King Of Gods Chapter 385

Chapter 385 - Xin Wuheng’s Secret
Chapter 385 - Xin Wuheng’s Secret

Zhao Feng stood on the staircase and with this dominant blow, stunned the other True Dragon Geniuses.

His attack wasn’t targeted towards only one person but had swept across all the True Dragon Geniuses including those at the first tier and the overwhelming prodigies.

Those under the first tier were all injured and even one or two were killed.

The nine-hundred-yard figure behind Zhao Feng’s back was like a demonic lord that ruled the skies.

“This Zhao Feng’s strength has reached such a terrifying step.”

“He pushed back all of us by him alone?”

Many geniuses took in a cold breath.

Some competing True Dragon Geniuses quickly ran away and watched from afar.

Of course.

The two overwhelming prodigies Tantai Lanyue and Goddess Bing Wei both easily dealt with Zhao Feng’s attack.

Apart from them another few geniuses of the first tier managed to block it and closed in from different directions.

After all, Zhao Feng’s move just then had shocked the place and left a shadow behind in many people’s hearts.


Goddess Bing Wei’s eyes flashed coldly and with a shout the ghost eyed man and Qin Kunwu also charged towards Zhao Feng on her left and right.

How could Goddess Bing Wei not have made any preparations for the Mystic Ice Inheritance?

She had gathered Zhao Feng’s enemies, the ghost eyed man and Qin Kunwu.

These two had all been defeated by Zhao Feng in the second round and stolen their True Dragon Tokens. Of course, with their strength they could still steal the True Dragon Tokens of others.

The ghost eyed man was extremely jealous of Zhao Feng and with Goddess Bing Wei’s promise, the two stood on her side to deal with Zhao Feng.

“This Zhao Feng is too arrogant and needs to be beaten.”

The ghost eyed man and Qin Kunwu launched their attacks to help Goddess Bing Wei.

Ghost Mist Sky!

The ghost eyed man’s eyes flashed with a ghostly flame and a mist soon enveloped towards the area where Zhao Feng was at.

The ghost mist had a strong eroding force and could start to burn with ghost flames. It was a physical attack and not an elemental attack.

From this move alone, everyone knew that the ghost eyed man had used the best method against Zhao Feng.

Mental energy attacks were useless against Zhao Feng, but this Ghost Mist Sky originally had the ability to create illusions, but the ghost eyed man didn’t use it and instead strengthened the power of the flames.

“Gankun Demon Snatching Palm!”

Qin Kunwu’s voice was as loud as thunder and his two eyes were like stars. With the power of transferring across space he sent out a giant palm a hundred yards large that shined with purple and gold. It was like a furnace of purple and gold that was able to suppress all the demons in this world.

With the power of transferring across space both the ghost eyed man and Qin Kunwu’s strength had reached the original overwhelming prodigies’ level.

Furthermore, the two focused on ‘restraining’ and ‘restricting’ Zhao Feng.

The main attacker was obviously Goddess Bing Wei. She waved her two arms and sent ice flames that were enough to seal anyone under the True Lord Rank and her Qi of True Spirit was being half burned.

The waves of ice flames formed an ice phoenix and Zhao Feng felt a coldness extend to his mental energy dimension as his Qi of True Spirit had signs of being frozen.

He had been sealed by Goddess Bing Wei in ice once before and the phoenix of ice flames was stronger than before.

Furthermore, Qin Kunwu and the ghost eyed man’s attack both also restricted him.


Zhao Feng’s hair blew in the air and a magnificent figure holding a black sword, wearing a crown and sitting on a throne of ice appeared behind him.

With the extra crown and black sword, Zhao Feng’s bloodline had an obvious increase in offensive capabilities.

Ice Lightning Raging Dragon!!

Zhao Feng didn’t move back nor evade and the figure of transferring across space behind him intertwined with the power of ice and lightning, forming a devastating dragon that devoured everything in its path.

Booooom Peng--- Bam! ~

The two sides clashed and created a large boom that even caused the Mystic Ice Inheritance to become unstable.

With a crack Goddess Bing Wei’s ice phoenix was ripped into shreds and she was forced back two steps as a numbing sensation crossed her body.

Qin Kunwu and the ghost eyed man’s attacks both immediately crumbled.

“What the… retreat!”

The two screamed but was hit by a wave of lightning and ice and their four limbs went numb as they lost the ability to move.

