King Of Gods Chapter 368

Chapter 368 - Fighting an Overwhelming Prodigy again
Chapter 368 - Fighting an Overwhelming Prodigy again

“There’s no time, prepare to battle.”

Zhao Feng looked coldly towards the West as he rose.

Hearing this Mo Tianyi and company lost the colour in their faces. What kind of opponent forced Zhao Feng to not even consolidate his cultivation?


A ghostly after image was left behind as Zhao Feng disappeared.

“What speed!”

The yellow faced man opened his mouth and couldn’t react to it.

“This movement is extremely unusual and can ever trick the mental energy senses.”


Mo Tianyi reacted and immediately followed behind the yellow faced man while at this time Zhao Feng had already risen above the air and looked at the forest in the West coldly.

A while later.

Above the forest was a golden dragon with a terrifying aura.

“I can sense this dragon blessing from so far away. It’s most likely an overwhelming prodigy.”

Mo Tianyi’s heart dropped but thinking that he had another quasi overwhelming prodigy next to him, a bit of expectations came from him.

Zhao Feng waited in the air with a solemn expression.


The dragon blessing in the forest became stronger.

There was one golden dragon there…. Wait, no. There was two.

“Not good… two overwhelming prodigies!”

Mo Tianyi and the yellowed faced man exclaimed.

No wonder the calm Zhao Feng would have such a solemn expression.


Mo Tianyi and company instinctively thought.

Just one overwhelming prodigy was terrifying enough and now there was two?

“You two retreat and protect Yufei.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he took a deep breath.

Under normal situations he would run without thinking if two overwhelming prodigies came but Zhao Yufei had reached the critical point of breaking through to the True Mystic Rank right now so Zhao Feng decided to try hold them back.

If he really couldn’t hold them back then Zhao Yufei would have to give up the chance to reach the True Mystic Rank. She had at least formed the root of law so breaking through was just a matter of time.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng wanted to test out his strength.

“You be careful. If you really can’t do it then we’ll have to let Sister Yufei give up this chance.”

Mo Tianyi looked deeply towards Zhao Feng before retreating with the yellow faced man.

If it was him in Zhao Feng’s place, he would run if facing two overwhelming prodigies.

Zhao Feng floated in the air above the river with a solemn expression and his eyes became colder.


His figure flashed and became an arc of lightning that closed in on the position of the two overwhelming prodigies.

The reason Zhao Feng did this was because he didn’t want to waves of the battle to hit where Zhao Yufei was in seclusion.

In the forest on a branch.

“That brat seems to have found us.”

A bronze giant said in a low tone.

When he spoke the ground seemed to tremble and the branches nearby cracked, as if it was going to break at every moment.

“Shi Chengtian, as long as you work with me, even if Yu Tianhao comes he’ll lose.”

Goddess Bing Wei revealed a cold smile.

According to the original plan Goddess Bing Wei first went to find Taiyun Shuangzi but he was too disdainful to do so and almost started to fight.

Hence she had to find Shi Chengtian. At the beginning Shi Chengtian wasn’t willing and felt that he lost face by teaming up with another overwhelming prodigy to fight a black horse.

Goddess Bing Wei persuaded him to the point where her lips almost cracked and promised to give all of Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing to him.

Shi Chengtian finally agreed.

After all, anyone that stole Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing had the chance to become first.


The current scene of Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian teaming up and approaching Zhao Feng appeared.

According to the plan the two would unleash lightning quick attacks when they got close and kill Zhao Feng.

However, before they even got found they were found by Zhao Feng.

Shi Chengtian’s face went slightly red. If others found that two overwhelming prodigies had teamed up and tried to ambush a newbie, where would their face go?

Right at this moment a laughter sounded: “Good, good good…. Two overwhelming prodigies…. Both of you come at once!”

The laughter resounded across dozens of miles.

What an arrogant brat!

The two overwhelming prodigies all paused. Apart from Yu Tianhao no one else had the records of beating two.

Zhao Feng’s tone was looking down at them.

The thing was that Zhao Feng’s voice was very loud that many geniuses within dozens of miles heard this and came over.

“This brat’s very cunning.”

Goddess Bing Wei seemed to realise something and indeed, Shi Chengtian’s face went red as he roared: “I, Shi Chengtian, alone is enough to take care of you!”

He had no problems with Zhao Feng and couldn’t pull down his face to team up to fight a black horse, even if it was the number one black horse.

“Don’t fall for it!”

Goddess Bing Wei panicked.

