King Of Gods Chapter 349

Chapter 349 - Zhao Feng’s Thoughts
Chapter 349 - Zhao Feng’s Thoughts

“The aura of this ‘Inheritance Shadowing’ seems ok but still nowhere near as good as the Four Great Inheritances.”

The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lord looked at the clouds.

“Hehe, an inheritance shadowing has already appeared. This means that there’ll definitely be more Inheritances that connect with the continent.”

“That’s right, in the past there was usually one or two inheritances and sometimes even none.”

The members of the Sacred Alliance were all very experienced.

Their eyes were full of expectation and joy.

A total of nine Sovereigns sat on the stage and looked down at the battles below.

The battle of five zones was just the first round. The clash between geniuses would open their potential, creating more genius dragon blessings.

The more black horses there were on the ancient arena, the greater the growth in dragon blessing was.

Through battle one’s bloodline, talent, battle intent and potential would be released, making the ancient arena change slightly.

The ancient arena was surrounded by a mountain of stone statues and the aura they gave off was more and more obvious.

Northern stage.

Zhao Feng had the feeling as if he was being ‘surveyed’ by the surrounding stone statues.

These stone statues were like sleeping gods that watched the battles inside with admiration or disdain.

“As long as I don’t meet the first-tier geniuses such as Qin Kunwu, the ghost eyed man, Xia Xianshang or the overwhelming prodigy, my dragon blessing will continue to grow.”

Zhao Feng thought.

There was a total of six to seven hundred geniuses in the Northern zone and it was hard to meet a certain person.

However, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering also had another rule:

If wasn’t that you couldn’t challenge a certain person but if you lost you would lose double the original dragon blessing and if you won, you would only win half of the original amount.

Furthermore, one only had three chances to do this.

Not many people were willing to do this.

Even the five overwhelming prodigies wouldn’t easily do this unless it was at the end and they needed to catch up to others.

“Everything depends on destiny…”

Zhao Feng listened to the True Dragon Token and fought whoever he met.

As of right now his luck wasn’t bad and he didn’t meet the overwhelming prodigy or the three people at the first tier.

Ten wins… eleven wins…. Twelve wins….

Zhao Feng’s victories increased one by one.

He could defeat anyone under the True Mystic Rank and would spend the remaining time to comprehend.

The battle of five zones would continue from ten to fifteen days or even longer.

Through more than a dozen fights, the situation of the Northern zone became clearer.

The strongest was obviously the overwhelming prodigy - Goddess Bing Wei.

Apart from her there was the three on the first tier: Qin Kunwu, ghost eyed man and Xia Xianshang.

These three were all comparable to Mo Tianyi and Zhao Feng would probably lose against these three.

After that was the second tier consisting of five to six True Mystic Rank experts.

Finally, it was the black horses’ turn.

Black horses meant that they hadn’t participated in the previous Sacred True Dragon Gathering and their tokens were white.

Currently, there were four true black horses: Bing Shuiyue, Hong Zhan, Zhao Feng and Wang Xiaoguai.

These four had all won their battles from the start.

The four horses had the ability and chance to reach the second tier but was still a bit off the first tier.

“A measly Northern zone has four black horses.”

Qin Kunwu murmured in surprise.

“Hehe, Brother Qin, I didn’t see wrong. That blue haired kid was indeed a black horse.”

The square faced youth from before smiled faintly.

“Hmph, of these four black horses Bing Shuiyue and Hong Zhan are at the beginning stages of the True Mystic Rank and was considerably strong. Especially Shuiyue, she’s Goddess Bing Wei’s sister and might be able to threaten me. As for Zhao Feng and Wang Xiaoguai who are at the early and late stages of the True Human Rank respectively, no matter how strong their bloodlines are, it’s hard to achieve any accomplishments.”

Qin Kunwu casually said.

“I feel like Zhao Feng’s strength isn’t just so but Shuiyue is indeed stronger.”

The square faced youth shook his head.

At the same time a seventeen to eighteen years old girl with a charming face went on stage.

This girl was a ‘cold’ beauty and gave off a chilling aura.

“This Bing Shuiyue has already won nineteen battles.”

“Apart from Goddess Bing Wei, she’s the Northern zone’s strongest woman.”

