King Of Gods Chapter 350

Chapter 350 - Picking a Fight
Chapter 350 - Picking a Fight

Northern stage.

The battle between True Mystic Ranks ended with Bing Shuiyue winning.

“Indeed, she is worthy of being a rising star of the Mystic Ice Palace. She has just reached the True Mystic Rank not long ago and defeated Ma Tiansan who’s at the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.”

“Apparently Bing Shuiyue and Goddess Bing Wei both received the essence of the Mystic Ice Inheritance.”

The genius’ below sighed in admiration.

The Mystic Ice Palace was famed across the continent and held one of the four great inheritances, the ‘Mystic Ice Inheritance’ and they could open it once every dozens of years.

Of the Ten Great Clans ranking the Mystic Ice Palace was always high and at every Sacred True Dragon Gathering they would have a couple peak prodigies.

“This Shuiyue’s cultivated in an ice elemental skill that’s better than my Lightning Inheritance and she also has a powerful bloodline…”

Zhao Feng watched the battle from beginning to end and felt that Bing Shuiyue’s terrifying strength might be enough to reach Mo Tianyi and Qin Kunwu’s level.

Ma Tiansan was also incredible and has the chance to reach the top thirty this time. His strength was only below the first tier.

If Zhao Feng was to face Ma Tiansan, he didn’t have absolute confidence to win and even if he did it would have been a hard-fought battle.

After this fight.

Bing Shuiyue became the number one black horse of the Northern stage and was even one of the top black horses across the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Shuiyue, you did really good this battle.”

The overwhelming prodigy Goddess Bing Wei revealed a rare smile.

“Big sis, this is just the first round and I was already forced to use my bloodline.”

Bing Shuiyue’s breathing rate was slightly fast. Her battle just then wasn’t easy but the bronze True Dragon Token in her hand had started to become silver, meaning that her dragon blessing had increased greatly.

“Little sis, you need to understand that many geniuses here can challenge those with higher cultivation. It was already incredible for you to beat Ma Tiansan with lower cultivation.”

Goddess Bing Wei stroked her sister’s hair with love.

The Northern stage.

After twenty fights the situation became clearer.

Of the four black horses Bing Shuitue was on top, Hong Zhan second with the early stage True Mystic Rank cultivation and he drew with another True Mystic Rank expert.

Third was Zhao Feng who also won twenty fights and after him in fourth was Wang Xiaoguai.

However, on the twenty second battle Wang Xiaoguai’s luck was pretty bad and he met Qin Kunwu.

Qin Kunwu was a legend across the continent and was even ranked higher than Mo Tianyi in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering.


Wang Xiaoguai activated his bloodline power as soon as he went on stage and his eyes flashed with sizzles of purple gold and his muscles bulked, making him seem like a mini giant.

In that instant his physical attributes reached a terrifying state that could rip apart normal True Mystic Ranks with his bare hand.

Earth Hell Wind Cloud Stick!!

Wang Xiaoguai waved his gold and silver stick around and blurs with devastating wind covered a one-hundred-yard radius.

In terms of battle power Wang Xiaoguai was almost comparable to a True Mystic Rank.

His bloodline power was very unique. The more injured he was the more battle power he had.

“Gankun Righteous Air Technique.”

Qin Kunwu’s eyes were like stars and his body radiated a large amount of Qi of True Spirit that connected to the heaven Earth Yuan Qi.


A purple star light instantly shone over a mile radius.


Qin Kunwu exclaimed and a palm consisting of purple star light enveloped the place. It had the air of righteousness and suppressed the demons and beasts.

Wang Xiaoguai crazily waved his stick of devastating wind but still crumpled.


The overwhelming power instantly made Wang Xiaoguai cough out blood.

This difference in strength couldn’t be caught up with bloodline or skill.

Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised at Wang Xiaoguai’s lose. After all, the opponent was Mo Tianyi’s level and had the chance to reach the top twenty if not top ten.

“Unfortunately, it was too fast….”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye locked onto Qin Kunwu’s Qi of True Spirit and how his root of law had interacted with the heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

However, Qin Kunwu’s battle power was stronger than imagine and suppressed Wang Xiaoguai in just one move. The latter didn’t have any chance at all.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and merged his consciousness into his Source of True Spirit to feel the profoundness.

“My Source of True Spirit’s profoundness mainly comes from the Lightning Inheritance and then the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.”

Zhao Feng analysed bit by bit.

Once there was a True Mystic Rank fighting he would watch their battle regardless which zone it was in.

Through these inspections, he gained some insights.

