King Of Gods Chapter 389

Chapter 389 - Purple Saint Ruins (2)
Chapter 389 - Purple Saint Ruins (2)

Purple Saint Ruins?

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. Looks like this was the name of this place.

The geniuses of the outside world obviously knew more information about here and there was more than one force in this so called ‘Purple Saint Ruins.’

“Let’s talk about the Purple Saint Ruins.”

Zhao Feng casually said as a whip made of lightning appeared in his hand.

In this prison made of mental energy, the passing of time was different. One breath here could mean hours or even half a day in the real world. It just depended on Zhao Feng’s mental energy level.

Furthermore, the God’s Spiritual Eye could allow Zhao Feng to use his Eye of Illusion to its full potential.

Qing Xiaoxue’s expression changed and seemed to guess Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

If she didn’t cooperate nicely and couldn’t break free of here, she would have to endure Zhao Feng’s limitless torture.

The pain in the mental energy dimension was ten times to a hundred times more painful than physical pain.

“Don’t do helpless struggling. Maybe you could cause some trouble for me in the real world but here the difference between you and me is bigger. Twenty hours here is one breath outside.”

Zhao Feng waved his lightning whip.

Qing Xiaoxue’s figure trembled. After all, she was a genius from a Clan and hadn’t been through much life or death situations.

Having been hit by Zhao Feng’s Eye of Illusion she had no ability to fight back.

“You don’t even know the Purple Saint Ruins! 8Could it be you’re a genius from another faction? But how’s that possible?”

Qing Xiaoxue screeched as she suddenly remembered something and looked towards Zhao Feng in disbelief.

Zhao Feng snickered: “Why can you enter and not me?”

“The Purple Saint Ruins is controlled by the Three Strongest Sects of the Tianlu Islands and without the respective inheritance tokens, how can geniuses from other forces enter?”

Qing Xiaoxue was speechless, as if she couldn’t accept this reality.

She came from the Tianlu Islands and the Purple Saint Ruins was something that could only be opened once every ten years.

However, she had never heard of people other than the three sects be able to enter.

How did this youth come in?

Hearing up to here Zhao Feng started to think. The reason why he could also enter the Purple Saint Ruins was an ‘accident’ and the true reason was probably on Zhao Yufei.

Qing Xiaoxue then cooperated very well and answered all the questions about the Purple Saint Ruins.

After all, this information wasn’t a secret and if she didn’t cooperate she was just going to humiliate herself.

Zhao Feng was very satisfied with her attitude.

“How many forces have entered the Purple Saint Ruins and what’s the three Sects you talked about?”

Zhao Feng asked directly.

“The Three Sects are the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace, all of them at least two-star forces. Apart from them there’s also ten other elite one-star forces.”

Qing Xiaoxue answered.

Two-star sect!

Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically when he heard this.

The ancient records said that forces were classified into five stars from one star to five stars, like a tower.

Across the history of the Azure Flower Continent, the most powerful force was once the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion which was also a One-star force and close to a one-and-a-half-star force.

The Iron Blood Religion that Zhao Feng was in was probably half a star or close to one star.

As for the Thirteen Clans, all of them together wouldn’t even be a half star force.

Listening to Qing Xiaoxue, the background of these geniuses that had entered the Purple Saint Ruins were all at least at the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s level.

Above them were the three Sects, all at least at two stars.

Two-star force was something that had never happened on the Azure Flower Continent.

The requirement for a two-star force was to have a King at the Void God Realm and the Void God Realm was unimaginable for the Azure Flower Continent.

This meant that any one or two of the forces behind these people could destroy the Azure Flower Continent.

“What’s the strength of the geniuses that entered the Purple Saint Ruins? How do you guys fare?”

Zhao Feng asked urgently.

He would interact with them sooner or later.

“Our strength is low-mid amongst the geniuses here. Of the geniuses here, there’s the ‘Ten True Lords’ who have all reached at least the peak True Lord Rank or even the half step Origin Core Realm. Even the four of us (Wind Snow Pavilion) together can’t block one move of theirs.”

Qing Xiaoxue replied somewhat bitterly when she mentioned the Ten True Lords with respect and wary.

Ten True Lord Geniuses.

Zhao Feng felt his heart become more solemn and a pressure he had never felt before.

Putting aside the three Sects, just the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion wasn’t something Zhao Feng could face. Even if all the five overwhelming prodigies arrived they would reach a draw.

Qing Xiaoxue was the weakest of the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion.

Zhao Feng now knew the situation about the Purple Saint Ruins. All that remained was about the Purple Saint Ruins itself.

What kind of inheritance was this Purple Saint Ruins?