The spectators were all surprised at Bing Shuiyue’s looks and strength.

No one apart from Goddess Bing Wei and the first tier were Bing Shuiyue’s match.

“Zhe zhe, little beauty, I’ve heard of your Mystic Ice Palace’s skills for a long time. This one would like to challenge you.”

A wretched pimple faced man walked onto the stage. This man’s True Dragon Token emitted a faint silver light and his cultivation had reached the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

“It’s Ma Tiansan.”

“This guy came fifty to sixtieth last time. Looks like Bing Shuiyue’s hit a hard bone.”

The spectators were all looking forward to this.

On one side was the Northern zone’s strongest black horse and the other was a True Mystic Rank expert.

“Ugly faggot, lose!”

Bing Shuiyue revealed a look of disgust.

Extreme Northern Ice Wind!

Bing Shuiyue pushed her hands and an ice blue wind appeared that howled towards Ma Tiansan.

Goddess Bing Wei had used this move before and her opponents were instantly frozen by this.

“Zhe zhe… little beauty, don’t be so urgent. This brother here will satisfy you.”

Ma Tiansan smiled lustfully and waved his arm, sending dozens of dark grey lights towards Bing Shuiyue.


The clash of the True Mystic Rank caused an explosion that expanded for one mile.


Bing Shuiyue retreated in the air wave.

Ma Tiansan’s cultivation was higher than hers and was more experienced.

Those at the True Mystic Rank had already comprehended their Roots of a Law and could use the help of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to summon more power. Compared to the true Human Rank they were much stronger.

Simply said, it was the compatibility between skill and Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

For example, Bing Shuiyue. Apart from her cold Qi of True Spirit she could also call for similar Yuan Qi in the outside world.

“The Qi of True Spirit of those at the True Mystic Rank are of higher quality and quantity than of True Human Rank. The only difference is that they have comprehended the root of laws and in terms of recovery, absorption of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi or the power and range of skills, it surpasses the True Human Rank.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye got some useful information from the battle between True Mystic Ranks.

While he was watching, he was also using his Lightning Inheritance in the dimension of his left eye comparing them together.

Ice Wind Phoenix Wings!

Bing Shuiyue shouted and an ice phoenix appeared in the air. It seemed to also have an ancient bloodline power added to it.

“Fuck, this bitch’s gone crazy.”

Ma Tiansan exclaimed as a Spiritual grade weapon appeared in his hand and slashed out, forming an arc dozens of yards long.

The storm of ice phoenix clashed with the dark grey arc time after time.

Terrifying air waves extended from one mile to two miles.

The remaining energy from this battle could almost destroy a village.

The geniuses watching felt their heart twitch. If a normal True Human Rank fell into this battle they would’ve been ripped to shreds.

“True Mystic Rank is indeed strong. My mental energy is comparable to the True Mystic Rank. If I really wanted to form a root of laws, eh…. In theory I could….”

Zhao Feng first sighed at their strength then surprisingly found that his mental energy level was comparable to the True Mystic Rank.

Apart from the quality and quantity of the Qi of True Spirit, the main difference was mental energy.

The symbol of a True Mystic Rank was to comprehend and form their own ‘law root’.

It was to form a seed that could interact with the Heaven and Earth. The seed was, in reality, the Source of True Spirit because the Source of True Spirit was based off one’s cultivation technique and absorbed the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

In theory as long as one’s mental energy level was enough, they could form a root of law.


A terrifying thought, a devastating plan formed in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Can I do this in ten days’ time?”

“If I succeed, then I’ll at least have the base cultivation comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank and have a higher chance of reaching the top ten. I’ll even have the chance to fight the overwhelming prodigies.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

As he thought more and more about it his entire body trembled.

In theory, this plan could work but the important part was that whether Zhao Feng could form his root of law or not.

Crack! Peng---

A shocking slam came from the Northern stage and an ice mountain with terrifying coldness enveloped Ma Tiansan.


Ma Tiansan was thrown off the stage and almost turned into an ice block as he kept hiccupping with shock: “You just reached the True Mystic Rank not long ago as your root of law is already comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank. Your bloodline is also profound and you definitely received the essence of the Mystic Ice Inheritance….”