King Of Gods Chapter 360

Chapter 360 - Losing Control
Chapter 360 - Losing Control

The rules of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering were very strict and challenging others would obviously have a heavy price.

Goddess Bing Wei and Zhao Feng’s fight ended in a draw but the former would have to pay the dragon blessing comparable to if she lost a normal match.


Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing instantly rose and reached the top twenty of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the same as Mo Tianyi, Qin Kunwu and company.

“The dragon blessing of overwhelming prodigies are indeed incredible. She only lost a bit but made mine to rise so much.”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

After all, the Sacred True Dragon final rankings wasn’t decided by the number of wins and losses but by dragon blessing.

This meant that Zhao Feng had jumped onto the first tier of geniuses right below the overwhelming prodigies.

Above in the air.

“This kid’s without a doubt the top black horse.”

“Hehe, nothing is certain until the end. For example, that Xin Wuheng has been suppressing his cultivation and level.”

“Mu Rongfan, Cang Yuyue from the Western zone, Zhao Yufei from the Eastern zone and the successor of the Tuoba family all have immense potential.”

The gazes of the nine Sovereigns scanned across the arena.

Even if any genius was hiding something, they all knew.

Zhao Feng was without a doubt the top black horse here but his cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds, meaning that he didn’t have much potential left to squeeze out.

On the other hand, geniuses such as Xin Wuheng, Mu Rongfan, Cang Yuyue, Zhao Yufei and the successor of the Tuoba family all had good potential.

Right at this point in time another few shadows appeared in the clouds.

“One, two! Another two inheritances.”

Those of the Sacred Alliance were always paying attention to the change above their heads.

At this moment there was a total of four inheritance shadowings, including the Scarlet Moon Inheritance which had just disappeared.

Zhao Feng walked off the stage and surveyed the inheritance shadowings in the sky.

“This is an era that surpasses the previous ones. Will the most ancient and mysterious Heavens Legacy Inheritance appear?”

Many experts and geniuses couldn’t help but think.

The legends said that when the Heavens Legacy Inheritance appeared, the continent would undergo a major change.

However, the Heavens Legacy Inheritance hadn’t appeared for a long time.

Not long ago the inheritance shadowing of the Scarlet Moon Inheritance had been ‘stolen’ by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. If even the Sacred Alliance could hold their breath, didn’t this mean they were expecting something better?

After walking off the stage.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged and focused on consolidation his root of law and occasionally absorbed and converted the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit.

The Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit was denser and purer than Zhao Feng’s.

If all this Source of True Spirit was absorbed then Zhao Feng would be forced to cultivate the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. This wasn’t something he wanted to see.


He focused on recovering and strengthening his own Source of True Spirit and slowed down the rate of which he absorbed the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit.

Every bit of Source of True Spirit that was absorbed would be refined by Zhao Feng’s True Spirit Lightning Flame and given the symbol of the ‘Lightning Inheritance.’

This way.

Zhao Feng wasn’t just absorbing it; he was also purifying it.

Luckily Zhao Feng’s True Spirit Lightning Flame was extremely strong and was destructive Flame of True Spirit that surpassed many others.

As the battle of five zones came to an end Zhao Feng kept on purifying and absorbing the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit, grasping every second to increase himself.


When the battle of five zones ended Zhao Feng’s cultivation stabilised at the peak True Human Rank but met a powerful bottleneck.

“I’ve absorbed one third of the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit, leaving behind two thirds.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he started to think.

Even though he had refined it with the True Spirit Lightning Flame it still changed his Source of True Spirit to a small degree.

After all, the two Sources of True Spirit were of different elements.

“I can only absorb half of the remaining two thirds and there’s a fifty percent chance of breaking through to the True Mystic Rank. If I exceed this amount then I’ll lose the Lightning Inheritances’ element.”

Zhao Feng’s mind spun.

This meant that he needed to somehow use one half of the remaining two thirds Source of True Spirit of the Water Moon pirates.


Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as he had another courageous plan.

Everyone knew that the Source of True Spirit was the source of Qi of True Spirit and it being destroyed meant losing cultivation.

Therefore, the Source of True Spirit was a True Spirit Realm expert’s essence and was like half a life.

“I’ll ignite my Qi of True Spirit at the critical moment and see how much power that half of Source of True Spirit will bring me.”

