King Of Gods Chapter 359

Chapter 359 - End
Chapter 359 - End

Northern stage.

Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei entered a stalemate.

Being one of the five overwhelming prodigies, Goddess Bing Wei’s mystic ice skill could surpass the geniuses of a generation.

At least in the entire ancient arena no second geniuses’ ice elemental techniques could be compared to her.

However, this was also her weakness against Zhao Feng. her ice elemental skills were countered by Zhao Feng’s bloodline.

Under the situation that their difference wasn’t too big Zhao Feng’s ice figure and throne had could absorb ice and turn it into bloodline power.

Adding on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus’ defence and Zhao Feng purposely fending, he could last a while.

“Luckily I met Goddess Bing Wei first. If it was someone else I still probably won’t last very long even if this plan succeeded.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t as arrogant to think that he had reached the overwhelming prodigies’ strength.

His bloodline power perfectly countered Goddess Bing Wei’s bloodline and skill, allowing him to fend for himself.

The current situation.

Goddess Bing Wei still suppressed Zhao Feng with her overwhelming prodigy strength.

Zhao Feng rarely attacked and occasionally fired a Lightning Fire God’s Eye to make Goddess Bing Wei worry.

It wasn’t that Zhao Feng didn’t try attacking, it was just that the latter’s Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body was extremely strong in defense and could resist ice attacks.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies Goddess Bing Wei’s defence was amongst the top and even better than Yu Tianhao’s.


Since Zhao Feng couldn’t finish off Goddess Bing Wei he focused on defence and used the time to convert the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit.

A hundred moves soon passed and Zhao Feng had absorbed as well as turned a part of the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit into ‘real cultivation’, making him strive closer towards the peak True Human Rank.

“If I fully absorb the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit my cultivation should be able to reach the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

His root of law was compatible with the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible so there wouldn’t be situations of his foundation being unstable.

But as time passed Zhao Feng found a problem.

Compared with his own Source of True Spirit, the Water Moon pirates was purer and had more.

Once he fully absorbed the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit, Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit would change and he would have to cultivate the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

Zhao Feng had always focused on the Lightning Inheritance as the core and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible wasn’t focused on as much.

This was because of two reasons:

One, in terms of offense the Lightning Inheritance was stronger and specialised in speed.

Two, Zhao Feng had a deep foundation in the Lightning Inheritance and cultivating this gave him a chance to break through to the Origin Core Realm.

“Only be using the Lightning Inheritance will I be able to preserve my strength and offense.”

Zhao Feng made a decision.

This meant that he would give up a part of the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit and slow down the conversion rate.

Water Moon God Peach Fan.

With a “Huala” an elegant fan appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.

Since he needed to give up a part of the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit Zhao Feng wouldn’t need to conserve his Qi of True Spirit anymore.


Waves of lightning and ice charged towards Goddess Bing Wei like a flood.

Goddess Bing Wei snickered and pointed his fingers, forming tens of thousands of ice arrows that shot towards Zhao Feng.

Tok! Tok! Tok….

The enormous ice lightning fan figure was pierced through and ice flew everywhere.


The True Mystic Rank’s large radius attacks clashed in the air and the remaining power could injure any True Spirit Realm.

Even if the Water Moon God Peach Fan’s help Zhao Feng’s attack was easily nullified by Goddess Bing Wei.

One had to know.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan combined with the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit, root of law and his bloodline power came close to the strength the Water Moon pirate held at his peak.

From this one could see that even if the Water Moon pirate revived, he might not be Goddess Bing Wei’s match.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng waved his fan around creating half transparent petals that enveloped Goddess Bing Wei from every direction.

“This fan contains mental energy attacks.”

Goddess Bing Wei’s mind went slightly number and started to hurt.

The Water Moon God Peach fan not only had a powerful offense, it also contained attacks from the mental energy dimension.

Lightning Fire God’s Eye.

An azure lightning flame flashed in Zhao Feng’s left eye as he counter attacked.


The fierce lightning fire landed on Goddess Bing Wei and started to erode her mental energy.

This counterattack finally stopped Goddess Bing Wei’s pressure on Zhao Feng.

Mystic Ice Crystal Illusion Sword!

A sparkling ice sword suddenly appeared in Goddess Bing Wei’s hand and it was a middle tier Spiritual grade weapon. Flashed of cold sword lights slashed towards where Zhao Feng was at.

