King Of Gods Chapter 373

Chapter 373 - Let go of Brother Zhao Feng!!
Chapter 373 - Let go of Brother Zhao Feng!!

“You should know no one in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering is your match.”

Yu Tianhao didn’t give up because of Xin Wuheng’s words but instead revealed a surprised and solemn expression.

He had a feeling that this normal man could see everything about him and this was why he said this.

“You have no path or retreat. Either fight or give up the True Dragon Token.”

Yu Tianhao smiled as he landed on a stone opposite Xin Wuheng.

Give up the True Dragon Token?

Xin Wuheng sighed in his heart. He couldn’t do this.

The reason why he participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering wasn’t because of ranking but for something even better - inheritances.

“I must not pass this chance of entering the Heavens Legacy Inheritance. This is a chance to fly.”

Xin Wuheng’s eyes twinkled.

His True Dragon Token had a faint glint of gold to it and was currently ranked around tenth.

He hadn’t lost any battle in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering from beginning to now. He had even beaten two or three experts of the first tier.

“The cultivation of the peak True Human Rank but has such a powerful dragon blessing. The person that Zhao Feng recommended is indeed not simple.”

Yu Tianhao’s aura fell and in a moment his cultivation was suppressed to the peak True Human Rank.

Obviously, he didn’t want to take advantage of Xin Wuheng.

“You won’t be my match like this.”

Xin Wuheng stated expressionlessly.

Hearing this Yu Tianhao laughed: “Ridiculous!”

On the stage above the ancient arena.

The Sovereigns, especially Yu Xingchen, payed attention to the face-off between Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao.

Xin Wuheng was a black horse just below of Zhao Feng and being the number one prodigy, every action of Yu Tianhao’s was watched.

“Yu Tianhao’s mental energy level is comparable to the True Lord Rank and even if he supresses his cultivation, no one is his match.”

“However, this Xin Wuheng is very weird. He has profound insights and seems to be a ‘grandmaster,’ always winning even with lower cultivation.”

The Sovereigns were interested.

Unparalleled under the Heavens!

Yu Tianhao moved and waved his hand sending a brilliant light that contained the belief of overwhelming confidence and dominance.

Although he was clearly at the peak True Human Rank the power in it had reached a step where those at the True Mystic Rank would be threatened.

Just that believe alone would be able charge into the enemy’s mind and destroy their will.

Limitless palm!

Xin Wuheng stood with one hand behind his back as his other hand slowly moved through the air.

A rippling wave of air came from the palm. There was no obvious element to it.


Yu Tianhao’s devastating attack seemed to sink into a mudhole in front of Xin Wuheng and was slowed down and weakened.

The first move.

A simple nullification. There was no huge clash that was expected.

Xin Wuheng stood with one hand reached out and the other behind his back. His black hair blew in the wind and seemed like a martial arts grandmaster.


The Sovereigns were surprised.

Calm, unrushed, peaceful.

Xin Wuheng gave people a feeling that he was like the water, an experienced and old grandmaster and not a junior.

He had no talent nor bloodline but had reached a step where he could fight other monsters in this generation.


Battle intent burned in Yu Tianhao’s eyes as his belief became stronger. With a shout he charged in front of Xin Wuheng.

Close combat.

Xin Wuheng was expressionless as one hand became slow, fast, soft, hard.

Pah! Peng-- Bam!

In the blink of an eye Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao had exchanged many blows.

This time Yu Tianhao had released his belief and his attacks become stronger.

Even though they were at the same cultivation Xin Wuheng couldn’t take it anymore.

After all, Yu Tianhao’s Unparalleled under the Heavens believed in dominance and supreme that crushed everything in its path.

“With such a powerful martial intent, his mental energy has surpassed the level of battle intent.”

Xin Wuheng’s expression was solemn and understood his opponent surpassed previous enemies.


His footwork changed, and his palm style merged with his body.

At this point in time Xin Wuheng seemed to be nature. He became a flowing ocean that could suck in everything and anything.

Yu Tianhao’s terrifying offense was nullified.

Bam! Peng~ Boom!

The close combat of the two became more and more fierce. It was like walking on a tightrope with an abyss below them.

Many spectators took in a deep breath as they watched.

What was more terrifying was that the battle from the two didn’t destroy the rocks underneath them; only a few footstep marks were left behind.

From this one could see their level of control.

Switching the Stars!

Xin Wuheng’s style once again changed and became a pull and pull that almost redirected Yu Tianhao’s attack.

