King Of Gods Chapter 366

Chapter 366 - Yu Tianhao!
Chapter 366 - Yu Tianhao!

The newcomer was Tantai Lanyue, one of the most unique overwhelming prodigies.

Tantai Lanyue wore a coloured dress and revealed snow white long legs. She was extremely alluring and was like the girl from next door.

In terms of pure cultivation Tantai Lanyue was the lowest amongst the five overwhelming prodigies, the same as Mo Tianyi.

However, right now Mo Tianyi’s expression was solemn.

The opponent was a beast tamer and their biggest reliance wasn’t themselves but their spiritual pets.

For example, the big carrying Tantai Lanyue’s battle power was comparable to the peak True Mystic Rank and she had a total of two pets like this.

What was more terrifying was that Tantai Lanyue still had a king card and the Horned Earth Dragon was an ancient beast with a powerful bloodline whose battle power was close to the True Lord Rank.

She also had more than a dozen spiritual pets who had weird abilities and could face all types of situations.

Furthermore, being the number one genius of the best taming family, Tantai Lanyue’s mental energy source was extremely powerful and close to the True Lord Rank.

As Tantai Lanyue came closer.

The bird comparable to the peak True Lord Rank brought a pressure to Mo Tianyi and company who panicked in their hearts.


Tantai Lanyue’s flying speed was extremely fast and her eyebrows lightly furrowed as she locked onto Mo Tianyi and company.

At the same time.

A powerful dragon blessing surged from the river that was almost on par with Tantai Lanyue.

Within the cave Zhao Feng locked onto Tantai Lanyue with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

“This girl has a large mental energy source and can use mental energy well.”

Zhao Feng felt troubled.

This meant that Tantai Lanyue had a strong resilience towards Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline and far surpassed Goddess Bing Wei.

She could be Zhao Feng’s nemesis.

Zhao Feng didn’t conceal his aura and used his God’s Spiritual Eye to warn Tantai Lanyue.

If Tantai Lanyue had bad intentions Zhao Feng would have to team up with Mo Tianyi and company to fight against her.

“Hehe, you’re that Zhao Feng? I suggest you to not try anything. Your mental energy is useless against me.”

Tantai Lanyue’s Spiritual Sense was even top tier amongst the five overwhelming prodigies and soon found Zhao Feng’s position.

Zhao Feng didn’t move and didn’t say anything.

His eye bloodline was biased towards mental energy and his head hurt from meeting Tantai Lanyue.

“What, scared?”

Tantai Lanyue smiled and waved her five-coloured whip towards the river, ripping a whole in it.

Waves rushed towards the cave Zhao Feng was at.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed. Tantai Lanyue’s actions were provoking him.

Lightning Fire God’s Eye!

Zhao Feng’s left eye flashed with an azure lighting fire.


A transparent lightning flame burned the bird under Tantai Lanyue’s feet.


The coloured bird let out a screech that could be heard for dozens of miles.

The lightning fire could burn both the physical and mental energy dimension.

Although the coloured bird wasn’t severely injured it was in pain and almost threw Tantai Lanyue off.

“How dare you injured my little coloured sparrow!?”

Tantai Lanyue yelled and flipped in the air before stabilising herself. Her hair was messy and seemed ruffled.


Another mental energy sound attack hit the coloured bird, making the latter go crazy once more and made Tantai Lanyue panic.

“Hehe, although my eye bloodline might not have much an effect on you who has a strong source of mental energy, I am still a half beast tamer and have methods to injure your spiritual pet.”

Zhao Feng smugly smiled as he said through the mental energy dimension.

Being a beast tamer Tantai Lanyue loved every one of her spiritual pets and a few days ago she had fought Yu Tianhao, injuring several of her stronger spiritual pets.

However, she didn’t expect to find another troublesome person that would attack her spiritual pets.

Tantai Lanyue bit her lips and hesitated whether to summon the Horned Earth Dragon Beast, her king card but at this moment Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei’s battle appeared in her mind.

Zhao Feng had too many methods and had strong defence. If she couldn’t finish him off, it was the same as offending a troublesome figure that was almost as strong as an overwhelming genius.

As Tantai Lanyue was hesitating another surging dragon blessing even stronger than Zhao Feng and Tantai Lanyue appeared.

A shining golden dragon could be seen from far away.

After focusing to see who it was, they were all frightened.

The new comer was a black-haired youth and his eyes seemed to contain the universe.

His every action contained confidence and solitude.

“You caught up so quickly?”

Tantai Lanyue exclaimed.


Without even turning around she summoned the coloured bird and sped off into the distance.

If there was anyone that could keep on beating Tantai Lanyue in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, there would only be one person.

“Yu Tianhao!”

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man all took a deep breath.

The black-haired youth was the continents top genius that surpassed geniuses of other generations.

Although Yu Tianhao seemed to walk slowly, his speed was insanely quick and closed in on this direction.

Tantai Lanyue didn’t have any will to battle.