“The Mystic Ice Crystal Illusion sword is an ice weapon that Goddess Bing We got from the Mystic Ice Inheritance and can increase the power of ice al lot. It can create illusions and contains a cold mental energy attack.”

Mo Tianyi who was in the middle zone exclaimed as he looked at Zhao Feng complexly.

Ever since Goddess Bing Wei’s Mystic Ice skill had reached a high mastery her battle power came close to the True Lord Rank and rarely used a weapon.

But now Zhao Feng, a black horse had forced Goddess Bing Wei to use a weapon.

Facing the flashes of sword lights and illusions, Zhao Feng felt an excessive pressure but he started to smile.

“It’s hard to determine which sword lights are real and fake. Furthermore, the ice can travel to the mental energy dimension.”

Zhao Feng scanned it with his left eye and concluded.

Under this state Goddess Bing Wei was terrifying. Her attacks, illusional sword and mental energy power made the other overwhelming prodigies moved.

However, the sad thing was that Goddess Bing Wei was destined to be countered by Zhao Feng.

Firstly, Zhao Feng could tell which sword lights were real and the mental energy attacks could be ignored.

Zhao Feng was a being that had stepped into the Ancient Dao of the Soul and could withstand mental energy.

This way only Goddess Bing Wei’s weapon made a difference but this did bring more pressure to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng waved his Water Moon God Peach Fan.


The Water Moon God Peach Fan turned into an umbrella shape that spun quickly around.

Ding Ding! Tok----

The umbrella shaped Water Moon God Peach Fan rotated quickly and blocked as well as redirected the attacks.

This was the first line of defence.

After that was the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus while was even stronger and more agile.


The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus took Zhao Feng forwards instead of retreating and closed in on Goddess Bing Wei.

“You’re courting death!”

Goddess Bing Wei’s eyes flashed as a transparent gust of wind appeared on her jade hands that released a forbidden and critical coldness.

Zhao Feng knew that Goddess Bing Wei was using a killing move that would be hard to block with even all his defence.

Lightning Fire God’s Eye!


A faint azure lightning fire landed on Goddess Bing Wei that eroded her mental energy and stopped her from using that skill.


Goddess Bing Wei gritted her teeth. Her only worry was Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline technique that could be instantly fired and turn the situation around.

As Zhao Feng came closer he secretly circulated the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit and the three smells from the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus was released.


Goddess Bing Wei smelt the air and felt her body become hot as she became affected by the smell.

Sou! Sou!

As Goddess Bing Wei was retreating and maintained a distance from Zhao Feng, the latter closed in.

The Three Flowered Treasure Lotus is indeed worthy of being one of the Water Moon pirate’s top treasures and could support, defend and fly.

“The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus can affect the True Spirit Realm. Only those at the True Lord Rank had the best chance to block it.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

He had technically inherited the Water Moon pirate’s inheritance and could hold his own unless those at the True Lord Rank moved.

If Zhao Feng’s cultivation reached the Water Moon pirate’s then even those at the True Lord Rank couldn’t take care of him.

“End of the battle!”

A supreme voice boomed across the Northern zone and both Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei’s figures were stopped by a terrifying aura.

The two turned to the judge.

“Your battle has reached an hour and ends with a draw.”

The judge announced expressionlessly.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath. He wanted to recover his breath and convert the Water Moon pirate’s Qi of True Spirit as well as consolidate his root of law.

Goddess Bing Wei gritted her teeth and was filled with killing intent.

With the judge’s announcement the ancient arena fell silent for a moment before erupting in cheers, as if cheering on Zhao Feng.

The five overwhelming prodigies cast a huge shadow over the countless geniuses and they really needed someone that could break that legend.

Zhao Feng was a miraculous black horse that had been challenged by an overwhelming prodigy and fought to a draw.

“Although that this match was a draw, Bing Wei chose to challenge Zhao Feng and if you lost you would lose twice the normal dragon blessing. It’s a draw so you will lose the usual dragon blessing.”

The judge emotionlessly waved his True Dragon Flag.


A broad dragon blessing was transferred from Goddess Bing Wei to Zhao Feng.

In that instant Zhao Feng’s True Dragon Token gave off a brilliant silver and a dragon seemed to circle him.