King Of Gods Chapter 364

Chapter 364 - Teamwork
Chapter 364 - Teamwork

Zhao Feng suddenly closing in made Mo Tianyi feel a great pressure. His face was wary and didn’t dare easily make a move.

In terms of attack speed Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline easily surpassed his.

Facing this kind of opponent both Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man tightened their hearts, not daring to relax.

“Zhao Feng, all of us comes from the Northern continent. Do you really want to be the Heavenly Yuan Clan’s enemy?”

The yellow faced man threatened but his wary and uneasy expression made his words unconfident.

The Heavenly Yuan Clan was one of the Ten Great Clans and putting aside the Mystic Ice Palace, they were the strongest force that surpassed even the Three Great Countries.

However Zhao Feng didn’t seem to hear what he said and closed in. He didn’t even look at them.

“Zhao Feng, you’re still not a true overwhelming prodigy so don’t think I can be bullied easily.”

Mo Tianyi finally couldn’t hold back and unleashed his Qi of True Spirit through his air. Invisible mountains seemed to descend from the sky.

Yuan Mountain Great Secret Palm!

A shining Qi of True Spirit flashed around a hundred yard radius and the palm was like a metal mountain that crushed over the arena.

When that palm was thrust out the surrounding earth seemed to be compressed.

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped as his blood and Qi of True Spirit was pressured. It was as if he was facing an unmovable mountain and no matter what he did was futile.


An ice throne and figure appeared behind Zhao Feng and with the thrust of a palm, the two powers of lightning and ice interacted, creating a flower.

The flower made from lightning and ice clashed with the Yuan Mountain Great Secret Palm and instantly exploded.


A part of lightning and ice suddenly rebounded back towards Zhao Feng. The latter was slightly surprised; his God’s Spiritual Eye had analysed the Mo Tianyi’s Yuan Mountain Great Secret Technique’s insights and didn’t expect a part to be rebounded.

Luckily he was prepared and the three petals of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus enveloped him and the Heavenly Luo Mystic armor also blocked a partial percentage of the damage.

No one got the advantage in that clash.

“This Mo Tianyi’s Yuan Mountain Great Secret Technique contains the elements of gold and earth. Those at the same level can’t take care of him and attacks would instead be rebounded.”

Zhao Feng realised.

Unless he had the unparalleled power like Yu Tianhao and completely suppress him, it would be a difficult battle.

In reality the best way to deal with Mo Tianyi was through the eye bloodline or Water Moon God Peach Fan.

However, Zhao Feng wasn’t here to fight Mo Tianyi.


Zhao Feng didn’t continue attacking and instead turned towards Zhao Yufei.

“Brother Zhao Feng, you came here just for me?”

Zhao Yufei smiled.

Zhao Feng’s target was Zhao Yufei.

“So you two know each other.”

The yellow faced man let out a breath as Mo Tianyi understood.

Back at the Northern star stand Zhao Feng had seen Zhao Yufei but they didn’t talk and instead simply interacted through mental energy.

He had done this also with Xin Wuheng, Cang Yuyue and Bei Moi.

At that time Zhao Feng was grasping every moment in time to improve or else this scene wouldn’t happen.

Zhao Yufei felt slightly curious. Why did Zhao Feng suddenly come over to find her?

She realised that Zhao Feng’s hair and left eye had turned blue and was colder than the youth in her memories.

“There’s one thing I need to work with the three.”

Zhao Feng’s gaze scanned over Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man.


Mo Tianyi couldn’t help but feel surprised. He didn’t know Zhao Feng well and had only seen him once or twice.

The only person that did was Zhao Yufei and even she was curious about Zhao Feng’s suggestion.

In theory if Zhao Feng could hold his own against an overwhelming prodigy then he shouldn’t be scared of anything in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Zhao Feng didn’t speak and looked at the three in the eye.


In the next instant the four entered an elegant room and Mo Tianyi, Zhao Yufei and the yellow faced man sat on a seat each.

In front of them was Zhao Feng.

This was the way they would communicate.

Mo Tianyi and company were stunned. They hadn’t thought that Zhao Feng’s mental energy skill had reached this level.

“This is a simple mental energy illusion.”

Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

He had stepped in the ancient dao of the soul and touched the Dark Eye incomplete page hence had a deeper understanding in mental energy.

This scene was just based on mental energy and was very rough. It could be extremely easy to determine whether it was real or fake.

No one outside could also see what happened and went on inside.

At the same time.

The nine Sovereigns looked at Zhao Feng and could guess a thing or two about their states.

“This Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing is about the five overwhelming prodigies’ level.”

The Sovereigns placed great importance on this as the Sacred True Dragon Gathering rankings were determined by the amount of dragon blessing.

“In terms of pure dragon blessing, he’s indeed at the overwhelming prodigy level. His only weakness is that he’s still a bit away from the overwhelming prodigies’ battle power.”

