King Of Gods Chapter 369

Chapter 369 - Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Chapter 369 - Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!


In a flash of lightning an agile figure had appeared next to Shi Chengtian’s head and a foot of lightning smashed into Shi Chengtian’s mouth.


Shi Chengtian’s figure and speaking stopped. His expression was as if he had eaten a pile of shit and choked on it.

Some of the spectating geniuses were dazed and shocked and Goddess Bing Wei was also stunned.

Time seemed to be frozen at that moment.

Zhao Feng’s foot not only hit Shi Chengtian’s mouth, it had even squeezed into his mouth.

Shi Chengtian’s mouth became instantly scorched and this overwhelming prodigy paid the price for underestimating his enemy.

However, Zhao Feng wasn’t as advantaged as others thought.

“What a powerful body.”

Zhao Feng’s foot seemed to hit a mountain and went numb.

Shi Chengtian finally reacted and roared, making the ground tremble then sent fists towards Zhao Feng, simple and straight forwards, yet powerful.

Before the fists arrived the gust of wind with it could already make normal True Mystic Rank’s vomit blood.

Once directly hit by the fists the outcome was unthinkable.


A shadow flashed, and Zhao Feng appeared dozens of yards away from Shi Chengtian.

In terms of speed and movement Zhao Feng surpassed Shi Chengtian.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies, Shi Chengtian’s body and defence was the strongest but his speed was just average.

Ice Lightning Mystic Flower!

Zhao Feng raised his palm and merged his bloodline into his Qi of True Spirit, sending auras of ice and lightning over Shi Chengtian.


A large flower of ice and lightning blossomed then exploded.

After reaching the True Mystic Rank Zhao Feng’s merging of ice and lightning became more perfect and its power greatly increased.

Over the past few days Zhao Feng had absorbed the energy within the Lightning Mystic Stone and comprehended the natural laws of lightning. This made Zhao Feng’s control of lightning reach a new level.

Zhao Feng’s Lightning Inheritance had almost touched the highest third floor and had started to exceed the original inheritance as it had merged insights gained from the Lightning Mystic Stone and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

“This palm should be able to threaten the overwhelming prodigies now.”

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes and in a flash appeared above Shi Chengtian.

After the dust settled Shi Chengtian’s ‘shell’ was still unharmed.


Zhao Feng took in a cold breath. He found that Shi Chengtian’s skin had almost turned into stone and was almost not made of flesh and blood anymore.

The stone skin had a strong resistance against ice and lightning.

“It’s useless. Shi Chengtian’s defence is unparalleled under the True Lord Rank. Only eroding bloodlines or wood elemental skills can threaten him.

Goddess Bing Wei wasn’t surprised by this scene.

Of the five prodigies, only Goddess Bing Wei’s Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body’s defence could be compared to Shi Chengtian but in terms of power, she was far off.

Zhao Feng’s attacks were mainly lightning or ice based and the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was biased towards the wind element.

However, both lightning and ice were countered by Shi Chengtian’s earth element.

Zhao Feng obviously didn’t specialise in the wood element or eroding poison skills.

“Blue haired brat, you will pay for your ignorance.”

Shi Chengtian roared and lifted his arms into the air as a layer of brown yellow light appeared then faded.

Not good!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye sensed something and in the next instant, his body started to fall.

The entire area was affected by a pulling force that dragged Zhao Feng down.

In terms of speed and movement Zhao Feng had merged the lightning inheritance and the agility of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. He obviously surpassed Shi Chengtian in speed but if his body was a hundred thousand pounds heavier, no matter how fast one was, their speed would decrease.


Zhao Feng’s body fell onto the ground and his flesh and bones were under an intense pressure.

Every step needed to use energy several times more than before.

“Hmph, this is Shi Chengtian’s bloodline talent ‘Gravity Domain’. Although Shi Chengtian isn’t fast his bloodline talent can decrease the speed of others.”

Goddess Bing Wei snickered coldly.

This was why if she teamed up with Shi Chengtian even Yu Tianhao would probably lose.

Shi Chengtian’s ‘Gravity Domain’ and her ‘power of Ice’ can even seal a normal True Lord Rank to death.

Stone shattering the mountains fist!!

Shi Chengtian’s fist started to glow yellow and the air and earth started to vibrate. The first seemed to be pushing a large mountain with it.

Under the Gravity Domain Zhao Feng’s speed was decreased by 60-70%and much slower than Shi Chengtian whereas the latter was like a fish in the water.


Shi Chengtian’s terrifying fist locked onto Zhao Feng so that the latter couldn’t dodge it.

Zhao Feng felt a surge of danger and summoned his Three Flowered Treasured Bible, Throne of ice behind him as the ancient figure gave power to him.

Ice Lightning Pierce!

Zhao Feng thrust his palm out and the power of ice and lightning exploded.

This palm focused more on freezing and the surroundings became covered in a veil of ice.

