King Of Gods Chapter 384

Chapter 384 - Zhao Feng’s Killing Intent
Chapter 384 - Zhao Feng’s Killing Intent

The Seven Sword Inheritances’ appearance time was extremely short and disappeared from the ancient arena after only taking in two geniuses.

Many True Dragon Geniuses below especially those cultivating the Dao of the Sword were regretful and angry and looked towards Xia Xianshang with hatred.

Xia Xianshang had been injured to let Cang Yuyue enter the Seven Sword Inheritance and although his face was pale he looked joyfully towards the elder generation of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan.

“The spots of the Seven Sword Inheritance are always low, its normal for it to only allow two people to enter.”

“Xianshang had regarded to overall situation and opened a path for Yuyue. It’s our Ten Thousand Sword Clan’s honour to take a spot.”

“This precious spot might change our Ten Thousand Sword Clan’s destiny.”

The elders of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan were satisfied.

In the past Sword Saint Ye Wuxie had entered the Seven Sword Inheritance and became the strongest cultivator of the Sword. Even the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch was wary of him.

However, this was the second time the Seven Sword Inheritance had appeared in the past thousand years. From this one could see it’s rareness.

“Any one of the Four Great Inheritances can create a legend and change the continent’s situation.”

The Mystic Ice Queen looked towards the inheritance shadowing of the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

After the departure of the Seven Sword Inheritance the Mystic Ice Inheritance was without a doubt the strongest now.

“Bing Wei, you’ve got to grip this chance.”

The Mystic Ice Queen at the Origin Core Realm couldn’t help but be worried and filled with expectation.

After all, there was more than just one overwhelming prodigy here.

For example, Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng might both compete for the Mystic Ice Inheritance and with their power of transferring across space, their strength was stronger than Goddess Bing Wei’s.

The Mystic Ice Queen was very worried that Zhao Feng would interfere when the Mystic Ice Inheritance descended.

After all the two were now enemies.

At this point in time.

Zhao Feng stood on the floating arena with the nine-hundred-yard figure behind him. Apart from Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng no other person could be compared to him.

“If there’s no Dao of the Soul Inheritance or Lightning Inheritance then I’ll choose this Mystic Ice Inheritance.”

His eyes twinkled as he stared at the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

Although the Seven Sword Inheritance was extremely powerful, none of the five overwhelming prodigies competed for it.

Of course, if Taiyun Shuangzi hadn’t fallen, he definitely would have entered the competition and at that time Cang Yuyue might not have the chance to enter.

The current five overwhelming prodigies knew almost nothing about swords and this meant that even if they entered, it was hard for them to get anything.

There was no such thing as the strongest Inheritance, only the most suitable inheritance.

The five overwhelming prodigies all knew this and hence didn’t compete.

However, the Mystic Ice Inheritance was different.

As long as one had cultivated in the Dao of Water, Ice or cold elemental skills, everyone had a chance as long as they didn’t cultivate the Dao of Fire.

Apart from Shi Chengtian everyone could try to enter the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

Zhao Feng’s bloodline and God’s Spiritual Eye were both currently more based towards ice and so the Mystic Ice Inheritance was suitable for him.

“The Seven Sword Inheritance and Mystic Ice Inheritance both require a certain element, but some Inheritance don’t. For example, the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance is suitable for every genius and the Scarlet Moon Inheritance also doesn’t have an obvious requirement.”

Zhao Feng kept on thinking.

If all the Four Great Inheritances appeared, he would definitely choose the Heavens Legacy Inheritance first then the Mystic Ice Inheritance then the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. The Seven Sword Inheritance didn’t need to be considered.

Unfortunately, the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance didn’t arrive, and the Scarlet Moon Inheritance had been taken.

This meant that Zhao Feng had less choices.

In reality, he wanted an Inheritance relating to the Dao of the Soul as only the most suitable was the most powerful.

However, there weren’t many Dao of the Soul cultivators and was even rarer than body strengthening.

In the Azure Flower Continent, the Dao of the Soul had almost been forgotten.

Time passed slowly.

After the Seven Sword Inheritance left two other inheritances connected, causing another bloodbath and only ten geniuses successfully entered.

The five overwhelming prodigies still didn’t move and only a small number of first tier geniuses entered.

Of the overwhelming prodigies Tantai Lanyue and Zhao Feng both stared at the Mystic Ice Inheritance while Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng would give the occasional glance.

Goddess Bing Wei’s injuries had just healed and when she saw this, her heart tightened with pressure.

It seemed that both Zhao Feng and Tantai Lanyue were planning on competing to enter the Mystic Ice Inheritance and Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng both had a chance as well.

Goddess Bing Wei cried bitterly in her heart.

Tantai Lanyue and Zhao Feng was both her enemies.

“Zhao Feng, looks like you’re also on planning to enter the Mystic Ice Inheritance? Why not us two team up and give Goddess Bing Wei no chance.”

Tantai Lanyue revealed half her legs and asked Zhao Feng.

In the second round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering Goddess Bing Wei and Tantai Lanyue had their own feud and the enemy of the enemy was a friend.

