King Of Gods Chapter 387

Chapter 387 - Unknown Inheritance
Chapter 387 - Unknown Inheritance

The ancient arena.

The entire sky was filled by an unknown inheritance shadowing and the air above the ancient arena started to tremble and become unstable.

Looking from afar this unknown inheritance shadowing seemed to reflect another world. There were buildings within, but nothing seemed this simple.


Even an inheritance as strong as the Heavens Legacy Inheritance was forcefully pushed aside by the unknown inheritance and some smaller nearby inheritances were immediately destroyed.


The sudden change shocked the entire Sacred True Dragon Gathering.


The nine Sovereigns all stood up and inspected the unknown inheritance with solemnness.

It was certain that this inheritance had never appeared before in the Azure Flower Continent.

“With the Azure Flower Continents’ connection strength, how could such a powerful inheritance descend?”

The usually calm Deputy Palace Lord exclaimed.

Ever since the second round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering begun the Sacred Alliance had lost control.

Everything was going towards the unknown.

What was this unknown inheritance?

Why would it appear on the Azure Flower Continent?

“Deputy Palace Lord, this inheritances’ aura is extremely unique and has a high compatibility with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, therefore it can barely manage to descend.”

The white bearded elder was obviously specialised in arrays and hurriedly said after some inspection.

The nine Sovereigns guessed that this inheritance was brought here by some unknown reason.

Amongst them.

Bai Yun Dao Sovereign stared at Zhao Yufei and no one knew if his expression was of excitement or nervousness.

Zhao Yufei’s back had a half transparent pair of wings extend from her back and it sparkled lightly.

With the little thieving cat’s ‘help’ Zhao Yufei successfully dissolved the danger and the change in her bloodline became stable.

“Only the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races can bring this unknown inheritance. Compared with this all the other bloodlines including the ones of the three major families are trash….”

Bai Yun Dao Sovereign knew the truth.


This secret was too shocking and once the secret of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races’ bloodline was revealed, putting aside the Heavenly Yuan Clan and Sacred Alliance, even the entire Azure Flower Continent may be in danger.


The Heavens Legacy Inheritance started to fade and disappeared in front of the unknown inheritance.

“Could it be that unknown inheritance is because of Yufei….”

Zhao Feng didn’t realise the Heavens Legacy Inheritance had disappeared and instead was shocked at the number one Inheritance being knocked aside.

Could it be…. That there was an inheritance even stronger than the Heavens Legacy Inheritance?

“Looks like the source is Zhao Yufei.”

The bronze skinned giant looked deeply towards Bai Yun Dao Daoist, the latter was her Master.

“This inheritance had pushed aside the Heavens Legacy Inheritance and made it disappear. Does this mean it’s even stronger than the Heavens Legacy Inheritance?”

Green Moon Sovereign asked.

“Maybe. The Heavens Legacy Inheritance is famed even in the outside world, but the Azure Flower Continent can only withstand the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance at most. That unknown inheritance has definitely exceeded the continents limit but from the fact that it can descend shows how unique it is.”

Sovereign Yu Xingchen said.

His son Yu Tianhao had just entered the Heavens Legacy Inheritance not long ago and everyone believed in the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

The nine Sovereigns knew that although the unknown inheritance might not be as ancient as the Heavens Legacy Inheritance, it was definitely better.


The multi coloured inheritance descended but didn’t reveal a door.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved the Mystic Snake Blood Whip as it stood on Zhao Yufei’s shoulder and signalled Zhao Feng.

“The little thieving cat wants me to go over?”

Zhao Feng went over without hesitation.


The unknown inheritance suddenly gave off a ripple and the ripple turned into a multi coloured whirlpool that reached towards Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei shouted and felt her body become pulled towards the whirlpool.


Zhao Feng exclaimed and grabbed towards Zhao Yufei.


The multi coloured whirlpools speed was too fast and when Zhao Feng went over half of Zhao Yufei’s body had already been pulled in.

The weird thing was that apart from Zhao Yufei, no one else was attracted by the whirlpool.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly lashed out its whip.


The Mystic Snake Blood Whip flashed and wrapped around itself and Zhao Yufei with Zhao Feng’s arm.


As long as the whirlpool pulled Zhao Yufei in, it would also pull Zhao Feng.

“Hahaha, excellent job thieving cat!”

Zhao Feng understood the little thieving cat’s intentions.

The unknown inheritance was supposed to belong only to Zhao Yufei but with the little thieving cat’s help, Zhao Feng was also pulled in.


