King Of Gods Chapter 341

Chapter 341 - Mo Tianyi’s Comment
Chapter 341 - Mo Tianyi’s Comment

Five days later.

More and more people gathered on the Northern Star Stand. The geniuses across the entire Northern Continent had arrived. It could be said that this place was full of stars.

“Heavenly Yuan Clan, the three great countries as well as the other forces…. The entire Northern Continent should be here.”

Princess Linyue’s eyes scanned across the area.

Although she was the Princess of a Great country, she had the heart of a man and knew everything about the geniuses across the continent.

The Canopy Great Country.

Prince Jin faintly nodded his head: “We’re all here. All we need to do is wait for the time of the Sacred area Alliance.”

Once the teleportation arrays of the Northern Star Stand and the Sacred area Alliance connected, then the Sacred True Dragon Gathering would behind.

Over the past few days the forces had scouted and tested out one another.

Some ‘new’ geniuses would be challenged to be ‘scouted.’


Cang Yuyue, Zhao Feng and company had all been challenged.

What made others surprised that some of the new people had unimaginable battle power.

Cang Yuyue’s path of the sword had reached a high mastery and even a peak True Human Rank was defeated by one sword.

Most of her opponents had been defeated by just one stroke.

“Such terrifying sword intent… and such extreme path of the sword.”

Tian Yunzhi couldn’t help but take a cold breath as he saw Cang Yuyue’s mastery of the sword.

Her strength made others see why she could take one of the two Ten Thousand Sword Clan spots.

Cang Yuyue had, after all, stood at the peak of the Thirteen Clans and comprehended sword intent even younger than Xia Xianshang.

Even Zhao Feng had almost lost to her back at the Thirteen Clans Banquet.

Zhao Yufei’s performance was also formidable. She had easily beaten many opponents who challenged her.

With the awakening of her bloodline and it is retracing back to its ancestor, her True Force gathering and recovery speed was outstanding and even contained explosiveness.

It was worth mentioning that the number two genius of the Purple Rising Great Country whose strength was comparable to Prince Jin had been defeated by Zhao Yufei.

Apart from that.

Tian Yunzhi and Princess Linyue both challenged Xin Wuheng.

The result was that Tian Yunzhi had been defeated by Xin Wuheng within ten moves.

Princess Linyue’s result was the same as before. After a hundred or so moves she still couldn’t force Xin Wuheng to use his second hand.

“This Xin Wuheng’s using one hand again. Unfortunately, I can’t use my killing move easily.”

Princess Linyue stared at Xin Wuheng with unwillingness.

However, Xin Wuheng sat with closed eyes and ignored her.


Over the past few days Zhao Feng was in comprehension and missed many entertaining shows.

At this instant he was fully focusing on comprehension and didn’t even know about Zhao Yufei or Xin Wuheng and company’s arrival.


The sky suddenly thundered and started to rain heavily.

Some unprepared geniuses were soaked.

“Lightning rain?”

Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes. He was cultivated and felt the dense Lightning Yuan Qi was very close to him.

Over two months of hard cultivation Zhao Feng’s strength had increased.

On one hand his senses had improved and could contact the Heaven Earth Lightning Yuan Qi more.

On the other hand, the Source of True Spirit sealed inside of him by the Water Moon pirate which was close to the True Lord Rank had occasionally entered his body which greatly increased his comprehension.


Zhao Feng’s cultivation was coming close to the late stages of the True Human Rank.

Zhao Feng had both comprehended the Lightning Inheritance and Ancient Dao of Ice Soul to a high level but was stopped by an even taller mountain.

“How long till the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned across the area.

“Chapter Leader, you’re finally awake. Approximately ten days later the Northern Star Stand will be connected to the Sacred area Alliance.”

Jiang Sanfeng answered.

“Hm? Xin Wuheng… Cang Yuyue… Yufei….”

Zhao Feng found many small surprises across the place and a smile appeared on his mouth.

At the same instant.

From the Ten Thousand Origin Clan side Xin Wuheng sensed something.

“Xin Wuheng, we meet again.”

A voice appeared in Xin Wuheng’s mind.

Xin Wuheng opened his deep eyes in surprise.

His eyes seemed to contain an ancientness that wasn’t something a junior should have.

“I’ve always known we would meet again one day.”

Xin Wuheng’s expression was partly surprised.

Back at the genius summit he had supressed his cultivation and came to a draw with Zhao Feng after which he immediately left the Cloud area.

At this instant.

A weird scene appeared on the Northern Star Stand.

Two sitting youths with closed eyes almost opened their eyes at the same instant and looked at each other complexly.

“Zhao Feng, you know Xin Wuheng?”

Jiang Sanfeng said in surprise.

At the same moment.

Princess Linyue also noticed this detail as Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng’s eyes looked each other with different expressions.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated this youth. He knows Xin Wuheng and seems like a friend of his.”

Princess Linyue’s eyes flashed.

This small detail also fell into the eyes of many other geniuses.

“Zhao Feng, after I lost to you that day I’ve trained twice as hard and at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, I will use my sword to take back the humiliation.”

Cang Yuyue’s cold voice sounded.

Her eyes seemed to pierce through the air and made the hearts of many geniuses nearby cold.

Shua! Shua!

Everyone’s gaze fell onto Zhao Feng with shock and curiosity.

What secret did this youth have? Even someone as powerful as Cang Yuyue had once lose to him and the immeasurable Xin Wuheng also knew him.

“The surprises this Sacred True Dragon Gathering is more than I thought.”

Zhao Feng’s smile had expectation within it.

He didn’t fear Cang Yuyue and was even looking forward to battling Xin Wuheng.

The sky kept raining.

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded within Zhao Yufei’s head and the two started to interact in mental energy.

Zhao Yufei’s smile was bigger appeared more often than two months ago.

All of this fell into Mo Tianyi’s eyes.

Unknowingly, Mo Tianyi suddenly became interested in the blue haired youth.

“Wei Yunqi, go test out that blue haired kid.”

Mo Tianyi told a Core disciple behind.

Wei Yunqi felt loved.

Although he had the cultivation of the peak True Human Rank, he was only ranked ninth of the Heavenly Yuan Clan disciples.

Mo Tianyi was a legend in the northern Continent and the disciple of a Sovereign. For Wui Yunwi, he was extremely far away.


Wei Yunqi walked towards the Canopy Great Country party.

“Core disciple of the Heavenly Yuan Clan.”

Prince Jin and company’s expression changed.

The Ten Great Clans were existences that even the three Great Countries had to look up to.

“Hehe, I heard that brother Zhao Feng is slightly mysterious and this one would like to challenge him.”

Wei Yunqi said respectfully.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed. He didn’t really like these challenges without reason.

“Another scouter?”

He slowly stood up and decided to work out this time.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye quickly scanned over Wei Yunqi and estimated his strength.

This person’s cultivation was on par with prince Jin but didn’t have a bloodline. Maybe his skills were so his overall strength should be close to Prince Jin’s.

Those with cultivation under the True Mystic Rank could be defeated by Zhao Feng in one eye.

“Oh well, I’ll use him to test out the merging of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and Lightning Inheritance as well as other stuff….”

Zhao Feng stood up.

At this instant many top geniuses including Princess Linyue, Xin Wuheng, Cang Yuyue, Mo Tianyi and company looked over.

“Brother Zhao’s age and cultivation is both lower than mine. I’ll let you have ten moves.”

Wei Yunqi said with a smile.

He didn’t know Zhao Feng and since he was older, more experienced and had a higher cultivation, let Zhao Feng have the advantage.


Zhao Feng didn’t disagree.


As soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Feng flashed away from the original spot.

“Not good….”

Wei Yunqi only felt his eyes blur and a numbing sensation come from his side.

He instinctively circulated his Qi of True Spirit and sent waves of True Spirit around him to push back anything within a certain radius.


A figure clad in lightning behind Wei Yunqi was knocked back.

“This brat’s movement skill is weird.”

He let out a breath and blamed himself that he shouldn’t have underestimated his opponent.

Wei Yunqi didn’t realise that the people around him were staring at the place above him with wide eyes.

Teleportation Lightning Step!

A ghostly figure seemed to appear out of nowhere above Wei Yunqi’s head.


Wei Yunqi felt a numbing sensation from his head and the corner of his eyes even saw a foot covered in lightning.


In a hurry he roared and formed a claw that struck towards Zhao Feng but hit nothing as the figure flashed away.

Teleportation Lightning Step!

A blue haired figure in lightning appeared behind him.

Furthermore, that youth was right behind him.

Chains of Lightning.

The blue haired youth was directly behind him and chains of lightning thumb wide wrapped around Wei Yunqi.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Wei Yunqi’s muscles trembled and had no resistance after being wrapped by the layers of lightning.


A breath of two later Wei Yunqi’s body turned black and he fell to the ground smoking.


The blue haired youth had a queer smile on his face which made others nearby cold.

“Wei Yunqi who was at the peak True Human Rank was toyed with by this brat.”

“What terrifying speed. He’s merged the essence of lightning and more stuff.”

In the Canopy Great Country side Prince Jin had a gaping mouth and his back was drenched in cold sweat: “Wei Yunqi’s strength isn’t far off mine. How much strength has this Zhao Feng been hiding?”

In reality, Zhao Feng didn’t hide much strength in the battles before but he had been cultivating the entire way and improving.


Mo Tianyi took back his gaze and after seeing Zhao Feng’s display, lost any interest in him.