King Of Gods Chapter 340

Chapter 340 - Gathering of Stars (3)
Chapter 340 - Gathering of Stars (3)

The snow-white female from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan was the past number one genius of the thirteen clans - Cang Yuyue.

Being the number one Sword Clan in the Northern Clan, the Ten Thousand Sword Clan was a force that was just below the Ten Great Clans.

With such a force descending the other strong countries and clans all retreated.

“The Head disciple of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan Xia Xianshang came thirtieth in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering and apart from Mo Tianyi, no one else in the Northern Continent can beat him.”

The other geniuses all looked at the white-haired youth with fear and solemnness.

Xia Xianshang had reached the True Mystic Rank and was the number one genius of the number one sword clan of the Northern Continent. He was famous across the entire continent.

“Who’s that plain clothed girl? She’s only at the True Human Rank but is able to take one of the two spots of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan.”

“Don’t you know that she’s the sword prodigy Cang Yuyue who just recently popped out a couple years ago and her talent isn’t weaker than Xia Xianshang. Apparently, she comprehended sword intent before Xia Xianshang.”

The geniuses from across the continent gathered their gazes on these two prodigies from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan.

Even the leaders of the three Great Countries such as Prince Jin and Princess Linyue all smiled and greeted Xia Xianshang.

Xia Xianshang smiled faintly back at Princess Linyue but was colder towards Prince Jin and company.

Prince Jin was slightly unhappy but he didn’t dare show it.

All the three Great Countries wanted the Ten Thousand Sword Clan on their side. They were not to be offended.

“This Cang Yuyue is able to take one of the two spots of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan?”

Princess Linyue was surprised.

In her memory there was at least two of three more peak True Human Rank geniuses whose strength were on par with Prince Jin.

It was hard to imagine how strong her battle power was to be able to rise out from that competition.

Unfortunately, Zhao Feng was in comprehension and didn’t realise Cang Yuyue was here.

His blue hair and cold aura was different from before and Cang Yuyue didn’t pay much attention to him.

However, Bei Moi who was in the corner had recognised Cang Yuyue and was slightly excited.

The two both came from a place far away and could compete in a larger stage in the same era.

No one dared to challenge the two from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan. This was especially so for Xia Xianshang who had reached the top of the geniuses from the Northern Continent. No one present probably could take one sword from him.

It was Cang Yuyue who was the target of others such as Princess Linyue and company.

Right at this instant the sound of flying appeared once more.

Another few factions descended.

“Look, the people from the Heavenly Yuan Clan are here.”

“Mo Tianyi’s here.”

The Northern Star Stand broke out into chaos.

Everyone lifted their heads and saw several large birds with wingspans at least thirty yards wide.

There was at least three to four True Lord Rank aura’s and another two at the half step Origin Core Realm.

When these figures descended, their powerful aura suppressed the area.

Being one of the Ten Great Clans, any elder from the Heavenly Yuan Clan was at the True Lord Rank.

There was ten people from the Heavenly Yuan Clan. The leader was a handsome youth who seemed to have divine lights in his eyes. Every action from him brought intense pressure. It was as if he was the leading genius of this generation.

“He’s Mo Tianyi? The legend of the Northern Continent?”

The breathing rate of many geniuses quickened as their expressions became full of excitement and admiration.

Some of the female geniuses even felt their heart beats speed up and their cheeks flush red as they stared at Mo Tianyi’s handsome face.

After Mo Tianyi’s arrival, the situation on the Northern Star Stand changed a bit.

He seemed to become the leader of all the Northern Continent geniuses.

No one was unwilling and no one dared challenge him.

Only Xia Xianshang from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan looked at Mo Tianyi in the eye for a solid breath or two and the invisible mental energy clash made the hearts of the surrounding prodigies uneasy.

After a while the place calmed down but more gazes were inspecting the ten from the Heavenly Yuan Clan.

The Heavenly Yuan Clan was extremely powerful. They had five to six peak True Human Ranks who were only stronger than Prince Jin.

Apart from Mo Tianyi, there was another elegant female figure who caught the attention of many.

The girl smiled and her beauty was enough to destroy countries. Her faint purple dress fluttered. It was as if she was a beauty made of jade.

“It’s her… Zhao Yufei!”

Bei Moi and Cang Yuyue’s eyes landed on the purple dressed girl.

From back then, the Thirteen Countries had changed.

Many geniuses had gone to other countries.

Bei Moi had sided with Hai Yun Master and betrayed them.

Cang Yuyue successfully entered the number one sword clan of the Northern Continent.

Zhao Feng became a Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion.

Of the three, Cang Yuyue had the had the greatest fortune.

However, no one would have thought Zhao Yufei would be even luckier.

The Ten Great Clans were ancient factions that stood at the peak of the Continent.