“The root of laws is to form a ‘root’ with one’s comprehension and use this to borrow power from the Heaven and Earth.”

A line of thought appeared in Zhao Feng’s heart.

The root of law was to use the Source of True Spirit as a seed then use mental energy to sense the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

This way the cultivators every move would become more powerful.

Because those at the True Mystic Rank had their root of laws every one of their actions could call their power of Heaven and Earth but only those at the True Lord Rank could directly ‘summon’ heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Of course, those at the True Mystic Rank could also direct the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi but only similar to the effect of ‘calling.’

After this train of thought became clear.

Zhao Feng still needed two steps to form his ‘root of laws’.

Firstly, he needed to comprehend the Heaven Earth Laws and needed to have a high enough understanding.

This was the key step that Zhao Feng lacked.

The second part was that he needed to form a root of law within his mental energy world by using the Source of True Spirit as the seed.

Zhao Feng could only do this if his mental energy was high enough.

“The key part is the first point. I need to merge the Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible to comprehend a unique law.”

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and started to comprehend.

In reality, he could form a root of law for any one of the two Lightning Inheritance and root of law and this would be much easier but Zhao Feng wanted perfection. He wanted to form a root of law on the merging of the Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

This meant that the complexity and difficulty of forming the root of law was several times the norm.

Luckily Zhao Feng wasn’t a normal person and had the help of the God’s Spiritual Eye as well as a large source of mental energy which also allowed him to have high understanding and comprehension.

Within his mind.

Profound lines of lightning interacted with faint flowers.

At the same time.

The lightning symbol on Zhao Feng’s forehead flashed and had the signs of cracking.

“It’s not hard for me to comprehend the root of law but the only problem is time.”

Zhao Feng must complete his root of law between ten to fifteen days.

Only this way would he be able to aim for a higher place.

Time passed.

Zhao Feng was immersed in his world of mental energy and the insights of laws surrounded his body.

In the blink of an eye several days had passed.

The five zone battles continued.

On the Northern stage.

The overwhelming prodigy Goddess Bing Wei still stood supreme.

Qin Kunwu and the ghost eyed man still didn’t have any losses.

It was Xia Xianshang’s luck who was bad and met Goddess Bing Wei before losing in two to three moves.

The middle stage.

“Unparalleled under the heavens!”

Yun Tianhao’s palm filled with a mysterious light that crushed everything in its path and made the stage tremble.

A golden dragon seemed to appear from him and seemed to roar.


Prince Jin spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying from the stage as a bitterness appeared on his mouth.

It was unknown whether it was glory or sadness to spar with the number one prodigy Yu Tianhao.

Yu Tianhao was at the peak True Mystic Rank and his strength was enough to move those at the True Lord Rank.

Furthermore, the Unparalleled under the Heavens skill was a technique that made other inheritances lose their colour.

On the Northern stage.

Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes.


His True Dragon Token suddenly shook and directed him towards the stage.

“The forty fourth match. My turn.”

Zhao Feng expressionlessly stood up and jumped onto the northern stage.

After forty-four continuous wins, Zhao Feng became one of the black horses of the Northern stage.

At this stage his True Dragon Token had turned deep bronze and had a sizzle of silver.

It was because Zhao Feng was strong and lucky that he was able to reach this result.

The reason why he was lucky was that Zhao Feng still hadn’t met the overwhelming prodigy or the first-tier geniuses.

On the contrary Wang Xiaoguai and Hong Zhan had all met powerful opponents and lost before.

Even Bing Shuiyue had met Ma Tiansan, a True Mystic Rank expert.


A cold snow robed girl suddenly floated onto the Northern stage. It was a face made of ice that could destroy countries.

The powerful True Mystic Rank aura interacted with the Heaven Earth Ice Yuan Qi and formed a terrifying coldness.


Zhao Feng hiccupped and the coldness was enough to chill the bone.


Exclaims came from below the Northern stage as they were filled with excitement and expectation but more of it was gloating.

“Looks like my luck isn’t very good.”

Zhao Feng first wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible, but the opponent was the head of the four black horses ‘Bing Shuiyue.’

“Bing Shuiyue, you challenged Zhao Feng. If you win, you can only win half the original amount and if you lose, you’ll lose double the norm.”

The judge spoke and warned once more.

“I understand.”

Bing Shuiyue’s cold eyes locked onto Zhao Feng.

Hearing this Zhao Feng was shocked. His fight was because Bing Shuiyue had challenged him and not a random match.

The rules did state that one could challenge another but everyone had only three chances.

“Bing Shuiyue, why are you challenging me?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as his eyes flashed.