King Of Gods Chapter 362

Chapter 362 - Dragon Blessing Six Strong
Chapter 362 - Dragon Blessing Six Strong

The second round was far more cruel and competitive, so Zhao Feng let the little thieving cat help him.

The little thieving cat was his spiritual pet and even if it appeared in the first round there would be no problems, so the second was also fine.

“You’re Zhao Feng….”

The dark dressed youth could only watch the little thieving cat steal his True Dragon Token and his dragon blessing go to Zhao Feng.

Being the number one black horse of this Sacred True Dragon Gathering and fighting an overwhelming prodigy to a draw, he obviously knew Zhao Feng.

Xiu--- Beng! Beng!

Zhao Feng didn’t bother replying and fired two arrows in the blink of an eye as it shot towards the clouds.

The new Luohou Bow was created by Tiegan Master and both the bow and arrows were close to the Middle Tier Spiritual grade. Combined they even surpassed normal Middle Tier Spiritual grade items.


A Luohou arrow flashed by and another figure fell.

This genius’ cultivation had reached the True Mystic Rank and after the arrow hit him his body went numb and cold as he fell down, losing 80-90% of his battle power.

“How’s this possible!!? I just flew here….”

The True Mystic Rank expert gritted his teeth and tried to circulate his Qi of True Spirit.

Before he reached the ground, he heard a ‘Miao miao’ and a silver grey little cat appeared next to him like a fox.


A dark silver blood whip wrapped around his body and sucked his blood essence.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto him with malicious intent and tried to take his True Dragon Token.

“Don’t even think about it!”

This genius was after all at the True Mystic Rank and furiously circulated his Qi of True Spirit, creating a gust of powerful wind.


A cat paw slapped his face heavily and he felt the sky spin as his face burned.

Before he could react, the little thieving cat had taken his True Dragon Token and handed it over to its owner.

“En, a helper’s pretty nice. Increases my speed.”

Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing became brighter and more gold came out.

One third of the silver token had turned into gold and a faint gold and silver dragon seemed to wrap around him.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could in theory, see through everything here as long as there wasn’t a large item in the way.


The cat and human jumped around the dimension and used different methods to steal one True Dragon Token after another with ease.

The sound of the Luohou Bow meant someone’s defeat.

In the spectating stand the experts of every faction had wide eyes.

“Fuck, that’s way too fast!”

“This Zhao Feng seems to be familiar with the landscape and no one hiding can escape his eyes.”

Zhao Feng’s figure passed through the dimension and caught whoever he saw.

Legendary archery skills plus unparalleled eye sight made this black horse become a fish in the water in this environment.

The efficiency rate and speed made others cluck their tongues and the Sovereigns on the stage were stunned and shocked.

“This Zhao Feng’s already controlled the landscape and even the entire situation.”

A light flashed in the bronze skinned giant’s eyes as he said solemnly.

“Although his eye bloodline is strong, isn’t controlling the entire situation a bit exaggerated?”

A female Sovereign said in surprise.

“If you pay attention you’ll realise that wherever he goes, he’ll meet a genius. Furthermore, he maintains a distance with the five overwhelming prodigies and geniuses of the first tier. This way his ‘harvesting’ could be said to be the highest.”

The bronze skinned giant’s use of the word ‘harvesting’ made the other Sovereigns nod.

All of Zhao Feng’s opponents would have their True Dragon Token stolen in the shortest amount of time.

His methods weren’t as savage as Taiyun Shaungzi’s. He would either sneak attack or steal the True Dragon Token’s.

Sometimes Zhao Feng didn’t even need to defeat the opponent. By working with the little thieving cat, they could steal the opponent’s True Dragon Token.

“I have to admit that small cat greatly increases his efficiency rate and uses the smallest price to achieve the goal.”

The Mystic Sword Sovereign inspected the little thieving cat next to Zhao Feng.

The little thieving cat’s signalling move was a cat paw that left behind a burning paw mark on the opponent’s face.

Even those at the True Mystic Rank would feel dizzy when hit by the cat paw.

“En… looks like you who’s in the growing stage has grown in every aspect.”

Zhao Feng patted the little thieving cat’s head in satisfaction.

The little thieving cat had eaten an enormous amount of his treasures and half of the rewards from the Water Moon Treasury had been eaten by this cat.

Of course, the effects were also obvious.

The little thieving cat’s strength had risen quite a bit and although might not be a True Mystic Rank’s match head on, it could trick a True Mystic Rank or two without any problems.

Zhao Feng wasn’t clear about the little thieving cat’s ability.

The little thieving cat’s agility was supreme, and its stealth was incredible. Even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could only sometimes see it.