Thinking about the battle a few days ago, Tantai Lanyue was still shocked.

Yu Tianhao was a fighting maniac that had challenged Tantai Lanyue and Shi Chengtian at the same time without being disadvantaged.

After that battle several of Tantai Lanyue’s spiritual pets were injured including the Horned Earth Dragon Beast.

Even Shi Chengtian who specialised in defence was covered in injuries.

If it wasn’t because that Shi Chengtian had attracted Yu Tianhao away, Tantai Lanyue’s losses would probably be greater.

Therefore, Tantai Lanyue had started to run the second she saw Yu Tianhao.

Before Mo Tianyi and company could let out a breath for Tantai Lanyue’s departure, another even more terrifying existence had come.

Yu Tianhao!

This name was enough to shake the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and make any genius fear it. The other overwhelming prodigies would be wary and retreat when they met him.

Shua! Shua!

Within a few steps Yu Tianhao had appeared where Mo Tianyi was at.

“She ran away pretty fast.”

Yu Tianhao murmured to himself. In terms of flying speed, he didn’t have much an advantage against her flying beast.

He couldn’t catch up to an overwhelming prodigy that focused solely on escaping.

Yu Tianhao stood in the air and sent Tantai Lanyue away with his eyes.


His eyes scanned towards the depths of the river.

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man had both retreated to here.

When Yu Tianhao’s gaze scanned over an aura comparable to the True Lord Rank appeared.

Both Mo Tianyi and Zhao Feng felt unable to breathe and their Qi of True Spirit was slightly restricted.

If Zhao Feng’s guesses were correct Yu Tianhao had the peak True Mystic Rank cultivation but the mental energy level of the True Lord Rank.

“Does the sixth dragon blessing genius dare to fight me?”

Yu Tianhao didn’t immediately make a move and a smile appeared on his mouth.

A strong confidence and battle intent rose from him.

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped. He didn’t think that Yu Tianhao had ‘payed attention’ to him and was even now challenging him.

Mo Tianyi’s emotions were complex on the side.

Yu Tianhao was a total battle maniac but rarely challenged anyone especially those of the younger generation.

However, Zhao Feng had entered Yu Tianhao’s eyes and was an opponent.

To be able to be seen as the number one prodigy’s opponent, how much glory was this worth?

At least Mo Tianyi had participated in two Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s but Yu Tianhao hadn’t paid attention to him and beat him easily.

Facing Yu Tianhao’s challenge Zhao Feng was silent.

He remembered Yu Tianhao’s Unparalleled under the Heavens move which had overwhelming offense, battle intent and confidence.

That confidence and belief was stronger than any sword or blade intent Zhao Feng had seen.

Just that thought alone could crush Tian Yunzhi’s blade intent, destroy Cang Yuyue’s sword intent and scared ghosts and gods.

At this point in time.

Yu Tianhao was in the air and his supreme confidence and beliefs alone could defeat his opponents.

Mo Tianyi, Zhao Yufei and the yellow faced man’s heart shook. It was as if a demonic god was above them. Their heartbeats could be heard extremely clearly.

Yu Tianhao stood there quietly, waiting.

He looked at where Zhao Feng was at and his eyes were filled with battle intent.

He didn’t attack immediately out of respect.

Thinking about the youth that was younger than him by ten years and how he never gave up and created a miracle, Yu Tianhao admired him.

Mo Tianyi and company could feel his state of heart.

If it were another opponent or even an overwhelming prodigy, Yu Tianhao might attack without hesitation.

From this one could see Zhao Feng’s importance in Yu Tianhao.

“Indeed, worthy of being the number one genius. I’m currently not your match but I can recommend someone to you.”

Zhao Feng slowly spoke.

The God’s Spiritual Eyes’ large source of mental energy made Zhao Feng stable even when facing Yu Tianhao’s battle intent.

This also increased Yu Tianhao’s rating of him.

Recommend an opponent?

Not only was Yu Tianhao surprised, even Mo Tianyi and company were shocked.

Who else could fight Yu Tianhao apart from the overwhelming prodigies in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?”

“Find someone called ‘Xin Wuheng.’ He fought me to a draw in the past when restricting his cultivation. He’s in this place as well.”

A weird smile curled in Zhao Feng’s lips.

Right now, he was at the critical point of breaking through to the True Mystic Rank and it wasn’t the best time to fight.

However, a battle maniac such as Yu Tianhao wasn’t that easy to send away.

Therefore, Zhao Feng’s mind flashed and thought of a great plan.

Yu Tianhao, you want to fight me? I don’t have the time right now, but I can recommend you someone at least as strong as me.


Xin Wuheng was someone that Zhao Feng couldn’t see through and, so he let the number one genius Yu Tianhao to test him out.


Yu Tianhao nodded his head.

He seemed to be interested in the Xin Wuheng that Zhao Feng mentioned and maybe also saw that Zhao Feng was at the critical point so didn’t bother staying behind and flew off.