“Goddess Bing Wei, relax, my bloodline and skills can definitely counter him. You don’t interfere. All you need to do is stop him from escaping.”

Shi Chengtian said in a low tone and warned Goddess Bing Wei not to interfere.

Even if he knew Zhao Feng’s plan Shi Chengtian had to agree in front of everyone.

This was Zhao Feng’s plan to stall time for Zhao Yufei.


Goddess Bing Wei nodded her head helplessly.

Thinking about it Shi Chengtian’s skill shouldn’t be countered by Zhao Feng and would probably win.

The worst result was the two of them both being severely injured and Goddess Bing Wei in this scenario could deal with both of them.

In the air.

Shi Chengtian was like a mini giant with a body of metal. He was more than a half times taller than normal people.

Wherever he went the surrounding area would become pressure.

Dong! Dong!

Each of his steps was like a mountain. Even though they were far away Zhao Feng fet his blood, bones and Qi of True Spirit become slightly restricted.

“Shi Chengtian is the only body practitioner of the overwhelming prodigies and in terms of flesh alone he can suppress those at the late stage of the True Mystic Rank.

He also has the rare Heart Stone bloodline with super strong defense.”

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

He had watched every overwhelming prodigies’ fightining style in the first round and Shi Chengtian’s power and body was definitely top amongst those in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering .

The invisible heavy aura came from Shi Chengtian’s body.

Of course, when one’s body was trained to a degree they could release a powerful aura that could crush the opponent.

Opponents under the True Mystic Rank probably wouldn’t even be able to move in front of Shi Chengtian and might even cough out blood.

As Zhao Feng and Shi Chengtian both came closer to one another.

Ten miles… nine miles…. Seven miles….

The distance between the two closed in.

When there was three miles left.

Shi Chengtian stepped heavily on the ground and with a ‘boom’ left a massive hole in the ground.

Like a stone cannon, he charged towards Zhao Feng.


A mountainous aura came from the surroundings and even a hall made of stones would shatter.

Shi Chengtian’s sudden explosiveness in speed had reached a shocking step close to the limit of the True Mystic Rank.

Shi Chengtian unleashed an attack when he was one mile away.


The bronze skinned giant sent out a soul shaking roar that sent terrifying waves in every direction.


The trees below fell down and Zhao Feng circulated his Qi of True Spirit to protect his vitals but even then he was forced back by a powerful gust of wind and his eardrums hurt, almost vomitting blood.

That one roar alone was able to make most geniuses surrender.

Lightning Strike!

Zhao Feng coldly swiped his hand and the Lightning Yuan Qi in the sky started to move.


An arc of lightning an arm wide with a faint purple struck Shi Chengtian.

Everything within a dozen yards radius started to burn.

The ‘Lightning Strike’ was an attack comprehended after merging the insights from his Lightning Inheritance and Lightning Mystone stone.

This lightning strike gained power from the sky and required a high level of root of law as well as high comprehension in the laws of lightning.

“This brat’s strength increasing so quickly.”

Goddess Bing Wei was surprised by what she saw.

The damage and destruction from the lightning just then was at the quasi overwhelming prodigy level and Zhao Feng hadn’t used any bloodline power or God’s Spiritual Eye just then.

Of course.

Goddess Bing Wei didn’t worry. Shi Chengtian’s defense was the same as hers; extremely powerful and stronger than the other prodigies.


Lightning crackled but Shi Chengtian’s figure remained still.

A dark yellow hard shell appeared on his skin and a tiny scorch mark was left. The layer of yellow shell then started to heal.

“What terrifying defense. This Shi Chengtian has the body of the Earth and doesn’t even need to work hard to comprehend his root of law.”

Although Zhao Feng had expected this he was still surprised.

The move just then was a tester but its power wasn’t to be underestimated. Geniuses such as Mo Tianyi at the first tier would find it troublesome to defend against, and now it was taken directly by the body.

“Hahaha, blue haired brat, your strength is just average. Looks like luck was on your side when drawing with Goddess Bing Wei.”

Shi Chengtian howled and charged towards Zhao Feng.

Boom! Bam! Boom!

Wherever the bronze giant passed by the mountains and trees would shatter.

In his sight Zhao Feng’s figure was tiny and seemed to be unable to move or even resist due to the pressure.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flickered lightning and his blue hair blew in the wind. The azure lightning flower mark on his forehead flickered and he seemed like a Lord of the Wicked path.


With a flash a blur of after images was left behind.

Shi Chengtian’s eyes became blurry as he lost track of Zhao Feng.


A foot wrapped in lightning suddenly smashed towards his rude mouth.