The bronze skinned giant concluded and the other Sovereigns nodded.

The reason why Zhao Feng didn’t lose to Goddess Bing Wei was because the former perfectly countered the latter. If it was another overwhelming prodigy in her place, Zhao Feng probably would’ve lost horribly.

“Hehe, having the dragon blessing of an overwhelming prodigy but not the strength of one. Would the other overwhelming prodigies let him be?”

The Green Moon female Sovereign smiled.

Up to now.

Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing was the smallest of the six and only close to Goddess BIng Wei.

However, his rate of growth was too fast and might even surpass an overwhelming genius, if not the majority.


Being in this situation how wouldn’t Zhao Feng not know this?

Within the mental illusion room.

Zhao Feng and Mo Tianyi talked for a long time but in the physical world only a breath had passed.

“Zhao Feng, you ask for too much. You want us three Heavenly Yuan Clan disciples to protect you?”

Mo Tianyi said in dissatisfaction.

“I’ve already said what I’ll give you and will help double the amount of your dragon blessing. Plus I’ll also give some Mystic Flower Saint Liquid to help Yufei break through. If I’m correct Yufei cultivation has reached near the peak True Human Rank but has a pure Qi of True Spirit and has fulfilled the requirements to break through to the True Mystic Rank. This is a win win situation.”

Zhao Feng once again stated out the deal.

His deal was pretty good but Mo Tianyi was bargaining for more.

Mo Tianyi’s eyes twinkled: “Zhao Feng, I can tell from the exchange just then that there’s still a bit of difference between you and a true overwhelming prodigy. Hehe, with such a large amount of dragon blessing and having offended Goddess Bing Wei, once any two overwhelming prodigies team up, they can force you into despair.”

When Zhao Feng asked for ‘protection’, how could Mo Tianyi not see the situation?

Zhao Feng was still a bit off an overwhelming prodigy but once he reached the True Mystic Rank, it would shorten the gap between them.

This was Zhao Feng’s weakness. He had used the God’s Spiritual Eye to control the situation and had purposely avoided the five overwhelming prodigies but now his dragon blessing was almost on par with them and that made the situation bad.

“Zhao Feng, the moment you reach the True Mystic Rank you will become the sixth overwhelming prodigy. How will we know if you decide to attack us then?”

The yellow faced man was still wary.

“I believe in Brother Zhao Feng.”

Zhao Yufei trusted Zhao Feng and was willing to work together.

Therefore, Mo Tianyi and company couldn’t really disagree.

“If I succeed I’ll try help the Heavenly Yuan Clan out and can even sign a blood contract.”

Zhao Feng promised.

Hearing this the yellow faced man and Mo Tianyi were moved.

“We don’t need the blood contract. I believe in Yufei and you.”

Mo Tianyi nodded his head and the two sides reached an agreement.

Mo Tianyi and company would protect Zhao Feng while the latter would increase their dragon blessing by one times more and give some Mystic Flower Saint Liquid to Zhao Yufei to help increase the Heavenly Yuan Clan’s overall strength.


If Zhao Feng succeeded he would help the Heavenly Yuan Clan out.

Although it seemed it wasn’t worth it for Zhao Feng, it was in reality win win. After all, Zhao Feng was just a step away from the top three in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering or even first.


Zhao Feng, Mo Tianyi and company started to steal True Dragon Tokens.

Because of the God’s Spiritual Eye Zhao Feng could soon find a target but because his dragon blessing was too big, the others could see him from far away and would run, therefore Zhao Feng made Mo Tianyi and company ambush them with the help of the little thieving cat.

Within half a day.

The four had succeeded in ambushing five to six geniuses including Qin Kunwu of the first tier.

Mo Tianyi, Zhao Yufei and the yellow faced man’s dragon blessing had all doubled and under Zhao Feng’s purposeful help Zhao Yufei’s dragon blessing was close to Mo Tianyi’s.

“It’s about time to find a quiet place and you guys to help me.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He had find the place a long time ago and the path was very stealthy, hard to be found by others.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye once again surveyed the place and paid attention to the five prodigies’ situation.

In the North West direction.

Tantai Lanyue and Shi Chengtian teamed up and fought Yu Tianhao. They made the heavens dark and mountains within several miles to shatter.

Goddess Bing Wei hid and watched the battle between Yu Tianhao, Tantai Lanyue and Shi Chengtian.

As for Taiyun Shuangzi, the pair of brothers were killing everyone nearby.

“This is the perfect moment.”

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and led Mo Tianyi and co. into a river of the South East corner and started to descend.


Zhao Feng reached a man-made cave in the depths of the river.

“Although it’s hard to find this place your dragon blessing is still too much. Once someone gets close they’ll still be able to sense it.”

Mo Tianyi’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Hehe, thanks Brother Mo.”

Zhao Feng’s smile was smug as he closed his eyes and didn’t seem to pay any more attention to the outside world anymore.