned why such a prodigy wasn’t given a preordered spot, but the upper echelons of the Iron Blood Religion held their silence as they knew the truth.

The battle between Zhao Feng and Jiang Sanfeng was only a couple days ago so it hadn’t spread yet.

Apart from that, Liu Qinxin was also a black horse.

She was dressed in white and had an air of elegance to her. She was like a goddess out of a painting and every action from her exuded beauty.

The way of how she moved this time was different from back at the Flooding Lake City.

“The Dao of Entertainment is so profound. It’s as if I can hear the summoning of the wind and the chirping of birds.”

A white dressed goddess from the Qin Sword palace closed her eyes in pleasure.

This scene surprised the other upper echelons of the Qin Sword Palace.

“Goddess Qin’s mastery in entertainment is ranked as one of the top three in the country and is on par with Empress Qin. This junior’s mastery of entertainment has reached such a high level?”

“That’s right, by merging the Dao of Entertainment into martial arts, every action is pleasurable to look at. Elegant and noble, no sign of charm.”

“I find that this woman’s air is completely opposite to Empress Qin’s, but they seem to have a connection… ”

There were some knowledgeable people here.

Liu Qinxin was elegant and she seemed to play a song that swayed the hearts of others.

“Lady Liu, you’re the goddess of my heart. Although I have one defeat, but my heart is in sync.”

A white robed young master, who was at the True human Rank and was defeated said unwillingly.

Between the battles, her eyes were settled on two people the most.

One was Empress Qin and the other was Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng was ‘sleeping’ and he didn’t pay attention to her.

Empress Qin smiled and inspected her.

The clash of the two eyesights seemed to be an invisible battle.

Two days later, the top ten was decided.

Liu Qinxin and Jiang Sanfeng had won all their battles but they didn’t fight each other.

“Under normal situation, Qinxin had a 50-60% chance of beating Jiang Sanfeng. Furthermore, Qinxin still has a hidden bloodline and the killing moves of the Dao of Qin and Life.”

The Flooding lake City lord nodded his head, but his eyebrows furrowed when his gaze landed on Zhao Feng.

He somewhat understood a powerful faction such as the Iron Blood Religion.

The Iron Blood Religion was ranked by strength and status. If Zhao Feng only had status but not strength, it was unlikely for him to take Jiang Sanfeng’s pre ordered spot.

Furthermore, the reactions from the upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion was passive.

“Zhao Feng managed to beat Tian Yunzhi with the low tricks of the Water Moon Pirate and this Jiang Sanfeng was also defeated by him?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord was happy and worried.

Although he disliked Zhao Feng, at the bottom of his heart, he still wanted a talented son in law.

However, being a Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion, Zhao Feng was slowly walking to the opposite side of the Liu family.

“Next, we will welcome the clash between top ten and the ten pre ordered.”

A bright voice sounded.

The crowd started to boil.

On the high stage, Prince Jin and the other stars stood up with smiles as they welcomed the most critical moment.

However, of the ten with preordered spots, a blue haired youth still slept on his seat.

While the others all stood up, only he was still on his seat.

The commentating elder at the True mystic Rank furrowed his eyebrows. Such a thing had never happened before. It was ridiculous.

Soon, the top ten led by Jiang Sanfeng and Liu Qinxin stood below the stand.

“The ten of you each have two chances to challenge. When both end in failure, you will lose the chance to enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

The True Mystic Rank elder announced.


The top ten from the competitive entry were excited and nervous. This was the last step - to challenge the ten stars. Not only would they earn fame, they would also have the opportunity to enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Who’s the challenge first?”

The True Mystic Rank elder asked.

“I will.”

A youth dressed in white coldly said and walked out.

“It’s the young master of the main Bi family, Bi Jiangqing.”

“Hehe, this young master Bi was lost in Qinxin’s Dao of Entertainment and can’t be withdrawn from it.”

From the crowd came laughter, but most of it was good hearted.

After all, this young master Bi was handsome, talented and had a caring heart. Who didn’t like him?

Bi Jiangqing stood on the high stand then scanned his eyes from the beginning to end, past prince Jin, Wang Xiaoguai, Tian Yunzhi and company.

He knew that he had no chance against number one or two.

Prince Jin had the strongest bloodline and had no defeats.

Number two, Wang Xiaoguai, was a monster who fought like a maniac. Even Tian Yunzhi had been suppressed by him.

Number three Tian Yunzhi had comprehended blade intent and had strong battle prowess.

As for the fourth ‘sleeping’ blue haired youth, he was even more ‘famous’ as he had kidnapped Empress Qin and had apparently inherited the Water Moon pirate’s legacy.