“The original owner of the Purple Saint Ruins was the Purple Night Sacred Lord whose cultivation reached the Mystic Light Realm and was just one step away from the Heavenly Divine Realm….”

Qing Xiaoxue slowly told the history of the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhao Feng wasn’t in a rush since the passage of time here was different from the outside world.

“Apparently the Purple Night Sacred Lord had a faint bloodline from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races but died for some reason that no one knows. She left this ruins behind and although the Purple Night Sacred Lord has fallen, there’s still a trace of her soul that has merged with these ruins which will choose the person most suited to inherit her line.”

Zhao Feng quietly listened.

There were many rumours about the Purple Saint Ruins that even made the eyes of Sovereigns and Void God Realm Kings red.

Of course.

The Purple Saint Ruins had always been controlled by the three Sects and even if some forces had red eyes, they didn’t dare make a move even if they were Sovereigns.

What kind of power did these three two-star sects combined have?

Just a couple of the forces under these two-star sects could sweep across the Azure Flower Continent.

“The three sects are the Black Cliff Palace, a two-star sect. The Moon Demon Palace which was once a two-and-a-half-star sect but now has dropped to two stars. The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect which is currently the strongest and at two and a half stars. They are giants in the surrounding area.”

Qing Xiaoxue was respectful but hateful at the same time when she mentioned the three sects.

Being a subordinate clan of one stars, the Wind Snow Pavilion needed to give the Moon Demon Palace a large amount of resources every year.

Island area?

Zhao Feng felt as if these places were very far away from the Azure Flower Continent?

“Have you heard of any continents?”

Zhao Feng tested.

“Continent? That’s a legendary place which is too far away from us. After the Desolate Continent shattered and turned into billions of pieces, any speck became an area. Of course, there are some tiny islands that call themselves ‘continents’. They’re frogs at the bottom of a well.”

Qing Xiaoxue mocked.

Hearing this Zhao Feng felt something was wrong, but he didn’t delve further.

The current task was to survive in the Purple Saint Ruins and meet up with Zhao Yufei and the little thieving cat.

A breath later.


Qing Xiaoxue’s figure dropped onto the ground drenched in cold sweat.


Zhao Feng sealed Qing Xiaoxue’s Qi of True Spirit and her movement abilities.


From afar came a shout from Li Xiao, who was at the late stages of the True Mystic Rank.

Li Xiao and Qing Xiaoxue had both went in separate directions to search and both in this zone.

The two split the task and could help one another.

Even though it was a breath or two, Li Xiao had realised that Qing Xiaoxue had disappeared and realised something was wrong.

“So cautious!”

Zhao Feng realised he had underestimated the four geniuses from the Wind Snow Pavilion. Their force was on par with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religions’ level.

Of course, he didn’t know that the reason they were so cautious was because the geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace wasn’t far from here.


Li Xiao exclaimed and rushed over towards the hill where Li Xiaoxue last was. In reality, she had been hidden by Zhao Feng.

“Xiaoxue’s disappeared. It must be someone from the Black Cliff Palace.”

The eagle-eyed youth and the other person far away had just finished off the Blackpool lightning crocodile and were splitting the spoils before receiving this news.

Sou Sou---

The remaining three geniuses from the Wind Snow Pavilion quickly rushed over towards the hill.

“Two late stage True Mystic Ranks and one peak True Mystic Rank. I probably can’t hide anymore.”

Zhao Feng’s expression was stern.

The geniuses that entered the Purple Saint Ruins had respective inheritance tokens and could sense one another if they were from the same group.

To run or to battle?

Zhao Feng’s mind spun.

He didn’t have the ability to face all three.

The eagle-eyed youth were Yu Tianhao’s level and the other two late stage True Mystic Ranks were only stronger than Goddess Bing Wei.

Even if he ran and the chances of escape were a bit bigger, it wasn’t certain he would meet stronger geniuses.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye suddenly scanned the place and he thought of a plan.

“Although this plan is slightly risky it’s worth a try. Once it succeeds it’ll benefit me greatly.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he made his decision.


Zhao Feng lifted the exhausted and helpless Qing Xiaoxue then walked out and faced the three geniuses from the Wind Snow Pavilion.


Li Xiao who was at the front and the two behind him exclaimed.

“Bastard, how dare you kidnap Xiaoxue!?”

Li Xiao’s roar was mixed with shock and anger a. Seeing the person he loved be kidnapped his heart was on fire.

“If you dare come closer I’ll wring her neck.”

Zhao Feng coldly clutched Qing Xiaoxue’s snow white neck.

Holding Qing Xiaoxue hostage was Zhao Feng’s first step in this plan.