Thinking up to here Zhao Feng laughed in his heart.

Under normal situations burning the Source of True Spirit would allow an increase in battle power but would harm the foundation but in Zhao Feng’s case, he wanted to use it.


Zhao Feng now had another king card.

At this instance.

“The first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering ‘battle of five zones’ has come to an end and the top five hundred will enter the second round ‘True Dragon One Hundred Strong.”

A bright voice resounded across the ancient arena.

The second round, True Dragon One Hundred Strong.

Compared with the other, this round was easier and picked out a hundred True Dragon geniuses.

Only the top one hundred in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering would be crowned a True Dragon Genius and this True Dragon One Hundred Strong determined this.

“Top one hundred….”

Bei Moi smiled bitterly.

He had won less than one half of the battles in the first round.

With this result he obviously couldn’t continue.


Dong Xue’s eyes were teary.


Zhao Feng found that his True Dragon Token lit up and his dragon blessing started to rise.

At the same time the True Dragon Tokens of the failed geniuses started to fade as their dragon blessings disappeared.

Crack! Crack!

The True Dragon Tokens of the failures shattered and their dragon blessings were taken by the victors.

At least three thousand had participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering but after the first round only five hundred were left.

Zhao Feng felt his dragon blessing become stronger and a faint gold flashed on his True Dragon Token.

The dragon blessing of the five overwhelming prodigies were even more condensed and shone gold.


The ancient arena started to change and the stone statues all gave off a weird power, as if the heavens was shaking.

The geniuses were respectful and in admiration.

The slow change of the ancient arena and the shaking was magnified ten times by a certain force.

“The second round, True Dragon One Hundred Strong.”

Zhao Feng inspected the ancient arena’s change.

The five stages started to fall and finally merged into the ancient arena and disappeared.

According to what Zhao Feng knew the ancient arena had a connection with the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

“At certain times the ancient arena will change according to the dragon blessings.”

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord looked up at the surrounding stone statues.

Every one of the stone statues had a story behind them.

Some of the bigger statues were beings that had existed for a long time. The top ten highest ‘Sky stone statues’ were at least hundreds of yards high and seemed to exist with the heavens.

Even someone as strong as the Sacred Alliance’s Deputy Palace Lord looked at these stone statues with deep respect.

Zhao Feng surveyed the stone statues and felt once again that these stone statues had their own life and was watching their every move.


A thin transparent layer of light suddenly appeared in the centre of the ancient arena and started to extend to one mile, then dozens of miles.

Inside the faint layer of light mountains, rivers, lakes, forests etc could be seen.

From this angle it looked like a map but was actually real.

“This is… a secret realm space made from an ancient spatial array.”

“The space inside a spatial array is several times and maybe even dozens of time larger than the real world.”

The nine Sovereigns were all knowledgeable and some had even been to the outside world.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take a deep breath and from his God’s Spiritual Eye’s inspection, this ancient spatial array formed a secret realm.

One could see the scene clearly from the outside. It was as if they were ‘looking inside another world.’

“How big is this place and what’s in it?”

Zhao Feng felt that ever since he had entered the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, he had touched another world.


The transparent light quickly extended and soon surrounded the entire ancient arena.

The transparent light was like a calm ripple of water than easily passed by the geniuses.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The geniuses entered a new world and the ones with broken True Dragon Tokens were removed from the ancient arena.

“This place is?”

Zhao Feng found that he was standing on a plain and there was also a surprised genius not far away.

“Why is this True Dragon One Hundred Strong different from the past?”

Mo Tianyi, Prince Jin and others that had participated in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering were surprised.

The spectating stand and the stage in the air could see the scene inside the light very clearly.

A total of five hundred geniuses were scattered across a separate plane that was a thousand miles wide.

Some geniuses were in caves while others were in forests. There was even some in the clouds and others in the rivers.

“This complex landscape is testing battle strength and not a straight forward fight.”

The nine Sovereigns watched the situation within the dimension.

“What’s this rounds’ rules?”

The five hundred geniuses were scattered across the plane and none of them knew what to do.

What happened?

The nine Sovereigns looked at each other and felt that something was wrong.

“Deputy Palace Lord - not good! The second round is different from the first and its automatically started. We’ve lost control of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering……”

An old white bearded Sovereign flew over with panic.