Zhao Feng used the help of the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and flew next to Zhao Yufei trying to enter the unknown inheritance.


The multi coloured whirlpool tried to forcefully push away Zhao Feng but the little thieving cat’s methods were more shameless.


The Mystic Snake Blood Whip wrapped Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei together so that if the whirlpool wanted to push away Zhao Feng, it would also push away Zhao Yufei.


Zhao Feng fell into a warm body and his hands grasped Zhao Yufei’s figure as a pleasant smell entered his nose.

The two had fallen into the multi coloured whirlpool and Zhao Yufei’s face was apple red but felt warm and lucky.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was wrapped between the two and laughed.

“Great job!”

Zhao Feng laughed, not realising Zhao Yufei’s change.


Before he finished his sentence, he felt his body undergo a change that was similar to using the Northern Star Stand teleportation array but one hundred times stronger.

The ancient arena.

Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei and the little thieving cat disappeared along with the multi coloured whirlpool.


The unknown inheritance soon dimmed and faded leaving behind dozens of dazed True Dragon Geniuses on the floating arena.

The unknown inheritance had taken only away Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei. The process was too fast that most of the people hadn’t even reacted.

Only till another inheritance connect did these True Dragon Geniuses start to fight again.

At this point in time.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was coming to an end and the nine Sovereigns looked at each other.

This Sacred True Dragon Gathering had too many surprises and twists.

“This is probably the most glorious era. All Four Great Inheritances had appeared and there was an even stronger unknown inheritance.”

“Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao had entered the Heavens Legacy Inheritance whereas Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei have entered the unknown inheritance. Who knows who will be the one deciding this continents future?”

The entire ancient arena broke out into discussion.

For the hundred thousand spectators this Sacred True Dragon Gathering was indeed worth coming to watch.

It could be imagined that this Sacred True Dragon Gathering would shake the world.

The Deputy Patriarch looked at the direction the unknown inheritance disappeared in: “Zhao Feng, you luck is very good. That inheritances’ level is higher, and I believe with your eye bloodline, you won’t return empty handed.”

Under the sighs and exclaims this Sacred True Dragon Gathering came to an end.

The Sacred Alliance held a secret meeting led by the bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord.

“I’ll say it simply. The geniuses entering the inheritances from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering won’t return anytime soon. However, we still have another matter at hand.”

The bronze skinned giant said.

These members were mainly at the Origin Core Realm.

The Sacred Alliance was made up of this small number of people, but they decided this continents life or death.

Most Origin Core Realm knew what the matter was.

“The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion stole the Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s Scarlet Moon Inheritance. We need to find where they are.’

“The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion has probably already succeeded in entering the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. If that’s the case, then the future will be full of danger.”

The Sovereigns discussed.

Controlling an inheritance was unimaginable and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion knew the secrets within the inheritance. Once he came back everything was possible.

“Just the Scarlet Moon Religion alone isn’t scary. Back when the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion could sweep across the continent so quickly was due to the support from the outside world.”

“Deputy Palace Lord, you mean the Moon Demon Palace? If I remember correctly the Azure Flower Continent and the other nearby areas should be controlled by the Three Sacred Palace.”

“The Moon Demon Palace is a Two-and-a-half-star force. Back then it had only helped a tiny bit and almost made the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion rule the continent. If it weren’t for the fact that the Moon Demon Palace is too far away and the reinforcements from the Three Sacred Palace came in time as well as the Sacred Alliance and the appearance of experts such as Sword Saint Ye Wuxie, the result is unthinkable.”

The Deputy Palace Lord said solemnly.

“Deputy Palace Lord, are you suspicious that the Moon Demon Palace helped the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion steal the Scarlet Moon Inheritance?”

“That’s right, you know that even one hundred One Star forces combined can’t beat a Two-and-a-Half-star force.”

The discussion became solemn.

Many Sovereigns present were sent to the Eastern, Western, Northern and other continent with the Sacred Alliances teleportation arrays.

From the ancient records forces were split from one to five stars. One star was lowest and five stars the highest.

A force such as the Iron Blood Religion was only a stronger half star force and close to one star.

The Ten Great Clans were technically barely One-star forces and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was a One-star force that was maybe close to one and a half stars.

This splitting of factions was certain in the mouths of the Sovereigns, proving that the worlds between Sovereigns and others were different.

Of course, currently all of this had nothing to do with Zhao Feng and the other geniuses that had entered the inheritances.