With a ‘bam’ the ghost eyed man was knocked flying and his body scorched then frozen into an ice block, unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Qin Kunwu ran and spat out a mouthful of blood, severely injured but alive.

The black horse he looked down upon had reached a step where he was now the ant.

Just the remaining waves of battle had severely injured him.

Of course, this wasn’t just because Zhao Feng was an overwhelming prodigy. He also had the nine-hundred-yard figure behind him.

“Zhao Feng why did you attack me….”

Tantai Lanyue shouted with panic and anger. She had ridden on her spiritual beast and wanted to enter but didn’t expect Zhao Feng’s attack to be also aimed at her.

At this instance.

Zhao Feng forcing back two overwhelming prodigies and severely injuring two first tier geniuses at once made the geniuses wanting to reap the rewards later think twice.

“How can this Zhao Feng be so strong? Two overwhelming prodigies and several first-tier geniuses were suppressed by only him.”

“This doesn’t look good. Is Zhao Feng unrivalled now?”

The True Dragon Geniuses were all stunned whether they had participated or not.

Yu Tianhao’s black pupils were filled with excitement and battle intent. An invisible force seemed to come from his bloodline power and help the growth of the figure behind his back.

Xin Wuheng didn’t move and looked towards Zhao Feng with complexity.

Back at the Sun Feather City when he had fought Zhao Feng he knew this youth’s future wouldn’t be normal.

After he left and used his own efforts to easily break through to the Ascended Realm and then entered the desolate grounds using battle to train himself. When he arrived at the Great Country he already had the cultivation of the half step True Spirit Realm.

At that time Xin Wuheng imagined that this youth would be very far away from him and his impression of him was now faint.

However, in just a year of two the youth who had once copied his still reappeared.

It wasn’t hard for Xin Wuheng to see that Zhao Feng’s skills contained an intent that he had put all his intent into.

“I achieved this with the partial memories of my past life but was easily stolen by him.”

Xin Wuheng felt somewhat frustrated.

Ever since he was born Xin Wuheng weird memories that appeared in his dreams.

As he grew older more and more pieces of memory surfaced. It was as if he was someone else.

This was his secret.

He had no bloodline nor top talent but still could reach the peak of geniuses and with the power of transferring across space, had the ability to reach Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao’s level.

“Those pieces of memories had also mentioned the Heavens Legacy Inheritance, the oldest and most mysterious Inheritance. Even a small bit will be full of rewards. Furthermore, the Heavens Legacy Race that created the Heavens Legacy Inheritance is one of the races ranked highly in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races…”

Xin Wuheng’s knowledge was far above the other geniuses but the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had already entered the late stages, but the Heavens Legacy Inheritance had still not appeared.

“The Heavens Legacy Inheritance is the start of the life of Heaven and where blessing, life and fortune is.”

Xin Wuheng murmured.

A faint tremor seemed to be born from his words and touch something.

At this point in time Zhao Feng was fighting several geniuses including Tantai Lanyue and Goddess Bing Wei by himself.

“Zhao Feng, you’re not entering and want to block me?”

Goddess Bing Wei gritted her teeth in hatred as she pushed her Mystic Ice skill to the extreme.

It wasn’t hard for others to see Zhao Feng was purposely suppressing Goddess Bing.

Tantai Lanyue wailed on the side: “Zhao Feng, you’re suppressing Goddess Bing Wei, why are you dragging me into this?”

“If I let you in Goddess Bing Wei will sneak in as well.”

Zhao Feng said.

His true aim was to block both the overwhelming prodigies and let Goddess Bing Wei in when she used all her skill

At the end Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei both needed to enter. Only like this would he be able to kill Bing Wei.

Weng~ Huang!

The clouds of the ancient arena suddenly shook, and nothing could be seen with the eye, but they sensed a clash somewhere.

“What is that?”


The nine Sovereigns felt their heart twitch and they looked up in unison.

In the picture in the air there was a tall clock tower, mechanic giants and mysterious divination towers.

Countless sceneries flashed by and an ancient aura swept across the ancient arena.

Most of these pictures were broken and seemed to be from ancient times.

When that inheritance shadowing appeared all the other inheritance shadowings trembled.

Even the Mystic Ice Inheritance lost one third of its size.

“The Heavens Legacy Inheritance!”

The nine Sovereigns exclaimed, and some knowledgeable experts also shouted: “Isn’t this the Heavens Legacy Inheritance?”

The Heavens Legacy Inheritance descended and ignored all the rules of the ancient arena as it opened an ancient mysterious azure coloured door.