Shi Chengtian was affected and the closer he got to Zhao Feng, the slower his speed was.

“He’s obviously stolen this from the Mystic Ice Inheritance.”

Goddess Bing Wei gritted her teeth as she watched.

Her skills focused on decreasing speed, freezing and sealing. When her opponents truly came close they would become an ice statue but was countered by Zhao Feng.

And now Zhao Feng’s ‘Ice Lightning Pierce’ had stolen insights from Goddess Bing Wei’s skills and used it onto his bloodline power.


Shi Chengtian finally arrived close to Zhao Feng and the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus took a direct hit.

The petals of the Three Flowered Treasured Bible instantly shattered layer by layer and its light faded by over half.

Under the push of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, Zhao Feng could retreat dozens of yards and with the flap of the Yin Shadow Cloak, disappeared.


Shi Chengtian who had the advantage realised that Zhao Feng had become invisible, so he started to survey around quietly.

He was confident that in the Gravity Domain Zhao Feng’s speed would be greatly decreased and would have no advantage over him.

At this moment.

Shi Chengtian let out a breath as he successfully suppressed Zhao Feng.

He didn’t think that the number one black horse was so troublesome before.


A faint shadow appeared out of nowhere and revealed Zhao Feng’s figure.

“This Shi Chengtian actually counters me….”

Zhao Feng’s speed was decreased when facing Shi Chengtian. In reality, any genius that specialised in speed would be at a disadvantage against him.

At this point in time Zhao Feng had escaped out of the Gravity Doman’s range.

The Gravity Domain’s range was only about a hundred yards.

“Looks like close combat is a definite no….”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye spun as he planned again.

Once he got close his speed would be countered.

“Strong defence, strong close combat, average speed, clumsy……”

A wicked smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

A crystal-like bow appeared in his hand and three silver arrows were attached to it.

Long range item!

Shi Chengtian saw Zhao Feng’s weapon and his expression changed slightly.

Shi Chengtian obviously knew his weaknesses. He wasn’t good at long range combat or combat in the air.

Zhao Feng soon found his opponents weakness.


Shi Chengtian roared and charged towards Zhao Feng with a gust of wind.

Being one of the overwhelming prodigies Shi Chengtian’s speed wasn’t slow. It was a bit faster than normal late stage True Mystic Ranks.

His explosiveness was also shocking as he chased after Zhao Feng.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng’s left eye became a freezing abyss that sent a coldness to the mental energy dimension.

Shi Chengtian only felt his heart go cold and his charge slow down.

A chilling coldness started to freeze his consciousness and ignored his physical defence.

Mental energy attacks disregarded physical attacks.

Even if Shi Chengtian’s physical defence was ten times stronger facing the Eye of Ice Soul, it wouldn’t help at all. It would only be effective against the Lightning Fire God’s Eye.


Shi Chengtian’s speed dropped by over half and his actions were stiff.

He was a body cultivator meaning that his Source of mental energy wasn’t strong and clumsier against the Eye of Ice Soul.


Zhao Feng revealed a smug expression from far away.

Although the Eye of Ice Soul wasn’t effective against Goddess Bing Wei, it’s effect was obvious on Shi Chengtian.

“Kid…. you….”

Shi Chengtian hiccupped and roared but his expressions were slightly frozen.

His body was hot, but that coldness seemed to envelope his body and even his thoughts almost froze.

Beng~~ Sou! Sou!

Zhao Feng slowly released his bow and the Luohou Bow sent arrows after another onto Shi Chengtian and exploded.

Shi Chengtian howled but the distance between him and Zhao Feng seemed to be distanced by a mountain of ice.

Crack! Peng! Peng!

The power of ice and lightning started to explode and freeze on Shi Chengtian’s body.

Unfortunately, the power of ice could slow down one’s speed and the power of lightning could numb the opponent.

With every arrow Shi Chengtian’s body would obviously freeze and combined with the Eye of Ice Soul, it’s effect was doubled.

“The Eye of Ice Soul isn’t very powerful instantaneously but can be used for a long time.”

Zhao Feng kept his Eye of Ice Soul trained on Shi Chengtian.

The Eye of Ice Soul was a mental energy attack and with his large source of mental energy, he could continue it for a very long time.

Ten breaths later.

Shi Chengtian’s body was frozen in ice and wisps of smoke came from his head. Every step came with a pause.

Through the Eye of Ice Soul and Luohou Bow Zhao Feng successfully controlled the situation.

His attacks were ‘shameless’ and kept on hitting on a joint on Shi Chengtian’s legs.

No matter how strong one’s defence was, if that ‘point’ was continuously attacked, a gap would appear.

“How could this be….”

Goddess Bing Wei’s face lost all colour as she looked in disbelief.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies apart from Yu Tianhao, she couldn’t think of anyone that could force Shi Chengtian to this degree.