“This move is interesting.”

Yu Tianhao’s figure faintly shook and was almost pulled away by Xin Wuheng.

If it was another genius without his level of mental energy, they might have fallen onto the ground face first.

Xin Wuheng didn’t pass up this chance and then sliced towards Yu Tianhao’s stomach as he became one with his insights.

All his actions contained his energy, focus and power.


Yu Tianhao was finally forced back a couple steps by Xin Wuheng.

“Indeed, he’s not simple….”

Yu Tianhao’s blood seemed to boil at this moment and his battle intent rose.

Slowly and steadily his cultivation exceeded the True Human Rank and reached the True Mystic Rank.

Xin Wuheng couldn’t take it anymore and was forced to retreat.

Anything had its limit and the opponents’ insights surpassed sword intent and blade intents.

“Ten Thousand Origins Retract!”

Xin Wuheng used both hands and ripples shot out that were both hard and soft.

Focusing on it people saw that this transparent ripple formed the shape of TaiChi.

Alone in the Heavens!

Yu Tianhao’s palm crushed everything within a hundred yards radius with overwhelming force.


Xin Wuheng swiped his hands and the power seemed to be led, then absorbed and converted when it came near him.

“With the cultivation of the peak True Human Rank, he dissolved my attack?”

Yu Tianhao was shocked.

Of course, Xin Wuheng could only dissolve his attacks as he specialised in defence and couldn’t threaten Yu Tianhao who was at the True Mystic Rank.

However, Xin Wuheng had now used two hands.

Before he had only used one hand even if the opponent had higher cultivation than him.

On the stage in the sky.

The Sovereigns watched Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng’s battle with surprise.

“You should be able to see that Xin Wuheng’s hidden his cultivation from the start of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering till now. His real cultivation is at the True Mystic Rank and has no bloodline or top talent.”

The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lord said.

“This Xin Wuheng has a secret.”

Baiyun Dao Sovereign agreed.

Seeing that everyone’s attention was directed from Zhao Yufei to Xin Wuheng, he let out a breath.

“The feeling he gives me is that he’s experienced and has deep insights. The way he uses skills is something that only the Origin Core Realm can do.”

Yu Xingchen furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng could resist Yu Tianhao with the peak True Human Rank against the latter who was at the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

“Let’s make an example: If an Origin Core Realm Sovereign had the experience and insights of a path from the Consolidated Realm to the Origin Core Realm and needed to cultivate from the beginning, will he be normal even if he had no talent or bloodline?”

The Mystic Sword Sovereign gave an example.

“There’s nothing certain in this world. Although bloodlines are great, it’s not the only path. The main key is still fortune. Back then the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch also had average talent and no bloodline power.”

The Sovereigns agreed.

It wasn’t as if there wasn’t anyone like Xin Wuheng in the past.

Next to the river.

In a ground sealed in ice.

Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei tightly hugged another and as time passed the latter was surprised at Zhao Feng’s dense Qi of True Spirit.

It had already been an entire hour, but Zhao Feng was still burning his Qi of True Spirit even if it was a small amount.

The power of burning the Qi of True Spirit was terrifying and could easily melt ice.


Zhao Feng’s bloodline power kept on absorbing Goddess Bing Wei’s ice powers and his bloodline seemed to become stronger.

“This fucking bitch used shameless methods to seal me.”

Although Zhao Feng wasn’t in a life or death situation, he was still frustrated.

After being hugged and frozen by this girl for so long, he was infuriated but due to the fact he was frozen, he didn’t dare burn heaps of Qi of True Spirit at once as there wasn’t any way to release it.


A light a hundred yards high shone from the river and a purple dressed girl with snow white skin appeared.

“Yufei, why did you come out so quickly?”

Mo Tianyi was frightened.

Zhao Yufei’s eyes flashed and she suddenly seemed to sense something and turn towards the frozen area.

In the frozen zone Zhao Feng was hugged tightly by an ice beauty.

This scene made her heart feel cold.

“Let go of Brother Zhao Feng!!”

When she saw the situation, a cold glint flashed in her eyes as she turned into a blur of light that charged towards the centre of the ice.


As Zhao Yufei flew a powerful aura of True Spirit dyed the sky with colour and every genius within a hundred miles radius felt their hearts jump.

“Such a powerful aura. It’s like a True Lord that can summon Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.”

Goddess Bing Wei who was hugging Zhao Feng gritted her teeth as she once again lowered the temperature.