Tantai Lanyue waited for Zhao Feng’s reply with expectation and pure eyes.

Zhao Feng was currently an elite of the overwhelming prodigies and only just below Yu Tianhao. With the figure from the stone statue he had the ability to compete with Yu Tianhao.

If she was able to team up with Zhao Feng, then they would be unrivalled.

At the same time Tantai Lanyue would certainly be able to enter the Mystic Ice Inheritance while pushing aside Goddess Bing Wei as well.


Zhao Feng’s voice sounded in Tantai Lanyue’s mind.


Tantai Lanyue was extremely surprised and her face was filled with puzzlement.

One had to know ever since the first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering Goddess Bing Wei had tried to finish off Zhao Feng and in the second round she had teamed up with another overwhelming prodigy to kill Zhao Feng.

In this round Goddess Bing Wei had also tried to kill him but ended in failure.

Putting aside that Zhao Feng wasn’t even retaliating, he was now even passing the chance to suppress her?

“Zhao Feng’s cold and emotionless. Why wouldn’t he be willing? Could it be…. He’s in love with Goddess Bing Wei?”

Tantai Lanyue’s mouth was wide open as she thought of this possibility.

“Just I alone am enough to suppress her.”

A faint voice added.

Tantai Lanyue wanted to retort back but could say nothing.

Looking at the cool calm blue haired youth not far away and that dominant voice, Tantai Lanyue’s heart jumped.

“Ha-ha, although this Zhao Feng’s seems kind of cold, he has the aura of a man and his age is similar to mine in the overwhelming prodigies.”

Tantai Lanyue’s face went red.

Tantai Lanyue was different from Yu Tianhao. She was only seventeen to eighteen years old and was her first time participating in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

There were a few elders from the Tantai family and of them included a beauty and old grandma.

“Looks like Lanyue’s heart is moved.”

A smile appeared on the beauty’s face. Her cultivation had reached the half step True Spirit Realm. The old grandma next to her nodded her head and her aura was at the Origin Core Realm: “This Zhao Feng is not bad. He had a noble eye bloodline and in terms of talent, age and cultivation, is suitable for Lanyue.”

Zhao Feng who was on the floating arena probably didn’t realise he was so attractive towards these major families.

It wasn’t just the Tantai family.

Even the three major eye families looked at Zhao Feng with fiery eyes.

“Those with eye bloodlines is most suitable for marriage. Third Elder, I remember you have a granddaughter.”

“Ah, my granddaughter is already eighty and the other one is only three.”

“I think three is a bit too young. My granddaughter has just reached ten years old and has the cultivation of the Sixth Sky of the Ascended Realm. Maybe she can try.”

In this Sacred True Dragon Gathering Zhao Feng’s performance was too bright and his eye bloodline had signs of surpassing the three eye families.

Powerful bloodlines were something that every family wanted.


On the floating arena a powerful cold aura kept other inheritances shadowings away.

“The Mystic Ice Inheritance is moving.”

The hearts of the True Dragon Geniuses below sped up as they held their breath.

Seeing the Mystic Ice Inheritance become more condensed Zhao Feng, Tantai Lanyue and Goddess Bing Wei seemed to get ready and so did four or five other first tier geniuses.

“My God, there’s three overwhelming prodigies fighting for the Mystic Ice Inheritance at once.”

Several True Dragon Geniuses saw this and instantly retreated.


A shining door from the Mystic Ice Inheritance connected with the staircase.

“The Mystic Ice Inheritance is most suitable for me.”

Goddess Bing Wei took a deep breath and instantly circulated his Qi of True Spirit and bloodline power as she flew towards the staircase.

At the same time both Zhao Feng and Tantai Lanyue charged towards the staircase.

“Zhao Feng will definitely stop Goddess Bing Wei and this way I’ll be able to enter the Mystic Ice Inheritance.”

Tantai Lanyue’s heart was fuzzy.

She was obviously happy to be able to enter the Mystic Ice Inheritance with the person she felt good about.


She didn’t know Zhao Feng had another plan.

“I’ll purposely let Goddess Bing Wei in the Mystic Ice Inheritance and then when I enter I can kill her.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

Goddess Bing Wei had tried to kill him multiple times and he definitely wouldn’t let this go.

Instead of suppressing her why not kill her instead?

This was why he didn’t work together with Tantai Lanyue.

“On the contrary I still need to block Tantai Lanyue entering the Mystic Ice Inheritance as the number of spots is limited. There won’t be any evidence in me killing Goddess Bing Wei in the Inheritance and according to the death rate of geniuses entering the inheritances, there is a chance of dying above 50%.”

Zhao Feng had heard of the Deputy Patriarch tell him how dangerous it was to enter inheritances.

Ice Lightning Mystic Flower.

Zhao Feng’s speed was the fastest and the first to land on the staircase as he shot out an attack.


The strength of the overwhelming prodigy with the intent of the descending figure forced the nearby True Dragon Geniuses to retreat.

“Bam… arggggg!”

The nearby geniuses moved back and many of them spat out a mouthful of blood.