King Of Gods Chapter 338

Chapter 338 - Gathering of Stars (1)
Chapter 338 - Gathering of Stars (1)

A few people descended from a large blood blue bird. They were from the Iron Dragon Strong Country.

Because the place was far away, only a small number of people knew the Iron Dragon Strong Country.

The leader was a mystic robed youth wielding a metal fan with eyes as sharp and cold as an eagle’s.

The weird thing was that his skin flashed metallic and his clothes and hair even seemed to be metal as he gave off a cold aura.

True Lord Rank!

Those that looked at this person didn’t dare underestimate him. To have the title of Strong Country meant that they had at least one expert at the True Lord Rank.

The Iron Dragon Strong Country had two geniuses. The first was a black robed youth who had the cultivation at the early stages at the True Human Rank. The second was an emotionless youth at the beginning stages of the True Human Rank.

“This is the star stand. Lu Long and Bei Moi, you two can interact with other geniuses and remember not to cause any trouble.”

True Lord Tiexiao’s emotionless voice ordered.

“Understood, True Lord.”

Bei Moi took a deep breath. The gazes of the geniuses gave him a large pressure.

Although True Lord Tiexiao had forced the thirteen countries to surrender, he acted in a low-key fashion here.

The Iron Dragon Strong Country was a strong country, it was a bit slightly below average in the strong countries.

At this instant, the Northern Star Stand had the three Great Countries, many strong countries and factions on it.

The three Great Countries were above the strong countries. Even ten Iron Dragon Strong countries were useless against them.

Even some bigger factions and families could destroy the Iron Dragon Strong Country.

Therefore, the Iron Dragon Strong Country was low key and cautious.

“Bei Moi… ”

Zhao Feng looked at the familiar emotionless youth in surprise.

Bei Moi stood on the spot with caution and uneasiness as he carefully scanned around.

Because there were too many people here, Bei Moi didn’t find Zhao Feng hence the discovery was only one way.

“This Bei Moi betrayed Lord Guanjun then sold out the Broken Moon Clan with Hai Yun Master. Hmm? Why didn’t Hai Yun Master come along?”

Zhao Feng felt regretful that he didn’t find Hai Yun Master.

If Hai Yun Master was still at the cultivation he was at, Zhao Feng killing him was like killing a child.

Right at this moment, tn a certain area, there was a disruption as two young geniuses started fighting.

The two geniuses’ cultivation were at the peak stages and late stages of the True Human Rank respectively.

Their battle caused wind to howl and air waves to fly everywhere.

“Good! Good!’

The surrounding prodigies all looked at this show.

There were many people here and everyone was a prodigy. It was normal for them to fight.

“The geniuses of the Northern Continent aren’t very peaceful and will always fight.”

Jiang Sanfeng couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Doesn’t the older generation restrain the juniors?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes shone. Just in this while, the geniuses of several factions had started to fight.

“There might be enmities between countries and clans or even about the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering. Another reason is that these geniuses are trying to test out each other’s strength.” Die Ye explained.


Zhao Feng laughed. The Northern Continent was enormous and some factions and countries were extremely far away so they couldn’t interact often.

But now that all the geniuses had gathered, it was time to scout each other out.

Under this situation, even if there weren’t any problems between them, they would find problems.

Even being one of the three Great Countries, the Canopy Great Country couldn’t escape from this.

The normal strong countries and clans obviously didn’t dare offend the Canopy Great Country but there was more than one Great Country and a small number of clans and ancient families that didn’t fear the Canopy Great Country.

“Zhe zhe, the Canopy Great Country is extremely colorful this time. Gold hair, blue hair, purple hair… I thought I entered a dog haven.”

A mocking tone came from a nearby party.
The speaker was a bald head male with weird dark green lines on his chest. It wasn’t a tattoo but a bloodline that seemed to transmit liquid with every breath.

“It’s Xie Qinglong from the Scarlet Sky Great Country.”

“That person is ranked top three amongst the Great Country and has the rare Green Flaming Tattoo Dragon Bloodline. He ranked in the top one hundred last time in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

The nearby geniuses recognised this bald male.

The taunter came from the Scarlet Sky Great Country and Xie Qinglong’s cultivation had reached the peak stages of the True Human Rank.

Hearing this, Prince Jin and company all retorted back with curses.

“Hahaha… I wondered who it was. So, it’s a bug from the Scarlet Sky Great Country.”

A dominant voice sounded from the Canopy Great Country. Everyone only felt as if the air was cut by a sharp slice and they all glanced over.

A battle robed handsome male with an ancient blade stepped out.

“Tian Yunzhi of the Canopy Great Country. Ranked third.”

“If I remember correctly, didn’t he lose to Xie Qinglong in the past?”

The rising of Tian Yunzhi instantly raised the attention of many people.