Although its cat paws power was average, it could daze even those at the True Mystic Rank.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat cracked a smile then put its paws on its waist and wagged its tail. It then made actions saying that it was ‘the only one in the world’ and everyone could clearly see what it meant.


The spectators couldn’t help but laugh.

“Haha, this cat’s pretty interesting. It’s history probably isn’t simple.”

The Sovereigns on the stage smiled.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on Zhao Feng shoulder and made a face towards the transparent light.


The expressions of the nine Sovereigns changed.

This cat could see them?

The Sovereigns looked at each other.

So, the little thieving cat could see them, but to be disrespectful to a Sovereign?

Unknowingly the little thieving cat had gathered many fans, most of them females. Even the female Sovereigns on the stage stared at the little thieving cat with love.

“I love this cat. I’ll trade something for it with the kid later.”

A green dressed female Sovereign said.

It was obvious that she like the little thieving cat.

“This cat definitely has a powerful and mysterious ancient bloodline. It looks like it’s made a blood pact with the kid. Green Moon Sovereign, are you going to force this trade?”

The Mystic Sword Sovereign taunted with a smile.

“This kid comes from the Iron Blood Religion and has a Sovereign behind him who used to be a Sacred Alliance member. He had once fought with me against the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch and contributed a lot for the Sacred Alliance.”

The bronze skinned giant seemed to casually say but was warning her not to ‘force’ the trade.

“I’ll make him trade it willingly.”

The Green Moon Sovereign said confidently.

Inside the transparent light dimension.

Time flew by and another two days passed.

As the fighting continued the number of True Dragon Tokens was decreasing.

Those that had lost their True Dragon Token’s became crazy and counter attacked.

Killing, teaming up, sneaking, every method was used.

Under this situation teams were formed.

At this time.

Zhao Feng’s harvesting speed slowed down.

This was because there was less True Dragon Token’s around as the stolen True Dragon Token’s would shatter after losing all its dragon blessing.

Of course.

The quantity of dragon blessing within each True Dragon Token was higher.

Every True Dragon Token had at least reached the faint silver level and Zhao Feng’s True Dragon Token was now pure gold. His body was surrounded with a gold light and his dragon blessing was incredible.

“My dragon blessing is comparable to the dragon blessings the overwhelming prodigies had at the first round but after entering this dimension their dragon blessings would also increase.”

Zhao Feng analysed.

He estimated that his dragon blessing was at least in the top ten and only below the five overwhelming prodigies.

The Sovereigns watching the transparent light found that there were six faint golden dragon blessing figures all at least one yard high.

Amongst them Yu Tianhao and Taiyun Shaungzi’s was almost two yards.

The reason it was six and not five was that one of them was incredibly close to the five overwhelming prodigies and the source of this was Zhao Feng.

Of the six golden dragon blessings, Zhao Feng’s was the weakest.

Above him was Goddess Bing Wei as all the other prodigies had won all their matches in the first round and she drew with Zhao Feng, losing one fifth of her dragon blessing.

Within the transparent light dimension.

Six golden dragon blessings roared, and it could be heard from far away.

The True Dragon Token was a weird item that couldn’t be stored in the interspatial items therefore the five overwhelming prodigies and Zhao Feng couldn’t conceal their aura.

“Six golden dragon blessings? Is another overwhelming prodigy going to appear this Sacred True Dragon Gathering?”

“Up to now Zhao Feng has the highest chance to become the sixth overwhelming prodigy and push this era to a peak.”

The spectators were all excited and full of expectations.

Although they had lost control of this Sacred True Dragon Gathering, it had become more exciting.

Right now, there was over twenty dead geniuses and dozens of crippled geniuses. From this one could see the intense competition.

As time passed the fighting became fiercer and deaths and injuries kept on appearing.

“Aye, there’s less and less targets.”

Zhao Feng flew around on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

He found many targets, but they didn’t have True Dragon Token’s or had formed a large party, making it hard to attack them.

“Run! It’s golden dragon blessing!”

“Could this Zhao Feng going to become a new overwhelming prodigy? He’s already reached sixth in terms of dragon blessing.”

The geniuses found Zhao Feng from far away and ran away.

At this moment there was six shining golden lights and others could feel this powerful dragon blessing from dozens of miles away.

“It’s Zhao Feng! He’s become the sixth strongest dragon blessing genius and is almost at the five overwhelming prodigies level.”

Mo Tianyi felt the golden dragon blessing from far away and the surrounding geniuses all scattered.

Fight or retreat?

Mo Tianyi was going in Zhao Feng’s direction and was facing a difficult choice