“The Heavenly Yuan Clan, Ten Thousand Sword Clan are here. Most of the forces on the Northern Continent have arrived.”

The present geniuses scanned around.

“There’s one more.”

Princess Linyue’s eyes jumped around.

“Which one?”

“There’s still the Ten Thousand Origin Clan, a Clan even older than the Heavenly Yuan Clan.”

Princess Linyue informed as the sound of flying appeared.

From the sky a scarlet cloud flew over. It was a dozen or so yards long and a few figures could be seen on it.

If one looked closely, they would realise that the scarlet cloud was made up of countless scarlet gold metal wires.

“The Ten Thousand Origin Clan has arrived.”

The geniuses from the Heavenly Yuan Clan and Ten Thousand Sword Clan glanced over.

In the Northern Continent the Ten Thousand Origin Clan was the oldest and was on par in strength with the Ten Thousand Sword Clan, just below the Heavenly Yuan Clan.

There weren’t many people from the Ten Thousand Origin Clan, only three in total.

One elder and two men.

One was a youth with curled hair and his hands was behind his back whose cultivation had reached the True Mystic Rank.

The other was a normal youth who had shut eyes and extremely average.

Most of the gazes were attracted by the True Mystic Rank genius but the peak geniuses such as Mo Tianyi, Xia Xianshang, Princess Linyue and company had their eyes land on the second.

The clothes that youth was wearing as well as his appearance was too normal. So normal that it could be ignored.

“Xin Wuheng!”

Battle intent surged in Tian Yunzhi’s eyes and the blade on his back trembled slightly.

“Xin Wuheng? He’s the prodigy who’s been stunning the Northern Continent?”

“This Xin Wuheng isn’t even twenty years old but became the Ten Thousand Origin Clan’s Head disciple. In this generation he’s only lost to Mo Tianyi before.”

“Apparently Prince Jin, Princess Linyue and several others have also lost to this person before.”

The eyes of the other geniuses widened as they stared at Xin Wuheng.


Xin Wuheng’s clothing was too normal and his eyes was still closed.

“Who is this Xin Wuheng? Why do I feel like he’s like Brother Zhao Feng?”

Bei Moi and Cang Yuyue didn’t know Xin Wuheng.

Back at the Sun Feather City Xin Wuheng was a genius that was full of mystery.

In the summit he tied ‘first’ with Zhao Feng and had the title of ‘ten moves Xin Wuheng.’

However, at the summit Xin Wuheng had restricted his cultivation by one rank even when fighting with Zhao Feng.

Only Zhao Feng who had the God’s Spiritual Eye noticed this.

“Xin Wuheng we meet again.”

Zhao Yufei murmured.

She had entered the Northern Continent for a while and even witnessed Xin Wuheng and Mo Tianyi’s battle.

In Zhao Yufei’s heart there was an unbeatable youth who was always calm. He always broke the legends and created miracles even though that ‘person’ had only tied with Xin Wuheng back then.

“Brother Zhao Feng… will you appear this time at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes spun as she looked around.

She wouldn’t believe that with Zhao Feng’s talent he wouldn’t be able to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering unless he was unwilling to.


Zhao Yufei started to search.

The several hundred geniuses were around the Northern Star Stand and it was hard to find one person.

Zhao Yufei bit her lips and left the Heavenly Yuan Clan group as she searched.

“Sister Yufei, who are you trying to find? I’ll come with you.”

Mo Tianyi smiled faintly and walked over.

In the Clan, only they were disciples of Supremes and had a closer status.

At a certain moment.

Zhao Yufei’s footsteps stopped when she arrived at the Canopy Great Country group.

“Mo Tianyi’s here.”

“Who’s the beautiful girl with Mo Tianyi? She fits perfectly with him.”

Prince Jin and some other geniuses were slightly dazed as if they had been favoured by a goddess.

“What? Did you find the person?”

Mo Tianyi felt slightly weird.

He only knew Prince Jin a little bit and the others could be ignored.

Zhao Yufei’s eyes scanned over the ten stars and landed on a blue haired youth for a quick while.

She also looked surprisingly at Liu Qinxin who had a rare aura.

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

Zhao Yufei smiled which seemed to make the flowers bloom and all the males to lose their soul.

At this instance she seemed to receive a good piece of news that made her happy.


Mo Tianyi faintly nodded his head and as he turned around, his eyes glanced at the blue haired youth.

Zhao Yufei’s small action didn’t escape his powerful senses.

“Who’s this blue haired youth that Sister Yufei doesn’t want to disrupt?”

Although Mo Tianyi was curious, he didn’t ask anything as this was her secret.

Prince Jin and the others sent the two away with their eyes and a feeling of being acknowledged. After all, they received the attention of the legend of the Northern Continent, Mo Tianyi.

“She knows Zhao Feng?”

Of the ten stars, only Liu Qinxin noticed Zhao Yufei’s small action.