“A defeated person dares to come and show off.”

Xie Qinglong snickered.

The two were all ranked third in their respective countries, but Tian Yunzhi had lost to Xie Qinglong before.

The clash of geniuses from the two Great Countries brought the gazes of many prodigies.

Even Princess Linyue from the Purple Rising Great Country smiled and looked over.

Green Sun Blazing Dragon!

Xie Winglong spread his arms and the dark green blood line on his chest began to move, forming dragon shaped green flames.


Xie Qinglong raised his palm and green flames instantly flew towards Tian Yunzhi, trying to envelop him.

“What a powerful bloodline secret technique!”

“So, this is the strength of the top one hundred.”

Xie Qinglong’s strength made the hearts of those going to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering for the first-time jump.

The terrifying flames could instantly turn normal True Human Rank experts into dust.

The Iron Dragon Strong Countries side.

“So, that is the peak genius of the Northern Continent.”

Bei Moi took a deep breath. Xie Qinglong’s bloodline secret technique perfectly countered his Dark Water Inheritance.

At this instant, he felt his flesh and Qi of True Spirit tremble. In a real battle, he probably wouldn’t even able to block a few blows from Xie Qinglong.

Sky Cloud Blade Drawing Technique!


The ancient blade came out of its sheath and slashed the flames into nothing. At the same time, an invisible blade intent first charged into the opponent’s consciousness.

Many geniuses’ present felt their hearts go cold. It was as if an invisible blade had slashed through their own bodies.

“Blade intent!”

“When did Tian Yunzhi have such powerful blade intent?”

The Scarlet Sky Great Country and other strong countries were stunned.

The blade intent slashed through the air and forced Xie Qinglong to take a step back.

This was just the first blade drawing technique.

Tian Yunzhi then circulated his Tian and Yun bloodlines that flashed blue and white.

“When did this brat comprehend blade intent and when did it get so powerful?”

In just a few blades, Xie Qinglong had been forced to retreat and he had bloody marks on his chest and face.

In terms of bloodline, Tian Yunzhi wasn’t any weaker than him. On the contrary, his might be even stronger after his fall and rise.

Even Prince Jin and Princess Linyue were slightly surprised.

The strength that Tian Yunzhi displayed could reach the top one hundred or go even higher.

“If the rumour is real, he comprehended blade intent after losing to Xie Wuheng and his blade intent is twice as strong as the blade intent of others.”

Princess Linyue’s eyes flashed.

She understood Xin Wuheng’s strength. Half a year ago, the two had come to a draw but what infuriated her was that that mysterious genius had only used one hand from beginning to end.

Xin Wuheng’s legend became stories spoken at meals. He didn’t have a high talent nor bloodline. He didn’t even learn from seniors but a person like this had comprehended everything himself and created his own path of cultivation.


Xie Qinglong fell over and was defeated by Tian Yunzhi.


Tian Yunzhi returned victorious. The Canopy Great Country’s victory obviously made the Scarlet Sky Great Country lose face and they sent out their number two genius.

Of the three Great Countries, the Canopy Great Country wasn’t weak, but the juniors usually weren’t as formidable as the others.

“Zhe zhe… ”

Wang Xiaoguai rubbed his hands enthusiastically and jumped out with his gold and silver stick.
The number two genius of the Scarlet Sky Great Country had reached the peak stages of the True Human Rank and wasn’t much weaker than prince Jin.

Wang Xiaoguai fought fiercely this battle.

His bloodline power allowed him to become stronger with more injuries.

A hundred moves later, Wang Xiaoguai was injured which greatly increased his battle power and gave him victory.

After losing two battles in a row, the expressions of those from the Scarlet Sky Great Country finally changed.

“If the number two and three of the Canopy Great Country are already so strong, then Prince Jin… ”

The Scarlet Sky and Purple Rising Great Country’s geniuses were moved.

In reality, Zhao Feng knew clearly that Wang Xiaoguai and Prince Jin’s strength weren’t much different. But if it was a real life or death battle, Wang Xiaoguai would probably win.

In terms of offense, Tian Yunzhi surpassed Prince Jin.

“The Canopy Great Country is indeed different this time. I know Prince Jin but number two and number three… ”

Princess Linyu’s eyes twinkled as her gaze scanned over Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin.

On the Northern Star Stand.

To make it easier for geniuses to challenge each other, the seating plan was unique.

“Ke Li, you go test out that blue haired brat’s strength. Fan Xiaoyue, you go scout out that girl dressed in white who makes others jealous of her beauty.”

Princess Linyue ordered.

Ke Li and Fan Xiaoyue were ranked fourth and fifth in the Purple Rising Great Country respectively and in the past, they were comparable to third and fourth in the Canopy Great Country.

Princess Linyue’s targets were Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin.