King Of Gods Chapter 345

Chapter 345 - Battle of Five Zones
Chapter 345 - Battle of Five Zones

The starting point of everyone participating in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was different, proving that nothing was fair

According to Zhao Feng’s inspections, the True Dragon Tokens were split into different tiers.

The white True Dragon Token: Most of the geniuses had this one.

Bronze: A small number of geniuses had these. They had reached the top couple hundred in the last generation.

Silver: Reached the top one hundred last time. From glittering silver to pure silver.

Gold: Reached at least the top twenty last time.

All the five overwhelming prodigies, regardless or not whether they had entered the Sacred True Dragon Gathering before or not, had shining gold tokens.

Zhao Feng was the same as most others: a white True Dragon Token.

“The Sacred True Dragon Gathering is different from other competition. Final ranking depends on the True Dragon Token’s Dragon Blessing.”

“If one wins, they can steal a part of the opponent’s blessing and those that lost would lose some of their genius blessing.”

Jiang Sanfeng explained in a low tone.

After understanding the rules, many people were curious.

Die Ye asked: “Doesn’t this mean it’s unfair for those competing the first time?”

This was what Zhao Feng had thought as well.

For example, peak geniuses such as Mo Tianyi had a hundred times more blessing in his token right from the start.

The five overwhelming prodigies had a thousand times more.

“Hehe, the rules could be said to be fair and unfair.”

Jiang Sanfeng smiled faintly.

“Oh? What do you mean?”

Everyone was curious.

“Those with little blessing will win more against those with more blessing. On the other hand, those already with lots of blessing will win less against those lower ranked. Sometimes the amount taken can even be ignored.”

Jiang Sanfeng explained.

Hearing this everyone understood.

For example, the blessing the five overwhelming prodigies had was enormous and was a thousand times more than the normal genius. Once they lost, the portion they lost was also large.

On the contrary.

The geniuses participating the first time had little blessing and even if it was stolen by Goddess Bing Wei or Mo Tianyi, it was useless.

“Looks like even those with absolute strength can gather enough blessing to counter the five overwhelming prodigies regardless whether this is their first Sacred True Dragon Gathering or not.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

This was what was meant by fair and unfair.

The unfair part was that everyone’s starting point was different like how one might be the son of an Emperor whereas the other was the son of a peasant.

But the fair part was that if you had the strength, everything could be changed.

Thinking up to here Zhao Feng stared at his white True Dragon Token with expectation.

Time flew by quickly and in the two days’ time, everyone had received their True Dragon Token.

At this moment in time.

The surround spectator stands were filled with elites from across the continent, including geniuses that couldn’t participate.

Zhao Feng estimated that there was about a hundred thousand spectators.

Furthermore, watching the Sacred True Dragon Gathering would require a hefty sum of primal crystal stones that anyone under the True Spirit Realm wouldn’t be able to afford.

Weng~~ Huang!

The ancient arena suddenly started to tremble slightly and the surrounding stone statues seemed to be filled with a power.

Every statue was like a legendary figure that ‘surveyed’ the inside of the arena.

The next moment.


On the ancient arena an enormous stage rose from the North, East, South, West and Middle.

Every arena was ten miles wide and magnificent. Skills of every kind and long-range weapons could be used here.


A hundred thousand spectators cheered.

Every participating genius was full of hot blood.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was indeed the focus of the entire continent.

In the cheering an ‘overwhelming prodigy’ appeared in every stage.

The Eastern stage: Tantai Lanyue

Western stage: Shi Chengtian

Southern stage: Taiyun Shuangzi

Northern stage: Goddess Bing Wei

Middle stage: Yu Tianhao

The True Dragon Tokens of the five overwhelming prodigies were sparkling gold and the dragons seemed to move.

Yu Tianhao’s was especially so. A faint golden dragon blessing could be seen around him and it pressured all the other blessing of the geniuses.

Above the arena the upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance all looked at each other.

At last the bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord faintly nodded his head.

“The first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering ‘Battle of Five Zones’ will now begin.”

A bright voice resounded across the arena.

According to the rules.

The geniuses were split into five zones according to their True Dragon Token’s and as for which one it was, it depended on luck and how much each blessing had.


Zhao Feng’s True Dragon Token faintly trembled and connected with the Northern stage, representing the direction he was to go in.

Some of the geniuses present didn’t believe it and purposely went in another direction.

The result was that these geniuses felt their heart shake and felt a pressure from the surrounding ‘stone statues’ that made them unable to move.

Only by following the True Dragon Token were they able to move like a fish in the water.

Zhao Feng easily reached the Northern arena.

An hour later.

The several thousand geniuses were evenly split into the north, east, west, south and middle stages.

Each zone had their own respective overwhelming prodigy and the one at Zhao Feng’s zone was Goddess Bing Wei.

His eyes scanned over the people and saw some ‘familiar’ faces that were sent here.

“Wang Xiaoguai, Dong Xue and Bei Moi……”

Zhao Feng saw that he didn’t know many people here.

Wang Xiaoguai also came from the Canopy Great Country whereas Dong Xue was from the Iron Blood Religion.

The only surprising result was that Bei Moi, the past martial brother of his, was also sent here.

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head towards Bei Moi as a greeting.

Bei Moi was feeling uneasy, nervous and excited at the same time.

Of course, the two knew that this round was random and not everyone got to fight everyone else.

Therefore, the chances of Zhao Feng meeting Bei Moi wasn’t high. After all, the rankings depended on one’s True Dragon Blessing.

“The battle of zones starts now. Using the senses on the True Dragon Token, go onto stage when you’re needed.”

A judge at the Origin Core Realm said with force. He was the one holding the fort of the Northern arena.

As soon as his words finished.


A True Dragon Token hummed from the Northern zone, signalling him to go up.

“Aye, my luck is shit.”

The early stage True Human Rank was infuriated.

His opponent was Goddess Bing Wei.

“Damn, only a white True Dragon Token. My luck is too shit.”

Goddess Bing Wei furrowed her eyebrows as she inspected her opponent.

Being one of the five overwhelming prodigies, her dragon blessing was enormous but her opponents was miniscule. Even if she won, she wouldn’t win much dragon blessing.

To increase her dragon blessing, her opponents must be at least at the Bronze level or even Silver.

“Limitless Wind Sword!”

The early stage True Human Rank gritted his teeth and formed a fast-rotating beam of sword light that shot towards Goddess Bing Wei.

Since he had stepped onto this stage, he didn’t allow himself to lose even if his opponent was an overwhelming prodigy.

Extreme Northern Ice Wind

Goddess Bing Wei pointed and an ice blue wind that could seen with the naked eye blew over her opponent.


The True Human Rank genius was instantly frozen by the wind.

His mouth was wide open and his sword still in midair but was now an ice statue.

“Remove him.”

The Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm said emotionlessly and two True Lord Rank vice judges went to take him away.


A wisp of dragon blessing from the True Dragon Token of the defeated genius flew into Goddess Bing Wei’s.

Goddess Bing Wei’s was still sparkling like before and almost no change had happened.

She couldn’t help but be disappointed. The opponent was too weak that the dragon blessing could be ignored.

At the same time.

The East, South, West and Middle stages all instantly finished.

Middle stage.

Incomparable under the Heavens!

Yu Tianhao swiped one hand and a fist seemed to crush through anything in its path.


His opponent at the peak True Human Rank was sent flying from the stage.

Eastern stage.

Tantai Lanyue’s agile figure spun in the air as a five-coloured whip sent her opponent flying.

She came from a beast taming family but none of her spiritual pets had been used.

Western stage.

A tall figure that seemed to be made of metal stood unmoving like a mountain.


With a shout the True Mystic Rank expert opponent immediately spat out blood and fainted.

One of the five overwhelming prodigies, Shi Chengtian.

Southern stand.

A four-headed person started to laugh.

“Let me… let me….”

“No, me first.”

The two heads excited fought with one another.

There was only one body but two heads and each controlled a sword and blade respectively.

He/They were the Tianyuan Shuangzi, one of the five overwhelming prodigies.

Hell Curse Nine Flaming Blade!

Earth Freezing Sword!

The sword and blade both shot out and flames and ice interacted with one another, sending a terrifying aura. The True Human Rank opponent didn’t even have the thought to resist.


The youth at the late stages of the True Human Rank was instantly shredded into pieces and blood splattered everywhere.



The hundred thousand spectators all took in a cold breath.