King Of Gods Chapter 331

Chapter 331 - Eye of Ice Soul
Chapter 331 - Eye of Ice Soul

Bi Jiangqing had the cultivation of the True Human Rank and he was ranked 6th in the top ten from the competitive entry.

This achievement meant that he had obviously crushed countless geniuses under his foot and gathered a light upon him. However, in front of the ten geniuses with preordered spots, his expression was solemn and he didn’t dare underestimate anyone.

He didn’t have confidence in beating any one of them, and had no hope at all against Prince Jin and co.

Just to win one battle alone would require a lot of effort.

Bi Jiangqing’s gaze went forward and back until it finally landed on the fourth seat, where the sleeping blue haired youth was.

“Number four, it’s you.”

Bi Jiangqing took a deep breath and made a decision with piercing eyes.

Choosing Zhao Feng had been the result of deep thought and was because of two reasons.

Number one, of the ten with preordered spots, only Zhao Feng wasn’t one of the ten stars and although Zhao Feng was famed, it was rumoured that he had used the low tricks of the Water Moon pirate.

This meant that Zhao Feng’s true strength wasn’t known.

Number two, Liu Qinxin.

In the sparring before, Bi Jiangqing had fallen for Liu Qinxin’s elegance and nobleness.

Coincidentally, Zhao Feng was Liu Qinxin’s fiance but was warranted as he escaped his wedding.

“This brat doesn’t know what is love. Even ignoring such a perfect woman. I’ll defeat you no matter what and earn her heart. Then, with my identity as the young master of the Bi family, I will go to ask for marriage, the Flooding Lake City Lord will most likely agree.”

Bi Jiangqing was jealous of Zhao Feng but slightly happy as well.

Luckily, Zhao Feng didn’t know what love was and left him a line of hope. He was jealous that he didn’t even care about such a beauty.

Bi Jiangqing made the decision that no matter the price, he would defeat Zhao Feng.

He took a deep breath and looked towards the side where a perfect elegant and noble figure in white was.

But after Bi Jiangqing spoke, it was quiet.

“Number four, it’s you.”

No movement, no reaction.

Zhao Feng on the fourth seat still had shut eyes as if he were sleeping. He didn’t know which seat he was on and didn’t know the progress of the competition outside.

“Zhao Feng, Bi Jiangqing is one of the ten competitors and has the right to challenge you. If you don’t accept, it will be taken that you gave up.”

The judge at the True Mystic Rank’s voice was as loud as thunder.

When the name Zhao Feng was spoken, the blue haired youth suddenly open his eyes with a puzzled look.

Below the stage, Liu Qinxin, jiang Sanfeng and the others were all there.

Amidst them, Liu Qinxin had an elegant smile.

Jiang Sanfeng couldn’t help but say: “Zhao Feng, hurry up and fight.”

Both he and Zhao Feng came from the Iron Blood Religion and his face burnt red.

“This fucking brat dares to ignore me.”

Bi Jiangqing who stood out had a face full of anger and his fists were clenched.


Zhao Feng nodded his head in understanding and flashed towards below.

“This movement is indeed from the Water Moon pirate.”

“The disciple of the flower picker dares to enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering in the Capital.”

Many people here revealed looks of hatred and anger.

Some of the older generation had even interacted with the Water Moon pirate before but had lost.

The Imperials were especially full of killing intent and rage. If it wasn’t because Zhao Feng came from the Iron Blood Religion, there would probably be a group of experts flying over to punish him.

On the arena, Zhao Feng faced Bi Jiangqing.

The former was expressionless, but he seemed to have a hint of thought.

Although they were on the arena, Zhao Feng’s focus was still on the Ball of ice Soul.

Zhao Feng had managed to enter the first level of the Foundation of Ice Soul and reached an entire new level.

“Azure Fire Green Sky!”

Bi Jiangqing crossed his hands and his eyes flashed azure as his entire Qi of True Spirit seemed to burn.


He became enveloped in a layer of azure light and even started to give off a fiery flame.

What was more incredible was that his Qi of True Spirit even managed to break the barrier of cultivation level.

“Azure Fire Green Sky is a secret technique from the main Bi family and can only be used with combination of bloodline power. This bloodline secret technique can increase the compatibility in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and his battle power can at least double.”

The experts from the country saw through it.

“Not good, Azure Fire Green Sky can only be used by those at the late stages of the True human Rank or else it’ll hurt the foundation and injure his bloodline power.”

The expression of the people from the main Bi family changed.

In just a short breath, Bi Jiangqing’s battle power rose rapidly and was comparable to Jiang Sanfeng.


Bi Jiangqing’s eyes became full azure and he charged at Zhao Feng like a god.

At this instant, the azure flames enveloped the entire area and the terrifying power was enough to move those at the peak stages of the True Human Rank.

As the azure flames were about to devour the blue haired youth.

“Why aren’t you fighting back?”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye’s heart skipped a beat.

Zhao Feng’s Qi of True Spirit had no reaction at all, as if he wasn’t even planning to hit back.

“Bandit, die!”

Bi Jiangqing had a smug expression as his eye flashed coldly, but right at that instant, Zhao Feng’s left eye looked at him for the first time.

The left eye was like a holeless freezing pond which gave off a chilling coldness.


Bi Jiangqing started to hiccup and even his thoughts seemed to be frozen as his movements slowed down by dozens of times.

The coldness didn’t exist physically but it came from the mental energy soul.

“Si.. sii. Ahhh!”

Bi Jiangqing trembled as his eyes turned wide. His whole body seemed to freeze.

In the gaze of everyone else, his actions was like a slo-mo.

The freezing of his mental energy made him lose control of his body and True Force as well as bloodline. He was like a baby learning its first steps.


He was kicked out the arena by the blue haired figure.


At the instant that Bi Jiangqing fell on the ground, the coldness on him faded by over half. A line of blood leaked out from his mouth and it was warm to the touch.

“How is this possible… what kind of low trick did you use?”

Bi Jiangqing exclaimed.

He had given his all and even used his bloodline power to activate the Azure Fire Green Sky secret technique, but he was kicked away without resistance, like he had been hit by a wicked skill.


The crowd boiled. Most of the people didn’t see what had happened.

The true deciding moment had been half a breath long.

“What’s the situation? Why did Bi Jiangqing become a retard at the crucial moment?”

“What trick did that kid pull?”

“Trick? That must be something left behind by the Water Moon Pirate like a poison that’ll make the opponent lose their battle power.”

The crowd started to discuss before turning into waves of asking for punishment. Most of these were started by the younger generation whereas the older generation had solemn expressions.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother explaining and returned back to his original seat to comprehend.

“As I thought, after the change, my left eye has become affiliated with the elements of Ice and Water. Through the ball of Ice Soul, I learnt how to utilise this power and can even freeze the consciousness of enemies.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

“I’ll name this move the Ice Soul Eye, which is different from the Eye of Illusions.”

From this moment onwards, Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline finally went back to its original category.

‘The Ice Soul Eye’ was a power developed through the comprehension of the ball of Ice Soul.

After the second change of the God’s Spiritual. Eye Zhao Feng couldn’t develop this power but the ball of ice Soul changed Zhao Feng’s destiny.

Below the stage.

Bi Jiangqing’s mental energy still had a bit of coldness to it which affected his body and make their teeth chatter.

His actions, reactions and movements all became slow.

“This kid’s comprehension and eye bloodline is terrifying. He comprehending knowledge from the Ancient Dao of Soul so fast.”

The Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion was overjoyed.

On the other hand, the Imperials, Yun family, Bi family and other upper echelons had surprised and solemn expressions.

At their level, they could obviously tell that Zhao Feng didn’t use any low tricks at all and that it was a high level eye bloodline secret technique.

However, many geniuses present didn’t see the truth and so were disdainful towards Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, this bandit dared to use a low blow in public?”

“The way that Bi Jiangqing was defeated way too faked. Did the two plan this?”

Some were even suspicious that Bi Jiangqing lost to Zhao Feng on purpose so Zhao Feng could establish his dominance.

This wave soon passed.

In a short amount of time, Bi Jiangqing didn’t dare challenge again and saved his second chance while being healed by elders from his family.

Immediately after, Jiang Sanfeng made his move and challenged number six and won.

After all, he was ranked number four before.

After that, the other ten competitors all challenged but ended mostly in failure.

Zhao Feng’s eyes remained closed and he didn’t care about the outside world.

Through the practical use just then m, he understood his eye bloodline a bit more.

“The Eye of Illusion before uses mental energy illusions to trap the enemy and grip their consciousness till their exhausted. The importance is on the world ‘illusion’.”

“The Ice Soul Eye utilises the cold elements to freeze and harm the opponent consciousness. It has the ability to erode and attack.”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts became clearer.

His first change of the eye should be the wind element, but he didn’t have the secret techniques to develop it.

If he was said to now have the Eye of ice, in the past it would be the Eye of the Wind.

“If I got the ball of ice Soul earlier? my achievements wouldn’t just be this.”

Zhao Feng was slightly regretful but also happy. While he was fully focusing on comprehension, he suddenly smelled a fragrance.


Zhao Feng sensed this and opened his eyes to see a quiet beauty sitting next to him and smiling at him.

Liu Qinxin.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

She had challenged number five and won, becoming one of the ten new stars.